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Teeth Anonymous 11451

Aer your teeth healthy?
Do they look good?
Any imperfections?
Jaw and maxilla problems?

Anonymous 11454

this is your brain on mew pill

Anonymous 11478

I've become kinda obsessed with teeth/mewing lately because I'm ugly as sin and wanna know why. My teeth are almost perfectly straight except for 2, and only 1 wisdom tooth has come all the way in. After being depressed for 5 million years my teeth haven't been brushed enough so they're prone to cavities and are sensitive r.i.p.
I've basically been mewing since childhood as that was my natural tongue posture, but my palate is still a bit narrow and my nose is downturned so I didn't get much of the benefit of that upward pressure.

Anonymous 11480

My teeth are pretty healthy and look good overall, My gums aren't great though because I'm too lazy to floss.
My jaw is fucked and teeth are crooked despite past braces treatment. I really wish my orthodontist gave me a jaw expander and taught me about mewing earlier instead of pushing my teeth back with braces. I've been mewing for the past year or so and have noticed my jaw get noticabley better, but it's still pretty shit overall.

Anonymous 11483

anon, you might want to consider looking into invisalign or actual braces if your bone structure is totally fucked. invisalign helped reduce/eliminate my malocclusion and it's made my face more symmetrical

Anonymous 12555


I have a crowned front tooth that was done at a dental school some years ago. Recently, stupid me had it broke off by from biting a rib. I'm thinking of getting a tooth implant but does anyone know where to get one for a reasonable price in Southern California? Around or more than $3000 for one tooth is way too much and I'm devastated.

Anonymous 12556

i only went to ridiculously expensive dentists at the recommendation of my bf's dad in socal but whatever you do, get a discount dental plan. not a dental plan, but a discount plan from solstice or something and go to the drs on the list. it helps tremendously. find the best plan for your specific needs

Anonymous 17521

I wonder if I have a cavity.
I'm too poor to go check it out though. I have the faintest stinging sensation whenever I eat sweet things and my gums sorta throb. Though I wonder if it's all in my head and I'm just being paranoid.

Anonymous 17522

I've been baking so many cookies and sweet things this year but only brush 2x a day, floss 2x a day, and mouthwash 2x a day. I also got a deep cleaning by my dental hygienist before the holidays so idk how fast a cavity can form after that.

Anonymous 17526

Can you fix translucent teeth?? I used a harsh toothpaste a couple days ago and since then I think it’s stripped enamel because I see translucent lines in my teeth. I hate it so much

Anonymous 17529

Ah fuck I woke up with intense sore jaw… Wonder if I have a cavity on my lower left side now at the back.
I'd avoid citrus for further prevention. Brush your teeth 30 mins after drinking orange juice or eating things with lemons in it. Also avoid whitening toothpastes. I'd go for the gentle stuff like Sensodyne.
My sister's a dentist but yeah I don't talk to her anymore but at least I got some knowledge from her before I cut things off.

Anonymous 17552

ayrt, thank you nony. I'll try to avoid acidic stuff

Anonymous 17565

My teeths were horrible as a kid, like they were all facing different directions, but I got braces. They are fine now, but the dentist fucked up the braces a bit so my bottom teeth are like |_| and my top teeth are like U so I have overbite.

I also grind my teeth when I sleep, so my once really sharp corner teeth have rounded a lot, wahh.

Also I am pretty sure I have a cavity in my tooth for the first time in 28 years. I've never had those before, I'm sad since that's something I've always been proud of. I never brushed my teeth as kid because my parents didn't teach me

Anonymous 17569

Does anyone have any tips for getting rid of white spots on teeth from braces? I’m still insecure about them and I’ve had them since I was 14.

Anonymous 17587

I've had teeth pain for years and finally went to the dentist to find I surprisingly dob't have any cavities. I think I wore down my enamal by drinking too many lemon drinks when I was an alcoholic. But my teeth look okay, I've been good about brushing since the check-up.

Anonymous 17612

I inherited my parents shitty teeth so I'm getting receding gums the older I get :( I would rather kms then get dentures.

