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Daily Makeup/Skin Care Routine Anonymous 1258

Post what you honestly wear on a daily basis (or at least the days you leave your house if you're unemployed this summer).

Which makeups brands/products do you reach for every day? Do you keep up a skin care routine even on days you skip make up? Discuss.

Anonymous 1259

Nothing. I have skin issues (dermatitis), so I only wear foundation on special occasions. When I used to work, I wore mascara and tinted lip balm on a daily basis. Now I'm a NEET, so no use for makeup most of the time…

Anonymous 1261

OP's routine

>Josie Maran Argan Oil for skin prep
>Faithful drugstore foundation w/ salicylic acid
>Generic colored face powder (currently using wet'n wild)
>Hourglass finishing powder
>Hourglass ambient highlights
>Brown shadow from Tartelette palette for brows
>double sided mascaras (currently using Estee Edit)
>NYX liquid liner
>most days I grab a little peachy + brightening shade from any random palette

>Lush 9-5 cleanser
>Origins Mushroom Cleanser
>Origins Mushroom Soothing Lotion
>Origins Mushroom Serum + cream

Anonymous 2890

Anonymous 2937

>wipe face with micellar water on a cotton pad (Vichy)
>spray witch hazel (Thayer's)
>use a couple of drops of rosehip seed oil
>moisturize (Clean & Clear)
>Vaseline under eyes/around dry spots by my nose and on my lips
>sunscreen (Biore)
>tightline with NYC HD waterproof liner in black
>line very very close to the lashline, and only on the outer 1/3 of the eye, with the same liner
>NYC eye and brow pencil in dark brown a tiny bit below my bottom lashline
>use the same pencil on my brows
>Covergirl NaturalLash (clear mascara) on my lashes and brows
>Maybelline instant age rewind on some (very faded) PIH on my cheeks/forehead and a bit under my brows
>I usually never conceal my dark circles because I love how they look, but if I've been up literally all night it's a bit frightening
>Burt's Bees suede splash as blush (I'll rub it on my ring finger, then dab it onto my cheeks and blend with my fingers)
>Rosebud Salve on the tops of my cheekbones and tip of my nose
>some lip liner that's basically the same as my normal lip colour, if my lips are looking a bit washed out, and rosebud salve on top. If I'm missing a lot of colour or if my outfit is very monochromatic I'll put on the Burt's bees lip crayon in redwood forest (I color the center of my lips and dab outwards with my finger)
>spray face again with witch hazel

It takes me <10 min and looks very natural. I also love how cheap my routine is. Sometimes I see people with a full face at school and I wonder how expensive it is for them in terms of both time and money.

>remove makeup with micellar water
>spray with witch hazel
>vaseline under eyes and on lips

Before bed
>cleanse with CeraVe hydrating
>Lush lip scrub (the mint one)
>The Ordinary zinc/niacinamide
>The Face Shop rice ceramide emulsion
>vaseline under eyes and on lips

Anonymous 2947

Wash my face with water. Spray on Lush's toner (Eau Roma water) or SK-II essence (Lush if Im going to the gym, SK-II for after shower/ no gym day). Then a moisturizer. Line my eyes with either Shu Uemura eyeliner, or Maybelline's gel eyeliner (always black). Put a lipstick on if I feel like it.

At night:
Most of the times: Just wash my face with water and call it a day.

Very few times: wash face with micellar water or micellar gel, Kiehl's eye cream, Clinique night cream, lip serum (by Fresh).

Cant wear foundation/bb cream because I feel uncomfortable with it. Feels like I'm wearing a mask.

Anonymous 2983

Okay, for mornings.

>Biotherm Micelar water with a cottonpad

>Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream
>Philosophy Renewed Hope in a jar eye cream

>Laura Geller mattifying primer

>Giorgio Armani Master Corrector
>Elizabeth Arden Brow Shaper
>Lancôme Teint Miracle Pressed Powder(lasts so damn well, but NEEDS primer underneath or it will look bad.)
>Elizabeth Arden/Inglot/Chanel/Dior/Estee Lauder palette, I switch up my eye makeup daily
>Kanebo Sensai Liquid Eyeliner, black or brown depending in palette I am using that day or Elizabeth Arden Smoky Eyes pencil
>Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara(It is so fucking good, I love this) or YSL Volume Effet Faux
>Dior Diorblush Contour(Got it at a sale, literally used it daily for over a year and it's still 1/2 full)
>KANEBO Control Finish Powder to set the Master Corrector
>Skindinavia Oil Control Finishing Spray

I barely do my lips, I have about 20 lipsticks but they need too much attention during the day to look good for my taste.

>Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean mask once every two weeks
>Biotherm Biosource Purifying Make Up Removing Milk
>Biotherm Biosource 24H
>Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream
>Philosophy eye cream

It's very mismatched product choices, but it works for me great. I wash my face without makeup just the same as I would with makeup. The reason for the expensive taste, is that my skin is extremely sensitive due to Dyshidrotic Eczema that causes my skin to get itchy, also outside of my limbs, to the point I scratch it off.

Looking still for a chemical exfoliate that works with sensitive skin.

Anonymous 14948


Anonymous 14949

Thank you for bumping!
This thread looks fun :)

Pitiful morning skin care:
I wipe off the speared eyeshadow from the day before with make up remover, then slap some cerve moisturizer on.

Make up:
>Concealer (elf) for covering under eyes / light contour
>Brown eyeliner (HEROINE MAKE)
>Any brown eyeshadow to smudge liner
>Mascara (pixie)
>Lip gloss (laneige)

No night skincare, clearly

Anonymous 14951

first of all this is going to sound gross but i never used to wash my hands before going in to wash my face. i never thought to do it i guess. once i started doing that two years ago my skin has changed drastically. anyway
>wash hands
>wash face with cetaphil and warm water
>3 drops hyaluronic acid
>spf something moisturizer i forget
>mixed with 1 drop bio oil
for makeup i do black bold liner or black eyeshadow, always changing it up and just a dark brown dip brow with black eyeshadow on the tails.
>same exact thing
>sometimes ill do tretinoin
>benzoyl peroxide on spots
>castor oil on hairline/brows/lashes
probably basic as all hell

Anonymous 14956

>cetaphil gentle skin cleanser
>byphasse rose water toner
>hyaluronic acid serum (whatever is cheapest at the chemist honestly)
>cerave moisturising cream for dry to very dry skin
>the same hyaluronic serum to plump my lips
>neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sunscreen

>Rimmel lasting radiance concealer under my eyes
>max factor shimmery lipstick on my cheeks as a light blush
>blend with translucent lose powder
>maybeline colossal big shot mascara
>darker shade of eyeshadow as a base and shimmery light shade in the inner corner of the eye (usually with nyx “one night in Paris” pallet)
>brush out and lightly line eyebrows
>use same shade as eyebrow liner for lip liner
>revlon lipstick in the shade “wine with everything”

>remove makeup with l’orreale micelar water
>cetaphil gentle skin cleanser again
>byphasse rose water toner again
>beauty glam retinol serum
>cerave moisturising cream for dry to very dry skin
>body lotion after showering ALWAYS

once a week:
>same cleansing as every night
>kate summerville intensive exfoliating treatment
>wait about half an hour
>A313 retinol pommade

Anonymous 14957

do you use tret to treat acne or as anti aging? Either way how do you find it? I've been using retenoids for about six months and nothing else has helped me better with acne, would you recomnend switching to tret for a more intensive treatment?

Anonymous 14958

i use it for both i guess because i just put a thin layer over my whole face. mostly with acne in mind though. i got it as a prescription cause i told my doctor my acne was painful and problematic, potentially cystic, and i had troubles with picking at it to the point i just had gaping holes all over my face. and i was like 22 at the time, so it wasnt just regular teenage acne. anyways, i have never used retinoids but i love the changes ive seen in my skin since using benzoyl peroxide on spots and tretinoin on my whole face, so i would highly recommend it. i now get one blemish every 2-3 weeks usually due to 2wearing a mask at work…and the texture has improved a lot too, even with all the picking scars i have soft clear skin.

Anonymous 14960

Bear with me, I’m in my late 20s trying to figure out skincare for the first time. I used to only wash my face when I showered, which was once a week (at best).

If I’m going out, SPF Rx Ultra-Clear Daily Skin Hydrator (this is the only sunscreen I have been able to find that doesn’t irritate my eyes. It also works super well)
If I’m staying in, Kiel’s ginger leaf and hibiscus firming mask

Wash face with cold water and the Ordinary squalene cleaner
Let face air dry while brushing teeth
Put drops of Hylamide sensitive fix on any irritation
Put some drops of the Ordinary B5 + amino acids all over
Use one of the sample eye creams I’m trying to use up under my eyes
Use the Ordinary moisturizer on face
Use one of the sample moisturizers I’m trying to use up on neck
Use hand lotion and cuticle salve
Put a liberal amount of Blistex medicated lip ointment on before bed
If I have an acne spot coming in (rare now that I started my routine), I will wet a cotton pad with witch hazel and stick it over the area for as long as I can.

