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Disability general Anonymous 11446

I don't think there has been a thread for those who might have some form of disability here. This thread is for discussing any problem related to a disability, it can be a mental or physical problem as long as this thread can help you feel less alone in this struggle it is all that matters. I personally have issues related to my hearing, I am curious to see if other anons do too here.

Anonymous 11582

Brain damage, memory loss, bad vision on one side so I run into walls sometimes, impaired motor skills on one side of my body. :)

Anonymous 11585

That sounds awful. Mind if I ask what caused these things?

Anonymous 11646

Do you take any medication to help with it, anon?

Anonymous 11674

I had a stroke a few years ago. It was in the
US so it took forever to get to the hospital, they wouldn't ggive me the shot to help me, and I was low priority so I had to wait hours together help. :) I was young at the time and they said I had a low chance of a second stroke so I'm not on medication.

Anonymous 11676

Nerve damage in my hands. Loss of some motor control and reflexes.

Anonymous 11740

(Honestly this entire post is just TW)
I have a case of aspergers so bad, that people never understand what I’m trying to say.
I have a couple of friends, but I can only chatter about positive and superficial issues with them, because they get weirded out otherwise.
It’s not that they’re bad people, they just seem scared of me when I’m crying, because I explain things so weirdly that they don’t know how to offer comfort.
My parents were okay I guess, but not that good, since father was always absent, and mom had undertreated BPD.
My only true connection was between my pet, but she had to be put down an year ago due to cancer (and I developed asthma so I cannot get a new one, not that I want to).
And this year, the year after, was the worst of my life.
I miss her every day, and wonder if I should speed up my natural death somehow, because I can’t take 40+ years of living like this, without her.
I know people laugh at me when I tell them that, even my therapist did, because they think pets are insignificant, but I don’t care what they think.
She understood me better than they did, and if thinking that makes me a ”retard” and ”otherkin furry”, I don’t care.

Anonymous 11742

>I know people laugh at me when I tell them that, even my therapist did, because they think pets are insignificant
What the fuck kind of therapist did you go to that said something like that? That's ridiculous. I'm honestly in shock that someone in the mental health field would say anything remotely like that.

Anonymous 11743

Agreed. This therapist sounds incompetent.

Anonymous 11748


I've been taking a bunch of pills to help me with my current episodes of my diease. But I have noticed that I started to eat much more because of these. I never really was a big eater. Should I be concerned? Maybe it's just anxiety. I don't want to fall back into monitoring my weight and obsess over numbers.

Anonymous 18161

I have a pretty rare disability called Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia. It's a progressive disease and it can get me pretty depressed on bad days.

Anonymous 18168

How are you doing, nona? You could try counterbalancing the over-eating with more exercise. Also you don't have to count calories to make healthier snack choices.

Anonymous 18169

That sounds bleak. Is there anything to help you deal with it?

Anonymous 18171

Unfortunately not, there are no treatments for it. I found the thing that helps most are deep-tissue massages on my spine and legs to relieve some stiffness, but they can get pretty expensive. I've got leg splints for days where I need to do a lot of walking. Thankfully my job lets me work from home though. I'm just dreading that I may not actually be able to walk at all one day.

Anonymous 18180

>I don't think there has been a thread for those who might have some form of disability here
I'm deaf, which doesn't affect my appearance or internal health that much. Or does it?

Anonymous 18209

Hi nona, this is >>11748 I think I eat a bit more than usual now but it seems like things have stabilised. I take medication and i still have episodes for my disease that happen here and there but they're more monitored. (I go the hospital and doctors pretty often so they usually know what exactly is going on). I also got off some pills because I didn't need them anymore so thankfully I just take 2 pills a day now (used to be 5). So far i'm much more stable. That post I made was when my disease started doing its big breakthroughs and I was so scared of how bad it could get knowing it could add more complications to other health issues i have. I didn't end up diving into calorie monitoring because I basically kept myself from even checking how I weight but looking at myself in the mirror I think i look okay. I don't think I've put as much weight as I was scared to in the begining.

Anonymous 18210

How is your deafness? Are you hard of hearing or profoundly deaf? do you use hearing aids? are both of your ears affected?

Anonymous 18214

It's good to know you're doing okay. I'm also on medication tgag can cause weight gain but I'm pretty careful about my diet so I haven't seen a change. But I haven't weighed myself in probably about a year. It's kind of nice not knowing exactly how much I weigh.

Anonymous 18216

>It's kind of nice not knowing exactly how much I weigh.
This is precisely why I don't weight myself right now. I don't want to obsess over numbers at all.

