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Vaccine side effects Anonymous 11172

Anyone here vaccinated? Let's talk side effects.

Anonymous 11173

I'll start.

I got my first shot of Moderna on Thursday (the 23rd).

>the shot itself

Not painful at all.

>immediately after

Felt a little faint/dizzy/nauseous after I left the building, but probably only because of my anxiety. I got home okay.

>3-ish hours after

Spiked a tiny (99.5) fever, started to have some chills.

>8-ish hours after

started to develop a pretty bad headache, took tylenol pre-emptively and went to bed.

>second day

felt that "inner warmth" feeling you get when you're sick, nothing to complain about. still a bit of a headache. was sneezing a lot but I also have seasonal allergies.

>in the evening

I thought I would be ok to have a drink which I usually do on Friday nights, but immediately had some of the worst nausea I've ever had. I took some antacids and eventually it went away but I was pretty gassy for the rest of the night and into the morning.


Woke up dizzy, it felt like being drunk when you're just coming down from the drunk feeling and starting to feel gross/hung over.
Thought my stomach was OK so I had some spicy food throughout the day and at night I experienced some of the absolute worst heartburn I've ever had. Also some nausea here after just smelling a drink that I fixed myself in the evening. Took some antacids and suffered for a couple hours before it settled down. Had some body aches, mostly just my legs being sore.

Anonymous 11175

Good idea for a thread! My country is still vaccinating older adults so I haven’t had mine yet. However, they are slowly allowing younger people to get their shots earlier if they’re willing to get Astrazeneca. There’s been a lot of fear around that vaccine recently though so I don’t know whether I should seize the opportunity or wait for Moderna/Pfizer vaccines to become available later this summer.

Anonymous 11176

Sounds like a great initiative! It doesnt look like I'll be able to get the vaccine anytime soon, my parents don't even know if they'll be able to get it next month. Meanwhile I know ppl in Hong Kong who've had it and report that they're throwing vaccines out at the end of the day due to mistrust :( such a weird world rn. Report symptoms when u decide what to do!

Anonymous 11177

My husband got the first shot like a week ago (moderna I think) and nope nothing. He felt a-okay. I’ll keep you updated on his second shot.

Anonymous 11178

I got Moderna, only first shot so far. It was a little over a week ago now.

>shot itself

Only hurt a tiny bit.

>first few hours after

Felt fine, a bit woozy maybe. I recall having a random metallic taste in my mouth but it went away quickly.

>about 3 hours after

Suddenly got chills which kept getting worse and I felt bad and achey all over. I probably had a fever but I didn't check. I ended up lying down all evening trying to sleep and waking up in a sweat every time I did. My arm also hurt terribly too, worst pain I ever had from a shot and it kept me from sleeping much. I was pretty miserable. It was so fucking weird how sudden it was.

>12 hours after

I was basically already fine, chills and pain totally gone, just had a low fever and felt fatigued.

>for about a week or so after

idk if I was already coming down with something but ever since the shot I had a low fever (99.5-100.4 or so) that just wouldn't go away. I felt mildly shitty with some headaches and discomfort a bit but otherwise okay.


I think I'm fine.
Not excited about the second shot tbh

Anonymous 11179

I want the vaccine already :(

Anonymous 11202

I know anon :( I was all set for the one-shot one I’m too unstable and generally garbage to know for sure if I would get a second shot a month later but it got recalled as soon as I became eligible
and could make an appointment. I’m happy that the system is working but this is shit.

Anonymous 11207

I got my first literally yesterday. Lucky enough to get Pfizer which everyone says is the most harmless. Might have been the least painful shot ive ever had, my arm hurt a lot for about 24 hours but it wasn't agonizing or anything. I was a little bit tired but it could have just been regular depression lol

Anonymous 11221

Sputnik V is the most harmless

Anonymous 11222


I also had the Pfizer. First vaccine no side effects, second I felt fine the day of, then sore for two days after taking it. I laid on my couch drinkin sum tea in a cocoon and marathoning gud anime on the telly, and then rested with fever dreams (those are some of my favorite dreams but i always forget them soon >:) it can give you a headache, but nothing tylenol can’t solve. overall i would recommend it just for an excuse to do nothing but chill.

Anonymous 11227

The supposedly non-replicating adenovirus vector of Sputnik was found to replicate so the Brazilian government decided not to push through with vaccination with it.

