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Female Reproductive System Anonymous 1288

Information, questions, advice, tips and tricks etc.


>menstrual cycle
>birth control
>gyno visits
>vagina talk

Anonymous 1289

I don't want to start this thread off on a scary or gross note but oh well. Warning: the description is a bit graphic.

Has anyone else noticed little blood clots during their period? I'm under the impression this didn't happen in the past but i'm not sure if I've only just started noticing or if I've previously mistaken them as just darker bits of blood. Anyways they don't really fall onto my pad, it's usually only when I use the washroom that I notice blood clots that either sink directly to the bottom or sometimes float a bit in the toilet? They're never very big but google only shows huge clots that are cause for concern so I don't know if I should see my gyno over this.

Also, have any of you experienced their period becoming very short in their early 20's. I had regular 4-5 day periods throughout my teens but in recent months it hasn't been lasting for more than 48 hours. Again I tried googling but the results were weirdly varied and a few pages were literally like "2 day periods = vagina cancer" ?

Anonymous 1290

>warning: the description is a bit graphic
>I get clots

lmao, oh Anon, I don't mean to patronise you or anything, that's just super cute.
Yes clotting is totally normal and healthy and it happens to every woman, although the quantity and regularity varies from individual to individual. All it is is a combination of your shed uterine lining mixed with congealed blood, and I'm sure that everybody in their 20's has experienced by now "that one time I got a huge one".

>also, have any of you experienced their period becoming very short in their early 20's

I'm 25 now but yeah, my periods have become considerably lighter and quite a bit shorter too. I remember in my teens I would regularly have days where I was wearing both a tampon and a maxi pad that I would have to change every hour, the flow was that heavy, and this would go on for 9 sometimes 10 days straight. These days I can just wear a single tampon for a couple of hours and my cycle only lasts 4-6 days.

Anonymous 1291

One word: Discharge.
So annoying I want to kill ugh

Anonymous 1292

Random but I can predict how big the clot that comes out on my cycle by how painful my cramps are. Hasn't failed me yet.

Anonymous 1293

I have the worst periods ever, had them this way since i was 9, never got any lighter eventhough i am 20.
They quite literally leave me crippled and unable to do anything for the first and sometimes second day other than laying in bed screaming my guts off because of the unbearable pain.
I cannot even walk because of how painful they are. They are also incredibly bloody, so i have to change my pad like every 2 hours or by the hour.
Went to the gyno because, well cannot live with something that cripples me. She made some examinations and said everything was normal. Last ultrasound i got showed i had some cysts, but they apparently were of 0 importance and not related to the pain, according to her.
She put me on the pill, but it took my period away entirely while still having pain when it was supposed to come, and basically i got every possible side effect while taking them for 3 months.
Honestly, what i found works best is taking some strong ibuprofen, followed by a very strong chamomille infusion and putting one of those bags you fill with boiling water on my stomach. It doesn't really take it away, but it makes it bearable enough to live a normal life.

I read that apparently caffeine makes them more painful? I drink coffee everyday, but would be willing to stop for a week a month if this is true.

Any other stuff that is good to take away the pain or have less murder-house tier periods?

Anonymous 1294

That sounds like a little more than dysmenorrhea Anon. You considered that you might have endometriosis?

Anonymous 1295

I'm going to start taking BC soon since I'm going to get married. Do I really need to get my hormones checked before that? This will be my 1st time going on BC and idk what to do. I got my hormones/uterus/everything checked in Jan and I was absolutely normal, but I don't think I can get an appointment again at the moment. I don't need to see a doctor to get BC in my country, so friends have recommended me certain BC pills.
Will I fuck myself over if I just pick one based on friends recommendations? Thanks in advance!

Anonymous 1296

Clots are normal, anon! No worries unless you start feeling any kind of unusual pain or bleeding way too much.

Anonymous 1297

Exactly how can you tell when it is way too much blood though?

Anonymous 1298

If it was too much you'd either be anaemic or dead.

Anonymous 1299

I used to have periods so bad I'd lay in bed for hours crying and nothing worked ranging from heating pads to ass much pain killers I could take without getting sick. I got my period at like 9 or 10 but it never got that bad till i was like 14. I'd miss classes in high school and uni over it and the size of the clots would sometimes make the cramps even worse than they already were.. I got on birth control recently and all that has finally stopped and I feel way better than I have in years.

Plenty of people get clots. As long as they aren't the size of your hand or something they're normal.

Anonymous 1300

I really need to book a smear test now I'm old enough for one but last time the doctor had to prod around in my vagine it REALLY hurt me and made me feel v triggered lol

Sorry to be gay but idk my vagine really dislikes everything and everyone and REEEEE

Anonymous 1301

I know it's meme advice but the key to reducing any potential pain during examination is to just relax. Inhale deeply and slowly through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Anonymous 1302

This is really random advice to hand out but I would really recommend trying the depo provera shot to anyone who wants reduce their periods. I started taking it for birth control a year ago and my periods completely stopped after the third one. Basically I was like >>1299 and now I'm period free and loving it.

You get weird spotting for a few months, and obviously not everyone's bodies will respond the same and some people will get worse side effects and have to stop using it. But you don't have to take it every day like the pill.

I'm just really happy not having to deal with period stuff anymore.

