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Are you happy with your face, anons? Anonymous 1021

What would you change if you could?
Would you get surgery?

Anonymous 1022

I'd change a couple things like my potatoish nose and my Kiki forehead. But I'm happy with my face as a whole. Ya gotta learn how to love yourself even if you're not a total qt otherwise you will just make your own existence more miserable. Highlight the things you like about your face, like lips or eyes.

Anonymous 1023

If anyone asked me this a few years ago i would have said i'd change most of my face, i was even calculating how to save enough money, i was seriously insecure, everytime someone told me it was not worth it, i would get angry because according to myself i was a horrible monster because i wasn't a cute ideally pretty model/animu charcater irl.

Now? I grew into really liking how my face looks, even with all my supposed "flaws" and i wouldn't change it for any other.
So if anyone young is reading this, wait before you do surgery, don't obssess about the twisted opinion and saltiness in imageboards written by people that don't know anime proportions and perfect skin are not how real people look.

Make an opinion of your own before jumping into changing your face. Remember that you can enhance it naturally with makeup/haircuts without having to change it permanently to fit a trendy ideal that will pass away.
People used to make fun of me for having full lips and big bushy eyebrows, now it's the trend and those same people are getting surgery or tattoos to get them, so go figure how much people's opinions matter in the end.

Whenever i get a bit of insecurity tho it's either about:

>Big roman nose, it looks very cute, small and pointy from the front since i have a cute upturned tip and small bridge, but i would not mind it having a smaller upturned bridge from the side. Whenever i see a girl with a cute profile i get kinda jealous and try photshopping my nose smaller kek.

Too afraid to touch it because i currently like how it looks on my face most of the time since i think it compliments it and gives it personality. Used to hide it with everything i could, now i kinda don't mind it much.
Be proud of your beak people, flaunt it!

>Gigantic forehead. Most people tell me i have a small forehead, but i see myself as a 5head, would not mind it being smaller.

>Constant bitchface because i have straight bushy eyebrows with barely any space from the eyes and permanent dark circles.

Anonymous 1024

>nose (despite being told a few times that my nose is ugly I am quite satisfied with it)
>really strong jaw
>Shape and proportions of my face

>Fat cheeks, but that can be solved by loosing weight
>big teeth with slight overbite so I don't like to smile with an open mouth
>Disgusting, scarred, acne skin

It's a bit embarassing but I would like to get lip injections because I love those big Kylie Jenner/instawhore lips. Not sure if I will ever do it though because I don't actually hate my own lips

Anonymous 1025

crooked smiles exa…

Since we're talking about faces and all, I'd like to ask what anons think about crooked smiles. Pic for reference. Do you find them cute, ugly or that doesn't really matter?

I have really nice teeth but my crooked smile makes me not want to smile for pictures (mine is pretty much exactly like Harry's).

Anonymous 1026

I'm happy with my individual features (big eyes, cute nose, small full lips) but my bone structure sulks. I have a receding jawline and a flat midface. I'm getting ja surgery next year and I want cheek implants too. I also want orbital rim implants buy the closest surgeon who does them is in Montreal and I don't want to travel.

Anonymous 1027

Like for reference my bone structure is like Mira's… I'm not as ugly as her but yeah… not good

Anonymous 1028

Yeah, I am. It's okay. I like it. I may not be super gorgeous or anything but I quite like what I see in the mirror, for better or for worse.

I used to be super unhappy with my looks as a teen, and I did look really awkward, but I've since grown into my looks. My face shape is a soft diamond, I have 'enough' cheekbones, people used to take the piss out of me for having 'frog eyes' but they're big and round and look so pretty now, my bf says they're his favourite thing about me. I even like my thin eyebrows, I think they suit me better than what's trendy now. I like my small lips, I don't care that people think they look like a 'cat's arse'. I like my ears that stick out a little. I just pretend that I'm an elf.

But Jesus Christ do I fucking hate my nose. I've always hated it, I don't think I could ever grow to like it. I've hated it since I was 14. I hated it when I was 17, 18, 19, I hate it now in my mid-20s. So I'm getting that fucker corrected soon.

I'm not scared about getting my nose fixed because it can literally only get better.

Anonymous 1029

Oh and another thing I'm insecure about is that people have told me I remind them of Martin Shkreli.


Anonymous 1030

I think it's honestly cute as hell. Has a playful and sometimes smug kinda vibe to it.

Anonymous 1031

I like my bone structure. I got nice cheekbones. They aren't super high but they're higher than average and they're round and nice too. My eyes are a bit almond shaped but on the larger side so when I put makeup on I have a feline look. It's gr8

My nose… eh… I either love it or hate it. It looks too broad sometimes. It's one of those broad small noses. Sometimes I wish it was more thin but I realize it fits my face shape, so eh.

I like my full lips although bold lipstick make it looks clownish sometimes. I like my heart shaped face. It's pretty and adds to that feline vibe like I said.

