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Is being thin important to you ? Anonymous 10708

I don't think I'm the only one to have this day to day pressure to think about my body, and I wonder what other people really think about it.

>Does this affect you at all ?

>If so, how ?
>How do you justify it ?
>When has it become a recurring thought ? (the pressure to stay thin, not exclusively leading to eating disorders in some cases)
>How do you cope with it ?

Anonymous 10709


>when you're fat and you don't care

Anonymous 10710


>Does this affect you at all ?


>If so, how ?

I try not to overeat and I excerise at least four times a week

>How do you justify it ?

When I was at my heaviest I was also very depressed , I now associate being fat with depression (for myself, not when I look at others)
I lost all the weight and felt better, I'm thin now but I think I'm skinny fat , I could be thinner
It's much easier to keep my figure thin rather than gaining so much weight and then trying to lose it

>When has it become a recurring thought ? (the pressure to stay thin, not exclusively leading to eating disorders in some cases)

Almost every day, when ever I see fat people theyre my goal on how not to look (I'm sorry I'm like this I don't want to be,it's an ugly thing I know)

>How do you cope with it ?

I don't know some does it feels really bad and others I try to eat the minimal of what I should eat

I haven't been diagnosed with an eating disorder or anything, I should probably go talk to a doctor I know

Anonymous 10711

Yes it is. I gained some weight lately because of vitamin deficiency making me hard to go on my diets. Hopefully me taking these pills will make me energetic and healthy again.

Anonymous 10712


Anonymous 10713

Yeah, I do feel pressured to stay at the weight I am now. People always say how skinny I am like it's a compliment, and I guess I worry that if I gain a lot of weight they won't like me as much (which is really dumb, but I'm insecure af). I want to tone up and build muscle, but I suck at exercising and even sit-ups kill my back. I'm think I'm at a normal weight and not really as thin as people say I am.

Anonymous 10714

>Does this affect you at all ?
>If so, how ?
Mental stress 24/7 and compulsive overeating. I fucking WISH the pressure made me diet, even if it wasn't in a healthy way, but as soon as I start thinking I need to lose weight, I also start thinking I need to eat everything right now because tomorrow I'll have to limit myself. Of course, that doesn't end up happening and I just repeat the process over and over. I'm also hyper aware of everything I eat and how hungry I am, I struggle to go more than 1-2 hrs without eating.
>How do you justify it ?
Do I have to justify it? I'm not sure I understand the question.
>When has it become a recurring thought ? (the pressure to stay thin, not exclusively leading to eating disorders in some cases)
Been this way since, I guess last year or two of highschool? And I'm 26 now.
>How do you cope with it ?
I don't, I really can't cope with it. Every diet ends in even longer and more severe binging phases. I feel like there's no way for me to be happy because I hate not being thin, but slightly less than I hate dieting (even just eating clean or in moderation makes me miserable, let alone low calorie diets). I exercise a lot but it's sport, not specifically aimed at weight loss, so for the past year or so I've just been slowly gaining weight. Not enough to become overweight, but enough to have me thinking about it constantly and dreading a future in which I fail to get my shit together and get legitimately fat. I'm just praying I develop some self control or enough muscles that it offsets my overeating.

Anonymous 10715

Anon, i feel the same

>Does this affect you at all ?

Very much
>If so, how ?
I started of as a thin girl who dreamed of being a model, then i starved myself and now i'm simply addicted to eating.
Because i restricted myself so much i felt that in a way i 'missed' out on food and had to catch up later… Even nowadays i'm still thinking about needing to lose weight all the time, but i can't even stick to it for more than a few hours before starting to binge again. And then always the same old excuse, tomorrow i'll do better…
Even when i don't plan on starting a diet, everything i think of is food, when i'm out or even on vacation, the only thing on my mind is "What do we eat?" and "Where can i get some snack later on?" All i do all day long is eating non-stop, on average i'd say 4000 kcal
>How do you justify it ?
I don't, i hate myself for it and my confidence is shrinking even more every single day. Food is the only thing that brings me joy in life, so giving that up…
>When has it become a recurring thought ?
I 'dieted' the first time when i was just in kindergarten, but my eating disorder started when i was 13
>How do you cope with it ?
I don't really know how… Now my BMI is already in the overweight category and i'm just 22, so if that goes on… Any tips?