Anonymous 1303

I really don't want babies, to the point that I have a consultation booked for sterilisation, but in case they won't allow it I'm looking at other methods.
I don't want to fuck around with systemic hormonal methods because I'm already on antidepressants and I don't want to upset things any further. Plus I was on the pill for about six months when I was 16 and it made me fat and stupid, I wouldn't be able to mentally deal with weight gain right now

Anonymous 1304

I'm on the shot and for a while I was spotting or bleeding nonstop but now I have no periods at all. It feels great.

Anonymous 1305

You could always get a nonhormonal IUD.

Anonymous 1306

I really want to get an IUD but Im scared shitless that is going to hurt a LOT (ive read about it online).

anons with IUDs here, how much did it really hurt?

Anonymous 1307

Im in the same boat with you anon. Im young but trying to get a tubal ligation desperately as well. Have you checked out http://www.thechildfreelife.com ? They have great resources and a list of doctors who are known to unbiasedly perform tubal ligations. They have the doctors of various locations so its def worth checking out.

Anonymous 1308

IUDs worry me too though, I'm generally a frustratingly sensitive person and I feel like a BC method that works by constantly irritating the womb would be a disaster…

Anonymous 1309

I mean, it hurt pretty bad. I had to take the rest of the day off work and had my dad drive me home. My IUD also gives me bad cramps, but I'm on the copper IUD. I like it well enough, though, because I'm on meds that make hormonal BC ineffective, so I find all this hassle worth it.

Anonymous 1310

personal remedies that work for curing my uti or yeast infection

uti: 1-2 sodium bicarbonate tabs, vitamin c, 1-2 cranberry pills. drink these all together and instant relief~

yeast infection: stick a peeled garlic clove inside your vagina and douche with apple cider vinegar + purified water (1000ml of water and 6 table spoons of acv) you could also lube the garlic clove w vco which also helps cure a yeast infection. i make sure to drink my vitamins and turmeric pills

Anonymous 1311

I want to fucking die. I think I may have genital herpes, but I'm not positive. Last night, I itched a little bit down there. I went overboard and now it hurts and there's a small sore. I'm hoping I just scratched too hard and the sore is because of that, but I can't shake off the idea that maybe it's herpes.

My vagina has always been very sensitive and even with copious amounts of lube, my vagina always gets irritated from intercourse.
I recently had penetrative intercourse and I've only had two sex partners my whole life (one for sure had no STDs, the current partner says they haven't had anything although two weeks ago they slept with one other person once). I'm hoping this is just a reaction from the recent intercourse I had, I'm so scared and I can't go to a doctor at the moment.

Anonymous 1312

I know it might sound like dumb advice, but until you're able to be professionally examined try not to threat. Whatever it is, be it a temporary reaction or an STD, it's already happened and no amount of worrying is going to alter the result of whatever it is.
Best of luck to you Anon.

Anonymous 1313

I actually did get herpes after sleeping with only two people in my entire life. It was pretty shit but what was crazier was when my doctor told me that the two hardest diagnoses to give are cancer and herpes. What the actual fuck? Like it sucks especially since I did everything I was told I was supposed to do to a T including not sleeping with people outside of committed relationships and getting tested. But in the grand scheme of things herpes is not a death sentence. It doesn't effect me in my day to day life. If I ever become really promiscuous maybe it'll hurt my chances with tinder dates but like…. if it's that easy to get it with just some bad luck I can't imagine much of the tinder population doesn't already have it at this point anyway.

If you can see a doctor, definitely do. It's better to know rather than having a big question mark, and if it becomes more painful they can prescribe you pills that will clear it up faster.

But, I think the chances are kind of low that what you're describing is herpes. I wouldn't bet on it and would definitely use condoms and assume you do have it until tested, but you can breathe a sigh of relief. My first (and only, by the way) outbreak it was definitely more than a small sore, and was accompanied by a fever and stuff, which I hear is common for people's very first outbreaks.

Of course, there's no way to know for sure without getting tested, but if you do test positive rest assured, it's not really as bad as people make it out to be. Unless you're really unlucky or have a compromised immune system it's unlikely that you'll break out more than once a year at the very most, and if you do get really unlucky we've got meds to deal with it!

Anonymous 1314

Same here kind of. I caught HPV/genital warts from my committed relationship. I lost my virginity to my long term boyfriend (we're still together after 6 years) and…yep that happened.

I don't want to scare >>1311 since it could be nothing, but they should definitely be tested.

Anonymous 1315

That's a good point. If it's herpes it's more of a "it'd be nice to know for sure" kind of thing but there's other stuff it could be that it's more important to catch early. If I'm not mistaken HPV can lead to cervical cancer if left unchecked, right?
I maintain everything I said, but I'd get an STD check ASAP to be on the safe side. Depending on where you are there might be free clinics that can do that for you.

Anonymous 1316

Yep it's actually considered an early stage of cervical cancer and must be monitored in case the cell mutations become "invasive" aka full blown cancer. Catching that at age 19 is quite a blow but at least it didn't happen later in life when cancer risks are much higher? In any case, better safe than sorry ladies!

Anonymous 1317


If I'm not mistaken, HPV and herpes are different conditions. It's warts that are linked to HPV.

