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Skin whitening Anonymous 11271

Is it possible to actually get pale with products? I see lots of korean beauty influencers getting really pale with creams and stuff but everytime I try them, nothing changes. I feel like nothing ever changes. Same for kojic acid soap. Never did anything! My skin is probably as dark as Salma Hayek. She is a really beautiful woman and I think all skintones can be attractive but me, personally, I don't wanna be dark. Everytime I use a filter that makes me lighter it makes 10x times prettier.
Anyone here tried any cream that worked for them?
(also no point in telling me to love myself blablabla, i do like myself i just wanna be paler it's the same as paler women wanting to get tan. nothing is wrong with it.)

Anonymous 11273

All those cream are not good for your skin and your organs will turn into soup.
Korean influencer don't use those products they just want you to buy their sponsorship products. They use make up most of the time and video filters. So please don't damage your skin is it really worth it?

Anonymous 11274

sunscreen + vitamin c made me like half a shade lighter

i don’t think there’s anything that will make you like kpop idol white, although ive heard things about glutathione treatments being pretty good for lightening skin.

otherwise, wearing makeup that’s just a tad bit lighter than your actual skin tone works too.

Anonymous 11276

Unless you take something extreme (things banned in some countries), you're not going to see much results as most of those things only work for removing old and tanned skin. Just stay indoors for 6 months and you'll see the same results.

Anonymous 11292

This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. To think this is even possible in the first place is retarded.

Anonymous 11303

Some people tan in the sun significantly without even trying. If those people use skin lighteners, they go back to their "default" color which may be a few shades lighter than their sun-induced color. I don't think it's actually possible to get lighter than your "default" color, though. That's just genetics. Skin lighteners and zinc-oxide sunscreen can definitely prevent and remove sun tan, though, thus making people who tan easily noticeably lighter.
Also, keep in mind that influencers shoop themselves lighter. A lot of asian selfie apps also have a lightening filter.

Anonymous 11304

I don't think a lot of those creams are necessarily bad for you. They can even out skintone, remove dark spots from acne, and protect your skin from sunlight.
They aren't going to make you pale if you weren't born that way, though.

Anonymous 11358

being tanner is also damaging, so i wouldn't recommend that either. anything that damages your skin is not suggestible. even sunless tanner has been found to literally damage your dna.

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