The only thing I would change are the unfortunate eyebrows. They make me look stupid and passive. I want powerful arched ones.

Anonymous 1032

I LOVE crooked smiles anon. One of my hottest crushes/dates had a crooked smile, and it was my favorite feature about him. Tons of girls liked him, so it wasn't just me being weird either.

Anonymous 1033


I'm satisfied with my appearance, but of course I would love to look more exotic (ie. naturally platinum blonde or tan with really bright blue eyes). I often wonder how my life would be if I looked exotic (ie. light skinned black girls with blue eyes).

I basically look like a stereotypical Russian woman. I'm 1/2 Russian genetically, but often get mistaken as being from Russia. There are some really gorgeous Russian women, don't get me wrong, but I find the average Russian kinda lackluster and not with great bone structure.

>>Pic related is closest I can find to my appearance without stealing a random person's pic (it's a stock photo I think). It kinda shows a look thats cute, but not exotic or really memorable. :|

Anonymous 1034

Mystery, that you?

Anonymous 1035


In general, I think I'm cute, a little above average, but yesterday during a fight, my boyfriend called me ugly and said I "should take it up with god that I was hit with the ugly stick" and "that it's not [his] fault that he finds other women more attractive than [me]."

Now I can't stop staring at my ugly face in my mirror. Everything looks wrong.

Anonymous 1036

>So if anyone young is reading this
It's a misconception that once you turn a certain age, you will magically become more secure and confident. I wish this was true.

Anonymous 1037

What an asshole. I bet he's a 10/10 model with perfect hair and muscles, right? I get that you two were fighting, but assuming that both of you are adults that's really immature of him to say. Don't listen to him.

Anonymous 1038

Oh yeah i know i'm still severely insecure at certain times and i'm an adult. It's certainly not magic, but once you go outside your circle more and see more average people and form your own opinions i think it really changes your perception of what beauty can be. Plus when you are an adult your face is more settled than when you are still growing so you can really see if you hate something so much as to change it forever.

What i meant is that the younger you are the more influenciable you are by impossible standards (i.e trying to become an irl anime girl because imageboards people that barely go outside and think photoshopped girls are 100% real told you having nasiolabial folds and smile lines is enough to commit suicide or change your whole face).

Once you settle into your face and are more mature you realize if it's not that bad, that it's normal and you shoudn't compare yourself with a cartoon or PS.
I know some people do not grow out of it (see certain LC threads kek) but it's still good to wait a few years until you are completely sure you don't like something to the point of dropping 2k+ on surgery IMO.

Maybe my perception is screwed /shrugs

(vid realted)

Anonymous 1039

I like my face.
The only two things I'd change are my forehead (kind of like Kikis :/) and eyes (would love to have them bigger). Sadly none of these are actually changeable so I kind of accepted it as it is.

I also like my face a bit more without makeup. Not exactly sure why, but I think it's because I can't apply it as good as other girls, nor do I end up looking as pretty and put together as them. :/ But still, I have to wear makeup, otherwise I look really bad compared to others and I can't go to work like that. I'm thinking about learning how to do (veery light) contouring, so maybe that'll somehow help.

Anonymous 1040

Whew, thanks guys!

Anonymous 1041

Ah, I'd love to get a forehead lift and maybe coolsculpting or kybella on the area beneath my chin. And maybe something to make my eyebrows grow evenly? They're kinda sparse and wispy and I always have a hard time filling them or shaping them. I'm taking biotin right now and it's made my eyelashes really pretty, but my eyebrows still suck.

Anonymous 1042

I like my face. I used to have a complex about how flat my face is and my aggressively strong jaw, but I found that losing weight and growing my hair out makes it look a thousand times better.

The only thing left to do is get used to seeing myself without glasses on but contacts are so fucking uncomfortable sometimes. And if there was only a way to magically become photogenic

Anonymous 1043

Kind of a weird complaint but I hate my pupils, they're super huge and people have told me that they look creepy/I look like I'm on drugs. Sometimes in pictures my eyes look straight black. But there's not really a way to change it so what can ya do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous 1044

Sometimes I like how my face looks but I'll occasionally go through intense self-loathing sessions and nitpick like crazy. I do think there's some legit issues of concern though, like the fact that I have an overbite. It messes with my facial harmony. I'd like to possibly get surgery to correct it in the future but the surgery itself and the recovery seems crazy. I don't know if it's worth it since it'd be mainly for cosmetic reasons. It'd probably help with my speech as well but that's not enough to justify insurance coverage. No idea how much it'd cost out of pocket.

Anonymous 1045

I'm relatively happy with my face, but I really want to get eyelid surgery on one of my eyelids. My eyelids are asymmetrical and it drives me nuts that one is double, but the other one is a mild double or mono. The only way I've been dealing with it is with eyelid tape. It definitely helps but I want a more permanent solution.

I also want to get botox for my jaw, but I'm not sure if it's worth it.