Have any of your guardians/parents not allowed you to get the vaccination for HPV when you were younger? Mine didn't allow me to when I was 18 which I really hate (I'm still on their insurance). When I'm able to, I definitely want to get it.

I'm >>1311 and I doubt it's herpes and more likely (in a way, this is grosser) fleabites, seeing as I've got a few bites throughout my body and my initial reaction was just like it was a bite. I don't have any other symptoms at all.

I still want to get tested asap, though.

Also, I wrote that in a state of panic and I do feel sorry about it because STDs shouldn't be so stigmatized, yet here I am online typing that I'd rather die.

Anonymous 1318

Yes, warts and herpes are completely different but prior to testing a girl could be none the wiser.

I actually did receive the HPV vaccines when I was younger. However it only protects against a few strains whereas there are actually hundreds of different HPV strains, so the vaccines were useless in that sense.

Anonymous 1319

it's okay, it's not your fault they're stigmatized. On the one hand I think it's stupid that people get so worked up over herpes like it's a death sentence, on the other I couldn't blame anyone who was clean for not wanting to sleep with someone who had it. It's a fine line between turning someone down and yelling at your enemy you hope they get herpes

For the record though my current bf doesn't have it, and when I told him I have it (before any sex stuff) it wasn't a deal breaker for him. So, it's a fair deal breaker, but it's not a deal breaker for everyone.

Anonymous 1320

Most likely you don't have HSV-2, anon. Most people don't have it, and unless your partner had visible sores (including faded/healing ones) there is an incredibly low chance that you came into contact with the virus. HSV-2 is quite fickle and needs to be thoroughly "massaged" into the tissue, so it's highly unlikely that you were exposed unless you're having regular sex with this afflicted individual. Buck up and get tested, odds are you don't have it.

Anonymous 1321

HSV-2 is not really that rare, and HSV-1 is quite common and can effect the genitals

Anonymous 1322

I didn't think I'd ever say this but I want my period back.
It's delaying for a week now and still counting, I also… spotted? a few days before it should have come.
I'm a virgin and never had a boyfriend, so pregnancy is out of question. Didn't get more stressed than usual except for a day or two when I had to go somewhere. I am on a diet to lose weight but it is not extreme.

Those are the only explanations I could find online… what could it be?

Anonymous 1323

I've had a similar sitution to yours. My period didn't come at all for two months eventhough i wasn't on BC and i am a virgin. It eventually came back for no reason, and it was very painful and in full force, never had the problems again.

My periods are very irregular though, so it wasn't that big of a surprise to me, however if yours are regular normally i'd say you go to a gyno to get it checked.
It could very well be endocrine problems or ovular problems and it's better to be safe.

Anonymous 1324

>I am on a diet to lose weight but it is not extreme.
There you go. Periods are veeeeeery flaky to begin with, in some women even a super small change in their schedule will fuck their cycle up.

Like, I started doing yoga 2 months ago and I didnt have my period for 45 days. (nothing else changed in my life except the yoga).

Anonymous 1325

I have been getting suicidally depressed during PMS for the past few months. I just went to my dr to change birth control, but I'm really worried that it won't help. It got so bad the last time I had to leave work after going through what seemed like a bipolar episode on a chat with my bf and ending in me crying at my desk when a customer was mean to me. Anyone else have these issues? I need hormonal birth control for my horribly painful periods/endo.

Anonymous 1326


I feel that same way on my periods, but I'm too scared of the effects of going off the pill that I don't start it ( not to mention the side effects, some may make you more suicidal apparently).

I've been in so much pain I'm just in my bed, mindlessly moaning, I've fainted at work before because my body was overloaded with pain from my period, etc.

Does anything help you with your pain? Ibuprofen sometimes does, but sometimes even if I take it early or w/e, it barely affects me (like when I fainted).

Anonymous 1327


Does anyone here have any good recommendations for period/ovulation trackers? I'm looking for one that can predict when I'll ovulate based on my input and what I can expect throughout the month(like breast pain, types of discharge, mood changes, etc). Anyone know if there's any like that?

Anonymous 1328

>>1327 I use "period diary". It even lets you pick your own theme. But it lets you input "symptoms" too with various levels of how intense the symptom is. It shows when you ovulate/when your next due/when your fertile window is open. The data can be emailed/exported to your doctor too if you ever need it.

Anonymous 1329

I personally love Maya.
It adapts to your periods (length/how much time between periods) and bases the prediction of the next one on that. I have very irregular periods and most apps i tried failed a lot on predicting them, but unless i'm on a really irregular month, it almost picks the exact date it comes or 1-2 days before/after only.
It has a very cute interface, let's you keep a diary, put reminders to take the pill, displays daily facts/advice…
You can also add symptoms and your mood and it starts predicting how you will feel as well as what symptoms you will have each day.

Anonymous 1330

I've always used monthly info (http://monthlyinfo.com/) and I like it because it's very simple and easy to use. I hate all the new fancy apps that have about a zillion buttons.

It has the cycle listed out at the bottom to let you know what phase you're in, but it doesn't have any symptom trackers besides a place for you to write your own notes.

Anonymous 1331

Thanks for these suggestions anons. Forgot to mention I'm looking for a more browser based calendar rather than an app but I'll check these out.
It's too bad it doesn't track your symptoms but the note function sounds just as good.