Anonymous 17623

I have pretty good teeth but I grind my teeth most of the time when I sleep. I'm 23 and already have very small teeth because of this. My canines have flat ends…
I've got a dental splint i'm supposed to keep in my mouth while sleeping so my teeth won't be damaged, but I forget to use it half the time…

Anonymous 17634

Does anyone else had orthodontics work done on them and wore braces? Do you wear your retainer religiously?
I haven’t worn mine in six months and don’t notice any shifting. I wonder if I should even wear it at this point. It’s uncomfortable and gross. What happens if you stop wearing your retainer??

Anonymous 17637

you need to wear the retainer constantly or the teeth will reset to their original position over time, yes

Anonymous 17639

How often should you wear it? I don't like wearing it cuz it's gross and also the constant cleaning and upkeep. For the record, I wore my braces for 5 years. I have a permanent retainer on the bottom. It's just the top part that I have to wear overnight.

My teeth were so fucked up. I had my lateral incisors growing above my baby teeth so they grew in quite high. My buck teeth were growing in an angle cuz I had such a small mouth. Lots of crowding. My original mouth was hideous.

Anonymous 17640

Don't brush too hard and you can still save your receding gums. Each time I go to the dentist, they always comment on how I have the gums of a woman in his 60s even though I'm in my 20s… happened because I used hard bristle brush and brushed viciously. Treat your mouth gently when you brush and get soft bristle to prevent further recession.
If you have the money, please get a mouth guard nona. Wear it every night. Protect your poor teeth! Sucks humans aren't like sharks where we have an unlimited supply. Protect your teeth because they will always worsen as we age.

Anonymous 17641

How often do you wear your retainer nona? I am >>17639 by the way. I also have a massive overbite. I inherited awful teeth genes from my mother. I'm half asian and she is asian and idk, I feel like asians have worse teeth than other races (not trying to be racist or anything, just an observation). For example, look at Japan. They tend to have pretty bad teeth though they don't care about the aesthetics of straight teeth and think snaggle teeths are cute. I guess English people also have really bad teeth too since they get a lot of snaggle tooths as well.
… I had really bad snaggle tooths cuz of my overbite, small jaw, and crowding ;-;

Anonymous 17644

My mom used her power and got me into braces when I was a teenager. I've been keeping my teeth cleaned and wearing my night guard since. Despite all my flaws, I don't think my teeth are one of my problems.

Anonymous 17657

I have a gum abscess now and it totally sucks. Anyone ever had this? How did you get rid of it?

Anonymous 17660

Nona, you need a dentist immediately.
Abscesses still kill a lot of people.

Anonymous 17661

How did you develop that?!?

Anonymous 17664

Well shit. There are better ways to go. I can't afford a dentist right now.
I don't know, I just woke up with it.

Anonymous 17857

>be me
>scream at your first dentist appointment because you're 7 and afraid
>parents decide to stop taking you to the dentist
>mom calls you dirty for not remembering to brush your teeth but you're 9
>mom violently brushes your teeth, your gums, and your lips
>you stop brushing because it's associated with bad memories
>you do this for 10 more years
>your teeth are so yellowed they're the almost the color of cheese puffs
>teachers try to subtly tell you about teeth whitening and hand you gum
>you become ostracized from your peers

sigh this also lead to a teacher one day telling me my breath stinks, which triggered a deep depression. I am getting my teeth professionally whitened soon.

Anonymous 18018


ooh fluck, so sorry, feel your pain. I had one, did nothing for a while, gave me a state of constant low key inflammation. Finally did go to dentist/surgeon with some microscope, cause of abscess wasn’t known, usually micro cracks in root cause it. Dentist cleaned it out, god what an awful smell it was. But ya, do it asap, it’s totally bad for you to walk around with it.

Anonymous 18021


>be me

>scream at your first dentist appointment because you're 7 and afraid
>parents decide to stop taking you to the dentist
>mom calls you dirty for not remembering to brush your teeth but you're 9
>mom violently brushes your teeth, your gums, and your lips
>you stop brushing because it's associated with bad memories

That sucks I'm sorry Nona

>you do this for 10 more years

>your teeth are so yellowed they're the almost the color of cheese puffs
>teachers try to subtly tell you about teeth whitening and hand you gum
>you become ostracized from your peers

That parts on kind on you though sorry. Good luck with the whitening

Anonymous 19667


i really got unlucky with my teeth because all my family have straight white teeth , which i didnt mind most of the time, like yeah im insecure about my teeth but braces are hella expensive. well recently i had to get a tooth removed, a premolar in my upper jaw.
while doing reseatch I stumbled upon the concept of teeth displacement after a tooth is removed and ive been getting so paranoid about my teeth disfiguring further, idk if im being paranoid and seeing things bc its been roughly a month since i removed that tooth, but also i know its an inevitable process and its giving me so much dread

