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Ugly beauty/fashion trends Anonymous 1152

Fellow miners! Lets talk about the beauty/fashion trends you don't like, find unappealing or just don't understand the hype about them.

Anonymous 1153


I hate these filled-in eyebrows that look like drawn-in blocks. There is some special tattoo technique named feathering , that looks much more natural and pleasing to the eye. Not these blocks of brown eyeliner. Yuck.

Anonymous 1154


Black lipstick. Especially if it's shiny. I don't really hate it but not many can pull it off.

Anonymous 1155

I hate drawn on beauty marks so much.

Anonymous 1156


Honestly I just don't like contouring. Even when it's done well, it just looks so weird and artificial to me.

Anonymous 1157


It never looks good irl either.

Anonymous 1158

I've seen highlighter like this a few times irl and it just makes every little imperfection on your face stand out so, so much. It only looks like what people are going for when filters/photoshop is used.

Anonymous 1159

What about powder contour? It looks softer and it emphasizes the bone structure you have instead of creating a completely different one. Plus many of the beauty icons of the past have used it and still do. Very natural look IMO

Anonymous 1160

Short list
> fake freckles
> highlighter overkill
> overdrawn lips

Anonymous 1161

the problem with cheek contour is that everyone makes it so soft and blurry looking. natural sunken in cheeks are pretty sharp with a clear defining line. idk why people who do this dont just use eyeliner and smudge it out considering it looks more realistic.

Anonymous 1162


>sunken in cheeks

Don't they just want high cheekbones?

Anonymous 1163


Maybe they want to look like fashion illustrations? Idk I personally love soft faces on women and women with smaller bone structures often look sickly with contouring because it's hard to pretend you have bones where you don't. Some women look fierce with defined cheekbones but they already have the bone structure they're just emphasizing it, ya know?

Anonymous 1164

I saw a picture the other day of a girl with tattooed freckles. Fucking tattoos on her face. Dear god I hope this doesn't become a thing

Anonymous 1165

Thats literally just about the same thing. Contour makes the cheeks look sunken in. Pounding on bronzer like its foundation isnt going to make your cheekbones look higher nor popped out.

Anonymous 1166

Have to be sunken cheeks if you want to go for that heroin-chic look.

Anonymous 1167


>Thats literally just about the same thing

No, it's not. High cheekbones are high cheekbones. It has to do with where the bone is placed not the shape. There are high cheekbone shapes like this which is more common in certain ethnic groups and particularly women.

Anonymous 1168

No, it just makes you look like Chucky.

Anonymous 1169

Please go back to lolcow if you're going to make unfunny insults towards peoples appearance that don't even make sense. This is a mature community, hon.

Anonymous 1170

I worked at Sephora and tbh that experience taught me that 9 times out of 10, internet ~beauty hacks~ are simply not meant for the average person. This includes contouring. It's ideal for experienced makeup artists who make careers out of doing celebrity makeup for the cameras, but other than that professional artists mock the general public for trying to adapt these stage tricks into their every day makeup.

Makeup is not supposed to look that heavy in real life. Hence why it's called 'instagram' or 'youtube' makeup (if you hear a professional using those terms, they're not trying to be nice) because it looks good ONLY on camera and usually with the help of filters.

Artists are so disappointed and exasperated with everyone wanting to use contour, baking, over-lined lips, overfilled eyebrows, bronzer and highlights used inappropriately etc.

Good makeup starts with great skin care and ENDS with great skincare. A pro trick is adding moisturizer ON TOP of light foundation or using skin care sprays or oils instead of heavy duty "setting" sprays. Fresh, dewy, with minimal product is where it's at.

Anonymous 1171

Anonymous 1172

Fuck I saw that too recently. There was a picture where they were freshly tattooed so they had a lot of redness around them. They looked like huge blackheads lmao

Anonymous 1173


I know this is drag makeup but I cannot help but be consistently terrified/impressed by the degree of work that goes into some people's contouring. It's like they're putting on a full face of clown makeup everyday.

Anonymous 1174

Screen Shot 2017-0…

Typical instahoe makeup. I'm very inclined towards natural-looking makeup because i think caking up so much of it will ruin your skin and it looks so much worse than a nomakeup makeup.

Anonymous 1175

looks like a horror movie prop

Anonymous 1176

I know beauty is objective but jesus. I don't know who she is but she's really pretty and that makeup is making her look like she has flaws she doesn't have, her nose looks slimmer on the makeup-free side for instance, like wtf. Also she has cute, plump lips but that over-lining creates such a weird swollen look.
Like I said, subjective, but I'm honestly missing seeing other women's faces instead of mask-like makeup.

Anonymous 1177

I like looking cute as much as the next person, but doesn't that shit get tiring? These people probably don't do this shit every day, but the idea of spending hours working on makeup just to get ready for work or something seems so excessive at least in my degenerate legbeard eyes. Nothing rustles me more than seeing people with a relatively clear complexion just cake on foundation and concealer for no reason. Also fuck lip overlining. It NEVER looks good!

Anonymous 1178

Western makeup is generally really ugly, even just foundation is too cakey. I appreciate milk and glossier for leaning US generation y into east asian beauty. they overcharge and mislead out the ass, but the western label isn't as "intimidating" and doesn't feel "foreign" like daiso stuff.

Anonymous 1179

I generally prefer more toned down Western makeup. Like dewy and fresh foundation with light or natural looking contour, eyeliner, ect ect

Anonymous 1180


I retract that, I think it CAN sometimes look good when someone's not just being trendy for likes.

I love kelsey simone's "no makeup" look, she's very cute and stylish for a teen. She gets lots of youtube income and has rich parents, but she knows to spend money on good restaurants, saved up to go to paris, and buys high quality skincare and makeup that looks great instead of shallow junk.

Anonymous 1181

Woah she's got great skin! Is she even wearing any foundation?

Anonymous 1182

Nope! But she does a LOT of skincare before putting on a little tinted moisturizer. I've started doing her summer routine, myself

Anonymous 1183

She's so cute. I wish my selfies looked as good as this

Anonymous 1184

Sage for rage and bitterness but I hope one day I can look at beautiful people like this and not feel upset that I was not born with these genetics. I watch videos like these and am like, oh, how to get flawless skin makeup tutorial? But she started with flawless skin already…

I'm having a tough day, lol.

Anonymous 1185

I get a little like that, too. I'm a little jealous of her freckles, but my selfies look good in a completely different way, so I can deal with it and give in to how incredibly adorable she is. Keep in mind all the skincare she does at the beginning is for her really dry cracked flaky skin; its not all 'genetics' when she uses $300 of moisturizers lol

Anonymous 11155

fake eyelashes. some of the natural ones look nice but fake eyelashes just cover up nice eyeshadow. idk i just dont like it

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