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Keeping feet soft Anonymous 1104

Anyone keep up on their foot care?

When I was a child my mother used all different kinds of devices for keeping her feet soft. Now that I'm getting older my feet are starting to get raw and it's upsetting to me!

I have tried to use a pumice stone in the shwoer followed by slathering them with unrefined shea butter + putting socks on after to trap the moisture, but it doesn't make much difference!

What has worked best for you guys?

Anonymous 1105


I use pic related + a body peeling and moisturizer.
It lasts maybe 2-3 days that they feel smooth, after that I repeat the process. I walk to work and back home every day so I'm not surprised at their condition. :/

It's a real shame that there aren't a lot of videos or tutorials on YT about these things.

Anonymous 1106

I have literal caveman feet and I've wasted many an hour scrubbing and filling and clipping and moisturising only to have them roll back to their original state within a week. I have certainly noticed though that after I put on some weight that the skin on the soles of my feet became a lot thicker, like to the point where I would have to physically shave the worst parts with a razor every month to keep them from getting too thick and cracking. I guess it's because more weight = more pressure?

I also have unreasonably hair toes and it's a total anomaly. Genuinely considering getting electrolysis done on them. I just want sexy feet :(

Anonymous 1107

Do a babyfoot. I got one, didn't believe it would work at all but my feet shed all their old skin like a snake. You have to soak your feet at least once a day though, or it wont work. They were really soft afterwards and I found keeping up with getting rid of dead skin much easier.

Anonymous 1108

Would it work on skin that is so hard and thick you can literally shave it with a razor?

Anonymous 1109

Yes, because I used to do the same thing to my feet, except with scissors.

Anonymous 1110

Well shit, sign me up! Gonna give this a go ASAP.

Anonymous 1111

That…sounds scary, I literally got goosebumps lol

Are there any similar brands to this? Or products or something. Or is that a new thing?

Anonymous 1112

It doesn't actually hurt at all. The skin has built up so dense a d so thick you could sit down and embroider it with a needle and thread and not feel a thing.

Anonymous 1113

When you say soak every day do you mean do a baby foot peel every day or just soak the feet in water or whatever daily? Sorry if dumb question

Anonymous 1114

I Googled it and apparently it's like an intensive skin peel for the soles of your feet? You can buy packs on Amazon for around £10-20, and judging by the pictures and feedback it looks like it really does work.

Anonymous 1115

HHNNNGNGG I did this and bought it again merely for the pleasure of getting to peel all the skin again. It was like a sunburn but painless and so satisfying

Anonymous 2598


Sorry to bump such an old thread with such a gross question,

do any anons have tips for getting rid of nail fungus?

I never really cared about my feet, which turned out to be a big mistake. It's not severe but still gross and my nails are pale/yellowish at the sides, ew

Anonymous 2810


this is kinda late but honestly, the only thing that has helped me were treatments i got at the pharmacy. still treating my big toe nail and it takes so fucking long because you have to wait until the fungus has grown out.

start asap because i waited too long since it never looked too awful and i was always wearing polish over it. #regret

also, always dry your feet/toes thoroughly after a shower!

Anonymous 2817

i got really gross nail fungus from my nails breaking and now they're thick and ingrown and i think the nail bed is messed up…

Anonymous 2818

Honey is antifungal and antibacterial, mouthwash is antibacterial as well and soaking anything in that usually helps.

Anonymous 2831

Ugh yes. I wish it was a more discussed thing. Not nail fungus lol but foot care

I'm actually going to the doctor tomorrow and I'll ask her to prescribe me something for it.

Anonymous 2892

I used a peel sock thing on my feet and they've finally started peeling but it's literally getting everywhere.

Am I doomed to live in socks for the next few days or can I just grate the shit out of them with a pediegg lmao?

Anonymous 2893

When i used a peeling sock i had to live in socks because i shedded skin like a fucking snake no matter how much i tried pulling it out it out there was always more later in the day lmao.

I'd say keep the socks on for a while unless you want shoes full of dead skin.

Anonymous 2894

i love peeling sockssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss it gives me the most satisfied feel. okay carry on

Anonymous 2897

I second >>2893 on keeping the socks on to keep the shedding skin contained. To help the shedding you can soak your feet when not sock-wearing. I would suggest letting it shed naturally because there are layers coming off, where you might be too hard in trying to get rid of every little piece with a pediegg when not all of it is ready to peel.

Anonymous 3010


Any anons have experience witch Scholl products?

Anonymous 3013

How long did it take? I did one 3 nights ago and they haven't peeled at all.

Anonymous 3016

NTA but it usually takes about a week ime.

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