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gossip sites and mental health Anonymous 10840

Does anyone else feel that the toxicity in gossip sites negatively affects their mental health? I mainly lurk but I'm currently cutting them out and it seems to be helping me, I really think that nasty words on gossip sites leak into my subconscious and contribute to low self esteem. The culture of picking people apart and waiting for them to fuck up is really exhausting.

Anonymous 10841

Oh absolutely, those places make me feel ill very quickly. Sometimes I check in on threads involving situations where I know I wouldn't get the full story or honest discussion from anyone non-anonymous, but staying on them is bad for the soul.

A family member of mine has a saying, 'you steer where you look'. Being in a crowd where nitpicking the physical, mental, and spiritual state of other people for even the most minor flaw is going to make the whole world look ugly after a while. I think that they're a bit of a trap for people whos brains are wired to go to the worst 'information' about a situation first or make the most harsh judgements- 'I would hate to live in your brain' is a strong and consistent internal refrain when I browse.

Anonymous 10842

I mainly spend time on /ot/ and /g/ on lolcow. it's best not to internalize the other stuff. if you just avoid being internet famous you'll never have to deal with that level of scrutiny and criticism.

Anonymous 10843

Yeah I feel bad about myself when I look at gossip too much. I don't like having a negative mind, and I'm already a pessimist so it just gets amplified.
Luckily the internet is a big place. You can always find places to go that have things you enjoy and are positive to your mental well-being.
The site is so much comfier when you never go to the gossip boards.

Anonymous 10844

>The site is so much comfier when you never go to the gossip boards.
I dunno, I feel like even the anons on the ot boards can be overly negative.

Anonymous 10845

Every couple of months I go at a gossip site spree if some e-celeb happens to get my attention and I end up looking up all the old lolcows and e-celeb drama to keep up with what I missed.
I've got to say, when I go to those forums I'm amazed by how hateful and autistic people can get. I remember ending up reading about Marzia and seeing people spew so much hate over the dumbest of things. She always seemed a bit boring to me, genuinely never thought of her as an offensive person besides her being a bit spoiled maybe but the amount of detail these people knew about her life, holy shit. Every new thing she decided to do, something inoffensive like pottery, they'd criticize and pick apart and analyze. I noticed those threads had their regulars, doing that shit for 5+ years and they'd feel proud over it. I always loved gossip but that shit just threw me off.
Honestly though I don't recommend anyone lingers on those sites for too long, they're good for short bursts of entertainment every once in a while because gossip can be fun in moderation. Going into extreme lengths like example above is just too much man

Anonymous 10846

oh yeah. i think it's a chicken-and-egg situation where my low self-esteem makes me want to look at gossip (see others torn down, feel like i'm looking at this secret club, etc), and then looking at it makes me feel even worse about myself lol. my fav gossip threads on lc are actually women relate to in some aspects or admire some of their aspects, even. So why do I enjoy seeing them torn down? Idk

Anonymous 10847

You may have a quirk that I suspect a small but persistent portion of people who get hung up on one internet celeb or another tend to have; they are enough like you for you to relate to them and their decision making process more intimately than someone who isn’t like you. This means that your reflective ‘empathy’ for them is stronger, for better or for worse. You take their headass decisions much more personally than someone who is nothing like you because you relate to them, and you’re less likely to ‘cut the cord’ and brush them off because the traits in both of you persist. This can cause a kind of lingering, distressed obsession that’s hard to let go of. You want to be around people who validate this oddly strong feeling so you hop online, but then you see people ripping down someone who you feel close enough to to be distressed by, and the loop takes you down with it.
As an aside, I find that some people on gossip websites have the most un-generous interpretation of peoples motivations at any given moment, and can be kind of… bad at empathy/reading people in general. Try to not take their interpretations as the ‘hard truth’ just because they hurt the most, because some ‘readings’ of people seem to be very detached from common cognition and overly harsh.

Anonymous 10848



>Try to not take their interpretations as the ‘hard truth’ just because they hurt the most, because some ‘readings’ of people seem to be very detached from common cognition and overly harsh.

thank you. needed to read this.

Anonymous 10849

Yeah, it’s much better for you to cut that shit out of your life.

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