Anonymous 19674

I had to get it removed because it was broken and if it went untreated it would cause septicemia. I've already had infections in my gums because of it, plus it would randomly flare up in pain unexplainably and no medication helped

Anonymous 19676

I have 4 impacted wisdom teeth that I’ve refused to have removed due to retarded levels of anxiety. They’ve hurt at times, but I think I’ve gonna used to the pressure at this point as they’ve all come in as much as they possibly can. Hoping I’m not decimating my jaw bone

Anonymous 19687

My teeth are a bit yellow because I drink a lot of coffee. I will not stop.

Anonymous 19690

I was the same as you until I started having unbearable pain. My palate is really narrow so I couldn’t avoid the surgery. The surgery itself was fine but recovery was rough and my jaw felt like it was stapled shut. Luckily I was also on hydrocodone, tylenol and advil at the same time so I couldn’t feel the pain. The worst part for me was trying to brush my teeth in the days that followed because my mouth literally wouldn’t open

Anonymous 19699

Trust me, the anxiety isn't worth health complications grander than itself.
I work in the ER and one time we had a patient who had a plethora of health issues that he could have avoided if he'd bothered to brush his teeth. He came in with cardiovascular problems worsened by an infection in his gums which is internal organs couldn't handle.
Yes, healthcare, esp teeth, is scary the expensive but it is worth the effort and maintenance otherwise you'll regret it even more down the line

Anonymous 19720

idk how to describe it but my teeth don't have perfect alignment but it doesn't bother me because it's not too obvious, aside from my mandibular canines I feel like the roots/gums are pushing against my skin, like there are two pouches of fat on my chin from that

Anonymous 19723

my teeth are rapidly decaying with severe bulimia. i don't give a shit about my jaw being imperfect, or even about the yellow color, what i'm afraid of is losing the ability to chew.

Anonymous 19725

Then stop purging ffs

Anonymous 19726

Back on the tooth health thread, I found out that removing drinks with lemon in them and almost completely cutting out sugar from drinks and sweets helps a lot against cavities and enamel erosion.
Also reducing acidic drinks and foods like tomatoes, lemons, and oranges helps a lot, the acids contained in foods can erode tooth enamel even without cavities.

Anonymous 19750

I had to have surgery bc my canines were growing horizontally into my front teeth on both sides. They had to cut out part of my palette bone and attach chains to them and wrench them down with braces. The pain was unspeakable for several years. It gave me a phobia of dental work forever. Every time they tightened my braces even the slightest touch of my tongue to the chained teeth would nearly make me black out.

My teeth are very straight now though I have a little gum recession bc of the braces. I manage it with careful cleaning and sensitive toothpaste bc there's no way I am getting a graft.

I don't have a single cavity. My teeth are kind of yellow due to coffee but I refuse to use anything that whitens so I can protect my enamel. Not worth it. I try to floss every day though I've gotten lazy about it lately.

Anonymous 19762

Death by tooth abscess, on Crystal Cafe.
Rest in Pepperoni anon

Anonymous 19915

Have you had any of your molars extracted? I still have all mine but many people in my family don't. I don't care if my teeth are a bit crooked because of them, I guess they'll come in handy if I ever lose a frontal tooth.

Anonymous 20004

I get abscesses now and then it's so painful it makes me wanna kill myself

Anonymous 20009

I have this one tooth on the bottom row that's out of alignment with the others, like it's positioned a few millimeters back. It also sticks just slightly above them and looks unsightly

Anonymous 20027

apparently your teeth can grow extra bone from grinding on the bottom so now I have this tiny bone dot nuisance attached to my lowest gum! fun!

Anonymous 20028

I have this tiny gap in my front teeth and not the cute type. I try to ignore it or think of it as "cute" but it's not and it's pretty noticeable. I did use braces when I was younger and I think there's something wrong with my retainer or maybe I chew incorrectly or something. I kinda hate it. Dentists never say anything about it though.

Anonymous 20067

One of the teeth on my bottom row isn't as straight as the others so it stands out when you can see my teeth

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