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Anonymous 11863

do you think you're good looking? what would you rate yourself

Anonymous 11864


4. life sucks.

Anonymous 11865


Anonymous 11866


i can't tell. attractiveness is subjective but if you're objectively speaking i can't tell either. i don't go out rating people and giving them a number on a scale. sometimes i recognize that someone is attractive but i can't say that they're a 9/10 or 7/10 - they are attractive to me. i remember a gay man in my class was fawning over this '10/10' attractive classmate and i thought he was average. he had big fish lips and a cartoony oversized jaw. his nose was oddly shaped. and he had very big bushy eyebrows. i guess that is very attractive to an average gay guy? i really can't tell what is conventionally attractive or good looking. all i see are people and their faces. and i know what ugliness looks like however. usually there is something wrong with their face like their nose is too big, their eyes too small, they have tiny thin lips, or big teeth, or they have a giant 5head. maybe i focus on the facial 'flaws' too much to recognize beauty. i think i notice ugly people more because i have a negative mindset.
a nitpicky incel who obsessed over lookism gave me a 7/10 so i will roll with that

Anonymous 11867

My bf told me I was a 4-7

Anonymous 11868

Leave him

Anonymous 11869

not as bad as yours but mine told me im a 6 or 7.. i know im not a 10 but it still hurts lol

Anonymous 11870

Specifically he told me I was a 10 to him but this is how "other people" would see me

Anonymous 11871

If your bf agrees to rate you numerically leave him

Anonymous 11872

Why would you ask your bf to rate you?

Anonymous 11873

So you can break up with him when he agrees to

Anonymous 11874


A 5-6 but I've odd features due to racial ambiguity I guess. Not plain, but not a super hot face either.
Also HEAVILY dependent on the gender of the person rating me. Ime I'm a gay 6-7 but a straight 4-5 due to height, flat chest, deep voice, and muscles. My appearance confuses straight men since I am otherwise feminine, but gay girls get it.

By face alone I'd say solid 5. But realistically, most people judge the whole package.

I agree that it's subjective, both to the individual and their culture/generation/etc. Hard to say!
All you can do is assume you're hot if you have overwhelming attention and ugly if people hurl abuse at you on the street. Anything else, just live life and you will eventually find someone who has a thing for X trait you possess and finds you a personal 10.

Anonymous 11875

At my best, 7-8, most days probably a 6.

Anonymous 11876

I've had random people come up and tell me I am beautiful for no clear reason, but men have never shown interest in me or approached me.

Anonymous 11877


It do not matter

Anonymous 11878

i think im an attractive person. people show interest in me.

Anonymous 11879

id give my face a 4/10 and my body an 8/10.
i wish i had a better looking face than body as i never wear tight fitting clothes nor does anybody see it other than me so it just feels like a waste.
i cant stand my face, even with makeup its ugly and asymmetrical. i have a huge forehead which is made even worse by the fact my hair is very fine so my bangs barely cover it properly. i think my side profile is okay but i want to get nose and jaw surgery as i wish i had a button nose and a more feminine jaw shape.
im scared that once i meet my ldr boyfriend and he sees how my face looks irl he wont be attracted to me anymore. no guys irl ever showed interest in me until i started wearing makeup, and even then, i only ever had one guy ask me out but he had a girlfriend at the time and clearly only wanted me for sex. i rejected him of course, but it still doesnt feel good that its the only interest somebody has ever had in me other than online.
i havent ever been catcalled or anything like that before either which makes me feel even worse about myself as it seems like most other girls get it a lot, and even though that obviously isnt a good thing and i wouldnt actually want it to happen to me, i overthink it and end up feeling like its all just down to me being too unattractive even in the eyes of gross desperate men who harrass women all day.

Anonymous 11880

I would say a fair 2.5/10. You can’t answer this without factoring in personality though, and once I know I am being observed, it is closer to 1.5/10. (These numbers are according to my personal standards. Men are biological mistakes and any system evaluating their attraction is as worthless as they are.)