Anonymous 10716

I used to be underweight and it looked really gross and I got sick a lot. I look and feel a lot better since I've put on some weight. I don't feel a pressure to be thin, just to decrease body fat percentage and get bigger muscles, but not to the extent that it negatively affects me. Any pressure I might have felt has improved by life by spurring me to make better decisions because maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to me. I don't really understand people who wallow in negative feelings regarding food and exercise. It seems akin to smashing a cube against a round hole and becoming upset and then blaming one's failures on the hole being the wrong shape. The body exists within nature and not outside of it, and thus it follows nature's rules. If someone is having issues, there are steps they can take to fix them, but they are often unwilling to make the necessary changes.

Anonymous 10717

>Does this affect you at all ?
>If so, how ?
I have some form of disordered eating. I try my best not to go over 1000 kcal a day. I still take a multivitamin and make sure I get lots of protein and good fats within the food that I do eat (I try to avoid carbs). I also walk to/from campus basically every single day and when I can make the time, I do bodyweight exercises to tone up.
>How do you justify it ?
I'm short, so I have to be thin. I don't get much male attention, so if I stay ridiculously thin nobody would want me anyway and I have the illusion of it being under my control. If I deny myself food then that's the ultimate form of self-discipline, and I am very proud of my ability to make myself do things that I don't want to do. The thought of excess in general puts me off (spending too much, eating too much, sleeping too much, relaxing too much). My body has not been kind to me (chronic pain, constant fatigue – even when I was eating well) so I don't want to be kind to it. I want to prove to myself that I'm capable of such a thing (I almost have an addiction to taking on as much pressure and difficulty as I can, just to see if I can deal with it).
>When has it become a recurring thought ? (the pressure to stay thin, not exclusively leading to eating disorders in some cases)
I think two or three years ago. I've always wanted to be thin, but usually stayed around 110 or so pounds (I'm 5'2"). now I am most comfortable at 95 but I'd like to get down to 90 somehow without compromising my GPA.
>How do you cope with it ?
I don't, really. I still think I look repulsive. My head is basically the same size around as my waist and it looks ridiculous. My cheeks are completely sunken in, and I already have a strong jaw, so it just emphasizes that gross bone structure. But I know if I gained any weight I would be even more miserable because I would feel that I wasn't living up to my potential. I just wish I were taller so that I wouldn't look like as much of a freak and I might be able to model.
I went shopping with a friend the other day for dress pants for a job interview and even the smallest sizes were baggy on me. It would be nice to be able to wear high-quality clothes without looking like I'm playing dress-up.

Anonymous 10718

How is this any diffrent than the other ed thread. We get it, you're an anorexic cunt with a man body and you hate fat and normal sized people. Just die already and stop shitting everything up.

Anonymous 10719

lol not everyone but some posters here sound autistic and gross

Anonymous 10720

Only the poster above you showed anorexic tendencies and she said nothing about looking down on normal or overweight people…?

Anonymous 10721

Being perceived as attractive in general has become important to me since it will hopefully make financial and romantic success easier in the future. But being skinny in a petite or willowy sort of way is impossible for me given my bone structure. I have a wide build (always had broad shoulders/hips, stronger than my male friends in hs), so I'd be teetering on unhealthy at anything below a US size 8. I think a lot of insecurity I felt in the past was because of this, comparing myself to very small women. Now I just focus on eating well/being strong/keeping a good WHR.

But I respect this.

Anonymous 10722

>>10718 >>10719

We get it you're fat and miserable! Sorry you're not able to lose all that weight fatty!

Anonymous 10723



Anonymous 10724

I don't care about being "thin", but I don't like how unfit I am, and despite what very large women who are moderately good dancers claim, being fat isn't compatible with being healthy. So yes it's important but only in relation to running faster and not getting tired as easily as if I were overweight.

Anonymous 10725


Oh please. It's the same people who've talked about their disordered eating in every other thread having another circle jerk. OP is the same cunt who is always complaining about mukbang and society not longer catering to her nasty ass having another episode, she's been sperging out across multiple threads and boards for the past few days.


Read the responses to your own thread skelly. It's you and your friends that are completely miserable and obsessed, all just to look like shit.