Anonymous 1332

I went to urgent care a week ago because I was having severe back/abdominal pain and cloudy urine. They just called me back and told me I tested positive for a UTI and BV. I declined their prescription for antibiotics because I don't feel like being in even more pain, plus it's been 7 days and my symptoms have largely cleared up. People don't need antibiotics for this sort of thing, right? I assume if I had a kidney infection I'd at least be getting a fever by now. I drink at least 3L of water a day and am otherwise in perfect health. How fucked am I?

Anonymous 1333

>people don't need antibiotics for this sort of thing, right?
A urinary tract infection can literally kill you Anon. Go back and get those antibiotics.

Anonymous 1334

Yeah, you're right. I called them back and got the prescription.

Anonymous 1335

Good. I had a UTI once and it burned horribly. It was kind of cool tho cuz the prescription I was given made me pee this cool orange color. It was super neat!

Anonymous 2045


Anyone else ever throw up on the first day of their period cycle before? I was throwing up every 10 minutes for 5 hours last night and couldn't even keep fluids down which is dangerous because I am prone to dehydration and have been in the hospital for it before on the verge of my brain overheating and turning into a vegetable. I have a suspicion the throwing up was caused by my period because other weird shit has been happening this year like getting cramps so bad that I can't walk without holding someone's hand and fainting twice in public at the start of my cycles. I swear my reproductive system wants to murder me.

I don't know why but usually my period is light red at the beginning and heavy flowing but this time I'm sort of spotting brown old looking blood as if I were at the end of my cycle. Do any of you know if that might be a correlation to the vomiting?

Anonymous 2046

Are you throwing up from the pain or is it unrelated throwing up?
If it's from the pain, go to the doctor. It means it's severe pain and that something is probably wrong.

Anonymous 2047

Yes, every time and I had to "sleep" with a bucket next to the bed with my head hanging down. Worst shit ever.

Please go to the gyno asap

Anonymous 2066

Anyone else have issues with spotting between periods?

When my period ends I will have normal discharge for 2-3 days, but then it'll be mixed with pretty heavy dark brown clumps for a week or so.

This is a recent phenomenon for me. It's embarrassing and really limits my sex life. I'm not pregnant, I haven't had sex with a guy in years.

Anonymous 2078

I think I just jogged my period into existence? what the hell just happened

Anonymous 2079


I had my menstruation for one day this month. Then the next day it was over. What gives ? I've had normal cycles of 6 days in the past although they usually came late.

Anonymous 2080

That happened to me once (kinda). Once I didn't get my period for like at least 3 months and then when I did get it, it was really short. I knew I wasn't pregnant cause I was a virgin (lol maybe I was the Virgin Mary??) so I wasn't really concerned and just accepted it as an common irregularity. Now my periods back on track and every thing is normal.
The more I think about it tho, i think my period missed all the sense months around the time i recently just got leg surgery. I was on a lot of pain meds at the time, super stressed+depressed, and not getting much exercise. Maybe one of these factors couldve played a role in affecting my period? Are there any dramatic changes in ur current mood, energy, etc. anon?

Anonymous 2082

I tried changing my sleep schedule and failed miserably. Since I'm not doing anything with my free time (I'm a NEET) I'm always in a bad mood because my family fucking pisses me off or because I'm overthinking. At least when I would go to school it kinda kept me busy so I was distracted from depressing thoughts. Also I lost appetite probably because again, I don't do anything.

Anonymous 2083

This happens to me all the time. I also will go 3 months without a period. I'm on the pill and it's still like this. Off the pill I will go 6 months without a period and then get 2 periods in 1 month.

All I can say is >>2080 is right about the factors. I've been chronically stressed for years and my doctor said it's what is causing my period to be irregular even on bp.

Anonymous 2086

That happened to me when I was overweight and on antidepressants. Maybe being on an antidepressant has absolutely no effect on periods, but who knows. I remember thinking my period was finally there just to wake up dry on the next day lol

Anonymous 2214

I think when I'm stressed or something is screwed up?? I get what I call a fake period. So what I think is old lining is released, but in a very minimal and stringy way and it just looks… old. Not fresh blood but aged blood. It lasts about a day and I've gotten checked up but apparent there's nothing wrong with my vagina or uterus.

There was a time where it was followed up with a real period but generally it replaces my period for the month.

Does anyone else get this??

Anonymous 2215

I've heard molasses sugar can help just drink it everyday wth some hot water or mix it into teas and stuff.

Anonymous 2216

I've had the same happen to me and I got checked by two doctors and apparently I'm perfectly normal and healthy. The first doc thought it could be endo, but apparently it's not. Idk, anon. I just want you to know you're not the only who has that.

Anonymous 2232

I have some flesh coloured spots on my vulva and I'm freaking out about whether or not they're genital warts or fordyce spots. I plan to visit the gynaecologist soon, I think the clinic I visited only tested for a few things, as they were a general birth control clinic. Honestly I'm terrified, if I found out I truly have an std I'd break down so hard.

Anonymous 2234

>>2232 damn anon, that sounds horrible. Please try to stay calm, maybe it's something completely different. Sending good vibes your way and make sure to get checked asap

Anonymous 2258

ITT: people who need to take A&P.

Anonymous 2262

Thanks anon, that's really reassuring to hear! I wonder why it happens though..