Anonymous 1046

I'm fairly content with how my face looks although I wish my nose looked different. But I'm completely against cosmetic surgery unless a person went through an experience that disfigured them and wishes to restore their appearance to what it was prior to the event.

Definitely not ugly.

Do crooked smiles signify that muscles on one side of your face is weaker than the other?

Anonymous 1047

I want a rhinoplasty because my nose is broken and I'm kind self conscious about it. It really shows up in flash photography and even before it was broken, because its thin and long/I have super thin slitty ass nostrils, I had breathing issues.

My top lip is super thin and crooked from a cyst removal I had on my face damaging nerves (I have this lame thing where I get cysts in my lymph glands and it's bare annoying)

>Surgery is so expensive though and being in pain makes me super angry. Like I fully hulk out …

Considering getting lip injections though haha

Anonymous 1048

Hi, I had a broken nose corrected in April. If you're in Europe, public health care will cover it. I'll just warn that they won't do 100% job on it. My surgeons were one of the best in EU and they skimped still on the time, due to the public health sector. Basically, least required effort job from their part.

Also for everyone who wants rhinoplasty for aesthetics. It's not fun, lots of side effects that no one told me of beforehand.
>can't feel shit
>upper lip is stiff and can't move it properly
>sutures in cheeks don't move, so my smile has now a cat like slits on my nose and cheek.
>can't feel the roof of my mouth
>nose tingles randomly
>nose is dry as fuck.
>random nose bleeds due to the dryness
>coughed up dried blood for a month afterwards
>hard to the touch and randomly swells from heat/sports/ cold etc…

Anonymous 1049

So has anyone gotten plastic surgery or fillers?

I am increasing curious about fillers/injections. I of course want surgery but it's much more expensive/risky so I'm not sure.

Anonymous 1050

Idk but it sounds like your surgeons weren't very good. The only thing I had was inner scarring but I got cortisone injections for it and it went away.
Your upper lip and the roof of your mouth should not have been affected, wtf. How much did they remove?
Which country was that in?

Anonymous 1051

>sutures in cheeks

Anonymous 1052


Broken nose and aesthetic rhino are a different ballpark.
I had major reconstructive surgery that included three osteotomias on my skull (my actual nasal bone had badly healed fractures and had to be salvaged) , reconstruction of the whole septum that had partially caved in and fused with the opposing nasal wall. My nasal tip was reattached(it was totally unattached) with a cartilage transplant to my bridge and basically a new columella was made, the broken nose had created a dorsal hump that was in splinters inside. Parts of my nasal bridge were taken out, for a cartilage transplant that was smashed and reinjected to the bridge. They had to carve out cartilage that was pointing inside. They need to next year straighten my septum more and add more cartilage to my tip, since it's not healing correctly.

Tldr; multiple times broken noses are hard to fix

As for the roof of the mouth, that's totally normal, same with the lip, if the tip is touched.

Anonymous 1053

I have a pretty low self-confidence but weirdly enough I've really been overly dissatisfied with my face which is a real blessing. The only thing I used to have an issue with was my nose which was a bit long and had a bump in the centre, but then I had an open septorhinoplasty and it's really evened everything out. I used to think my lips were too small as well but since my surgery they now appear entirely proportional. Ofc I intend to get a little nip/tuck as I go through life, but what kind of narcissist wouldn't pursue some kind of maintenance? I think if somebody genuinely believes surgery will improve their quality of life and it's within reason, they should totally go for it.

I wish I could offer some advice to those that suffer with body dysmorphia, but actually engaging in practices such as mindfulness go a long way towards emotional/mental fulfillment in lieu of pricey surgeries, and it's free. No matter how bad you feel about the way you are, there's nothing that can't be remedied even slightly by focusing on your mental well-being.

Anonymous 1054

I'm happy with my jawline and eyes, but I would get a nose job for sure. My nose is too wide and flat, I contour it but still can't get it right.

Anonymous 1055

I still don't particularly like my face tbh, but as I've grown older I've come to dislike it less. I like my jawline and eyes, and I think my nose isn't bad from the front, but I can't stand it from a side-profile; it's straight with a little bump on the bridge. If there's one thing I could change, it'd be that for sure.

Wouldn't mind having thicker lips either lel

Anonymous 1056

>>I think my nose isn't bad from the front, but I can't stand it from a side-profile; it's straight with a little bump on the bridge. If there's one thing I could change, it'd be that for sure.

Are you me? I saw a surgeon about this same issue, but he told me it's not worth surgery to fix. I still don't like the bump though.

Anonymous 1057


Maybe it's just me but I actually think the bump looks really elegant, but obviously the rest of your face has to be balanced in order for it to look aesthetic.
If you ever decide on any form of cosmetic enhancement just be sure it's actually because your face is disproportionate to legit aesthetic detriment and not because you're just equating the bump with ugliness on account of current beauty standards. Trends are always in flux and it'd be a shame to mutilate your face on account of a passing phase.