Anonymous 11881

There's also gay and bi women

Anonymous 11882

I’m not a lesbian so I don’t see a point to rating myself through their eyes either. The most important opinion is always your own.

Anonymous 11883


Anonymous 11884

I don't go outside so I don't care. You'd probably be better off not concerning yourself with moid-made "metrics" too. Humans aren't objects to be graded.

Anonymous 11885

my ex rated me 8-9 and my now bf rates me 10 but i know im just ok

Anonymous 11886

>All you can do is assume you're hot if you have overwhelming attention and ugly if people hurl abuse at you on the street. Anything else, just live life and you will eventually find someone who has a thing for X trait you possess and finds you a personal 10.
solid insight. i have only met one person who was objectively attractive. he has the strangest stories of strangers throwing themselves at him because of his looks. they're pretty entertaining but also sound like a nuisance too. i think i would rather be a plain jane and blend into the background instead of having attention thrusted upon me like that. i wonder what hideous people go through? do they get ignored or do they get straight out bullied?

Anonymous 11887

6. I’ve gotten everything from 5-10 tho so idk

Anonymous 11888

riding bike.gif

I think at my best I'm a lower 7. I have clear skin, long and thick hair, an hourglass figure, and thick-ish lips.
On the downside, I have hip dips, a stupid shaped face, and a stomach that looks like a crepe because I've had a baby.

I also have L cup boobs, which some people might say is a bonus, but others think they're too big especially since their size makes them saggy and veiny.

Anonymous 11889

>moms post here

Anonymous 11890

it's weird to me that I'm a mom too. I'm pretty much the same person that I was before I had a baby, even though I thought I'd magically become like all the other southern belle 20 something year old moms I know.

Anonymous 11891

i honestly can't tell, sometimes i feel cute in photos but then i look again, or someone takes a photo of me and I feel gross. i would say a 4, im so insecure. I get hit on though sometimes, and i have had a partner but I really feel disgusting most of the time

Anonymous 11892


I've been told that I'm cute and have a nice body but I legitimately have no part of me that I like. I just legit can't stand the way I look. 3/10

Anonymous 11893


i think 3 or 4 at best. i'm not that great looking. i think i look more like a little boy than i do like a woman. overall face is not bad (maybe 5/10) but body wise i'm just a flat board. it sux having no boobs or butt because no matter what guys will always prefer big boobs or big butts and i have neither.

Anonymous 11894


I think I'm a 4/10, 6/10 on a good day…

Anonymous 11895

Face wise, currently 5-6, but I used to be a 7 I'd say when I was skinny (ribs showing and all), because of my retarded, low-defined round jaw.

I have a retarded face that make me look chubby even though I'm thin. The only way to have an attractive face is to be really skinny, so it makes my face features look sharper. It used to be the case few years ago, when I had a much unhealthier lifestyle.

Is the any other unfortunate round faced anons here ?

I don't really care about my body looks, I only care about fitting nice clothing, what moids think about me when I'min swimwear is completely indifferent to me.

Anonymous 11896


id say im a 1/10 tbh LOL im half indonesian and am anorexic with 0 muscle and am around like 155cm ( i wish i was shorter, like 145cm ) im also flat but not too flat, like the largest an a cup can be :/ just an awkward size in my opinion
my skin is literally jaundice colored yet tan i hate it i keep having to take blood tests recommended to be from doctors because everyone thinks im sick but im not i just look like this i really wish i was white like from the bottom of my heart
ive got probably the ugliest face ive ever seen on a non physically disabled person im literally so hideous and my personality does NOT make up for any of it
sorry for being self deprecating i think its really cringe and i hate it too but yeah im a solid 1 lole…

Anonymous 11897

same except i'm east-asian (from a poor family) living in a white european country, it sucks. i hate my face so fucking much and racist people calling me names on the streets doesn't help at all.

Anonymous 11898

>racist people calling me names on the streets doesn't help at all.
Does that happen often? Which country is this?