Anonymous 11232


It's also very temperature sensitive so if they mess that up in transport, the vaccine is useless.

Anonymous 11237

cavarozzi - 4 gaur…

Pfizer. Just got my second shot last Sunday.

>shot itself

little pain, I could feel the needle go in and inject.

>first few hours after

Fine. I windmilled my arm and rubbed it constantly.

>about 3 hours after

I started getting heat flashes and became incredibly tired. The skin over my eyes and my stomach became incredibly sensitive and achy.

>12 hours after

I passed out about 6 hours after, massively achy, physically sensitive, and hot, and slept for 18 hours. I had a bunch of intense and detailed dreams.

>for about a week or so after

I was achy when I woke up, and still tired and hot. Throughout that second day it wore off, but I had to take the day off to recoup.


Perfectly fine : ) sore throat but probably unrelated.

Anonymous 11246

Pfizer as well, got the 2nd shot almost a month ago.

>shot itself

Didn't even feel the needle go in. Sat outside for 10 minutes as recommended before going back home.

>first few hours

Felt fine, arm was a bit sore but that's not unusual

>3 hours after

Still fine, no problems with itchyness etc

>12 hours later

This is where it got a bit problematic. I do want to say that a week and a half before I got the shot I was sick and had to take medication (just a cold but it was bad enough that I couldn't go to work), so I'm assuming that this might have contributed a bit to what came after. Went to sleep and felt incredibly cold. I sleep with socks on in general, but I had to put on winter socks as well and three blankets before I finally felt warm. For the rest of the night, my body kept going from being extremely cold to extremely hot. Got almost 0 sleep. Next day I was extremely tired of course, but have had 0 issues after that night.


Good so far, haven't had the repeat of being extremely hot or cold or any other problems.

Anonymous 11258

I got the J&J shot a month ago. It was pretty painless and the only side effects I got were a sore arm and a slight fever for a few days. After hearing the news about the blood clots I was a little panicked whenever I got a leg cramp or a headache, but those weren't any different or worse from the ones I usually get so I figured it's probably not due to the vaccine. So far so good now, I'm not dead yet and hopefully it stays that way.

Still, don't fuck around if you get an unusual or severe headache or leg or abdominal pain after getting the shot.

Anonymous 11411

Got my first Pfizer shot two days ago!

>First few hours

Felt very good except for very minimal arm pain, mostly just a feeling of heaviness at the site of injection

>12 hours later:

Fever kicked in along with intense chills that had me shaking uncontrollably for a solid 30mins. At this point it was kinda painful to move my arm and I was feeling super hot.

>The next day

My headache got even worse, I was super nauseous and barely ate. My muscles were aching all over my body and the fever was still present. I also got my period which was expected, but it was MUCH lighter and less painful than usual. I was surprised because quite a few women reported the opposite.


I'm doing a lottt better and I don't feel anything in my arm anymore. The only thing I have now is excruciating hip pain (???) which I've seen a few other people report. My eyes also feel very strained and moving them from side to side hurts.

I didn't really mind the side effects because I'm on vacation and I could afford to stay in bed for almost two days straight but I'm dreading the second shot since I'll be back at school by then ;;(

Anonymous 11413

Here again, just got my second shot on the 20th.

>the shot itself

A little more painful this time, but not by much. I made sure to do the arm exercises.

>immediately after

Nothing noteworthy.

>9-ish hours after

Spiked a small (100-ish) fever, horrible chills, body aches, bad headache. Arm a little more sore, couldn't really lift it over my head because the muscle felt "tight".

>the morning after

Continued chills + fever. Horrible heartburn in the evening even though I hadn't eaten anything weird (I think it might have been because I took a multivitamin?)

>the day after that (yesterday)

Insane nausea all day. I think I ate 10 saltine crackers until 5 PM where I thought I would legitimately throw up and took a dramamine. After I did that, I felt better and had some rice + potatoes. Bad headache all day too, and I felt very depressed. Also on my period and I had an unusually heavy flow.


Nothing so far, stomach problems seem to have cleared up, but every time I stand up I get a pounding headache.

Anonymous 11441

I hope there won’t be any long term side effects that pop up in the future. Like everyone who got the vaccine then gets cancer fifty years from now or something of that sort

Anonymous 11442

First shot of Moderna on Friday. Just sleepy for two days. Completely okay. Just arm was sore. Brain fog but that’s normal for me even before the vaccine.