Anonymous 10726

how about you leave the thread instead? go eat a burger or something, it might help you calm down :)

Anonymous 10727


Why don't you? The nutrients might wake up your rotting brain and stop your butthurt and delusions, and help your disgusting body look presentable.

Anonymous Moderator 10728

Get back to the topic at hand instead of derailing with insults, thanks.

Anonymous 10729


Stop letting mentally ill people make multiple unnessicary threads and insulting the rest of the userbase, thanx. You already have a poor history with this, and really if you're going to play coy in order to protect ana-chans then have the balls to be unfront.

Anonymous 10730


im not fat. i just hate astigmatism. i would say the same thing about fatties. i hate on everything and everyone because most people are fucking retarded

Anonymous 10731

Stop with your edgyness anon, not everyone that is anorexic is an asshole, neither every overweight girl. You had bad experiences with people because of your/her body and eating habits we get it ok? but instead of blasting your rage on us go talk to that person, tell her to fuck off if you want, just don't thrown a tantrum here.

Anonymous 10732


These are really lame insults. You aren't even swearing, it's like watching well brought up twelve year olds go at it.

Anonymous Moderator 10733

The user has already been banned due to taking their ranting to another thread.

Anonymous 10734


This triggers the ana

Anonymous 10735

You should really try invisible moderation and just delete the offending post.

Anonymous 10736


I think it was because I made this post >>10732 and they were just making it clear half the parties involved were goners now. Also I like seeing the mods, if anything they should be more smug and dismissive of people they ban.

Anonymous 10737

Is it possible for the desire to be thin to not be unhealthy? When this subject gets brought up it's always under the presumption that it's a mental disorder.

>Also I like seeing the mods, if anything they should be more smug and dismissive of people they ban.
Well then we can agree to disagree.

Anonymous 10738

Thinness is subjective. Which makes it hard to generalise, naons ITT may don't even have the basic agreement on what they are arguing about.
For example: to me the rightmost lady in OP's pic doesn't look thin. She has nice proportions something thin people generally lack.

Anonymous 10739

>She has nice proportions something thin people generally lack

why the fuck do people have to throw so much shade at thin people? For fuck's sake, you can't even tell in the OP pic of the "thin" girl if she has wide hips, broad shoulder, etc. She's just toned.

Anonymous 10740


So it seems like your definition of thin is being gross as fuck looking and lacking muscle mass. Which is basically just skinnyfat and as undesirable as a landwahle

Anonymous 10741

No? >>10738 said:
>she has nice proportions
We don't know shit about her body except it's toned. Why are you so aggressive, I just think it's silly people are being dicks to thin people at every possible avenue right now.

Anonymous 10742

>her proportions affects her thinness
Yeah I can see why you'd think thinness is subjective then.

Anonymous 10743

I was a skinny child, Under 100 pounds and then under 110 pounds for a majority of my teen years until I blew up starting in 10th grade. My heighest weight was around 140.

I never noticed I was gaining weight until it was pointed out by anonymous messages online and on tumblr. Then I realized I was fat and disgusting, and I started hating myself.

I'm down to 120ish now, depending on how much I pig out that day I could go up to 125. I look better but I still look disgusting. I don't understand my body shape. My hip bones stick out, and my ribs do too, but I'm still chubby in the face, the legs, the arms. I wish I could be 90 pounds again. I never thought about weight at all until other people pointed it out to me, I never even thought I was thin, I was just allowed to exist without comments about my body ever effecting my mind.

My closest friends are very small, with great bodies with zero effort. I look so bland naked, I struggle to imagine a man being attracted to me, even though I have a boyfriend, he would leave me the moment a fit sexy thin girl looked his way I know it deep down.

I cope with it by wearing clothes to hide my body and trying to atleast be happy with my face, its all I have going for me.

Anonymous 10744

120 pounds is sexy though. what's your height. i wish i was 120.

Anonymous 10745

>he would leave me the moment a fit sexy thin girl looked his way

Then that's a personality flaw in your boyfriend. Or it's just your insecurity tricking you.

Would you leave him if a "fit, sexy" better looking guy hit on you?

This isn't an attack by the way, I suffer with similar paranoid thoughts and I'm an actual chubby girl.

