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Vaccine side effects Anonymous 11172

Anyone here vaccinated? Let's talk side effects.

Anonymous 11173

I'll start.

I got my first shot of Moderna on Thursday (the 23rd).

>the shot itself

Not painful at all.

>immediately after

Felt a little faint/dizzy/nauseous after I left the building, but probably only because of my anxiety. I got home okay.

>3-ish hours after

Spiked a tiny (99.5) fever, started to have some chills.

>8-ish hours after

started to develop a pretty bad headache, took tylenol pre-emptively and went to bed.

>second day

felt that "inner warmth" feeling you get when you're sick, nothing to complain about. still a bit of a headache. was sneezing a lot but I also have seasonal allergies.

>in the evening

I thought I would be ok to have a drink which I usually do on Friday nights, but immediately had some of the worst nausea I've ever had. I took some antacids and eventually it went away but I was pretty gassy for the rest of the night and into the morning.


Woke up dizzy, it felt like being drunk when you're just coming down from the drunk feeling and starting to feel gross/hung over.
Thought my stomach was OK so I had some spicy food throughout the day and at night I experienced some of the absolute worst heartburn I've ever had. Also some nausea here after just smelling a drink that I fixed myself in the evening. Took some antacids and suffered for a couple hours before it settled down. Had some body aches, mostly just my legs being sore.

Anonymous 11175

Good idea for a thread! My country is still vaccinating older adults so I haven’t had mine yet. However, they are slowly allowing younger people to get their shots earlier if they’re willing to get Astrazeneca. There’s been a lot of fear around that vaccine recently though so I don’t know whether I should seize the opportunity or wait for Moderna/Pfizer vaccines to become available later this summer.

Anonymous 11176

Sounds like a great initiative! It doesnt look like I'll be able to get the vaccine anytime soon, my parents don't even know if they'll be able to get it next month. Meanwhile I know ppl in Hong Kong who've had it and report that they're throwing vaccines out at the end of the day due to mistrust :( such a weird world rn. Report symptoms when u decide what to do!

Anonymous 11177

My husband got the first shot like a week ago (moderna I think) and nope nothing. He felt a-okay. I’ll keep you updated on his second shot.

Anonymous 11178

I got Moderna, only first shot so far. It was a little over a week ago now.

>shot itself

Only hurt a tiny bit.

>first few hours after

Felt fine, a bit woozy maybe. I recall having a random metallic taste in my mouth but it went away quickly.

>about 3 hours after

Suddenly got chills which kept getting worse and I felt bad and achey all over. I probably had a fever but I didn't check. I ended up lying down all evening trying to sleep and waking up in a sweat every time I did. My arm also hurt terribly too, worst pain I ever had from a shot and it kept me from sleeping much. I was pretty miserable. It was so fucking weird how sudden it was.

>12 hours after

I was basically already fine, chills and pain totally gone, just had a low fever and felt fatigued.

>for about a week or so after

idk if I was already coming down with something but ever since the shot I had a low fever (99.5-100.4 or so) that just wouldn't go away. I felt mildly shitty with some headaches and discomfort a bit but otherwise okay.


I think I'm fine.
Not excited about the second shot tbh

Anonymous 11179

I want the vaccine already :(

Anonymous 11202

I know anon :( I was all set for the one-shot one I’m too unstable and generally garbage to know for sure if I would get a second shot a month later but it got recalled as soon as I became eligible
and could make an appointment. I’m happy that the system is working but this is shit.

Anonymous 11207

I got my first literally yesterday. Lucky enough to get Pfizer which everyone says is the most harmless. Might have been the least painful shot ive ever had, my arm hurt a lot for about 24 hours but it wasn't agonizing or anything. I was a little bit tired but it could have just been regular depression lol

Anonymous 11221

Sputnik V is the most harmless

Anonymous 11222


I also had the Pfizer. First vaccine no side effects, second I felt fine the day of, then sore for two days after taking it. I laid on my couch drinkin sum tea in a cocoon and marathoning gud anime on the telly, and then rested with fever dreams (those are some of my favorite dreams but i always forget them soon >:) it can give you a headache, but nothing tylenol can’t solve. overall i would recommend it just for an excuse to do nothing but chill.

Anonymous 11227

The supposedly non-replicating adenovirus vector of Sputnik was found to replicate so the Brazilian government decided not to push through with vaccination with it.

Anonymous 11232


It's also very temperature sensitive so if they mess that up in transport, the vaccine is useless.

Anonymous 11237

cavarozzi - 4 gaur…

Pfizer. Just got my second shot last Sunday.

>shot itself

little pain, I could feel the needle go in and inject.

>first few hours after

Fine. I windmilled my arm and rubbed it constantly.

>about 3 hours after

I started getting heat flashes and became incredibly tired. The skin over my eyes and my stomach became incredibly sensitive and achy.

>12 hours after

I passed out about 6 hours after, massively achy, physically sensitive, and hot, and slept for 18 hours. I had a bunch of intense and detailed dreams.

>for about a week or so after

I was achy when I woke up, and still tired and hot. Throughout that second day it wore off, but I had to take the day off to recoup.


Perfectly fine : ) sore throat but probably unrelated.

Anonymous 11246

Pfizer as well, got the 2nd shot almost a month ago.

>shot itself

Didn't even feel the needle go in. Sat outside for 10 minutes as recommended before going back home.

>first few hours

Felt fine, arm was a bit sore but that's not unusual

>3 hours after

Still fine, no problems with itchyness etc

>12 hours later

This is where it got a bit problematic. I do want to say that a week and a half before I got the shot I was sick and had to take medication (just a cold but it was bad enough that I couldn't go to work), so I'm assuming that this might have contributed a bit to what came after. Went to sleep and felt incredibly cold. I sleep with socks on in general, but I had to put on winter socks as well and three blankets before I finally felt warm. For the rest of the night, my body kept going from being extremely cold to extremely hot. Got almost 0 sleep. Next day I was extremely tired of course, but have had 0 issues after that night.


Good so far, haven't had the repeat of being extremely hot or cold or any other problems.

Anonymous 11258

I got the J&J shot a month ago. It was pretty painless and the only side effects I got were a sore arm and a slight fever for a few days. After hearing the news about the blood clots I was a little panicked whenever I got a leg cramp or a headache, but those weren't any different or worse from the ones I usually get so I figured it's probably not due to the vaccine. So far so good now, I'm not dead yet and hopefully it stays that way.

Still, don't fuck around if you get an unusual or severe headache or leg or abdominal pain after getting the shot.

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