Husbands finally got the second dose of moderna. He’s fine. He was just sleepy. His arm was sore.

Anonymous 11444

I mean, if I get cancer at the age of 75 I won't mind. Life is pretty much over anyway at that point.

Anonymous 11445

lol based

Anonymous 11456


Nuu, I respect your choice to vaccinate but I don't experiment with drugs or give in to peer pressure. Not a human guinea pig, love myself too much to take something so unknown.

Anonymous 11460

I don't know where else to post this but my job exists because of covid vax and I hate everything about how it's been handled in my country, especially the PR nightmare around Astra Zeneca (hi >>11175)

Personally I haven't gotten vaccinated yet but I bullied my mom into doing it and she was perfectly fine

Anonymous 11461


>not knowing the difference between rushed and
I always love these arguments, especially since most
of the world is fine with being actual guinea pigs for megacorps and ingest/touch substances that haven't even had the most basic of scrutiny until decades later when the bribe money runs out.

Anonymous 11501

Fully vaccinated, both parents are high risk (one immunocompromised)and fully vaccinated. No side effects between us.

Anonymous 11504

no side effects, shit's great. both my grandmas and my 100+ yo great grandma have gotten it, my parents, and myself. i wouldn't get the j&j one tho. really amazing how none of my elderly family members have had none of the side effects considering the way the media constantly plays the side effects up and the way people dramatize potential side effects. the idea of covid is way more terrifying.

Anonymous 11506

>not understanding that the side effects are the immune system response
They don't have as many side effects because their immune systems aren't as strong.

Anonymous 11507

i didn't have any side effects, neither did my friends or my parents, who are middle age. seems overblown.

Anonymous 11649

First Biontech / Pfizer

>shot itself

not painful at all

>first few hours

Felt a little bit dizzy, unfocused and extremely tired, went to bed early.

>next day

My arm hurt, I got a moderate fever for a few hours and slept until the evening - after that I felt kind of refreshed and okay.

>day after

Went to work, I just felt a slight pain my arm and was a bit tired in the evening.


I'm fine, I can do my stuff, go to work and do my workouts as if nothing happened.

Everything went as expected.

Anonymous 11650

Fully vaccinated, only side effect was the arm that got the shot (Pfizer) was sore. Was slightly worse the second time.

Anonymous 11693

Got the J&J vaccine, hurt and my entire arm went numb almost immediately when injected. Got home and started getting sharp pains in my armpit+abdomen, had a panic attack because I thought I was dying.

Ended up with a high fever for over 24 hrs starting about 3-4 hours later and MAJOR runs/nausea, awful headaches + bloating for the entire week. Skin sensitive and hurt, sharp pains randomly all over my body that still haven't gone away all the way. They are happening less frequently, though. Every time it happens I panic thinking it's finally a blood clot here to murder me. I have severe doctor phobia, though, so I don't even have a personal doctor to call or anything. I suffer from hypochondria that can send me into a panicked haze for hours at a time, trying to just force myself to sleep the panic off. Also I figure if I do get a blood clot I'd rather die in my sleep I guess.

After almost two weeks, feeling way better but as I said, the sharp pains still occur. They happen in the weirdest places- I'll get one in my nipple of all places for 3 minutes, and then one in my knee like 3 hours later. Doesn't ever occur in the same spot twice. Never happened before the shot.

I honestly was afraid to get it, and I do regret it. I don't even leave the house more than once a week anyway, and now my phobias are triggering on high alert and probably will for the next month until I think I am in the clear.

Anonymous 11722

I just got Pfizer shot 1 and I have a weird taste in my mouth too, not really metallic but more like a soapy flavour.

Anonymous 11764

Second shot yesterday. Started feeling awful about eight hours after the vaccine.
Severe chills, fever, joint pain, muscle aches. Very sore arm. No sleep because of it. Everything feels sensitive like I’m sick.
Pretty sure if I actually got COVID I probably would have died if I got this sick from the vaccine.
But good news is I’m already starting to feel better and it’s been about 36 hours

Anonymous 11779

This. It's tiresome to talk about with apprehensions of being marked with horrible "biases" for such an outlandish opinion, but Pravda-TV actually blurts out why this is when they refer to the British studies of mixing their own vaccine with others.

It seems everybody's watching way too much Borat or something… it's so goddamn silly how nobody admits that the main creepy Vatnik vaccine is exceptionally okay when duplicating that vaccination type can be done super-easily by alternating Astrazeneca and Janses shots.