Anonymous 10746


This is what I was talking about. She's definitely has low body fat but this doesn't mean that she looks thin. She has nice trapezoid shaped arms and legs, thin people are mostly made of rectangles. This is what I meant by proportions. I mean, you would not call body builders thin, would you?

Just because every third adult is obese in the USA doesn't mean that the definition for thinness changes. Thin people are generally underweight and look like it.

Anonymous 10747

this is why no one likes autistic people. you are obnoxious and obsessive for no reason

Anonymous 10748

NTA, but I don't see how that is obnoxious or obsessive when anon is much more clear about their own definition of "thin," even if bodybuilding (or at least that specific example pic) does not apply to the general population as much.
Especially since there is a range between the poles of "thin" and "fat," having people be more precise is better than generalizing all over the place.

This thread overall just makes me really sad, I recently (re)watched the documentary Killing Us Softly 4 (had seen excerpts of the lecture before and knew about the general gist of it), and I think it would be helpful as part of the "desire to be thin"-conversation. Except that it doesn't solve individual issues with body image.

Part of the body positive movement is resisting the media/advertising/social forces that make people feel bad about not fitting into a specific body type (both ways, larger people not feeling thin enough and thinner people not feeling "curvy" or "thicc"), but it has gone a bit far. There is so much attention to how women or girls look that is draining. I wish there were better answers, but it comes down to changing social attitudes, which is hard and slow.

Anonymous 10749

5'2. It would be sexy if I had a good body type but I don't. I'm a sloppy apple shape, with a gut and flabby arms and really prominent hip dips and no defined waist.

We have other problems beyond my looks and are probably going to break up soon, the spark just died but I feel like I have no right to break up with him because he's a catch, he's tall, he's chubby a little but works out so he's strong which I like, he's smart and out of my league in every sense of the word. I would never date a fit guy, I don't deserve one

Anonymous 10750

120 seems like a lot for 5'2"

Anonymous 10751

It is. I know that I'm chubby, borderline overweight.

Anonymous 10752

120 on 5'2 is pretty within the normal bmi limits. Not that much at all.

Anonymous 10753

>thin people are mostly made of rectangles
I only see that for sure on BMIs of 15 or less, which is more of a skeleton than thin body type. BMIs of 16-18 don't have that regularly unless the person's body type accentuates it.

Anonymous 10754

>BMI 21.9 seems like a lot
The normal healthy BMI range is 18-25. If you want to bash perfectly healthy bodies, why not just go to MPA?

Anonymous 10755

Depends on body type.

I'm 4'11" and almost 120lbs right now.

I'm overweight, but at 110 I look thin and normal. I'd imagine someone 5'2" could look normal at 120lbs.

Anonymous 10756

I said I'm an apple with a small frame so 120 is absolutely chubby on me. Unless I wear spanx or oversized clothes I look huge. And even then my arms and legs are big so I can't fool anyone by hiding my gut. I think if I got to 105 I might look good again

Anonymous 10757

It makes it so much easier to dress. I'm apple fat so I have a huge gut and it really ruins a lot of outfits. If it was evenly distributed fat it would be alright, it would just look curvy. Belly ruins everything.

Anonymous 10758


4'11" and 172 lbs

Anonymous 10759

So this….is the power…of crystal cafe…? Whoa….

Anonymous 10760


c-can you give a rundown of your diet? I'm 5'0" and I really can't imagine how someone can be 172….

Anonymous 10761


Too many things like burgers, chips, fries and cheesecakes

Anonymous 10762

120 on 5'2 would be a lot for most low muscle mass / skinny-fat rectangle or apple shaped women. I looked at MPA photos and I finally understood why they call themselves fat.

Still the generalization is annoying.. not everyone looks like that..

Anonymous 10763

yes, very important. im fucking obsessed with my weight, but i wish i wasnt.

