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overpriced and overshilled garbage thread Anonymous 12426

Have you guys used Olaplex? What are your thoughts on Olaplex treatments?

People are shilling this shit like it's the second coming of Christ. i've tried the 3 step system no less than 4 times now and it has done virtually nothing to my hair. i switched to the Aphogee 2 step system and it's like night and day. Aphogee is amazing yet it gets no love from the haircare community in comparison. is it because it's not gatekept by license required shops? plus it's not $200 for 16 oz.

Anonymous 12433

people probably convince themselves it does more than it does because they paid so much for it, sunk cost fallacy and all that. i'm glad you found something that works for you!

Anonymous 12891

I had a treatment of this when I got Japanese straightening and my hair turned out nice. I don't know how much that was down to the Olaplex though.

Anonymous 14433

I like their products, they work well. Idk if it's worth the hype, but it works.

Anonymous 14434

What products do you use? I just have the no. 7 bonding oil and I have no idea how to use it, I feel like an idiot

Anonymous 14854

my MIL is a very high earning hair stylist and salon owner and she advised my the only olaplex product that is worth my money is the no.8 hair mask once weekly. i have seen amazing improvement of the texture of my hair and it really has seemed to help repair my hair. i have medium length blonde straight relatively thin hair.

Anonymous 15094

I've only used the step 3 and i agree with you, it did nothing and the bottle is so tiny. I've followed the instruction and all, but it's a complete waste of money. I think it was shilled online by paid influencers.

Anonymous 15107

The No. 3 worked well for me for a leave in conditioner after showering, but apparently now its linked to cancer and reproductive issues. I think it's just No. 3 though.

Anonymous 15110

I started using it home too. I didn’t get much of a result using 3 by itself for a short period but using a generous amount of 0 and 3 together and wrapping a plastic bag over my hear for about 6 hours really counteracted the dryness and frizziness from dying my hair.

If your hair is not damaged already it’s probably not going to do much. Avoiding colouring your hair and using heat and general damage in the first place will always be better though.

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