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Anonymous 10128

>easy to do
>both comfy and elegant
>makes your face look slimmer
>looks good regardless of your hair color
High bun is the best, how can other hairstyles even compete?

Anonymous 10131


I like the high bun, but I prefer the sleek/military low bun. Looks elegant on a lot of women.

Anonymous 10132

I like it too, but it doesn't slenderize your face. On the other hand it's better when you don't want to look to tall. Also, another advantage of all buns is that they make it much more dificult to pull your hair

Anonymous 10134

I have found this only looks cute on certain people. If you have a lot of hair, it easily looks too overpowering, and on thin hair, it can look turdy. Plus, it can look poodle-y. My point is, it's pretty when executed right, but it's harder to execute on the average person.

I prefer the chignon like >>10131; I think it's more flattering on any face type.

Anonymous 10136

Who's this?

Anonymous 10137

>makes your face look slimmer
not if your face is a fucking square

Anonymous 10138

how do you make wearing up your hair look good without shaving that sideburn hair all the time? My hair is thick and it's so ugly

Anonymous 10139

Sideburns are cute

Anonymous 10140


Only works if you have a very feminine face. I tried it out once and looked like pic-related but without the beard.

Anonymous 10147

images (1).jpeg

No its not "the best". Thats a pretty character you got there thats why it looks nice.

Anonymous 10149

it just makes my head look pointy and my ears unnaturally long.
having a diamond face is suffering.

Anonymous 10168

How to do a high bun? I'm lazy and never learnt how to do my hair.

Usually just put it in a ponytail or leave it down

Anonymous 10174

fold the hair twice on itself after the pony tail lol. Thats it.

Anonymous 10184

based pic

Anonymous 10188


Anonymous 10190

high buns look trashy.

Anonymous 10191

For the high bun to be elegant and pretty, it needs to be very specifically executed otherwise you just look like you just got out of bed. It's not face slimming if you don't already have a slim face. It's not easy either, unless you AREN'T going for the elegant look in which case you just toss it up.

I have been doing the high bun for years and it's mostly just to get my hair out of my face, and it's extremely difficult to make it look somewhat put-together and nice. Usually I just look homeless. On the rare occasions it works well though, it can be really beautiful.

Anonymous 10195

The high bun is terrible. Only extremely beautiful women look good with it, and those women would look even better with nearly any other haircut.

Anonymous 10243

high buns remind me of the girls who bullied me in highschool.
overall not really that great of a hairstyle, though pretty mich every day i tie my hair in a low ponytail or low bun, sloppily pin my bangs up out of my face and tie a bandana in to hide how frizzy it is. most days i dont even brush my hair.

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