Anonymous 18532


i hate being disabled… how do you nonies cope with disability? how to feel normal again?

Anonymous 18537

Physical or mental?

My physical disability is mostly hidden from rehabilitation and lots of practice. My mental disability I just pretend I'm normal and people probably just think I'm dumb/forgetful as fuck. I would be upfront with people but I don't want to infodump sensitive information on people I hardly know and especially on coworkers.

Anonymous 18545

mainly physical, i just need to deal with the loss and readjusting to another way of sensing the world

Anonymous 18620


Soooo…. my medication is out of stock. Literally in all of my country. Friends from other countries told me it's out of stock there too. I rely on this medication for my day-to-day life. I have to take it multiple times a day. When I stop my illness comes back so strongly it's terrifying and disrupts my daily functioning so much. How fucked am I now? What can I do? I'm tired of rushing to the hospital every single time, I almost start to feel like I'm rude. It's literally a monthly occurence. My multiple doctors all decided to fuck off somewhere else because reasons?? so I have to wait at least a month to see them. There's so little doctors that even if I try to find new other ones my next appointment can only be multiple months later. I've tried to find ways to purchase medication online, but meds are very regulated in the EU so I can't really do it. Unless I just don't know how to bypass this. I don't know. I feel so powerless. Living with an invisible disability is literaly hell. Especially as a woman. No one takes you seriously. It is so isolating. At this point I wish I wasn't born.

Anonymous 18621

I've been forgetting more things. Usually small stuff like what I ate for breakfast yesterday or today. But sometimes important things like someone coming over and having a whole conversation with me in my apartment. I'm really scared. I feel like I will be completely incoherent within ten years.

Anonymous 18622

If it can help i can suggest you keep a memory journal. It can be with the help of a phone app or with a real journal you can decorate. My illness gives me troubles remembering things too so maybe it could help you as well.

Anonymous 18638

I've got my fair share of meds. What I hate the most is that I have to take them with a pretty substational (not necessarily calorie wise but size wise) meal otherwise I'm gagging on acid all day. Anyone know of low acid, high satiety foods to take with them instead? Thinking about almond milk yogurt but that shit is nasty

Anonymous 18642

The meds i take are technically supposed to be taken with a meal but I just don't do it. Supposedly not taking them with a meal would cause me to have nausea. It doesn't though. Have you tried taking your meds alone?

Anonymous 19446

i'm so sorry friend

Anonymous 19480


I hate being homeless I hate being homeless I HATE BEING HOMELESS SO FUCKING MUCH

2 years to fucking finally medically approve me. Now they have to do the final review

If I get denied I will SCREAM

Anonymous 19481

>If I get denied I will SCREAM
screaming isnt enough, you need to roll on the floor and throw a chairs out the window. one final act to sell that you're truly mentally hopeless

Anonymous 19490

>mentions hating homelessness
>"throw some chairs out the window"
What window lol. What chairs. By the way is anyone else having trouble logging in to ssa.gov? I have my password saved in my phone browser and got locked out of my account for 24 hours because the password that has worked for years when I first made the account up unti yesterday is now randomly "invalid" as of today. I didn't change it. On hold with the main hotline right now.

Anonymous 19547


rooting for you nona!!!

it took me 2 years to get on ssi and secure a housing voucher but now I have achieved a peace like I have never known.

Anonymous 19579

Please tell more

Anonymous 19757


I'm now officially disabled and recognized by the governement but they don't give me disability bucks. Just a little card that says i'm a disabled worker. I wanted the money REEEE

Anonymous 20155

Any Crohn's baddies in here?

Anonymous 20256


Rant incoming I don’t think there’s any advice that could ever help me out. I’ve been struggling with vision problems for the past 7 years of my life due to some rare disease I don’t want to name so I can’t be identified. My left eye is the one that is being affected by it and I’ve had DOZENS of procedures varying from eye injections, eye surgeries, even implants put into my eye. Doctors don’t know what caused it. I’m just sick of this shit I haven’t seen a specialist in a year now even though my vision is worsening. I don’t know why but I can’t bring myself to go into the doctors anymore. I now have a big blind spot in my left eyes central vision. That amongst the many surgeries and needles they put into my eye are causing my eye to become lazy/droopy. I’m very self conscious of this, not even that long ago some normie asked me what was wrong with my eye and why does one look tired and one looks awake. I also live in fear that this disease will also somehow start effecting my other eye as well. I can’t enjoy anything outdoors anymore because I have major light sensitivity and I have a bunch of floaters in my vision. I can barely even read on a screen because I just start seeing double once my left eye gets tired. I’m ready to just rip my eye out and wear an eyepatch for the rest of my life.

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