Anonymous 11786

Better now. Back to 100%

Anonymous 11816

I had both Phizer shots and besides the sore arm which is caused by the physical part of the needle entering the muscle I didn't get any weird symptoms. Maybe just a little extra tired after the second shot, but it could have been unrelated. Not sure if that means my immune system is stronger or weaker though.

Anonymous 11833

got my 4th pfizer shot last week and im already hitting PRs for squats and deadlifts

Anonymous 11836

Fucking normalfags.

Anonymous 11852

i got my first dose (moderna) 10 hours ago and my arm where i got it injected is increasingly getting more sore. i kind of felt a mini migraine coming on once i got home but i hadn't ate anything yet at the time. i also had a 3 hour nap. other than that i'm all good

Anonymous 11853

Got first Pfizer two days ago and all I've experienced so far was the sore arm during the first day. I was able to go back to work right after the shot and then exercise the next day.

Seems like it's a real gamble for side effects. My immune system is actually pretty good (I only get sick once a year and it goes away quickly when I do), so I don't think the correlation between that and less symptoms is as straightforward as >>11506 said.

Anonymous 11859


You don't want to take a new vaccine that works differently to other vaccines with mrna where the manufacturers aren't liable for damages caused and there is no long term data about effects? Are you a conspiracy theorist or something? Don't you know every government and corporation is trustworthy and can never be bought out, be partisan, or be influenced by billionaires?

My fave talk show host #6969 says people like you are conspiracy theorist antivaxxers and are destroying america, you should be ashamed you're not being a good person and doing as you're told like me!

Ok off to tweet about how I'm doing my bit and then watch netflix. Hopefully you can become a good citizen like me x

Anonymous 11860

Like everyone else here, felt like a pinch.

>side effects

My arm at first hurt a bit, then went completely numb. Had a headache and fever, body couldn't decide whether it was hot or cold, so I was pissy the whole day. where I live the highest temps during summer get into the 100s so it was extra fun

Gonna get my next shot next month but, my family says the second shot shouldn't come with any side effects.

Anonymous 11970


had no side effects. except my upper arm was sore after the second time but I think that's more part of the procedure

Anonymous 11973

After the shot, I had two periods in the span of a week. I got a normal period that came early, lasted five days but was very heavy. Then I got a period once I thought I finished the first one after about a day of no bleeding. Lasted 2 days, both days very heavy, and then suddenly it stopped.
Am I infertile because of the vaccine like wtf happened

Anonymous 12036

It's often a good idea to wait while medical stuff is still in an experimental phase, so you can properly evaluate risks.

Anonymous 12133

im fed up with vaccines honestly no one's going to stick that needle in me if it was drops like the polio then okay but needles are a no-no

Anonymous 12152

I have no problems with needles, I have already been vaccinated, but I'm honestly furious, that people still wan't me to take a Covid-test.

By that logic we will continue with the state of emergency until I die.
A pandemic is over if everyone is vaccinated. we don't need a state of emergency for the last few cases.

Anonymous 12158

The period directly following my first shot was weird but I'm not sure if it was that or the antibiotics I was also on. It was SUPER bright red the whole time (which was 2 days longer than normal for me) and it had the consistency of lip gloss on the wipe (also it didn't drip onto the pad very much, so every first wipe was like I'd squeezed out a whole tube of lip gloss onto it).

Anonymous 12182


are you people crazy? with the delta variant it's very obvious why employers are requiring testing. there are many breakthrough cases now of vaccinated people getting covid, particularly now with this delta variant. not everyone is even vaccinated, so yeah, it's understandable why they'd want to test.

with all due respect, get some priorities. getting covid would absolutely suck so much ass. you'd rather potentially end up intubated than get a shot with a tiny needle (that you literally do not even feel)? now the majority of people getting severe symptoms of covid are 18-49 rather than the elderly. very scary. pic related is the dead lung tissue, pus, and blood from a suction tube of a COVID patient.

Anonymous 12185

Shut up. I, as a 20 year old should be a thousand times more scared of the flu than the coronavirus.
The reason why mostly young people are getting ill, is because the old are vaccinated.

Anonymous 12189

no shit, idiot. the fact is though that the young are STILL experiencing severe symptoms and hospitalizations from COVID, despite young people presuming to be necessarily hardy just because they're young. the delta variant is more deadly. and even if you don't experience severe symptoms and hospitalizations, there are lasting effects to COVID. you're selfish and irresponsible. this is a different, more infectious, and more intense strain, what do you people not understand about that? not to mention the fact that every time it spreads it aids in mutation and increases the likelihood of it sticking around the more it mutates.