Anonymous 10764

I'm so scared of ending up like this, I'm already ugly can't be fat too :/ Already on my way at 147 luckily I'm 5'5 so the weight balances out some what

Anonymous 10765

Lol wut

Anonymous 10766

>Does this affect you at all ?
Yes, absolutely.
>If so, how ?
I don't really yoyo diet, I gain 5-10lbs under stress every now and then and then lose it. Due to seroquel I need to make a choice and be always aware of what I am eating.
>How do you justify it ?
I don't really? No need to. I like to stay healthy.
>When has it become a recurring thought ? (the pressure to stay thin, not exclusively leading to eating disorders in some cases)
I need to always count calories since Seroquel is notorious for making people binge and get fat.
I like working out,
>How do you cope with it ?
Working out and taking responsibility for my own actions, I binge every now and then– yesterday I consumed 3300cals and went to the gym for two hours and for a 6mile walk afterwards.

Anonymous 10767

I look like the one on the left and i really don't care. It doesn't noticeably affect my health, im not interested in sex/relationships and my self esteem is good so i'll keep the extra pleasures of eating junk sometimes even though it makes me look chubby.

Anonymous 10768

Used to be fat kid but grew out of it. I just want a good condition tbh. Really the most desirable weight comes when I don't obsess over it and go out and do the things I like. Now if and when I think I need comfortfoods I just go out for a bikeride and breathe. Overeating is just a perpetual cycle of problems

Anonymous 10769

It's a constant cycle for me.

>I need to lose weight

>alright, here it goes
>okay, fuck I got sick
>might as well treat myself
>okay, the sweets I bought were shit, I need a proper "last meal"
>okay that was my last one
>one day later: FUCK THE CRAVINGS

Anonymous 10770

I'm the same way

Anonymous 10771

it matters a lot to me because it is the only good physical quality i have. my face is busted, i look like a tranny. so if i lose my feminine shape then i'm screwed :/

Anonymous 10772

I'm 5'6.5" and currently weigh 165 lbs, down from 190. I used to weigh 125 a couple years ago and thought I was a fat pig back then. :/ I want to go back in time and slap myself hard.

But yeah I've started busting my ass to lose the rest of the weight, maybe get down to 115-120 if I can manage it. But my main goal is to just fit in my old favorite clothes again, which means I need to weigh less than 140. I wish weight loss wasn't such a slow process.

Anonymous 10773

yes it is, being thin and healthy is very important to me

Anonymous 10774

This is me all the time, probably why I haven't lost the measly 20 pounds I've been trying to get rid for five years

Anonymous 10775

go away with your gross fetish. can the mods delete the picture please

Anonymous 10776

ive been trying to lose weight for a long time but only half assed. was never fat, but a bit plump. 2 months ago i decided to go all in and actually try for once, and i lost 12 pounds since then. (7 weeks now)
im 5"7, 119 pounds now, and i feel amazing. i do not want to enable eating disorders, but honestly, losing that extra bit of fat has made me sooo confident and for the first time in years actually like what i see in the mirror. fat acceptance is a meme, being healthy and having a functional body is not just more attractive; its also much more practical in every day life. when youre lighter and have more muscle, everything is easier and u have more energy. it also boosts confidence.

Anonymous 10777

>Does this affect you at all ?
>If so, how ?
I've always been skinny myself even though I want to be buff.
>How do you justify it ?
I try and try to eat more and more each day, do exercise regularly, tried everything, still an skeleton.
>When has it become a recurring thought ? (the pressure to stay thin, not exclusively leading to eating disorders in some cases)
My family and friends always reminds me so, I'm usually known as "the skinny guy".
>How do you cope with it ?
Doesn't bother me much but sometimes it sucks, the lack of strength is the worst thing.(MUH VEGETARIAN BODY (and you can't sit with us))

Anonymous 10778

I know you're a male invader who can't sit with us, but if that's you in pic you aren't even that skinny. Lower end of average maybe.

I have a major skinny fetish and you'd be too big for me to consider.

Anonymous 10779

Are you the guy who started the "How the fuck am I supposed to meet women online?" thread?

Anonymous 10780

go away smegsie

Anonymous 10781

1525969123501 (1).…

>tfw I saw the picture before it was deleted

Anonymous 10782


What was the picture? I'm kind of afraid to ask but now I'm curious.

Anonymous 10783

Just an skinny-ish white dude's shirtless selfie. I guess he thought that'll win us over and get him a gf.