Anonymous 11899


im >>11896 so ntayrt but it happens to me a lot even if i wear a mask being asian is probably one of the main reasons why i get bullied and harassed you know the ol' chink dog eater and so on not to mention how people treated me at the beginning of covid like i was some sort of diseased monster 0_0 but its no use getting upset about because this is what i'll have to deal with for the rest of my life since im asian and that cannot change unless i do heaps of plastic surgery and i dont have the money for that
im really sorry if im coming off as rude but where are you from if i may ask ?

Anonymous 11900

I'm from the UK. I don't think we really have much anti-Asian sentiment here and I kinda assumed it was the same across most of Europe.

Anonymous 11901

Like a 3/10, even if I lost weight I'd still be plain and brick-shaped

Anonymous 11902

not being too specific to avoid people connecting dots but i live in southern/central europe. you'd be surprised at how casual asian racism is normalized in some places, especially if there's a lot of boomers around (i mean, zoomers/millennials are just as bad, but could be influenced to improve in better)

Anonymous 11903


I'm not sure how to rate myself, but i struggled with body dysmorphia since i was a kid. I aways felt ogrish since i grew up faster than my peers and it stuck through my teens, i used to post a lot of embarassing shit online seeking validation too.

But a few months back something just clicked and i stopped caring. I was just done stressing about being ugly when there were more important things to worry about. I stopped comparing myself to 10/10 girls online and in real life.

And now i just look in the mirror and see a normal woman. I see things i could improve on but i haven't thought of myself as irredeamably ugly and ogrish in a while, i'm even wanting to get into sewing to make clothes in a style i like now that it doesn't feel like a waste!

I'm not sure what exactly made me get better so it's not much help, but i really, really hope some of you can stop being so harsh on yourselves too.

Anonymous 11904


Fat, hairy, acne, lots of pores and ugly teeth but some girls called me cute and want to protect me because of how shy, quiet and kind I am.

Anonymous 11905

6/10 but realistically probably 3/10
I've been trying really hard to improve myself with exercise, skin care and diet

Anonymous 11906

Have you two thought about moving to a city or country where the majority look more like you ethnicity-wise? I've heard from 2nd gen Asians who moved to Asia (not necessarily their family's country of origin) that they felt so much better to be treated like the rest and not having to go through overt racism.

Anonymous 11907


im too poor to go to a different country and too retarded ( like actually ) to go there by studying or whatever its called ; _ ; but thank you for the suggestion nona

Anonymous 11908

I'm ok. Was really pretty in my early 20s but never realized it. I'm a little more curvier with a few lines, no I'm no hag either.

Anonymous 11909

i get this a lot literally whyyyyyy i swear on everything im not wtf is it about my personality or typing style thats tranny-like ? the emoticons ? :( im sorry

Anonymous 11910

NTA I assume it's because you type "overly girly" and use pics of cute anime girls. but I think you just sound very young.

Anonymous 11911

I feel like if someone needs to avoid being "too girly" to avoid being perceived as a man on here that's really fucking paranoid and unfair

Anonymous 11912

I don't know how to rate myself. I can't tell whether I'm good looking or not. Despite all this I think my friends are way prettier than me :(
I'm overweight and always have been, but my fat distribution has saved me from looking like a fattie. At "worst" I look stocky

Anonymous 11913

Body = 7
Face = 5
I am what they call a "butterface"

Anonymous 11914


10/10 easily. I have no real flaws. All my features are moderately proportioned and I am in good shape.

Anonymous 11915

I hate rating people so I don't rate myself. I know I'm good looking and I'm happy with it, that's all I know.

Anonymous 11916

Like 3 or 4/10, maybe a 5 if I lost weight

Anonymous 11917

Oh boy.

When I was underweight I was like an 8. I was like 5’9 120lbs. I was accepted to a modeling agency but I turned it down cause I just idk thought it was dumb.
But I got put on a medication that made me gain mad weight in less than a year. I’m now 187lbs.
So I’d say I’m now a 5-6. At least I have an hourglass figure but the weight makes me look waaaay shorter than I really am.
I’ve tried to lose weight but the meds I’m on make it nearly impossible.
Most of my life I’ve been underweight and now I’m overweight, I don’t feel like this is my body. At all.

