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Teeth Anonymous 11451

Aer your teeth healthy?
Do they look good?
Any imperfections?
Jaw and maxilla problems?

Anonymous 11454

this is your brain on mew pill

Anonymous 11478

I've become kinda obsessed with teeth/mewing lately because I'm ugly as sin and wanna know why. My teeth are almost perfectly straight except for 2, and only 1 wisdom tooth has come all the way in. After being depressed for 5 million years my teeth haven't been brushed enough so they're prone to cavities and are sensitive r.i.p.
I've basically been mewing since childhood as that was my natural tongue posture, but my palate is still a bit narrow and my nose is downturned so I didn't get much of the benefit of that upward pressure.

Anonymous 11480

My teeth are pretty healthy and look good overall, My gums aren't great though because I'm too lazy to floss.
My jaw is fucked and teeth are crooked despite past braces treatment. I really wish my orthodontist gave me a jaw expander and taught me about mewing earlier instead of pushing my teeth back with braces. I've been mewing for the past year or so and have noticed my jaw get noticabley better, but it's still pretty shit overall.

Anonymous 11483

anon, you might want to consider looking into invisalign or actual braces if your bone structure is totally fucked. invisalign helped reduce/eliminate my malocclusion and it's made my face more symmetrical

Anonymous 12555


I have a crowned front tooth that was done at a dental school some years ago. Recently, stupid me had it broke off by from biting a rib. I'm thinking of getting a tooth implant but does anyone know where to get one for a reasonable price in Southern California? Around or more than $3000 for one tooth is way too much and I'm devastated.

Anonymous 12556

i only went to ridiculously expensive dentists at the recommendation of my bf's dad in socal but whatever you do, get a discount dental plan. not a dental plan, but a discount plan from solstice or something and go to the drs on the list. it helps tremendously. find the best plan for your specific needs

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