Anonymous 10784

5'5" (or 165cm) at 130 pounds (or 59kg) right now. I'd love to be 110 pounds (or 50kg) but I have poor eating habits that I' still haven't overcome yet. It doesn't help that I'm Asian so my body proportions are naturally kinda fucked (shorter lower limbs and higher body fat % on average than non-Asians). It doesn't help that Asian girls are naturally expected to be thin either as seen with the popularity of J-pop/K-pop idols. I'm also have broad shoulders and thicker-than-average thighs so even after weight loss, I'll still look a bit weird, unfortunately.

The plan right now is just to eat less, eat more slowly, drink more water, and exercise more often. I want long-term, lasting changes so I'm not looking at special diets. I'm the friend who goes around self-acceptance for others, but I still have this need to change myself and tend to succumb to my own personal insecurities. Very hypocritical on my part haha.

Anonymous 10785

>Does this affect you at all?

>If so, how?
I feel terrified of gaining weight. I've been underweight my whole life and I gain fat in my face and thighs, so I don't look as thin as I am. My doctor wants me to get to a regular BMI, but I can't, it's too scary to me to be that weight. I'd feel disgusting.
>How do you justify it?
I can't be a thicc goddess, so my only other option is to be stick thin, even though I wish I had a tiny waist, huge boobs, hips, and ass.
>When has it become a recurring thought ? (the pressure to stay thin, not exclusively leading to eating disorders in some cases)
When I was little, I had a narcissistic friend who called me fat unironically even though I wasn't fat. It affected me. I also always felt too fat for the person who abused me as a child. It's a recurring thought whenever I look at my body in a mirror or a thin girl on Instagram.
>How do you cope with it ?
I restrict my calories and try to lose weight so I won't ever be in danger of having a bmi of 18.5. a few months, I was in the low 18s for the first time in my life and I wanted to cry. I felt disgusting. Before that, I was always in the low 17s naturally. That triggered me to lose weight and now I'm in the 16s, but I'm still losing.

Anonymous 10786

Becoming lean at a given weight isn't hugely difficult. It's mostly about body composition, rather than CICO or bulk/cut phases.
Your appetite is there for a reason, but what you eat determines your composition of muscle/fat to a large degree (assuming you're not PCOS or some other hormonal issue).

Anonymous 10787

Exercise. It will make you look more toned.

Anonymous 10788

Being thin is a sign that you actually have self control and aren't a greedy pig. It's an outward physical sign of a positive character trait.

If you're fat - you're 100% to blame. Sorry if that hurts some feelings, but it's true. And no, as far as I'm aware "muh genetics" isn't the reason why you keep stuffing yourself with chocolate cake.

Anonymous 10789

>I'm trans
Men are so fucking pathetic that even on a forum specifically aimed at women, they'll still feel entitled to come here and post simply because they've juiced themselves up on hormones and had some mad doctor graft tits on their chest.

Enjoy your early suicide.

Anonymous 10790

Outing yourself as anything but female will get you banned, bye friendo

Anonymous 10791

>Does this affect you at all ?
Yes, Yes
>If so, how ?
Well where i live there has been a trend of Fit (Thick Toned Thighs, Big Ass) Girls being considered waaay more attractive than "dainty" skinny types so i actually get told i should gain weight alot of times.
But ive never been a trend follower and i love my body alot and i keep it like this because it is what i feel most comfortable in.
When i gained weight (just 3kg but im quite short so it showed) because of exam season (we are allowed to eat whatever we want doing exams so i would splurge on cookies) it just didnt feel like me anymore.
>How do you justify it ?
I tend be on the leaner side "naturally" and it just is what makes happy, im not going to be miserable just because other people dont like how i look
>When has it become a recurring thought ? (the pressure to stay thin, not exclusively leading to eating disorders in some cases)
Since ive finished puberty, at the sad age of 15 lol, that was my body now and i have to live with it
Might as well be a body im happy with.
Also when i went to high school and people started pointing out how tiny i was.
>How do you cope with it ?
Im technically guilty of being skinny fat lol
i dont exercise or do sports.
My appetite is usually quite low, as in i could go days without eating, but when it spikes up during certain periods of my cycle i watch what i eat, when i see ate somewhat 2500 calories i stop eating for the day.

Im 1,55 and 48kg!