Anonymous 12190

Oh man. Why would you risk it though?
COVID can cross your blood brain barrier.
Meaning the virus enters your brain.
Like it’s gambling with your life.
Sure you can win. But if you loose you’re possibly dead and spreading it to others which might kill them.


Like dude. Wtf

Anonymous 12196

Second shot was pretty harmless, I just was tired for the whole day and my arm hurt a little more.

I feel so much better & lively now.
I really think that this is the only solution to fight against this global crisis.
Please do get vaccinated anons and stay healthy.

Anonymous 12197

>Why would you risk it though? COVID can cross your blood brain barrier.
Not her, but I'd risk it because in my country the healthcare system swore up and down that the AstraZeneca vaccine was perfectly safe, couldn't possibly cause blood clots and that there's "no biological explanation about why a vaccine of this type, injected into a muscle, would cause that kind of adverse event", and dragged their feet for months about putting it on hold until finally caving. How can I trust my healthcare system when a doctor I know swung her credentials around on social media to call me a conspiracy theorist for being cautious about something that was official government policy only a short while after? Why should I trust them about the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines when they behavior now is no different than before?
You can say that the system worked because the dangerous product was eventually recalled, but that was only after myself and many other people were berated and insulted by representatives of that system.

Anonymous 12198

Sorry this was a really long rant, I'm just so pissed about how they dismiss any reasonable concerns as ignorance here.

Anonymous 12199

NTA, but I would risk it because give or take 10 years I can see whether or not MRNA vaccines are actually safe while my chances of dying of COVID are minimal
>b-but your chances of dying from COVID are greater than dying from a vaccine!
Correct, I don't care.

Anonymous 12203

I'm having my first period after the first dose. I'm noticing that it's a lot thicker than usual, there are a lot more tissue and clots and less liquid. I use a cup so I can inspect how it changed.

Anonymous 12230

corona is a cold.j…

I had the virus so there is no need for me to take a vaccine. I had a fever for a few days, and that was it. based on the crazy side effects I think the virus is safer than the vaccine.

people say "the vaccine messes with your period" but no one thinks about why that is happening. what mechanism causes that? you shouldn't be concerned about the symptom, you should be concerned about the underlying mechanism and what else it is destroying that you don't know about yet. the body isn't a series of isolated organs. it's various types of tissue and fluids sharing a circulation system. if the vaccine is doing weird things to your uteral lining what else is it doing? what cells is it affecting, where else are those cell types found, and how and why is it affecting them?

Meanwhile, I know why I had a fever when I had the virus–that was my immune system response kicking its ass.

Anonymous 12231

I get electrolysis procedure (hair removal where they stick a needle in each and every hair follicle and distribute an electric charge and heat for 6 seconds to destroy it and prevent regrowth.) I am not scared of needles. I don't want a vaccine for an illness I already had that was literally the common cold, where the vaccine is giving people side effects much worse than the virus itself.
I don't know where you are getting your information but you are incorrect. Please calm down. No virus mutation ever increases lethality. It may increase to be more infectious, but it will mutate towards being less pathogenic/severe until it's almost unnoticeable to the infected. It's basic evolution. If a virus kills the host, it doesn't continue to spread. If a virus doesn't kill the host, it does continue to spread. Like water finding its level, all viruses return to the mean of being highly infectious but non-lethal to the point you can wave it off. That's why super lethal viruses never have long bouts and haven't already destroyed the world. They kill off the population that gets infected, and the spread ceases.

If covid is mutating that is a GOOD thing. Every mutation results in less severity in the long run.
Alcohol also crosses the blood brain barrier. You sound utterly hysteric. The virus has been out for 18 months and hasn't killed anyone I know of in my large city. The average age of death was something like 95 years old and the average death had 2.7 comorbidities (things like heart disease or cancer.) About 50-70% of people have been vaccinated, and 30-50% have already been exposed to the virus naturally. There is no reason it would be more dangerous now.

