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having broad shoulders Anonymous 10603

My shoulders are wide compared to my body and it makes me feel ridiculous. Any tips on dressing etc to help hide it

Anonymous 10605


I hope you ain't a tranny.

jackets, blazers, long sleeved things. Some moids like strong women, become stronger do push ups to get them tonned.

Anonymous 10606


I would do everything to have broad shoulders(but my bloodline is weak).
You just need to not be fat(you will look stocky) or stick(they will be pointy), put some muscle then they look great.

Anonymous 10607

This. I have braod shoulders too, and I'm trying to get the "strong" look.
But if you want to make them look smaller, having long, voluminous hair to cover them can help. So can wearing "off the shoulder" style tops. And some circle skirts to make your hips look wider.

Anonymous 10610

She would beat incels

Anonymous 10621

>ywn be a muscular qt

Anonymous 10999


Imagine giving advice to be musucular because some coomers love muscular girls…yea no gtfo moids.

The worst type of moid/coomer to be with, they will only get hard to muscle and are hella insecure. Oh and often times ugly mofos.

Anonymous 11000

>moids who like muslces are worse than pedo coomers, ana-loving coomers, fatroll-loving coomers

I know there are definitely some shitty, coomer men into muscle (just like there are shitty coomer men who are into anything else) and ofcourse you should never do anything for the sole purpose of attracting men, but this is a shit take anon.

Anonymous 11001

Yeah, doing things just to attract men is lame, but I really don’t think the anon who said that is a moid. Some women care about having a man who is attracted to them. It doesn’t mean they live to be a walking fetish. Having a bf who wants to control how you look is always bad though. It shouldn’t be a competition, fetishes are harmful either way.

Anonymous 11032

>she doesn't get swole to scare off men

Anonymous 12942

Well that's a stupid rule

Anonymous 14111

I wish I was tall with broad shoulders. I'm 5'1…

Anonymous 14112

at least you're not short with broad shoulders…

Anonymous 14115

i am :(

Anonymous 14121

dang sorry. i am too, i know it sucks.

Anonymous 14629

Hi there, tall and broad musclefag here. Anyways after about 30 years of experimenting I have found the best way to distract from my broad shoulders is to just wear an asymmetrical top. Something with one strap over one shoulder but not the other, anything that just hangs off the shoulders a little bit, dark colors rather than bright colors. Stuff like that will really help you minimize the look of the size. It really sucks to be tall, broad and small breasted but the upside is it scares off the manlets.

Embrace your power and bulk up.

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