Anonymous 2308

I'm kind of scared and embarrassed. I've had two partners in the past that had herpes. One had oral herpes simplex and the other had genital herpes. I've never had sex with either of them with a breakout. The one with oral herpes would get a lot of breakouts but we always avoided any oral sex or kissing then. The other one never showed any breakout symptoms. Today I found a small itchy red bump on my labia majora and thanks to google I'm paranoid that it's herpes. Never had any symptoms before but from what I've read that can happen. I have an appointment later today for an STI test, wish me luck miners.

Anonymous 2312

Even if you test positive for HSV-2 it's not the end of the world. People blow it up way worse than it actually is; most people never get another breakout after their initial one, or they only get breakouts once a year. Coupled with topicals and antivirals, the virus can be easily managed, barely noticeable, and it becomes almost impossible to spread it to future partners.

Objectively speaking, it's one of the "best" STIs to get, if you're gonna get something. HPV can cause cancer, syphilis can eat your brain, chlamydia can sterilize you, and HIV may not be a death sentence anymore but the social stigma from that is way more isolating than having herpes.

good luck tho, I hope you're OK.

Anonymous 2313

>People blow it up way worse than it actually is

Maybe because it is actually a big deal? You need to take medicine for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, and not only that but you are at risk of giving it to every single person you sleep with, even without a breakout. For.the.rest.of.your.life.

Im sorry if this sounds tough but only people that has herpes say "its not a big deal". It is.

Anonymous 2314


>HSV-2 isn't a big deal!!1!

Well you're gross.

Anonymous 2315

Maybe this was the case in the past, but most of the STIs you mentioned are treatable and won't infect others after they are treated.

HSV-2 will always stay with you, it's still pretty bad in western culture.

Anonymous 2319

Thanks anon! I had an exam, they inspected the bumps and also took a pap smear. Turns out I have a yeast infection, gave me a pill and told me to go get some probiotic supplements. Holy shit I'm so relieved.

Anonymous 2329


I'd love to ask a few things. I saw some advice in the thread but I'd like to ask more anyway.

I'm going to have sex with a male for the first time in the next months when my ldr bf gets here. I want to know if losing your virginity to a guy really does hurt even if we use lube and/or saliva and if we do lots of foreplay before penetration.

His penis is sort of thick (14.5cm circumference).
I don't have any access to dildos. How many fingers should I start inserting to get used to being penetrated? Two usually hurt. When will it stop hurting? Do i have to move them around?
For how long should I let them in? And how long should I start doing that now even though we won't be together until next year? I'm full of doubts even though I'm in my freaking 20s. I kept postponing having sex with a guy because I used to feel insecure concerning my hymen and such, and my past experiences are all with women, but I'm ready and fed up with not being sexual with my bf.
I'll be on the pill, so we won't use condoms – does the pill make you feel less pleasure or is that BS?

Thanks, miners.

Anonymous 2330

It shouldn't really hurt if he gives you lots of attention (as you mention, a lot of foreplay, lube etc), and try and relax and enjoy it as much as you can. Can still be a bit uncomfortable though.
Tbh, two fingers hurt me still, and I've been having regular penetrative sex for 8 years (and really enjoy it). Fingers are a lot more rigid than a penis, and boney, and feel completely different.

Anonymous 2332


My first time with a man didn't hurt at all, and he was also pretty big. I mean, you kinda feel something, naturally, but it didn't hurt and it didn't bleed. It's kind of a myth that it has to hurt and bleed on your first time, so guys don't have to put much attention into pleasing you because "it's normal". So yeah, try to be as wet as possible, and if necessary, use water based lube.

TBH I would not use the pill only. Not only it can fail (I know, I know, everything can fail, but still… Maybe I am just too afraid of getting pregnant lol), but it doesn't prevent STDs. Maybe you trust your partner enough or both of you got checked first, but if that's not the case, condoms should be safer. Another thing, how long have you been using the pill? For me personally, it lowered my libido and natural lubrication. Definetely not BS, I hate the pill tbh lol But it depends from person to person, if you didn't notice anything different so far while masturbating or so, you should be fine.

Fingers don't hurt me as long as I am very wet, so once again, it depends a lot on how relaxed/wet you are. However, they can hurt you if you don't put it on the right angle, so it's very different when you masturbate yourself putting your fingers, when your boyfriend does it (which I think is better than I doing it myself) and when he puts the peen in. But as long as you are chill, all of those should be fine. The most important thing is that you should not be afraid to tell him if anything hurts and take things slowly if necessary.

Good luck, anon!

Anonymous 2338

Thank you so much, anons! Seriously! Oh and I'll start taking the pill next month, and my bf is coming around March.

Anonymous 2339



Actually personally I recommend going on birth control but then lying and saying you're not on birth control, so they must use a condom. Prevents STDs & Babies without them being all "reee you don't truuuust meee".