Anonymous 10792

Some women gain weight while on the pill, medication like lithium and when going through hardships, but that doesn't mean they will always stay fat because they're not pigs. They're fat because they're just going through a bad phase. It's not always black and white. Also some thin people have no self control when it comes to food either, but exercise a lot.

Anonymous 10793

That's part of the plan, Anon. Right now, I'm mainly focused on changing my eating habits though since weight loss is more of a priority than getting toned. Exercise alone isn't effective for weight loss (from what I know) but I plan on doing cardio a few time s week so that I don't end up being skinnyfat.

Anonymous 10794

>Being thin is a sign that you actually have self control and aren't a greedy pig.

What about bulimics though?

Anonymous 10795

Lean mass is a huge driver of both resting and active metabolism, it's absolutely effective for long term bodyweight management.
Dietary habits, rest, and stress management are also equally important factors.

It's unwise to have a target weight unless you're a weight class athlete, but a target body composition is achievable for just about anyone with some work.

Anonymous 10796


Calm down, ana-chan. I gained my weight because I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 20 and was put on medication that makes anyone’s weight balloon out of their control. Being this butthurt at other peoples’ bodies that you felt the need to write this post shows you have some issues of your own to work out, stop worrying about other people.

By the way, out of curiosity, what counts as “fat” to you?

Anonymous 10797

bulimics are usually not thin lol

Anonymous 10798

that is true
t. sad, bulimic and chubby

Anonymous 10799

It is to me, because I don't like being thin myself. I am naturally thinspo level thin, it sounds glamorous but I'd kill to be bigger so I wouldn't physically cringe every time I saw my arms or hip bones. I don't think I can gain much weight due to genetics and a fast metabolism, so I'm looking into weight training to build muscle instead. Any muscle gain tips?

Anonymous 10800

this came out very humblebrag-y, I don't mean it like that.

Anonymous 10801

Eat lots of protein, lift lots but take breaks every 3-4 days, try not to go hungry, fish oil, etc etc

What helped me build leg muscles is cycling all the time however when i started lifting too I put on leg and glute muscles like crazy

Anonymous 10802

>Is being thin important to you ?
Important to me because I don't want to be held back or judged by others for my body, which is everything to society when you are female.

I'm really jealous of fat men because society attributes positive features to them as long as they're nice people, but it's almost impossible for a fat woman to be viewed similarly. Like if a fat woman has a great personality people say that's because she's compensating and must be so because her looks are useless.

As long as I'm healthy, and don't ever reach a point where I need a fucking scooter to shop and I can walk around I don't give a fuck about the scale.
But society pressures me. Other people won't accept me and will treat me negatively even if they don't know a thing about me.
I don't feel like I have a choice but to care and I struggle to cope.

I've had eating disorders ever since I was little. As an adult it's mostly binge eating. I lose a massive amount of weight for two or three years straight, slip a little, and eventually gain all the weight back and then some followed by feelings of guilt and apathy. Then my weight starts to get real bad and I have to start from ground zero all over again.

I don't fucking know. I just wish it wasn't so god damn important is all.

Anonymous 10803

thank you so much anon!

Anonymous 10804


That's a pretty simplistic way of looking at it. The vast majority of fat people aren't like those on My 600-Pound Life, eating 20,000 kcals daily. A number of factors come into play, including income. Obesity and poverty are highly correlated. Medications can make you put on weight, too.

Anonymous 10805

Second this. Avoiding too many grain carbs helped me lose 15-20 lbs pretty effortlessly, too.

Anonymous 10806

Yes, I think it ties in directly with my self confidence. Like when I'm thinner I'll feel like a better person, from the inside. It's kind of fucked up. Also I need to be physically fit for that confidence too. I'm quite soft at the moment.

But unlike that other anon who seems to be anorexic I seem to do everything in excess when I DO do it. So when I eat I eat too much, work too much, spend too much etc. I just can't balance.
Right now I'm at the point where if I lean over enough while sitting my stomach touches my thighs and it's DISGUSTING. I'm also really into cute clothes which doesn't mesh well with my weight and I'm cheap so when I gain it's yoga pants and old t-shirts as a motivator to get back down, but it's hard.

Anonymous 10807

Jesus, anon. Just take up weightlifting. It's a good final measure for getting fit, if you're looking to gain muscle. Other than that, please try to control yourself.

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