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Antipsychiatry Thread Anonymous 10029

This is a thread for all your bad experiences with therapists, psychiatrists, school counselors, etc.

My experience was being forced by my (former) psychiatrist and my parents to take Paxil for several years, which upset my school performance, my weight (I gained 30 pounds on Paxil), and my mental health.

Anonymous 10038

Therapy and psychologists are usually complete trash lol. (Not talking about relationship therapists. Mediation can be genuinely helpful because poor communication is a relationship killer. I'm talking about ones for personal issues.) I do understand that they can be useful for people with actual behavioral issues, discipline problems and for people who aren't especially in tune with themselves, but for the person who knows their issues, dealt with chronic depression and physical reactions you can't literally control, it's annoying. They push "accountability" dogma for victims, and people who have literally no control over the issues they're trying to vent about, as well. It's actually harmful and basically every interaction I've had with a psychologist has been more harmful than useful, as they don't listen and they believe themselves to be masters of the universe. They're a huge cash drain for no benefit, and I think most of them you'll come across, especially if you're a child of abuse and persistent, on-going trauma in particular, will not understand or hear you. The majority of these people have absolutely no clue what the hell they're doing with their lives and have no clue what field to go into.

It's also obnoxious that people in the field will praise therapy and psychology and talk shit about meds like meds are for those that lack discipline or something, when in reality they're both largely ineffective for some people, if not a fair percentage of them. Therapy is not the solution to everything, and a lot of the typical meds don't work. So fucking say that, stop putting it on the patient and acting like it must be their fault your shit is ineffective. We know the typical meds don't work for many people, and we know therapy does not work for people who are intimately aware of their issues. Their solutions are not extremely effective and they need to admit that, not blame the patient at every turn. This is a field wide failure and it should be admitted.

Anonymous 10074

I went to a therapist who diagnosed me with schizophrenia because I avoided big crowds. I'm just shy. I also insisted I didn't want any pills and then found out she was the type to put all her patients on them. Thank God my mom wasn't retarded and told her to fuck off.

Anonymous 10181

I spent 6 years seeing therapists and psychiatrists and they literally did nothing for me. Instead, they put me on ineffective meds or had me rehash my trauma over and over again. The only mental health professional who actually helped me was a counselor that bothered to teach me exercises for controlling my emotions and to literally explain how to handle social interactions (I'm an autist, not that any of my prior therapists had noticed)

You're right about meds, most metastudies of antidepressants show that they don't work much better than a placebo, despite the insane side effects.

Anonymous 10185

i believe in therepy and whatnot,as long as you have a good therepist who isnt lazy and who doesnt patronize you and ignore you.
but let me fucking say that putting kids on antidepressants is plain WRONG.
as a kid, when i was a month away from turning 13, i had a violent outburst after about a year of depression. i was depressed because my home life sucked, like would get into fist fights with mom and my dad would beat the crap out of me if i didnt behave (pulling me down stairs by my hair, punching) and i had just been forced to break up with my first bf. i used to slice up my body with a razor too.
my mom and dad constantly fought, considered getting a divorce after she cheated on him. they alchoholics and both were on meds for depression.my mom was diagnosed with bipolar depression.
anyhow, after my violent outburst i was sent to a school for 6 weeks where we basically did therepy all day and learned to cope. i lived with my grandma during this. peopke there were wonderful, i look back on it fondly. anyhow while i was there i was also told i needed to go on an antidepressant. i was told it would help me feel better and whatnot. no such thing happened.
i was on xoloft for like a year. i kept getting in trouble at school, i gained a shit ton of weight, and would act like a fucking mentally ill whore all the time. then i was put on prozac, which also did nothing. my grades in middle school were horrible, i continued to gain weight. at my fattest i was 175 lbs and 5 feet 7 inches.
i was doing therepy theough all this, and id say that helped the most. it helped solve the issues in my family.after doing 2 years of therepy i was less of a psycho but still really fucked in the head. like i woukd constantly draw gore, eat junk food, and write edgy crap.
then when i was 14 and a half i said "fuck it" and stopped taking my meds. once i got off my meds it was like my problems dissolved. my grades got better, earning all As and the occasional B. i stopped drawing edgy crap and lost 20 pounds.

anyways, my point is that people are wrongfully placed on meds that fuck with their brains and a far healthier alternative is to adress the environmental issue. drugging angsty teens is not ok. people build a dependency on that shit and it can permanently alter brain chemistry.

Anonymous 10186

tbh i agree with this. when i was in therepy, it was mostly family therepy to help mediate family issues, but whenever i did a one on one session she would ask critical and pointed questions while treating me like i had aspbergers or something.

i actually recall her making me fill out a work book. at the end of the work book i was supposed to draw my favorite part of therepy. i drew a picture of a stick figure walking out the door saying "bye".

Anonymous 10189

my therapy pretty much does nothing for me long-term. i've been with him for years so he pretty much knows all about me/my life but he's recently admitted during a session that he literally doesn't know how to help me. like, am i supposed to tell you how to do my therapy? wtf? i don't fucking know either. we pretty much never do skills or anything, i just kind of talk about my day then i go home.

recently had a friend who was raving about his therapist and how he'd totally fixed all his problems and he's actively becoming a better person because of him. i was so excited and emailed the guy and he said he could make an opening for me. basically we emailed for a month or so until i found out he's not on any insurance boards and costs $200 dollars per session. fucking bullshit

Anonymous 10192


I think you should trying asking for more skills if that's what you're interested in! Therapists are trained professionals but they also aren't psychic and we gotta tell them what's up. Hopefully since you've seen him for awhile you trust him enough to be honest with him.

Anonymous 10193

I went to one because I wanted to find out if I have depression or some other kind of mood disorder. She said that there is no test for that and asked me if I wanted to have antidepressants. o_O I can't decide that on my own! Also every other time I've talked to someone their attitude has been bad like they just want me to go away. I've given up for now but at least I'm healthy enough that I can go about my days.

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