Anonymous 11918

i refuse to use a scale because that's shit incels use and i hate applying it to myself as a women and not exactly fond of using it to describe other people either because what would qualify as a 10/10 in my mind subjectively is applied to very few human beings

i would say i'm near average, i have some standout features and some working against me. example of the former, my eyes, eyebrows, freckles maybe my cheekbones. example of the latter, my body type which i personally hate and i feel like i've gained weight, having a moonface and feeling like some of my features are too close set, nose is too big, lips too small philtrum is too long etc. at some intersection between hot and ugly because while it comes together to make an average human being, in my mind, i single out the features i consider ugly or pretty and it offsets my perception of my face, but i guess they come together okay.

my personality is also feeling like i get shoehorned into the quirky eccentric girl box so maybe it makes me less boring idk i think objectively i am as basic as basic does

Anonymous 11919

I think I'm fairly good looking. I'm about 5'5, unsure of my weight but I have a fuller hour glass figure with not a lot of tummy. I'm well proportioned, round face according to the chart, and my hair is quite long at this point.

I'd say it there were things that could be improved on, I would say that my ass could be a little bigger/hips a little wider, my breasts could be a little fuller looking, and a clearer complexion would serve me well

Anonymous 11923

I used to be Plain Jane, and only got, "holy shit wow," comments about my body at amusement parks and stuff. I have a Barbie-like body (skinny and hourglass), but that'd make me uncomfortable 'cause I don't like sexual attention. I identified as butterfaced. Mousy brown, drab flat hair, brown eyes, nothing really stood out. Kind of similar to that "Miss Alice" cam girl, I actually got compared to her one time, and I'd say she was my equal

Then, around the 2011-2012 era, I got into alt fashion (the pink hair and shit), and started growing an online following of people who found me cute

I tend to overcompenstate with HUGE striking hair, but it's worked lol

After I got into makeup, fashion, and hair, and have a more striking look, I usually get told I'm a high 7, low 8 (7.5? lol) but I think i'm a lot lower (like a 4-6) maybe because I know what my base looks like and I have a lot of flaws like - crooked teeth, long nose, thin lips


based lol

Anonymous 11938

4,5. I look even pretty in some lighting if I smile, but monstrous in harsh light.

Anonymous 11941

I've been told I'd be a 10 if I smiled more. I dunno.

Anonymous 11944

West coast 3, regular 5, anime convention 8.

Anonymous 11949

>anime convention 8.

Anonymous 11961

9/10. Only flaws are I'm at the chubby side of acceptable to be stacy mode and I need thick glasses.

Anonymous 12007

Solid 7 according to my ex, I suppose.

Anonymous 12289


>picrel: what i wished i looked like irl
probably a 3/10 or a 2/10 to be honest. get called ugly in public and the whole shebang. not the end of the world though, some people are still genuinely nice to me despite everything wrong with the way i look. tends to be a very small number of people that can get over how i look to be nice to me, but i'll take what i can get i guess. trying to become okay with it because i am trying to get out of a depressive slump right now / hype myself up to interact with people in irl classes this fall
genuinely based and good advice
another round faced anon here, i just cope by not looking at my face with my glasses on most of the time. wearing masks has been a godsend ;-;

Anonymous 12314


I think it's a range of 4-6 for me. Some day I just look a lot better than others. I'll look at myself in the mirror and feel confident and then the next day I'll really wonder why I ever liked my hair or my jawline or whatever. I think on rare occasions I could look better or worse than the 4-6 range, but I think I pretty typically swing between slightly below average to slightly above average.

I don't feel bad. I used to be worse. Weight is really not becoming on a person and I cringe when I see my old fat photos. Also, I've gotten more of a fashion sense.