Anonymous 1058


My chin is really, really small, and I cry evrytim because I always wished for a pretty sharp jaw and well-defined lower part of my face. I guess it looks kind of cute to some people, but I really hate it, and when I see myself on candids it's just ugh.

Anonymous 1059


You ever considered saving up for fillers or a permanent implant?

Anonymous 1060

looks more like lefort i combined with rhinoplasty

Anonymous 1061

That's Mena/Flesh-Mechanics (Shmegeh's ex-gf), and she had a rhino and a chin implant.

Anonymous 1062

I like my face but I wish I had thicker eyebrows, my eyebrow pencil is essential to my life, I can't go outside without filling in my brows.

They were naturally thin but I also overplucked them in High School, bad decision, I wish I'd listened to my mom and left my eyebrows alone.

Anonymous 1063

My midface is so long it drives me crazy. Sometimes I feel like it totally throws off everything else in my face.

I also wish I had more of a button nose but that's something I can actually change, so it doesn't bother me as much.

Anonymous 1064

I'm finally getting my nose sorted.


I'm scared they won't make it cute though. Weird fear but like… my sisters nosejob was shit (that was late 90s though so meh?)

Anonymous 1065

I have a really soft round undefined jawline that makes me look 12. Kind of annoys me in photos but i'm not too bothered about it.

Anonymous 1066

I don't want to change.
I wouldn't say I'm happy with it now, but I used to hate my face and whole body a lot because of Marfan's. I'm very elongated and bony, so I never believed when people would say I was a gorgeous statuesque model, it just sounded like someone saw a sick girl who looked like Peter Mayhew and wanted to lie to her with kindness. When strangers would stare at my huge eyes, sharp jawline, high cheekbones, pinched snub nose, and full lips, on a symmetrical bone structure and long, small body frame, I was so warped enough to have felt like the most shockingly ugly thing in the city. I'd binge candy, deep fry all my meals, spend all my money on protein powders, eggs, junk food, snack cakes – anything fattening, for weeks just to gain 5 pounds.

I got rid of all the mirrors in my house, avoided cameras like the plague, and hid 80% of my face behind "emo bangs" for all 4 years in high school. After my abusive mom forcibly cut my hair to 2 inches to keep me from hiding, I had to really see myself and realize how I actually looked. She wanted that to break me, but I kept the pixie cut, got popular at school, and took my first selfie that year. I know now that a lot of that was her transplanting her own BDD onto me; her condition that I got mine from makes her body obese and slowly shifts her facial bones and removes all the fat from one side; while I grew into the young, prettier, thin version of her. Though I still hear her saying, "disgusting. you look hideous" on my 14th birthday, and feel like that sad, ugly little kid some days, I put far too many years into being able to look at my face to change it.

Anonymous 1067

>Eyes (pretty color, long lashes, fairly large)
>Nose (from frontal view only)
>Lips (nice shape, full, a natural reddish color)

>Nose (from a side view, it looks really long and kinda pointy)
>Smile (shows too much gum, plus one of my teeth is really crooked compared to the rest)
>Lack of jaw line
>Oily forehead

Personally I like a lot of the features on my face separately but the way they are put all together just looks really off to me. I personally blame my bone structure (low cheek bones, no jawline, round face). My cheeks are very round and I feel like take up my whole face, especially at a side view. They were HUGE when I was a baby and I feel like I have yet to lose all the baby fat. Or it's just genetics.

Anonymous 2140

My eyes are tiny, not even surgery can help. It's an issue on my eyes being too in from the side of my face so I can't just make up some eyeballs to fill in excess space.my lips are too far from my nose too.

Anonymous 2145

Receding gums. I've had this issue since I got my braces off around 10 years ago and apparently it's not uncommon. It's not physically noticeable to others, but it causes me a lot of discomfort if I eat too cold/tart/sweet foods. I'm going to start seriously planning how to go about surgery to fix them.

Adult acne. I'm in my late 20's. Luckily skincare helps keep it at bay (birth control does shit and "not bad" enough to use Accutane). It's annoying because I'd much rather use antiaging or brightening skincare.

"Soft" underchin. The fat under my chin makes my face look longer than it is.

Bump in nose. It's a small bump and I was recommend by a plastic surgeon to not bother as things could end up a lot worse. It still annoys me, but I guess the surgeon was right. Unless your nose is fucked, it's easy for things to turn out worse than before.

Flat lips. My lips are full, but not pouty.

Flat cheeks. I don't have prominent cheekbones.

Eye color. My eyes are a duller color so often get called blue, green, or grey. I think that's kinda cool.

Full lips. Even though my lips are flat, they are at least full.

Teeth (even though I have receding gums which make my teeth really sensitive to temperatures, at least my teeth are straight meh)

Pale skin with neutral undertone.

Face shape. Used to be long and horsey, but in the past few years it filled out. This is oddly one of the things I'm happiest about, since I was teased/"gently" poked at for having a thin, gaunt, long face.

