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What sunscreen do you guys use? Anonymous 12359

Anonymous 12360

None because I don't leave the house. Should I still be wearing some?

Anonymous 12365

No need unless you sit close to a window all day and don't own blinds or curtains.

I use a Nivea face sunscreen, it's cheap and a good dupe for the popular Japanese sunscreens.

Anonymous 12368

None because affordable ones have toxic shit and decent ones are really expensive. I'd rather leave the beach for winter and stay home in summer as much as I can.

Anonymous 12374


I’ve been using this for several years now. All American chemical sunscreens make my skin sting. This one doesn’t irritate my skin or leave a white tint. It makes you a little shiny but it’s nothing that powder can’t fix.

Anonymous 12377

Thanks, anon. I'll check it out.

Anonymous 12417

I use this too! It might be because I put it on thickly like regular sunscreen, but even on my pale skin it has a pearly white tint. My favorite is anessa, I just can’t afford it anymore.

Anonymous 12424

I used to use the Biore watery essence but now I use the Skin Aqua Super Moisture. Both are great, but I prefer the Skin Aqua one.

Anonymous 16063


Lately I've been really into trying different sunscreens. I really like the cetaphil sheer mineral face. The white cast isn't too harsh and it's not greasy. If anything it can be a bit drying on me, but I still really like it.

Anonymous 16698


pic rel. i also noticed its helped with my redness/seb derm skin issues
i'm trying to find a good stick version one that i can apply easily during the day. any recs?

Anonymous 16699

I recently bought Hado Labo's AM all-in-one SPF 50 moisturizer. I still have a few days' worth of my previous subscreen so I haven't used it yet. I'm a little worried about it being in a pot instead of a tube, but I'll just have to be careful.

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