Anonymous 12319

2/10, overweight, hairy, receded hairline (no not a scrote… Just shit genetics), very visible face asymmetry, thin yellow teeth and overbite, and bad posture. But atleast I have a nice nose I guess. Try to not look in the mirror, and masks for covid have helped alot with my confidence. I think I'll keep wearing one even after covid ends, people are much nicer when they can't see my face.

Anonymous 12385


I basically look like a Russian granny, I am also chubby and generally I hate myself. People called me ugly in school, that was pretty bad, I'm glad adults in professional environments only think that and don't say it (to you).

That said a coworker called me cute last week and it still makes me happy so there is that. It's all relative.

Anonymous 12386

Its all subjective, but in my opinion I think people shouldn't rate themselves a 6 just because it seems like the number you hear a lot when people want to be reasonably modest but also quietly claim they're above average.

we know what conventionally attractive people look like, you just know when you see them.

If I can't see them in person or at least see a picture of them unfiltered myself, a self-rated 6 with no proof tells me nothing

Anonymous 12387

I have the opposite feeling about my hair when down/up in a ponytail. I think my hair looks bland but to me it looks nicer when its up - I think it accentuates my neck which I feel is slender. all in all I still have dry, sometimes slightly frizzy hair with no volume

Anonymous 12393


Solid 9 or 7-8 on a bad day. 10 on a good day. I'm a dancer at a very high end club not to start at SW argument or anything, I have naturally a naturally attractive youthful face (small nose, big lips and eyes, heart shaped, etc) and fit hourglass body and clear skin and my hair is nice thick and healthy. I guess my flaws would be all my health issues and the stuff that stem from it because if I don't workout my ribs and back bones start showing and my hair falls out and I get nasty dark circles, I also have a weird ab and stomach pooch hybrid where I clearly have abs but my low stomach has a tiny fat roll, picrel not me but you get the point. I also take terrible care of myself because I'm on sedatives and will pass out before I can wash my face and brush my teeth. Hips are wide but kinda square if you're really looking to nitpick and I'm only a C cup with small puffy nipples and they're slightly asymmetrical but hey I make a killing so it can't be that bad

Anonymous 12394

My boyfriend rates me a 10, but he is my boyfriend.
I am a tiny little bit above average. I could’ve been really pretty if my nostrils were not so big. I think it is my biggest flaw. My nose shape is nice, i have a small mouth but nice lips, my chin looks a bit weird but no one notices it. I have really big cheeks but people say it makes me look cute. My best feature is my eyes, they might be brown but they are such a nice shade of brown and have such a nice shape, I had so many compliments on my eyes even tho they are not blue nor green and it’s pretty uncommon for people to compliment brown eyes. They are my favorite color ever tho. I love my brown eyes, my brown hair and olive skin. It looks harmonious. Most people might not prefer it, but I do.
My body is okay, I got a small frame, C cups, slender legs, a normal ass, not flat but not big. I like my waist and hips. I have pretty wide hips and I really like that. I never showed it off tho, but I should. People would probably think I look better.
I wish I could look better, but I don’t mind. My boyfriend thinks I’m prettiest.

Anonymous 12403

sure jan

I'm a 5/10. There's nothing really wrong with my appearance, and the things that are above-average aren't super important or noteworthy


>good facial structure (strong jawline)
>good eye shape
>straight nose

Anonymous 12409


I think I look like a cabbage patch kid, but my nose isn't wide. Cute when you're 7 years old, but weird when you're an adult. 3/10 at best.

Anonymous 12418

5 on a normal day. 7-8 if I put effort into my makeup, hair, and fashion. My hair is a mess right now.

Anonymous 12422

Aging hag + crooked teeth + acne + asymmetrical face + butless skinnyfat + veiny feet/spider veins + hairy bellybutton + backne + sparse eyebrows + big chin

Anonymous 12423

Nobody cares about hairy bellybuttons, but you could try to dye your eyebrows, it sometimes makes a big difference.