Anonymous 2147


I only hate my nose and my teeth.
I can't afford to get both sorted so I have to put up with them for now.
My teeth are healthy and white but they're so small and pointed, I look like a shark.
(Pic related because teeth and apparently I look like her.)

Anonymous 2154

the only things I really hate about my face are my wide jaw (not wider than my forehead though) and my crooked teeth. I also don't like how flat my cheekbones are since I became underweight. I might get cheek fillers, who knows.

Anonymous 2167


I fucking hate my nose. I would get it done but I already did my boobs so I feel like 2 plastic surgeries would be too much to have and make me appear bimbo-y to others

Anonymous 2210

I like my face.
It's still something I would like to change a bit, just a bit wider mouth. I have plump lips but my mouth isn't wide. sigh. Otherwise, I am extremely content with the way I look.
Time to become a proper Caucasian and empty his account, Joanna. Get him.

Anonymous 2211

I think shark teeth look adorable, anon

Anonymous 2459


I can't bring myself to like my face at all and I always assume people are thinking the worst of my face even if they've never said anything, even my mother and my boyfriend. I have a pretty noticeable case of mandibular prognathism that has steadily gotten worse over the years. I got braces as a kid and the plan was to get corrective jaw surgery once I turned 17 but it never happened. Now I don't have the money or healing time and my teeth have grown crooked again from not wearing my retainers. I sometimes fantasize about what it would be like to have a normal bottom half of a face and I stay away from cameras at all costs. I feel pathetic and I know people have it worse than me but it just hurts a lot. Maybe in the future I can finally get my jaw corrected and be happy with myself. I should be thankful that I'm loved but I know very well that some people judge me harshly on sight or stare at me. Pic related, it's what I look like from one side. My jaw is also very asymmetrical.

Anonymous 2462


I remember posting here a few months ago, and saying I was pretty happy with my face, but I feel like shit at the moment and would get surgery if I could. However I guess I wouldn't go through with it if I realistically could afford getting one, I'd be too afraid.

I currently hate my nose, chapped lips, the current state of my skin, face shape… And many things more. Let's not even talk about how much I hate my body right now, holy shit. I just hope this goes away.

Anonymous 2463

you can change the chapped lips, skin (with some luck) and body!

Anonymous 2468

how did you get a bf with a face like that? what does he look like?

Anonymous 2470

nayrt but what a retarded question

Anyone can get into a relationship regardless of their looks, there is such a thing as good personality and any decent well-intended person will overlook someone's appearance if they appreciate their company enough.

Her bf could be a hairy fatso or handsome af and it wouldn't change anything about the fact that they're still dating? Also appearance is subjective so your standards of attractiveness are probably way different?

Anonymous 2477

Nayrt as well, but I agree with you, and you said it more eloquently than I could.

Sometimes it seems like people on the internet forget that there are guys out there who aren't mra/r9k/incels REEEEing that they only will date 9/10s and only for casual sex or whatever. There are still normal guys around looking for normal relationships.

Anonymous 2478

thank you, kind anon. That's true.

Anonymous 2492

I have a deep love-hate relationship with my nose. I think is too big for my face. During my teens I thought about surgery to “fix” it but I chickened out because I felt like I’d lose something important. My nose is part of my heritage: my dad has it, gramps had it, my great grandmom had it. Is that classic mayan K’iche’ nose. It may sound stupid but I’m proud of being a descendant and my too-big-for-my-face is a symbol for me.

Anonymous 2502

My face is ok.
When I look in the mirror I think I look cute sometimes, sometimes a bit strange - often in pictures though I barely recognise myself.
My nose is a bit too long, and I have a bit of an overbite - I guess I look a bit like a mouse sometimes. My ears are also a bit too long, but they don't stick out at least.
But what annoys me the most is probably my masseter muscles. I think Botox in masseter is the only thing I would actually have done.

Anonymous 2541

ugly nose, big face, small lips and saggy eyes

Anonymous 2545

I absolutely hate my face.
I have a double chin on a healthy weight, acne, ugly potato nose and a vacant Thousand Yard stare, lights are on but no one is home kind.(probably because the color of my eyes clashes with my skintone, black eyes and pasty white skin)
If i could i would wear a mask anywhere i go.

Im gonna save for the double chin surgery because its all i can do

I would do anything to have blue eyes tbh

Anonymous 2554

I gained weight because I thought it would evenly distribute fat to my face. I don't gain much weight in my stomach so thought I'd look "thicc"

Unfortunately, the weight that didn't go to my thighs, butt, and boobs went to my chin and arms.

So now I'm on a diet. I wouldn't even say I'm fat, but the double chin makes my chin look abnormally long. Hope to get some kind of double-chin surgery as well later on though just to keep the double chin away for good.

gawd I hate the double chin :(

Anonymous 2557

i have a lazy eye. my entire life its been something that makes people mock me or uncomfortable. i win :( no makeup or weightloss will fix it sigh

Anonymous 2558

Do you wear glasses or contacts? Those can often fix lazy eye. So can wearing an eye patch on the stronger eye.

