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Self conscious eating Anonymous 11749

Does anyone else eat different when they're around other people?

Going out to lunch with friends or family can be hard sometimes. I always feel like they're judging my meal. When I'm on my own I actually eat quite healthy but as soon as I'm in company I just get soup and don't eat the bread

Too much anxiety. I start holding the cutlery weird like I've never used it before n shit

Anonymous 11750

yes! i went out to eat last night with my mother and i was so hungry because i hadnt ate all day. i ate the chicken from my meal pretty quickly i guess and the waiter said “wow! that disappeared fast!” and it make me feel so terrible :(

Anonymous 11776

i literally don't care. i just tell them i didn't eat that much beforehand. who cares, anyway? fuck them. it's your time to enjoy yourself. life is short and you can fall down the stairs at any time and break your neck, enjoy your damn bread

Anonymous 11778

Same. I am actually a legitimately fast eater (especially if someone isn’t talking to me or anything while I’m eating) but I hate when people point out my eating habits. I mostly just eat when no one can see me and keep meals in public small or non-existent which sucks because I get super hungry I’m pretty sure I straight up have BED but I’m not seeking treatment because who the fuck cares about about fatties eating too much

Anonymous 11790

I know someone who will invite you out to lunch and just order a coffee while commenting on what they perceive to be negative about your food

Anonymous 11792

if you want help with BED, I've heard that it's best to go to a therapist to identify the source of the problem and work from there as opposed to going to eating disorder treatment. ED treatment is a nightmare and they only take people seriously if they're a lvl 10 rexie

Anonymous 11793

yes exactly i have weird eating habits such as i have to separate things before i eat them like i eat thing section by section with the smallest bites and people always get really mad and frustrated with me for doing this because they think im purposely being annoying when its just how i eat so now i never eat in public even moreso than before ( because i am insecure about the way my mouth moves when i chew )

Anonymous 11797

Erm. Only with my manners I suppose. But I just learned about etiquette and whatnot and it resolved the issue.

I hardly go out to eat though. Even before COVID. I enjoy cooking and baking so I don’t feel the need to go to restaurants unless I’m out of town.

I feel more awkward when I’m getting food to go and it’s for two people and I’m the only person ordering. Like in the back of my mind I always wonder if they think I’m fixin to binge on it.

Anonymous 11800

I eat slower around other people because I don't want to sit there and just watch them eat when I'm done

Anonymous 11801

When I go to McDonalds I eat my chips first and then my burger. I can't eat some chips and then take a bite of burger and keep switching. It HAS to be chips and THEN burger. Any other order feels weird.

And when the chips and burger are complete only then will i drink my coke.

Anonymous 11807


i completely understand but i do it the other way around
burger, fries ( i usually order the steak fries or potato wedges ) and then i drink whatever i ordered
its nice to know someone else does it like me, i hope you are well nona have a great day ^_^

Anonymous 11817


But do you only eat one kind of jelly from the bag at a time

Anonymous 11839

yes !!!!

Anonymous 11840

Nope I love eating, tho I rarely go out to eat now with the pandemic. If you hate yourself for eating how else must you hate yourself and everyone around you? Like if you cant stand to eat in someone else's presence it must be exhausting how much you sit there judging everyone else holy cow

Just enjoy your fucking life

Anonymous 11843

Depending on what cultural background you come from, a lot of girls are shamed for enjoying food/eating or constantly have mums trying to force diets on them, thus developing an anxiety of being seen eating because they internalise "food=shame". Not everyone here comes from a situation where we are raised to enjoy food. Some of us are raised to abstain as much as possible

Anonymous 11939


Yes I eat differently but in my
case it's way better. I have the patience to cook with others and I eat more moderately. The second I'm alone everything goes to sh*t and I stuff my face out of boredom.

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