Anonymous 12448

When I’m skinny like a 6/10 and when I gain weight like 2.5/10

I’m one of those people who looks hideous even with a little bit of extra weight on them, my facial and body bones are very small and my chin is quite weak so I go all skinny fat and double chinny and look like a much uglier version of Cassie from skins (after she got fat irl) when I gain weight. I would love to be more voluptuous but being overweight just doesnt suit me at all

Anonymous 12475

I’ve been told by guys on r9k I’m a 9. And offered modeling jobs so I’d think about a 9; but I’m too autistic to bother with that stuff. Both my parents are good looking normies so it would make sense.

Anonymous 12478

God I wish I was a fucking 9 so much god fucking damn

I honestly have no idea, maybe a hard 5? I try to look at charts and it never makes sense to me

Anonymous 12527

4. I think if I put some effort in I could be a 6 or a 7, but I'm comically bad at self care and too embarrassed of the learning curve to ever actually try and learn makeup (I avoid looking in the mirror in general so it would be harder).
When people compliment me it's usually about my dress sense or my personality. Maybe it's just a cope, but I prefer that to being hypothetically complimented on my looks. Being a 10 will fade with time, and you would have to watch in horror as your number decreases by the day in the mirror. Add some wrinkles to me and I look more or less the same, ratings-wise.

Anonymous 12528


>all the self hate in this thread

Anonymous 12548

That image does not have anything to do with self-hate, it's about mean people.

Anonymous 12550

probably a 7/10. I always refer to it as small town pretty. In my small town I'm quite attractive and get a lot of attention, in a large city i'm quickly out shined by modelesque women who actually know about fashion and have money lol

Anonymous 12559

Italian 4, London 6 and a Welsh 9.

Anonymous 12746

in my country no one looks at me but once I go to Europe a lot of guys try to hit on me, I don't understand, I thought I was objectively ugly.

Anonymous 12747

I used to be good looking but then I gained thirty pounds XD? My bad for eating during a pandemic

Anonymous 12804


Anonymous 12827

What is this from? I can’t find it

Anonymous 12839

Thank yew >.<

Anonymous 12972

>On the downside, I have hip dips
How is this a bad thing??
It's like having dimples on your cheek, a lot of people think they're cute and would kill for them.

Anonymous 13201

I feel like I generally have some good features, but I find it really hard to rate myself because a lot of my features don't have a clear consensus of being good or bad.
For example, some people really love my race and others don't find it appealing at all. That's something that makes a big difference depending on who you ask.
Another thing is that I am really short and get mistaken for underage, which I don't see as an ugly feature but it does mean that a lot of people around my own age or older don't see me as attractive. I don't know if I should remove points for that?

Anonymous 13208

They mean violin hips, not back dimples.

Anonymous 13230


I think she means having dips on the sides of hips, not dimples of venus.

Pic related

Anonymous 13231

>hip dips
Do men actually give a shit about this? I don't think i ever saw any moid care about hip dips, like ever.

Anonymous 13237

I don't think moids ever pay enough attention to details like that to explicitly state they find hip dips unattractive, but they might refer to women who don't have hip dips as "hotter" than the ones who have them without being able to explain the difference.

Anonymous 13260


i don't know why this idea that hip dips are ugly
to me hip dops are supe rhot, accentuate the shape of the lower body and make the legs look super good

Anonymous 13261

Nono, I know what hip dips are, and those are exactly what I meant. I only used dimples as an example because a lot of people want dimples because they look cute. I think hip dips are nice? And I've honestly never seen moids complain about them, I don't even think most of them notice or care.

Anonymous 13323


I'm a redhead with darker red/auburn hair, freckles, and pale blue eyes and weight less than 110 lbs, and I'm apparently higher than average. Throughout high school, lots of boys had crushes on me (albeit a vast majority of them were nerdy) but I was too naive/sheltered to do anything about it. The guys that were interested in me tried to pursue me sometimes, but that interested faltered when they actually talked to me due to my shy and awkward personality. I had a longterm high school boyfriend that told me exactly this: that if not for my personality I would probably be a lot more popular. I still don't find myself attractive whatsoever though.

