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Any nonas also struggle with OCD? Anonymous 99300

I have obsessions about my health, harm coming to loved ones, ending up in jail, forms of relationship OCD, trans OCD, OCD about possibly having disgusting fetishes. My compulsions usually consist of Googling, checking, and reassurance-seeking.

Anonymous 99303

definitely can relate to all that you listed, i also have OCD and it's so intricately woven in my life it's just a fact i can never get rid of.
it's the first mental health issue i started struggling with and i absolutely hate it

Anonymous 99311

Get on meds. Wish i had sooner

Anonymous 99339

Haven't heard of any meds for controlling OCD specifically. I'm already on meds for other mental health issues, so the idea of piling on more pills sounds mega shit /: I also would not touch SSRI's with a 10 foot pole.

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