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Beauty/Fashion resources Anonymous 1144

Where do you gals go for style and beauty inspo? How do you keep up with the latest trends or what's your online go-to for discussion of tips + tricks, different aesthetics, style influencers, recent launches etc

>hoping that eventually this board will be a great resource in itself

The only sites I really know of (I find they're all much too commercial and don't have any comfy communities to take part in):


>Into The Gloss
>Man Eater
>Dazed and Confused

Anonymous 1145

Meant to list man repeller* not man eater.

Anonymous 1146

I would like some reliable places to go also.

I like using polyvore because you can find like-minded people after some digging, you can make user groups, save items from wherever etc.

This is mine if anyone wants to be friends https://voldo.polyvore.com/

I'm part of this cute group that has regular themed contests -
It's pretty varied who submits but there are cuter things that range to more tumblr to whatever.

Anonymous 1147


Tumblr! Its always been a huge mecha for fashion bloggers and model/runway posts. Here are some chill model blogs I started out with:
They helped me get into the industry, and now I know stuff like which models were superstars and retired by the ripe old age of 26, who gained too much weight and had to give up their legendary status, what models are secretly well over 35 and have an eternal babyface, who overcame anorexia, which models are gay and cuddle up backstage, the designers who won't hire models of color, industry drama and beef, how to point out the unskilled nepotism instagram girls, it girls of the seasons, etc. taught me makeup, and inspired my 'lazy and timeless' capsule wardrobe. It's all such good fun.

Anonymous 1148

It's a lifesaver for planning your wardrobe, defining your style and just looking up inspo. Also, you can pin from anywhere on the Internet which is great.
>The Long Hair Community
Great forum full of wonderful people though it skews older. Imo that's a good thing because all the members are very calm and respectful (this wasn't always the case). Taught me how to cut my own hair, made me see that you don't need a crapton of products to have good hair. Perhaps not the place for those who are into expensive salon blowouts and crazy dye jobs.
For makeup tutorials.
Seasonal colour analysis and style personality.
>Zazhimi (app), Vvshu (website)
Japanese normie magazine scans, but very little alternative fashion nowadays. Great makeup and outfit inspo.

Anonymous 1149

>hel-looks can be OK, in winter especially

>Larme Magazine

Anonymous 1150

pls no, it's a parody website

Anonymous 1151

Wow that sounds amazing. If you ever made a thread talking about the stuff you learned (maybe make it anonymous, like blind items) I would love to read it anon!

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