Anonymous 13324

I like my figure. I'm really short (5 feet tall), but very proportional (waist-hip ratio, etc), so I'm compact and cute. My face is meh (big nose, long face), but I think my styling overall helps me looked put together and mostly OK.

Anonymous 13357

i was never really happy with myself but i get a lot of compliments whenever i go anywhere so i guess i am attractive to other people

Anonymous 13358

i don't give a shit anymore tbh. Well, the last time I've been called ugly is when i was in middle school, so I guess it doesn't count, right?

Anonymous 13359

a lot of people hve called me ugly in the past, im married now to a realy handsome man and i feel very lucky he finds something beautiful about me.

Anonymous 13402

7/10 on my best day, maybe. I'm 6'2" with a flat chest, so basically I have to be somebody's fetish for any moid (or woman) to look at me.

Anonymous 13403

you mean catwalk model stature while not attracting moids because you're tall? sounds like a dream

Anonymous 13404

6'2", but yeah. Never done modeling though, lol. Maybe I should try it.
Most moids don't like it when a woman is equal to or taller than them, but the ones who do like it, REALLY like it.

Anonymous 15769

Based on the comments I received throughout my life people perceive me as attractive. Personal rating would be that I look fine.

Anonymous 15811

5/10 at best, I'm just a dorky nerd and look like it, awkward proportions, glasses, hair I can't do anything with, etc. My best features are mostly clear skin despite never wearing makeup and having a normal weight/height. I'm honestly jealous that most girls can look pretty and feminine without really trying. But can't be too mad since I managed to find a relationship, some guys will settle for anything I guess.

Anonymous 15907

realistically a 4 but i'm fine with it bc that's my favorite number

Anonymous 15908

sometimes ugly sometimes pretty sometimes hideos sometimes very pretty so id say 6/10

Anonymous 15909

based (based on numerology)

Anonymous 15913


2/10. I thought I was higher because of online stuff, but after consistently being called ugly to my face, being told I look like a man, creepy, like a dog chewed up my face, etc., I realize that I don't look normal.

Oh. And apparently I don't even count as a woman because I've never been crept on once by a man? As I've gotten older, the insults have shifted to 100% apathy. No man has said anything to me in years.

Like I thought this was normal and fine. But people keep acting like it's only a matter of time until a guy creeps on me for the first time and I'm told online that it's only because I don't go outside (I have gone out 100s of time since january, including to clubs with a friend). So, because of that, I feel like I must be even more hideous than I thought I was.

I feel kind of delusional for having a small arc towards feeling like I must feel ok. I should have spent the time and money I spent on trying to improve my awful looks on other, more meaningful and sustainable things.

Sry about venting. I'm just wishing I could make myself not care. It's not totally a bad thing that men ignore my entire existence now but getting out of the mindset that I must look straight up hideous…that's much harder.

Anonymous 15914

You don't have to be sorry about venting at all. I am wishing bad luck on everyone that's been horrible to you over something so shallow.

Anonymous 15932

i am ugly and cute
i dont know how i would rate myself with a number

Anonymous 15945

I think I'm a 5. Pretty ordinary. Maybe 6 just because I'm American and not overweight. When I was in my 20s I was really into makeup and fashion and then I think I was a 7 or 8. Now my makeup skills are shit and it's too much to put on a full face every day.

Anonymous 15963


I'm probably one of the ugliest women here. It makes me sad thinking about how different my life could have been if I were average looking. A life full of fun and friends instead of torment and misery. I wouldn't be the silent bug in every corner. Maybe I'd even have a boyfriend. It hurts to dwell on it for too long. I'm beginning to resent beauty. All this, for…?

Anonymous 15971

if you're still around anon, it's boardwalk empire season 3.

Anonymous 16012

4 or 5. Below average because of my posture. Higher on days I do makeup. Learning to love myself and my body/face despite my plain appearance.

Anonymous 16020

Ugly even hideous people have friends and partners too. Sure being attractive makes your life easier in some regards but you shouldn't hold yourself back in the assumption you can't have friends, can't have a boyfriend because you're ugly. Your mindset is holding you back more than your looks are.

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