Anonymous 2565

I'm Eurasian and I used to hold a lot of insecurity about my face, but I no longer do and I'm happy with it.

Anonymous 2603


anyone else feel like they want FFS even as a cis woman? there are so many things I want to change about my face, I feel like FFS pretty much sums what I want fixed.
I feel like I would be much more happier if I had a rhinoplasty and my jaw shaved. I even asked my mom recently about seeing a surgeon, and she said we might be able to schedule a consolation before christmas…
I want to be cute. :(

Anonymous 2604


Anonymous 2605



Anonymous 2606

I'm disturbed that I was just thinking this like an hour or two ago…so the answer is "Yes"

Anonymous 2616

why is a grown ass adult relying on her mom for plastic surgery consultations?

Anonymous 2617

Couldn't relate until I hit the faceapp female filter on myself and realized I ain't as feminine as I thought.

Anonymous 2621

What's wrong with asking her mom? She's probably one of the closest family members to her. She also didn't say her mom would pay for it, relax with your unnecessary negativity.
Reposted this because linked the wrong post.

Anonymous 2654

Haha I have a leafychin too. I try not to think about it too much but I still want to fix it, I really want a button nose and a stronger chin but I don't want to deal with the IV insertion + anethesia. I have the redhead gene so they have to put more in me and it freaks me out

Anonymous 2655

I want rhinoplasty, but my nose isn't too bad I feel (mainly just a bulbous tip). I'm afraid I'm just going to make it worse though.

Anonymous 2656


Same, my only issue is the bridge of my nose. The tip is fine. Being part Italian is ass.

Anonymous 2657

Please don't blame other nationalities for a feature you find ugly. I find this American trend disgusting and ignorant.

Anonymous 2658


I feel you, anon. I kinda like the overall shape of my nose, but I don't like it's size, you know? I wish I could select my nose on photoshop and just make it like 30% smaller lmao
So yeah, I probably wouldn't go through surgery because I am too afraid the results will be worse than before. And worse yet: paid for.

Anonymous 2661

Moron, I am half Italian and that is where my prominent bridge came from and its extremely common with Italian-Canadians. Please get the fuck off of the internet if you're going to seriously sit here and tell me how I'm allowed to speak about my own fucking genetic outcome. Thanks.

Anonymous 2664

Let's not derail the thread with this ugh.

Anyone else here has a Kaka forehead?

Anonymous 2665

Yes, and the thin af hair too so bangs don't really work (: (: (:

Anonymous 2666


Hey anon, me too! Huge ass forehead and thin hair.

Anonymous 2667


Anonymous 2669



I have found my people.

Anonymous 2673

Idiot, I'm actually Italian and the "roman nose" thing is actually rare here. If it's common among Italian-CANADIANS, maybe you should be looking closer to home to blame your ugly features on lol.

Anonymous 2676

Nobody cares.
Shut the fuck up and stop derailing the thread.

Anonymous 2679

hey again! xxx(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 3099

I don't like my face, but it's hard for me to pinpoint exactly what parts I like/dislike, and I don't think I'd really feel any better if I changed something. I don't get how people can divide up their whole face into parts and have opinions about what shape they are. I forget the specifics whenever I'm not looking at it. My face honestly looks different to me almost every time I look in the mirror too. I feel like I can't perceive it objectively.

Anonymous 3102

I used to think my nose was too big for my face (it's not large, but my nasal bone is big, so my nose is "crooked", I think that's the term), but nowadays I'm okay with it. The fact that I already have a nasal obstruction that would get worse if I did a nose job also made me not want to do it lmao. Today the only thing I'd like to change in my face would be my chin, I think it's a bit weak. I've come to grow more okay with it too, though. Since I'm very skinny it doesn't call much attention anyways.

Anonymous 3111

20 (1).jpg


>big nasal bone

relatable. My nose is literally like pic related and I hate it. I wish I could shave it but eh.


I am a cis woman i am not happy with my face my nose to big my lips to small my cheeks to flat my skin texture. Is wrinkle with marionette. Lines my chin long and my jaw angular. I am a ugly manly looking woman

Anonymous 4543


Big hook nose. Big forehead.

Luckily my other features are sort of big too (eyes, lips), so it looks in proportion(ish). I really hate my profile though.

Anonymous 4546


I know I look normal, but I still hate it, even as an adult.
I have big eye browns but they are not thick just big. My nose is wide and my face shape is a square. I hate it. I really do. It is not feminine at all.
I don't use make up because I think everyone should be natural. Make up always feels like cheating to me, or lying.

So I am stuck with a face I really don't like. On very bad days I hope to have an accident so I don't have to look at my face ever again, or maybe it gets disfigured.

Anonymous 4553

On good days I think I look kind of cute but a little goofy looking. On bad days I feel like a deformed (I'm not) ogre woman.