Anonymous 12233

Go google the rotting pus-filled fluid (literally liquified lung) that fill the tubes connected to so many covid victims, the family members of people reading your opinions here. It's not our fault you live in a place where you're separated and insulated from the worst of the pandemic, and free to be an ignorant bitch kek

Anonymous 12234

1. you're rude and hysteric
2. I already had coronavirus. it's the common cold.
3. I live in a major city that was a hotbed of the virus during the worst breakout. I still don't know anyone who died of it. Not any of my coworkers, none of their friends or relatives, none of my friends or relatives or friends or relatives of my friends or relatives. Not a single person. The hospitals were not "overflowing", I saw no dead bodies being carted out, I saw no evidence of any mass deaths anywhere.

Take a chill pill.

Anonymous 12235

Based retard

Anonymous 12242

>be rural village anon
>your local community’s size decereases noticibly
>the streets feel strange
>you watch family members die in droves evenin other countries
>even the family member everyone says you look like dies
>feels weird
>no funerals
>no mourning
>spend entire year in lockdown with no supermarkets, just one small grocer
>you resort to foraging for variety, condemned to stay within the radius of your village
>be poor, no car
>dad is dying, dog just died too just for an extra kick from the universe
>log onto crystal.cafe
>see this retard thinking the common cold did this
>laugh and become teary-eyed with overwhelming emotion
>cannot process this to explain to retard how retarded they are
>retard will probably only say “yeah but thats not my life”
>be rural village anon, return to insane plague life in silence

Anonymous 12244

i'm so sorry, anon. they don't care, they're just selfish and down the conspiracy theory rabbithole. they're also spreading weird conspiracy theories that nutjobs on facebook are claiming that "viruses don't mutate to become more deadly" (a demonstrably untrue claim proven untrue by literally numerous different largely well-known diseases throughout history). obviously evolutionarily it serves for the virus to not necessarily kill, but still have severe symptoms, because severe symptoms spread the virus more easily, and people are susceptible to death or potentially lifelong injury if it does become more severe, even if it isn't necessarily evolutionarily intended to "kill". if anything doesn't affect them personally, they can't possibly conceive of the fact that it is affecting people massively.

Anonymous 12248


I will never get the vaccine again. One time was already more than enough. This whole vaccine is a scam by the pharmaceutical industry. It just doesn't work.

Anonymous 12252

>lives in rural area without a car, I guess she can't barely move from there ever
>poor in a small village but has a pc and internet access
>shitposts intead of working
Sounds like a larp. I don't think the virus is fake but I do think that is way less harmless than media says for people with no pathologies who are under 65. The average age of coronavirus deaths in my country is no less than fucking 86 years old. If the vaccine doesn't prevent anyone to pass the virus and its effects last less than a year I don't see why it is so important we take it. The Chinese should have warned much earlier so the rest of the world could have prepared.

Anonymous 12254

Im in my early twenties, worked before the pandemic shut everything down, and havent gotten a car yet kek no conspiracy

Anonymous 12255

same anon but thanks , im glad you came to the covid thread. I guess everyone's experiences throughout this are valid and equal at the end, personally, I'm going to get vaccinated because we don't know what's around the corner for us and can't be eternally certain of anything. I don't believe that the vaccine is more likely to harm me or those i could infect, than covid is

covid isnt the regular old common cold kek bye love you all even the meanie

Anonymous 12256

I see, then I apologize, I'm in a similar situation in a city.

Anonymous 12263

I got the first shot, because I'm a neet atm an my parents pressure me to get it. Not much effects on me from it, but I cannot help, but worry about long term effects. I have it available to sign up for the follow up shot, should I?

Anonymous 12434

Immediately after getting Pfizer 2 my arm became really sore. When I had to sit down and wait 15 minutes I felt like my body temperature was rising, although that might be due to anxiety. After 12 hours I started to get really bad chills and body aches for a day. Had to take Tylenol every 4 hours on the dot.

Anonymous 12633

First dose of Pfz in April. Just a sore arm
Second dose in May. A little tired during work. 15 hours later felt chills as I went to bed. Next day had to call out for severe all over aches and a splitting headache. Like two months of manageable but sporadic aches in various spots. I thought this would be cleared up by now, but I have been noticing heart palpitations now. I hate this shit. I don’t blame people for not taking it, I just want them to wear the damn mask (like I have to! —still!)

Anonymous 12637

I had "covid arm" after the second shot. Sore, red and swollen. Also shivers, nausea, diarrhea and fatigue. But everything disappeared after 3 days (except for the redness, which took about a week).

