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Life Makeover Thread Anonymous 10937

A thread for anyone who is trying to improve some aspect of their life to discuss, give tips, post sources for improvement.

Anonymous 10938

I'm trying to improve my looks recently. One of the first things I want to do is improve my skin by getting laser treatments. The second is getting jaw botox to make my jaw less prominent. Has anyone here done jaw botox? Would you recommend?

Anonymous 10939

Your jaw is prominent because of the bone, what is botox going to do about that?

Anonymous 10940



In my case, I clench my teeth at night so its gotten worse over the years and looks a bit uneven.

But jaw botox can fix a bulky jaw in most ppl.

Anonymous 10941


Not OP but I know there's some sort of off-label Botox procedure where they inject it into your masseter so that your jaw muscles are partly paralyzed. Since they can't clench as much they become less tense and it gives the appearance of a slimmer jaw. Look up masseter Botox. Usually it's people with teeth clenching problems or TMJ that get it done.

Anonymous 10942

I wanna do that too, but it can result in bone loss and my jawline is actually fire, so i'm quite torn.

Anonymous 10943

>tfw jaw too buff

Anonymous 10944



>Your jawbone needs the chewing action of the teeth to stimulate it and keep it strong. Otherwise it will begin to disappear(atrophy) in the same manner that the unused muscles beneath a cast supporting a broken bone get smaller.


bone loss happens naturally as you age and botox isn't permanent. I guess what will happen is i will have to continuously get it since the bone will be regenerated by chewing and usage. Taking vitamin D may also help.

Anonymous 10945

getting braces changed my face dramatically. i had super crowded and fucked up teeth, got braces at 18, had a palate expander (or maybe one for adults, idk, it worked though) and it widened my jaw/mouth and fixed my crossbite. i only had to wear braces for about 23 months too, and my teeth were SUPER messed up. i couldn't believe it tbh. very good investment and has dramatically changed my appearance in a good way. my mouth/lips are wider and more balanced as well (my lips and mouth area were very weirdly tiny when my teeth were crowded)
even as an adult i think it's worth it to get braces if you can and need them. it was definitely worth it for me.

Anonymous 10946

In my country when you are a child d they'll fix your teeth, bite and jaw for free if they are fucked enough and they do really good job at it too.

I had this but I was a retarded child and fucked up at the part where you were supposed to wear night bracers. Mine were kinda like what boxers wear to protect their teeth + some wires. That was supposed to fix my underdeveloped jaw and overbite. I had to wear it 8 hrs a day. But like I said I was a retarded child and didn't wear it because ''waahh it's too uncomfortable'' so they eventually just cancelled my orthodontic treatment.

Now at 23 yo I have small, asymmetric jaw and it fucks up my facial symmetry a lot. My left cheek looks fatter/bulkier than my right. I just have this wonky almost banana-like face. Everything else, my features, eyes, lips look VERY good but asymmetry is a big flaw and its no fun having weak chin.

To think if I did everything properly I'd look like an absolute Stacy right now, it fills me with so much regret. Fucking up my orthodontic treatment is definitely my top 3 worst mistakes in life.

Ofc I could do this as an adult but it's crazy fucking expensive and I'm never gonna afford it so I just have to live with it. You are absolutely right teeth and jaw are VERY important part of aesthetics.

Anonymous 10947


Don't know where you're anon from but here are some alternatives like SmileDirectClub and others


Agree that good dental work can save your face.

Anonymous 10948

you're not beyond saving anon. i found an ortho who offered my treatment for about 5.2k usd, which was the cheapest option for me considering how fucked up my teeth were. i couldn't get invisalign cause my teeth were so messed up lol, idk if invisalign is any cheaper than braces but if your teeth aren't suuuper messed up that may be an option as well. i had to visit several different orthos to find who had the lowest price. i was lucky though, the only reason i was even able to get them was because my grandma got a decent amount of money from a class action lawsuit kek..maybe you can reach out to family and see if they can help you, especially if your teeth/jaw give you issues and pain. you never know until you ask.
i had a class 3 malocclusion before having braces and braces fixed it, (notoriously difficult to fix without jaw surgery, especially after puberty when your skeleton 'fuses', i was lucky) so braces can definitely give you a stronger chin and fix your asymmetry

Anonymous 10949


1. Im already skinny but I am going to become underweight in order to lose fat from my face and gain a graceful appearance. Its an easy task since I dont have much of an appetite nowadays anyway.

2. Im going to master fashion and dress elegantly.

3. Im going to become a focused worker in regards to drawing commissions and doing schoolwork. All this requires is simply the aknowledgement that my distractions (mainly the internet) are not going to bring me long-term happiness.

4. Im going to spend my free-time reading more. This is not only because it makes me appear more cultured and intelligent but also because in the end knowledge is really the only thing that brings me fullfillment.