Double protection.
Pic related; me not trusting these niggas

Anonymous 2341


Be careful, anon. Pills mess a lot with your hormones, I was legit depressed on the first month I took it, I couldn't even leave the bed some days. As I said, it also lowered my natural lubrication, and even though I am now more than one year pill-free, my lubrication never went back to what it once was (On one hand that's kinda good because I would literally get everything wet, I was like a hentai girl lmao But it was easier to have sex). Oh, and not only that, but my hair also thinned because it fucked up my body. It's half its original volume. And it was prescribed to me by a OB-GYN, so yeah. I am going to see a Dermatologist next week because of that shit lol

Also, I've had sex with and without a condom (albeit we never finished without one, even when I was on the pill), and honestly I never understand girls that say it feels better without the condom. I guess they are parroting men saying that, because it literally feels the same for me. Even my boyfriend says that as long as it's a thin one, it's no big deal for. Does anyone here feels different?

Anonymous 2343

All condoms irritate my vagina and make it burn (I'm talking about when I'm fully wet, too).

But the sensation of the dick doesn't change.

Anonymous 2344

It really depends on how you position the fingers. Also, I feel like it's different being aroused by another person directly vs yourself, so that could be why it hurts, too (you aren't able to arouse yourself sufficiently, maybe it isn't wet enough). Also, maybe you have thick fingers.

I can put two fingers in with no pain (I have tiny hands, though) , but all penetrative sex in my vagina hurts.

I have the problem where my cervix doesn't back the fuck up so it hurts whenever they thrust in, too. Actually, help with that from any other anons would be great.

Honestly, the most important thing is to relax and focus on having a fun time with your boyfriend. Don't get caught up in it being a super important moment, be willing to laugh or have a brief awkward moment and things should go great

Anonymous 2346


Ouch, sorry to hear about that! Maybe you have a mild latex allergy of some sort?

Anonymous 2347

I don't know if it's because I was used to having sex without a condom for years (was on all sorts of BC but nothing worked for me), but I absolutely can tell a difference. It took me ages to find a brand I wouldn't hate; and that's skyn mates (non-latex and thin). I can still tell the difference and it does feel better without, but it's definitely not as bad as with all the other condoms I've tried. It might've been because I have extremely sensitive skin (everywhere), and the latex condoms are just unpleasant. It kinda just felt to me like something foreign. It probably has a lot to do with the temperature and texture of condoms vs penis (and non-latex condoms are thinner and conduct heat better).
But maybe I'm just weird.

Anonymous 2349

>>2341 thank you, anon! I'm just afraid of getting pregnant even if we use a condom, that's why I'm thinking about bc. I know the chance is small but it's still real and unfortunately I don't have money to have a baby. That's why I'm probably overly worried
tysm for your help, anon!

Anonymous 2471

I think I've been spotting or on a really light flow for 2+ weeks. (it's not really a flow, more like a smudge, sorry for the mental image)
I fucking lost count because since I have the implant (nexplanon), my periods just dwindled to 2-3 days spotting every 2-4 months.

I don't think anyone will have any advice, I just needed to express this.

Anonymous 2472

sometimes after i run or finish a workout, I'll get cramping/swelling in the area that usually cramps and swells during my period. sometimes I get some spotting too. I don't think i'm straining myself too much, and I haven't heard of this happening to anyone else :/

Anonymous 2553


Do you miners trim, shave or get waxed? Or have you gotten laser down there?

I'd love to get laser but I don't have money for that right now. I usually shave but I get small bumps, even if the area is properly wet/covered in a bit of shaving cream. How can I prevent those from happening?

And does any of you wax yourself down there? I've read about people who do that, but idk… Never spoke with anyone who does.

Anonymous 2555

I used to shave, and then I just stopped cuz I just got tired of fucking itching my kitty like 2 days after. Now I kind of like, just trim w scissors. I've debated about getting waxed but like the places where i live it's just 2 much and i'm not trying to impress anyone, but if I was and they had a problem with hairy kitties I would probably break up w them or like make em pay 4 it

Anonymous 2556

aftershave or cold water to close up the pores

Anonymous 2561

Thanks, friends.

Anonymous 2568

Read this some time ago on Reddit, and it gets reposted all the time (with girls mentioning about how great it is). Im too lazy to follow all the steps since I dont shave completely (only the bikini area and then I trim the middle) but here it is:

"Ok, Here's what you do: Exfoliate, then rub the area with baby oil before you shave to soften the hair and skin. Shave using a men's razor (one with four blades) and men's moisturizing shaving cream. Since they are made for faces, they are extra gentle. Dab some rubbing alcohol on the skin after you shave to kill bacteria and close your pores. Then apply deodorant (an unscented Dove stick works best) liberally. This will keep you dry down there so you won't chafe and prevents razor bumps. You will have the smoothest giney ever. Mine was always flawless, I was a dancer for four years and did this almost daily. I posted this same routine under my old account and I got TONS of messages in my inbox with girls thanking me for their blemish-free pies."

Anonymous 2574

Thank you!!

Anonymous 2578


roast beef curtains.

I feel absolutely awful, although i know its completely normal, about my flappy REALLY dark lips.
It looks even worse because my skin is really pale.

I've been considering a labiaplasty but i already have orgasm issues and losing sensitivity would make things even worse.

Im afraid of even having sex with a guy because it seems to be a consensus that it is kinda gross looking and a turn off.

Anonymous 2579


Only little wussy baby boys are scared of labia. You are FINE and completely normal, anon. Please don't mutilate your vagina just to conform to some ridiculous porn standard. Trust me, any guy who is worth anything will not mind at all.