I am pretty happy I have finally found products that don’t irritate my skin. I was so demoralized through all the trial and error that I almost gave up and returned to just using water only. I’m going to try adding in mandelic acid next because even though my skin in mostly calm and clear, it doesn’t feel as soft as I would like. Wish me luck!

Anonymous 14974

Early 30s, minimal make up.

1. gokujyun moisturizer
2. biore aqua sunscreen
3. eyeliner
4. gel eye shadow (just a slight pink shimmer)
5. mascara on eyelashes and lightly on eyebrows.

No blush or anything since I wear a mask all day anyway.

Anonymous 15039

SOS–my skin is completely disgusting and as bad as it has ever been. I'm in my late 20s.

I probably have dozens of cysts, orange-peel textured skin, red PIE scars all over the place, and even a few whiteheads. For a while I've gone without using lotion because I literally don't even know what one doesn't break me out (cerave definitely does) but I woke up with paper-feeling skin and so many more dry patches alongside the pre-existing wounds from acne not healing.

I'm desperate. I do have certain things like rosehip oil, tretinoin (which I was trying to use but my skin just got way worse), and vaseline. What should I do? Like should I not use anything for a few weeks and see if it just bounces back normally?

Anonymous 15040

try product from here:


if you have orange peel skin you need a moisturiser (even if you skin is oily)

put acne patches on spots

keep a food diary to see if certain things cause your skin to flair up

Anonymous 15078

have any miners here tried the eczema honey cleanser? i have eczema on my face and im working on being healthy to try and get rid of it but i need a product to help in the mean time. right now i use a bar of dove sensitive skin to wash my face and that works better than cerave or cetaphil but still leaves my skin a tad bit dry.

Anonymous 15080

eyebrowpecil (without it I'm a naked mole rat)
mascara (same)
blush (look like a corpse without it)
I also used to use eyeliner for years but I kinda fell out of that habit/look idk

Anonymous 15109


oof, I kind of tried (I got cetaphil gentle cleanser and the baby cream from cerave) and my skin is still going wild with dry patches and cysts especially on the bottom half.
I have my tret on hand and I'm only using it once every few days at most and I'm scared of stopping because maybe I'm just purging or something.

I can't tell if I'm allergic to something in the products or I finally came down with fullblown PCOS–which would explain why tf my facial hair looks so long (it's just blond so it's invisible/easy to ignore).

Anonymous 15158

my skin is pretty oily, i use kiko milan translucent powder to keep it under control but i think it makes me too matt so anything i could use to look more natural?

Anonymous 15162

I don't know about your skincare routine but I'm assuming you have one that suits you? If not, you should try to find one that fits first.
Makeup wise now, what about liquid foundation? I know it can seem counter intuitive but a mat foundation once mixed in with your natural oil will leave a more satin/dewy finish after a bit of wear.
That's what I do, I use the maybelline mat and poreless in a thin layer with a sponge and after around 30 mins to 1h, it looks less matte and way more natural and shiny. But I might also be less oily than you, since my skin tend to be more normal with an oily tendency.

As for powder, maybe one that give more of a satin/dewy finish ? just like the foundation?

Anonymous 15184


i confess that my skincare routine is kind of allover the place bc i'm testing out stuff but main ones are a lotus flower cleansing milk by nivea, hc and niacinamide by the ordinary, neutrogena hydroboost gel or nivea sun shine control (pic)

also i'm trying few stuff out and trying to finish them like the 0.5% retinol in squalane by the ordinary and vitamin c for a few discolorations…also when i run out of the cleansing milk i think i'm going to give a try to the cerave foaming cleanser or the sa one to try and get rid of textured skin

(critiques are welcome by everyone)

Anonymous 15260

I literally just started putting on sunscreen a couple days ago. what do i do for skincare???

Anonymous 15261

Unpopular opinion but don't fix what's not broken. If your skin isn't dry or other issues then you don't need skincare.

Anonymous 15268

The basic of skincare is cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen in that order. Of course makeup remover at the beginning if needed.
That being said, >>15261 is right, if you have nice skin, taking care of it won't be hard.

