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breast implant jum…

I want a boob job. Anonymous 10817

Ive been thinking about it for a long time and I think Im finally going to do it. Ive always wanted big boobs, and never had them. I dont even want them for a guy, I just want them for myself. Ive been researching it for years and think Im just gonna go for it.

I figured Id ask here and see if anybody has any opinions or downsides I might not have considered.

Anonymous 10818

There's basically a bunch of risk and no upside
Plus there are so many better things you could spend money on

Anonymous 10819

Had one like 5 months ago to fix my tuberous breasts. I'm super happy and it's made my life so much better.
One of the things I wasn't expecting was the back and hip pain after surgery. I had to lie on my back all day and night for the first few days and it gave me terrible pain. I should have gotten one of those donut butt pillows.

Don't expect people who don't want surgery to understand. Just make sure you go to a good doctor. Recovery was pretty annoying but if you really want it it's definitely worth it.

Anonymous 10820

Not to hijack your thread, but I'm in a similar boat. I've always wanted to get my chin fixed. It's so fucking pointy it drives me nuts

Anonymous 10821


don't waste the money.

Anonymous 10822

What happens when you take a guy home and he wants to take off your bra?

Anonymous 10823

chestlets when wil…


If you dont mind me asking, how many CC's did you go for? Im thinking that when I go for mine, if I actually go through with it, I might go for 800cc or even bigger. 800cc is the biggest they make, but they can add more to the implant if its saline to make it even larger.

I did the "Rice Test" and walked around with bags of rice in a bra to see what size felt right, and right up in the 800cc range was the sweet spot for me.

Ive seen lots of other girls mention to go a bit bigger than you think you want, so you arent let down when the swelling goes down after healing and you think they arent big enough.

Anonymous 10824

I don't like this meme since it ignores the existence of pear-shaped chestlets.

Anonymous 10825

then he's in luck because he'll get to do it three times

Anonymous 10826

I got 330cc. I discussed it with my doctor and we agreed that it was the best size to suit my body type (average height and slim) and fix my deformity. I actually wanted to go a bit smaller initially because I didn't want them to be too big, but he insisted that this size would be the best, and he was right. I wouldn't have minded if they had been smaller, but this size is pretty perfect. Of course it also depends on how much breast you already have. I barely had any at all.
Recovery is really uncomfortable and the bigger the implants the worse it's going to be, so keep that in mind and be prepared for it. Also make sure that you're in your normal weight so that you can choose the right size.

Anonymous 10827

Why waste money on that, small breasts are comfortable and elegant. I chill braless most of the time. How long has it been your insecurity, and how flat are you? Just curious so I'll bombard you with questions if you don't mind. What are you planning to accomplish or achieve with bigger breasts, as ridiculous as that sounds? Do you think they'd suit your frame better?
That said if your breasts are horribly misfigured or vary in size too much or they just make you that depressed I suppose whatever makes you happy. My good friend had breast cancer and she underwent a cosmetic surgery to even out her chest. Mind you she's kind of a flattie but even so it was visible she was missing one breast, seeing her be more carefree and confident now makes me smile.

Anonymous 10828

> How long has it been your insecurity

Since forever. When they stopped growing from puberty I was like "Thats it!?" and they've been the same since then.

>how flat are you?

B-cups. They just feel "meh". To me they are just "breasts". I want them to be "BOOBS!".

>What are you planning to accomplish or achieve with bigger breasts

Maybe bring me some inner peace. Id like to look down at my chest and think "this feels right." I see other girls with bigger boobs and it just looks nice.

>Do you think they'd suit your frame better?

Yes, definatley. Im more on the "pear" end of body shape. Any weight I gain all goes down low. It would be nice to have something up top.

>That said if your breasts are horribly misfigured or vary in size too much

Its none of that. I just want them to be bigger.

Anonymous 10829

I like the size of my breasts. I have considered getting them augmented only because tfw no one shows interest sexually in my breasts. It really saddens me, I just want a person to like my breasts for what they are and to be sexually attracted to them, but I guess that won't happen, at least how I currently am.

Anonymous 10830

I don't know, other than small breasts being more comfortable, fake breasts almost always look blatantly fake.
But to be perfectly honest I haven't had one, nor do I personally know anyone who has, so maybe I'm not all that well informed since the only fake breasts I've seen are those that look obviously fake.
>Don't expect people who don't want surgery to understand.
So in other words, the only people who have a valid opinion on the matter are those who are of the opinion it's a good idea.
You realize this is moronic, right?

Anonymous 10831


>fake breasts almost always look blatantly fake.

People only think that because they see the badly done ones, which get the most attention. Or they see gigantic pornstar implants on the internet. Women with very well done boobjobs are everywhere.

Anonymous 10832

I'm saying it so OP doesn't get discouraged, since most people simply don't approve of this type of procedure. You don't even need to think it's a good idea, just understand why someone would want it, and most people just don't do that.
I've personally tried to explain my reason for doing it on this very site and most people talked to me like butthurt moids and rants about body positivity. Just warning OP.

Anonymous 10833

I feel the same, OP.
Huge boobs are just beautiful, I hate when bigger girls start with their humblebragging.
I would gladly choose to be closer to a M cup than to an A-cup.

Anonymous 10834

I really don't think getting bigger boobs for insecurity reasons will fix your insecurities, you'll just develop new ones…

Anonymous 10835

>you'll just develop new ones
Not OP but this is a very weak argument since it's true to everything. You always have a problem, and this is good, it's the engine that keeps mankind moving. The fact that solutions are imperfect and bring new problems is a well known philosophical prinple, but that doesn't mean we don't need to struggle for bettering ourselves.
You bought a BMW? Now you want a Rolls Royce.
Your city has universal secondary education? Now people want college.
You've got big boobs? Time to fix that slighly crooked nose.

In every case you ended up with another problem, but it's smaller than the former even if the problems didn't cease to exist.
People living 200 years ago didn't suffer from most of our problems, but their lives were worse. Imagine if people from American, English and French Revolutions didn't fight for better lives just because new problems would arise.

Anonymous 10836


Anonymous 10837

nta, nor am I against someone getting some ps here and there, but the idea that it's ideal that one surgery will lead to another will lead to another for EVERYONE…is depressing to me.

Beauty standards exist, and if everyone adheres to them everyone will look the same. As an artfag who likes illustrating unique features that sounds horrible.

But that's my personal beef and tbh I'm sure everyone else would rather look the same than appreciate differences. It's too hard for most to see beauty in socially unacceptable things and no one is going to stop for people like me. Thank god I don't live in LA or somewhere in South Korea ig.

Anonymous 10838

Rolls Royces are made by BMW

the more you know

Anonymous 10839

I've seen girls who gained 90 lbs and got F cup boobs because of that

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