Anonymous 2580

Guys really don't think that unless they're retards on the internet or have weird unrealistic expectations of women. Sucks to use "", but I have to: "Real" men really don't care about your pussy lips, they're happy enough to be able to look at it. I know that knowing this won't change anything because it's how we feel that ultimately matters the most but that's the truth. I have really small labia but it's not really light, it's more like a purple/light brown shade in some parts, and the rest is pink. If I could choose, yes, it'd be all pink but in reality that doesn't matter much to any man. If you want it done and you will feel really happy, then go for it though!!

Anonymous 2582

My vagina has a grey undertone, it's also quite dark and I find it so gross. I don't want to take nudes even.

Anonymous 2585

Anon, are you me? I have the EXACT same issues with my vagoo, also was considering labiaplasty but I dont want to tell my partner and he would definitely notice .
I haaaaate my hoohah, i haaaate having dark lips .

I used to shave everything off but now I let it grow a bit so I dont have to see it

Anonymous 2586

do NOT get labioplasty. the side effects are very very downplayed. any kind of genital surgery leaves numbed areas and scarring, which will turn even darker. it also greatly increases risk of infection.

Anonymous 2587

I also have unattractive labia. They bothered me for a while but I'm ok with them now.
It seems like imageboards are the only place where people even think about that though. So unless they are so big that they are causing actual problems I wouldn't get surgery.

Anonymous 2659

Really hating hormonal birth control. I'm on it currently instead and it's making me feel dirty. Had a paraguard IUD before, but it was really painful every cycle. Also the string would hurt my then partner, so I'm afraid of hurting my current. Seems like the strings never softened, and I did get them trimmed accordingly. Any advice here? Are the strings just going to keep destroying my partner?

Anonymous 2660


also how do you get rid of existing ingrown hairs?

I get waxed, but every time I get ingrowns. I tried buying a product dedicated to ingrown hairs (forgot the name, blue gel looking product) but it doesn't work for me. I also exfoliate before and after.

Anonymous 2680

NTAYTT, but I've read that elliptical hair removal prevents ingrown hairs.

Anonymous 2682

That sounds sooo painful though ;_; Do you have any experience with this anon?

Anonymous 2712

I've ever only used pads so far. Can virgins use menstrual cups?

Anonymous 2713

virgins can use menstrual cups and tampons

Anonymous 2742

yes but if your hymen isn't stretched aka "broken" it could be painful, which as you probably know can happen without penetration. if you're worried that your hymen might be an issue you could start with a menstrual cup made of softer silicone, like the sckoon cup or meluna soft. only downside is if you have a heavy flow and strong pelvic floor muscles, a soft cup might not be able to stay open when inside.

Anonymous 2745

Thank you a lot. I know for a fact my hymen isn't "broken" yet, that's why I was wondering.

Anonymous 2750

Forsure. So, as far as i understand, even an "in tact" hymen has a small perforation, otherwise blood wouldn't be able to pass through, and using a cup would stretch the perforation further, as in any hymen-stretching penetration or agitation. There's still a lot I don't know about this subject, but from what I understand the major 'risks' are pain and uneven perforation. Stretching the hymen is almost always painful and can stretch/perforate in uneven ways. It's just important to go at your own pace and do your own research and keep an eye on your anatomy. tldr the menstrual cup would most likely stretch your hymen further, in a way that's both as safe and as painful as other ways your hymen ca stretch.

Anonymous 2751

This week i've been getting A LOT of discharge. I don't know what is causing it but it's getting pretty annoying to have to deal with it every few hours.

I never had this bad of a discharge before so i'm kinda freaking out, it doesn't smell and doesn't have a weird color, so probably it's nothing but, should i get it checked or something?

I don't know if it may be related to the fact that is started taking depression meds? It started right after i started them, so i wondered if it was related, but idk how possible that is.

Anonymous 2753

If It doesn't smell funky or has a strange colour you're probably okay. I've been on and off antidepressants for years but I never noticed anything different down there.
Have you changed your soap? Are you shaving everything? Have you used a different type of lube/condom lately? Sometimes those things can make us think we're getting more fluid (shaving does give that impression) or slightly irritate your vagina.
Go see a gyno in case it continues though, it's better be safe than sorry.

Anonymous 2755

without knowing what kind of meds they are, if they're a kind that affect hormones at all it's very possible

Anonymous 2763

Does BO change natural lubrication and make you "drier" down there? I'm going to start taking it next year and some people have said it does, and some said it doesn't. Are they just unlucky?

Anonymous 2764

what do you mean deal with it every few hours? is it so bad that it's spilling out of the sides of your panties or what? i get a lot of discharge off my period and theres nothing you can do about it. the only slightly uncomfortable thing about it is that when it comes out, its wet for a few minutes but then u just go about ur day and forget it.

if ur just taking regular depression medication, that shouldn't be affecting your hormones at all, just your serotonin levels and dopamine

Anonymous 2769

Thank you anon, i feel better knowing it might just be me being paranoid. I did change my soap so maybe that's it!

They are Zoloft 50 mg, so that's why i was doubting wether or not the were.

By dealing with it i mean cleaning up in the bathroom because i hate feeling really "moist" or "wet" as you say down there. It's just me being uncomfortable with it when it happens, it's not spilling out lol

Anonymous 3417

Bumping this to ask if this is common.