Anonymous 12638


That sucks, sorry to hear it. In my country (Australia) the government didn't recommend AZ for people under about 50 and if you try to get it as an under 40 the medical staff will pretty much beg you to reconsider and wait for Pfizer. Government also released a pdf of expected clots vs expected COVID deaths/hospitalisations, basically showing it's never worth giving AZ to a 20 year old. In the end I was happy to get Pfizer when it became available since everyone being so willing to shit on AZ increased my trust in the process as a whole, otherwise I'd be waiting as long as possible to see how stuff progressed

Anonymous 12639

I feel this. over 80% of people are vaccinated in my city but we're going back to indoor mask mandates next week, for literally no reason. fuck masks I am so sick of them

Anonymous 12641

Fully vaccinated with Pfizer, had no side effects besides sore arm for a day-ish.

Anonymous 12642

>The chinese should've warned
Experts have warned for a global pandemic for years before this, none of our governments did shit.

Anonymous 12643

not to get political but for the US at least, we had a pandemic plan made by Bush jr in 2005. trump just didn't use it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous 12644

That's essentially the same but I get your point lol

Anonymous 12705

I got my first Moderna shot yesterday, over 24 hours ago . My arm was heavy/stiff almost immediately. I've missed my last two periods due to stress/undereating and finally started today. My temp is. 5 degrees higher than usual but that could be hormones. No other side effects yet. My arm is prohibitively sore, though.

Anonymous 12706

Misplaced period, should be "My temp is .5 degrees higher than usual."

Anonymous 12709

i got my 1st dose pfizer a while ago, i didnt get any side effects other than some slight soreness on my arm

Anonymous 12711

i got j&j when it was first approved for use.
12 hours after the shot i had a fever of about 102 and a heart rate of 120 bpm plus chills and aches. within 8 hours the side effects were gone and i was lethargic the day after. beyond that i feel perfectly fine. i'm looking forward to getting this booster so i can worry even less about getting ill

Anonymous 13748

I did get diagnosed with autism a month or so after the vaccine, but I'm not sure if it was a caused by the vaccine or just being a browser of this board.

Anonymous 13749

If you get the second shot and get double autism, you'll know for sure.

Anonymous 13751

Got 2x pfizer and only got a sore arm both shots. I felt perfectly fine and my period after was normal and on time too. In hindsight I wouldn't get it again but that's not because I think (this particular) the vaccine is unsafe.

Anonymous 13752

Why would you not, then?

Anonymous 13758

Our government was constantly preaching "vaccination is THE way to let go of the corona restrictions!" But once we went past a rate of 80% fully vaccinated (and 85+% partially vaccinated) and the vaccination rate significantly slowed down, because everyone who wanted to had gotten it by then, they suddenly revealed we need a 95% vaccination rate to let go of the restrictions. It's october 2021 and after an extensive vaccination campaign with a high turnup rate (let's be real, over 80% is really solid) AND a corona pass in place that you need to access public spaces, we still have active restrictions. I feel lied to and deceived by our government. No one in their right mind would've thought we will ever reach the 95% with the corona vaxx, there's simply too much opposition, conspiracy and distrust around covid and the vaccines (whether that's justified doesn't really matter here so please don't start that discussion again). I never got the vaxx for my own sake as I don't believe it's neccersary for me, someone who's young and healthy, I just didn't want to have to deal with those stupid restrictions. Especially the heavier ones where I wasn't allowed to go to uni in person greatly affected the quality of my education, so getting vaxxed seemed like the logical thing to do as it was advertised as the way out of restrictions. We're going into winter soon and the covid cases are already on the rise again, I bet they're going to put heavier restrictions in place again soon. So basically, if I had known they wouldn't give us the promised rewards (letting go of the corona restrictions), I wouldn't have had reason to get myself vaccinated as I don't see it as neccersary for my health at all.

Anonymous 13759

It's not just for you, though. Like, yes, personally, you probably wouldn't die of covid if you got it. But lowering your rate of getting it means that you are also less likely to pass it on to someone who would get sicker or possibly die from covid. There are also a tonne of cases of young people having side effects months later, like never regaining sense of taste or having lung scarring.

I understand the frustrations of being told one thing and then being told that those numbers aren't actually what is needed to remove restrictions, but as we get more info about covid, things do change. It also doesn't help that some countries have low vaccination rates (and not just because of lack of availability at this point) that continue to allow the virus to mutate, reducing efficacy of vaccines and increasing transmission, both of which cause restrictions to not be lowered.