Realistically, my face shape, eyebrows, and cheekbones are my good points but I have a wide nose, downward slanted sad eyes, and a small mouth. I've long accepted my nose due to it being ethnic and I'm part of a tiny percentage of the population so I feel changing it would be disrespectful to my ancestors in a way. Same with the eyes. So the only thing I really want to change is the width of my mouth and its placement, but I don't even know if that's possible. It's the one trait that makes my face look cartoonish lmao.

I also have a big forehead but with bangs it's nbd.

Anonymous 4558

thats because you are retarded

Anonymous 4570

>r u happy with ur face
>What would you change
My nose I fucking hate it
>Would you get surgery
Of course, if only I had money for it than I would immediately go for it without thinking. But I'm from a third world country so I'm very poor and can't afford it. Life is suffering.

Anonymous 4586

>Are you happy with your face?
I'm not terribly unhappy about it
>What would you change if you could?
I'd like to have a bigger forehead so I could have cute anime girl bangs, a bigger chin and for my cheeks to be sunken and not full. But I don't mind my small forehead or my small chin, I don't think they make my face look bad. And I've been losing weight so my cheeks look less full. My cheekbones are big so they make my face seem rounder than it is.
>Would you get surgery?
When I was a teenage girl and hung out with older friends who had surgery I considered getting chin fillers or something, but I think I like my face the way it is. It's not perfect but it's mine!

Anonymous 4593


Make up certainly helps

Anonymous 4594

Screen Shot 2018-1…

How could anyone be happy with a face that has brought nothing but misery? If I were to fix my face to match aesthetic ideals, I would need a lot of work done.
>maxillo-mandibular advancement with lower jaw rotation
>combo jaw and chin implant
>orbital decompression
>oculoplasty for ptosis
>laser eye surgery
>eyebrow lift
>buccal fat pad removal
>midface lift
>rhinoplasty for bulbous tip and weak nose bridge with rotation
>zygomatic arch implant

I'd opt for surgery over fillers because those tend to turn women into balloons. Of course I'd only get these procedures done if I could afford preferred surgeons like Eppley and Taban. I saw some post-op photos for a zygomatic arch implant done by Eppley that was the best surgical cheek improvement I've ever seen. I don't think I'd go to him for the jaw, though I haven't decided which surgeon would be best in case the advancement isn't enough and I really do need an implant. It depends if I only really need the chin implant. As for the nose, I'm wary because rhinoplasties rarely end up looking good. I already have an upturned nose, so I might need to go to a revision specialist even though I've never had work done. They tend to be more competent than the average facial plastic surgeon.

Anonymous 4597

I think if I changed my nose I'd be prettier. wish my face was smaller too. I can't tell if my eyebrows are too bushy for me, like if they're making me look more harsh. I'll have to try to get them waxed and see at least, i'm too pussy for a nose job

Anonymous 4697

I like your glasses.

You do not look ugly.
Braces are qt 3.0

I like your glasses.

Your acne is not that bad and your cheeks are really cute on your face.

If you want some advice get some sun. Go outside and get some air and sun.

I am sure you do a lot to help with your skin as you are self conscious about your acne. One simple thing that worked for me was drinking a small amount of apple cider vinegar and applying it to my face after washing it. First thing in the morning and before bed after removing makeup. Maybe it will help you but your acne is not that bad and you are not ugly at all.

Get some sun for your skin and be a happy girl. :) you are special.

Anonymous 18248


I really hate my nose.

I'm mixed and got a bit of my father's wide, ethnic nose. It took me years to like my skin (I have CLAY 2-3 in pic related), but I'm 21 now and I don't think I'll ever like my nose.

I told my mother recently how much I hate my nose, and to my surprise she just asked why I don't just look into rhinoplasty. It was so weird because my mother has always been the "Accept yourself bc you're beautiful ~uwu" type. She and my dad even offered to pay for my surgery fully. Now I'm looking for a good surgeon, and I'm on a waitlist for my consultation which is in Nov of this year.

I'm so excited but still sad. My dad would always joke with me, "What? You don't like the nose daddy gave you? :(". He's an amazing dad and I feel bad that I'm making him feel like I'm rejecting a part of him. But I know I'll be so much happier this way, so much more confident.

Anonymous 18250

thats literally the prettiest nose in the chart imo. i like it a lot, but then again im not against plastic surgery at all so if you really want to go for it

Anonymous 18251

25-year-old mixed woman here (different mix but we also have flat, wide noses) and at 21 I hated my nose, but now it's my favourite feature. Every other woman I depict in my art has a variation of my nose.
You're an adult and I'm just some random, so obviously you'll do what you want. However, I'm so glad I didn't have the funds to get my nose "fixed" back then. I'm at the point where I'm uninterested in having any of the ideal European features I wanted.

Just letting you know that perceptions can still change in your early 20's and likely beyond. Best of luck with your recovery if you do get the work done, of course.

Anonymous 18252



>Are you happy with your face, anons?