Anonymous 10950

>I was a retarded child and fucked up at the part where you were supposed to wear night bracers

Don't feel bad anon, most people stop wearing their night retainer pretty soon. The first type I had (clear night ones) seem to break really easily and then they wanted to charge $$$ for a replacement. I was lucky that I got given an old pink plate one instead after that which has lasted longer. I had trouble getting a spare one made ten years later when I went back to the same place though. It's like they don't expect you to wear them long term.

Have a look at mewing (youtube) and changing diet if you want to try to fix it for free.

Anonymous 10951

>I'm already skinny
>I want to be even more underweight

Why are you falling for anorexic model patriarchy bullshit sweetie?

Anonymous 10952


I realized I can't improve anything about my life if I don't fix my untreated mental illnesses first. So at the moment I'm planning on organizing my finances so I can afford therapy. I know it'll be a long process, but I hope to overcome my traumas, dysthymia and crippling anxiety, improve my self esteem and be able to socialize better and find goals in life. I'm recovering from an eating disorder and for the first time in years I no longer want to end my life, but I still feel lost and because of that sometimes the suicidal thoughts come back again.

Anonymous 10953

Not for my country unfortunately

Unfortunately I live in a small town and we only have 1 dentist that does orthodontics and I can't afford him. I might get my dad to help me out, but I don't think he is gonna do it for me just for aesthetics. I probably need to go to dentist and get a statement about my bite and the future of it.

Yep I actually have done mewing for a year now and I notice slight improvement, but it's still pretty weak jaw and the asymmetry is still there. Also for me maintaining low body fat is a must because with my small jaw I start developing double chin very easy.

And to not be completely off topic I'm continuing grinding my body at the gym. I want to get a bigger butt and more visible abs haha. I also wanna whiten my teeth. They are not grossly yellow but I want them to be perfectly white.

Anonymous 10954

>Unfortunately I live in a small town and we only have 1 dentist that does orthodontics and I can't afford him.
Try contacting dentists in the next few towns. As long as you're careful and not eating sticky foods that can make parts break off (e.g. toffee), you shouldn't have to visit the dentist more than once every few months to get the bands changed. My dentist didn't do braces and I had to go to one an hour away. It was a pain to go (and everything related to braces is a pain) but worth it years later. Btw, ave you tried asking dentists about a payment plan?

Anonymous 10955

Wondering if anyone has come across any effective methods or books/videos to change habits. I have a few really destructive habits that I do almost daily, almost on autopilot. Even when I logically think about not doing them and even when I feel guilt about doing them I still end up doing them. Feels like I'm stuck in a horrific cycle where I don't even have control of myself.

Anonymous 10956

If there is any way you can block yourself from doing the habit or make it really difficult to do automatically, then do that. After a certain amount of time you'll realize you didn't actually like doing those habits and the urge to do them will fade.

Anonymous 10957

i need a nice butt so badly
my fat distribution sucks so badly. im skinny but my ass is a literal fucking pancake and always has been even when i was around 140lbs (im short so that was heavy for me)
any girls who have had success getting a nice butt? workout suggestions for someone who's too terrified and poor to get a gym membership lol? i have a 15lb kettlebell…would kb squats be a good place to start? my butt deserves salvation, help nice butt anons

Anonymous 10958


All of you should take up running.

Anonymous 10959

Why no skinnyfat, I feel unrepresented

Anonymous 10960

That's basically the "Average" category, IMO

Anonymous 10961

>posts poll results of brainlet COOMoids

excludes most of those being somewhere between what this considers 'avg'/'chubby'/'curvy'/'fat'

Anonymous 10962

anon, do you really want to obtain a certain type of body just because a bunch of scrotes on 4chan find it the most attractive? be honest

Anonymous 10963

Do you want to be chubby or something? For what purpose?

Anonymous 10964

>7 is rated above six
Fucking moids

Anonymous 10965

i'm average and i'm not trying to be anything

Anonymous 10966


There are so many butt workouts on Youtube. I do barre and pilates inspired workouts and they work really well for building muscle and sculpting.

Anonymous 10967


I really encourage you to go. Our stories are different , but going to a counselor for just a brief time during my early 20's helped me go form failing an entire semester of college and fantasizing about crashing my car every time I drove, to successfully re-enrolling and getting my life together.

If I hadn't taken the step to get help and work out my issues I most likely would have never gone back to school or maybe even acted out on my fantasies.

Anonymous 10968


I quite enjoy School of Life. The guy has a soothing, re-assuring voice and really knows how to phrase things in a way that gives you key messages to take away and practice with. The concepts and ideas they talk about aren't groundbreaking by any means, but I appreciate the effort they put in to break down bigger concepts into bite sized videos that I can throw on whenever I'm overthinking myself into oblivion.

Anonymous 10969

Is it just me, or is the biggest difference between "curvy" and "average" the fact that "curvy" has fake boobs and "average" has the natural breast shape?

Anonymous 10970

I don't give a shit what they want. I want the chubby body honestly but I don't have an hourglass figure so it bunches up on my gut. Sad times.

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