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Favorite/Sexiest Men's Clothing Anonymous 11679

I'm curious. What type of clothing do you like to see on men? Care to post examples? I love muscular men who wear black v-necks for some reason…

I know other women who like men in 3 piece suits, but men rarely wear them.

Anonymous 11680


Need cowboys…


Anonymous 11681


And when they wear jackets like this. It looks comfy.

Anonymous 11682

Love cowboy shit. Also leather everything.

Needs to be a little more fitted for my liking, but I agree.

Anonymous 11683

Cowboys are fucking sexy. Arthur Morgan and John Marston are way too fucking hot

Anonymous 11684


leather jacket and t-shirt combo, usually with jeans. yes, it's basic as all hell but it's hot

Anonymous 11692

Love these so much! Especially when he takes it off and gives it to when you’re cold (or more likely you end up stealing it from his house).

Super basic but I also love rolled up sleeves that show a bit of (veiny) forearm for more formal looks and Nike basketball shorts with sneakers for more casual-gym looks. I also really like black jeans and guy liner.
I think I just like men wearing clothes in general lol

Anonymous 11698

>rolled up sleeves that show a bit of (veiny) forearm for more formal looks

Anonymous 11706

comfy sweaters 100%. my bf has a few of them and they're so nice to look at. I just want boys to be comfy :(

Anonymous 11713

sleeves rolled up showing his arms and leaving his hands oh so vulnerable in my gaze, it makes me wanna grab them and play with them
big comfy sweaters but we both have to be wearing one so we can match clothes and marvel in each others beauty then proceed to kiss and cuddle in a warm embrace
big open jackets so i can hug him from the inside
when he wears big boots, he looks like tough but huggable

Anonymous 11726

I wish more men wore leather jackets. Love the greaser look.

Anonymous 11728


Excuse me while my powdered wig flies off my head.

Anonymous 11755

black long sleeve turtlenecks.

Anonymous 11781


Everything except suit and tie and polo shirts.
Hawaiian shirts are great, of course.

Anonymous 11978


skinny jeans and other form fitting clothing, especially if he's got a nice figure.
so sick of men wearing baggy, oversized, unflattering clothes from head to toe and expecting anyone to find it attractive.

Anonymous 11979

skinny men wearing baggy pants that expose their boxers

Anonymous 11983


Yesss, skinny jeans, open hoodies, this vest hoodie thing is hot too. Most men nowadays are too underkept and pudgy for these though

Anonymous 11984


>I love muscular men
So do I, but I'm dating a tall twink.
A simple button down shirt is the best. Unfortunately my moid has horrible fashion sense and wears whatever shit his parents gave him. If we get married I'll just throw out all his clothes and buy him new ones. I'm also going to lace his food with butter and weight gainer so he puts on mass.

Anonymous 11985


Basically stuff like this. WASPy college-core like New Englander old money guys wear.

Anonymous 11989

i will never see the appeal in this type of man. i go dry instantly. so boring and uptight in appearance while also being secret rapists.

Anonymous 11993

if he's attractive to me already and wearing a leather jacket he is instantly 1000x hotter wearing one.

Anonymous 11994


am i the only one who thinks leather jackets are tryhard? they're so cliche, anons… they're such a cumbersome piece of clothing too. the only people who look good in leather jackets are women

this is not a leather jacket…

Anonymous 11996

Are you a lesbian by any chance?

Anonymous 11999

I agree. That’s not a leather jacket.

If you’re going to wear a leather jacket, at least save up and buy a real leather jacket.
Or find a real one at a thrift store if you don’t want to spend the money or against new leather.

Faux leather is so bad for the environment.
Not to mention it just makes you look like you’re wearing a garbage bag because news flash you’re literally wearing plastic.

I have several types of real leather jackets and all of them are older than I am. They still are in mint condition. I have one faux leather jacket that is less than 5 years old and is starting to peel. Do the math which is worse for the environment (not to mention your wallet).

Personally I like certain styles of leather jackets on men; some biker jackets are too try hard on men. But I love love love a leather aviator or bomber jacket on a man. Yum.

Anonymous 12002

i'm straight, men just look bad in a lot of clothing.

Anonymous 12003

OT but I would like to add that there is a type of plastic that can legally be called "genuine leather" (in America, at least). It's made from ground up leather scraps and microplastics glued on to more plastic, and it's shitty, horrible for the environment, and starts peeling after a year or so. Make sure whatever "genuine leather" you're buying is high-quality, ACTUAl real leather. I recommend getting it used and vintage so you know it's withstood the test of time.

Anonymous 12018


and likewise I can't find the appeal of leather jackets.

Anonymous 12119

This is how my boyfriend dresses and I hate it so much. I just wish he would wear full-length pants.

Anonymous 12204

My bf wears shorts with long sleeve shirts. I thought it was cringe at first but now I just fondle his thighs.

Anonymous 12474

This is exactly what I’m into

Anonymous 12526


>five years' relationship
>too scared to tell him I want to fuck him with the hoody on

Anonymous 12944


any love for turtlenecks?

Anonymous 12995

Only white, black or gray ones.

Anonymous 13001

I like seeing serious looking men, casually wearing knitted sweaters. I am talking thick, warm sweaters for the fall/winter. Its just such a comfy and cuddly look, and it fills me with small butterflies (moths maybe?? lol) whenever I see a man being all comfied up. It makes me want to hug him almost and possibly wear matching sweaters together as we hold hands in each others sleeves, making a tube for our held hands to live in <3

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