Anonymous 15279


Splash face with water, use toners (Kikkumasamune Sake Toner and Hada Labo premium toner), moisturizer (Nature Republic 92% aloe Vera gel), and then sunscreen sometimes (Biore aqua rich). Oh and Burts bees lip balm
Cleanser (Hada Labo Hyaluronic Foam cleanser), toners, moisturizer
Also I don't wear makeup and I'm on mobile so I'm not sure if these are the correct product names

Anonymous 15367

All I do is use a neutral ph solid soap and virgin olive oil or coconut oil.

Anonymous 15368

Most few pimples I have are due to my diet when I eat like shit.

I had my share of acne but I grew out of it and now I have nice skin so this "skin care" is more than enough.

Anonymous 15369

I do love to take care of my lips tho. I exfoliate regularly and I use a lot of lip balms. I love lipsticks so I do need to take more care of my lips because its the only makeup I us

Anonymous 15372

I bought some dollar store eye shadow because I miss looking cute every day. The highlight color isn't very pigmented but the pink and brown shades show up well enough for me. I'm happy becauase my husband was like "I don't know exactly what's different about your eye makeup but it looks sexy and I like it." Yay!

Anonymous 15421


honest question…how much skin texture is normal? can I maybe get an example pic of normal skin in bad lighting?
imo, I think my skin looks like an orange peel sometimes but it's hard to tell if it's my extreme insecurity or what. alternatively, maybe it's just how shiny my skin is that makes my texture look much worse.

Anonymous 15425


We have been gaslight by social media -especially the past few years- into thinking that airbrushed skin or faces with filters are the norm. That's something you really have to keep in mind; even the smallest pimples, larger pores, etc. can and often are edited out.
We all have skin texture and it's just as diverse as all other aspects of our bodies. Your skin looking like "an orange peel" is normal! Skin has texture!
Maybe popping by r/SkincareAddiction and having a look at some posts there will help, or some other websites that try to spread awareness about it.

Anonymous 15464


In my teens I was extremely self-conscious about my skin texture especially when I did my makeup. I thought that surely I was doing something wrong because those beauty youtubers had the smoothest skin whereas I could see lines and pores everywhere. I often spent an entire hour in front of a magnifying mirror, picking at my skin and extracting blackheads (which obviously made my skin worse).

Turns out it was just lies : filters, lighting, extreme amounts of makeup to hide what normal skin actually looks like. What we often describe as texture are pores or hair follicles : for every hair on your body, you have a tiny hole that it peaks through. Even though your face isn't hairy there are still pores there - actually humans have on average 5 million of them on their body. They are there to protect your skin from bacterias, clean up deadcells and most importantly produce sebum so that you're skin stays hydrated. This moisture is very important for your skin's health : when you get older, your skin produces less sebum and this dryness is the cause of skin aging, wrinkles etc. So pores are pretty neat and helpful !

Picrel is my skin fresh out of bed, before doing any skincare or even splashing my face with water. As you can see it's a bit greasy so the pores are very visible from up close, aswell as blackheads and little bumps, or milia under the eyes. I have pretty good and clear skin but it will never be perfectly smooth, and it's normal !

99% of people won't see your skin up close, but rather from at least a 1 meter distance where pores or blackheads aren't noticeable at all. I try to not look at my face that close anymore because it will only highlight texture and what's 'wrong' with it. Keep in mind that bathroom lighting can also emphasize texture.

You should also check out the instagram @celebface which shows close up of celebrities. Even people that spend up to tens of thousands of dollars a month on skincare, treatments, procedures and have access to the best dermatologists have texture, large pores, blackheads, pimples, fine lines… They don't want you to see it, that's why everything is filtered these days. But it's here and even if they try everything to make it disappear, they can't because it's just how skin is.

Anonymous 15465

that insta is editing photos to make them look worse. i forget how it's done but you change one of the levels in photoshop and everyone looks cakey with huge pores. some people really don't have large pores naturally. most people do have pores like you do though

Anonymous 15474

Your skin's amazing! That's what my skin looks like fresh after washing, a week after diligent skincare and masks etc.

Anonymous 15761

recently I got an overnight treatment (Cerave's) and I realize that after a few days of use, there's tiny whiteheads in my usual problem area (around mouth, jaw, chin) which I never get normally. Is this probably an indication that I'm breaking out from it–not purging? My skin is extremely congested and it's the first time I'm using such acids like lactic/glycolic.

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