I am glad you got vaccinated for both yours and others' safeties, even if that wasn't your reasoning. If everyone could do that, we would be in a better spot.

Anonymous 13761

I'm not anti-vaxx but as I haven't received the promised rewards, I would've preferred to wait out the vaccine side effects for a couple of more years. The covid vaxx trials were rushed at the end of the day, so without the restrictions being lifted, at that point the risk of the vaxx no longer weigh up against the benefits. I don't have anyone with a vulnerable health in my personal life, no elderly family members that I'm in contact with either. Call it selfish but I wouldn't have taken the vaxx just for the sake of the health of strangers. The "but young people get heavy side-effects too" does nothing for me, sorry, but that chance is miniscule.

The "things change, covid mutates" reason is bs, we had already over a year of Covid data by time they started the vaxx campaign here, they made those promises despite knowing full well that things would probably change again as they had the past 1+ year and I was a fool enough to fall for it.

Please don't take this as an attack, I don't mean it as such and I symphatize with your opinion.

Anonymous 13785

I got vaccinated in September (Pfizer). I've had no side effects and didn't get sick. My fiance got really sick, but it was only for one day. He hasn't had any other side effects.

Anonymous 14510

bumping this. i'm thinking of getting the vaccine because this new variant is fucking me over

Anonymous 14512

If you already have any of the variants, and are having symptoms now, the vaccine is too late. Besides, it wont help you anyway if you already caught it. The shot is only a prevention that will lessen your symptoms.
If you are sick now, your antibodies are building against it naturally. Once you are over the hump with the illness, you'll have the natural antibodies.

Anonymous 14514

Hospitalfag here so job made me get it lol. After some research I went with Moderna.

The 1st shot was like nothing. I barely even noticed it the next day. The second shot however was a whole other experience. I felt like i had a mild flu for about 2ish days. Arm felt like trash the whole time too. S2G i may actually quit if they force these boosters on me.

Anonymous 14515

Natural immunity is weaker than immunity from the vaccine, assuming anon is relatively healthy and didn't harbor a monstrous viral load.

Anonymous 14517

>Natural immunity is weaker than immunity from the vaccine

Anonymous 14518

my goodness, no

Anonymous 14525

It's been over 4 months since I got my 2nd shot (pfizer), still no side effects so I don't think they'll happen at this point. I'm not going to get a booster when I get offered though, unless I'm put in a position where I have no choice.

Anonymous 14543

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Pfizer vaccine, is in fact, BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine, or as I've recently taken to calling it, BioNTech plus Pfizer vaccine. Pfizer did not develop the vaccine itself, but rather another company called BioNTech came up with the original formula which was then trialed by Pfizer to become the vaccine we know today.

Most people who have been injected the vaccine refer to it as Pfizer vaccine every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine which is widely used today is often called "Pfizer", and many of its recipients are not aware that it is basically the vaccine BioNTech developed initially.

There really is a Pfizer contribution to the vaccine, and these people have been injected with it, but it is just a part of the vaccine they were given. Pfizer is the distributor and responsible for running the clinical trials. The clinical trials are an essential part of a vaccine, but useless by itself; it can only function if it was developed in the first place. Hence, the Pfizer vaccine can only work if it was developed in the first place by BioNTech: the whole vaccine is basically BioNTech with Pfizer contributions, or BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine. The so-called "Pfizer vaccine" should really be called just BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine.

Anonymous 14547

>The so-called "Pfizer vaccine" should really be called just BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine.
Wall of text just to be wrong, it's called Comirnaty.

Anonymous 14633

It's funny because they stopped giving the oral polio vaccine in the US because it rarely gave people polio.

Anonymous 14636

Comirnaty is such a lame name. Moderna did a much better job with naming theirs Spikevax.

Anonymous 14649

First two shots made me tired, booster gave me a fever, nosebleeds (my first ever), joint pain, and headaches

Anonymous 14651

Oh, and I got my period right after all 3 shots and it hurt like hell (never happened b4, the pain's usually mild)

Anonymous 14727

hey nonas, could i get some advice?

i need to get a booster shot because of personal reasons. which one is the one that will have the least possible side effects?

Anonymous 14728

Pfizer I think but you probably shouldn’t mix types if you’ve had a different type before.

Anonymous 14729

i had pfizer. ill go with pfizer then, if that's the safest bet.

Anonymous 14866

How do you not know of such a classic pasta

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