Not at all. I have acne scars for which my only option of getting rid of is expensive laser treatment I can't afford. Makeup doesn't work to hide them either, because they're too deep and as a result even makeup doesn't make me look better. It's one cosmetic procedure I would get in a heartbeat if I had the money for it. I seriously regret picking my face back in high school, because of them. I want clear skin but these scars are ruining it. It makes me feel ugly as hell.

Anonymous 18253

I would probably change my face to be more beautiful if I could, but I don't have a "dream face" or a lot of secific things I want to change. Maybe my receding chin from mouth-breathing.

The thought of having plastic surgery makes me uncomfortable and I don't trust mydelf to keep up with the upkeep as I age. I would maybe consider botox or something in the future if I develop deep lines in my forehead, but even that kind of gives me the willies.

Anonymous 18254

Oh, sorry, I meant that I have the skin colour of the woman in CLAY 2-3. My nose looks more like EARTH 6-7's.
You're right. I know that I'm really just using surgery as an excuse to "procrastinate" on things that I am already capable of doing, like building self-esteem. I tell myself that I'll do what all the hot girls do as soon as I get my rhinoplasty, that I can't do x or y because only attractive women do that and I don't think I measure up to that standard yet.

I'm learning how to love myself. I never really believed that I was capable of being pretty when I was a kid, so many times I didn't try because I was afraid of failing and proving myself wrong. But the past couple of years I've begun doing a lot of self-care. You know, things that real girls do, like manis and pedis, and makeup, and dressing cute. And I feel sooo much better about myself, and many days I look into the mirror and feel cute.

But imposter syndrome and body dysmorphia telling me that I'm not cute, I'm just projecting an illusion. I don't have the delicate, Eurocentric features that align with western beauty standards. Really, I know that a rhinoplasty won't help me. My issues are purely mental rather than physical.

But thank you, anon. I really hope that I can come to find myself pretty someday.

Anonymous 18262

>>Are you happy with your face?
Overall, yes. However, I would like clearer and even-toned skin.
>>What would you change if you could?
I want to lift my under eyes. I do it every time I look in the mirror. I also really need my teeth whitened.
>>Would you get surgery?
Yes. It's a part of my financial plan. I want a blepharoplasty, chin filler, and breast implants. Maybe even a rhinoplasty. A friend of mine had her sugar daddy pay for all of her surgeries and she looks great. However, I don't think I could bring myself to sleep with a man so much older than me.

Anonymous 18270

Not really i wish i was cuter. My nose is crooked and has a tiny hump and my eyes are hooded. I wish i had a more neotenous face tbh, i look older than i am since forever

Anonymous 18342


I don't get it. I've always liked that kind of nose. I think I started liking it when my mom showed me Jon hexum in making of a male model
it's such a cool nose type, very unique. besides i always figured nose jobs were dumb since it'll just show up in your kids anyway

Anonymous 18442


I have a really weird face shape. I have a very square face, but a slightly weak jaw, and also puffy cheeks even though im like 110 pounds, and a really obvious butt chin. Both my parents also have square heads and butt chins as well. My nose is long and slanted and cant decide if it wants to be roman or a button. My eyes are really round and sunken in and dont express themselves with the rest of my face. I also have big ears and really deep dimples which is why i hate smiling in pictures.

Anonymous 18443

Eh, im being too hard on myself

Anonymous 18444


Id say the best way to describe how i look is that i look like millie bobby brown but nerdy and with a slightly different nose. I think you could mistake this picture of her for me.

Anonymous 18445


your adorable anon

Anonymous 18446


Ehh kind of, I used to hate it a lot more.

I hate my eye and mouth area with a burning passion. I have genetic sunken eyes, tear troughs, and under eye lines (I think they're called Dennie Morgan lines). My face is very obviously underdeveloped and I think it shows in my eyes especially, since under supported eye area = droopy lower eyelids + permanently sleepy psycho look. My lips are a carbon copy of my dads and make me look upset and serious all the time. Their also 10x darker than my face skin and it looks very jarring.
I wish I could get tear trough filler but it's risky and according to plastic surgeons, its the hardest place to fill on the face. If their is a surgical way to make my face grow forward then that too.

Anonymous 18449

I like my face however since im only 18 it still has a bit of baby fat for some reason

Anonymous 18453

I am 20 and still have face fat too. I think by 25 (or at least 30) our faces will mature a bit. I compare celebrities at 20 vs 25 vs 30 and sometimes all it takes is age.

Anonymous 18454

Baby fat is endearing, enjoy it while you have it.

Anonymous 18455


This chin filler (Dr. Simon Ourian) can transform your life. I’m literally saving up for it.

Anonymous 18456


A side profile of it

Anonymous 18458

I've definitely grown fonder of my face over time. This is probably because I lost a bunch of weight, lost additional weight in my face due to getting older, and became more symmetrical after getting my teeth fixed with invisalign. There are a few things I would definitely change if I could guarantee that they would turn out 100% perfect, but nothing so far that I would actually commit to surgery for.

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