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Healthy Recipes Exchanges and Tips Anonymous 124

Hey miners!

Let's share yummy healthy recipes, tips on doing them (or doing it better), opinions, experiences, all the good stuff.

Anonymous 125


The OP pic I used is same as pic related, Daikon/Raddish noodles.

I am addicted to noodles and I've been loking for alternatives. Whenever I do Zoodles, they get mushy and not as good as I was anticipating. So now I'll try to make daikon noodles, has anyone ever tried it? Or do any of you have any tricks/tips on how to cook non-soggy zoodles?


Anonymous 126

>do any of you have any tricks/tips on how to cook non-soggy zoodles?
Just…cook them for less time than you've been doing?

Anonymous 127


I've been sautéing up some garlic kale and eating it in spaghetti. It's super fast and easy and makes me feel like I'm eating healthy!

>handful of Kale
>splash of olive oil
>4-6 cloves garlic (minced)
>butter and parmesan optional

>Prepare the spaghetti according to package

>meanwhile, mince the garlic, rinse the kale, and then remove the stems and chop up the kale into small pieces
>heat up olive oil on medium heat
>throw the garlic in with the oil and cook it until the garlic gets all small and fragrant
>throw in the kale and cook it until it gets softer (I taste test it but it's probably like 5ish minutes or so, maybe I could cook it longer though)
>melt butter into the pasta and mix in the kale stuff, top with parmesan and enjoy your super adult tier dinner

Anonymous 128


I don't even cook them, anon lol

Anonymous 129

are you allergic to shirataki noodles?

Anonymous 130


I am not, I actually really like them, tbh. I like the chewiness. However, they are super expensive in my country. Bummer :(

Anonymous 131


Kale anon here. Tried this recipe out recently and I'm super happy with the results!

>6 eggs

>Chop the onion and garlic

>Sautee onion and garlic, then add the Kale and cook until it gets soft
>Butter a pie dish and pour the Kale in
>Stir in 6 beaten eggs
>Add salt and pepper or whatever
>Top with cheese
>Bake at 400 F for 25-30 minutes

Anonymous 132


Wow anon! Coincidentally, I did something super similar yesterday/today! The differences was that instead of kale (not a fan) I used spinach, mushrooms, peas, pepper and onions. Also put a bit of creamy cheese with the eggs and beat them together.

It was super yummy! I reccomend it! I also like it's versatility, you can choose any fillings.

Anonymous 133

For zoodles and the like I usually mix them with normal noodles (like 1/3 noodles and 2/3 zoodles) and I cook them for a very short amount of time (basically throw them in at the very end just long enough to get them hot).

With the meat and extra veggies I usually mix i, it makes the actual noodle content pretty low. I haven't tried daikon radish ad a cooked noodle, but I love pickled daikon radish noodles to add to a salad or eat alone.

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