I feel a bit of discomfort deep inside my vagina. My period is 10 days away. It's like the area is touch sensitive, if that makes sense. I haven't been sexually active in ages and I know I'm clean and my last visit to the gyno last year came with all my results as normal.

I just want to know how common this is, it's annoying me and worrying me a bit… It doesn't really hurt though.

Anonymous 3418

I get something similar sometimes around my period, it's one of the signs I notice of it coming actually. It feels sort of swollen inside, or like there's something up there when there obviously isn't. I'm not sure if that's the same at all.

Anonymous 3421

Thanks anon, it might be the same. How many days before your period?

Anonymous 3424

Usually just within the week leading up to it.

Anonymous 3425

IIRC anything less than 2 days isn't considered a period, so it's spotting. Might need to Google that.

Anonymous 3426

This is going to be a long one, sorry. Medfag here.

Prefacing this with the caveat that nothing stated here should be taken as medical advice, and to see your own healthcare provider in the first instance as it's nigh on impossible to give an accurate diagnosis to someone you've never seen before.

With that said these would be my differentials:

Assuming we're talking about a 28-day cycle, day 1 is period, days 7-14 entail uterine lining growth, day 14 is ovulation, then days 14-28 you're heading towards shedding it. A progesterone surge near days 20-22 causes retention of uterine lining for a little while, before levels drop and menstruation occurs.


Mid-cycle pain associated with ovulation approx 2 weeks prior to period. The exact mechanism is not clear, but it's otherwise harmless.

>cervical excitation

Pain related to inflammation of cervix on direct touch or movement, makes sex and walking uncomfortable. Most common cause is infection, but anything that causes inflammation may result in this.


Uterine lining tissue deposits outside the uterus. They respond to hormones the same way the stuff in the right place does, so will build up and then shed during the menstrual cycle. If they build up near pelvic nerves, muscles etc then this can cause pain along the same lines as mittelschmertz.


Benign growths within the uterus.May be asymptomatic or cause pain depending where it is.

>thrush/candidal infection

If it is mainly inside the vagina then you may not see any discharge or telltale signs,


Inflammation of cervix, primarily due to infection. This includes viruses and bacteria, most commonly via STDs. However, it may also occur due to bacterial vaginosis which is not a STD.

>polyps, cysts

Small benign growths that may cause pain.

Anything more sinister is very uncommon particularly in younger women.

I would recommend seeing your own healthcare provider as they can look at your cervix with a speculum to see if it's red, inflamed, polyps etc as well as imaging like pelvic ultrasound, alongside blood tests if they think it's appropriate. They should also be able to offer medications that may help, whether it's pain relief or progesterone-based contraceptives.

Anonymous 3447

Thank you, anon. Your post is long, but very helpful and what I needed to read

Anonymous 3454

Does anyone have any experience using nuvaring? I mentioned to my doctor at my last check-up that I have a hard time remembering to take the pill every day and she recommended the ring and gave me two of them as samples. Officially the way it works is it's a little flexible ring about the size of a hair tie that you put into your vagina and just leave it there for three weeks. After the three weeks you take it out, have your period for a week, and then put in a new one and repeat. I've had my first one in for about two weeks now and have no complaints. My doctor did, however, tell me that if you want when you take the ring out after 3 weeks if you put a new one in immediately you don't have to have a period at all. It almost sounds too good to be true but I'm really tempted to do it. I have endometriosis and just skipping the period altogether is a dream come true. Does anyone know if there's any potential harm to doing this besides not knowing if you're pregnant and miss a period? Does it mess you up hormonally/emotionally at all?

Anonymous 3456

According to some cursory info looking, (http://www.arhp.org/Publications-and-Resources/Patient-Resources/fact-sheets/Understanding-Menstrual-Suppression
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2990910/), it works in general. Whether it works for you long term is another issue. Hormonal methods are different from person to person. By mess you up, it depends on how your body reacts, but overall research suggests that it shouldn't have long term negative effects, just that some people can experience side effects that make them want to stop this method.

Regarding continuous/extended use, there is no harm since even for regular use, the sugar pills and stop week are just reassurance that you aren't pregnant, but it's another factor in user error. Inhibiting ovulation continuously works fine.

Anonymous 3531

I may have syphillis. My doctor wants to draw more blood to see if it's a false positive. I hate myself. I've only been in committed relationships and two at that.

Anonymous 3532

Oh no anon ): let us know what happened. I'm sending good vibes in hopes it's a false positive.

Anonymous 3533

Oh fuck. That's awful. Did you ask them if they cheated on you? That's what I would think in that situation

Anonymous 3534

Same, except I never had sex but I've eaten and drank after people before, i keep getting hive-like bumps all over me, I took medication to clear it but it keeps breaking out all over again

Anonymous 3541

I get retested on Tuesday. Fingers crossed!
It's complicated. We were close friends before we got together and they had hooked up with someone before we officially were together. I suspect it was that one person if I indeed have it, but I am worried it could be something else because he was abused in his childhood by multiple people. He never goes to the doctor for anything, which is a recurrent problem with him, but he is definitely getting tested now. He feels like absolute shit, serves him right because I pressured him to get tested and he was too lazy to go do it, and I've learned my lesson the hard way, shame on me. Pls no bully, I also feel stupid as hell and disgusting, even though I know it's easily treated. It's just the dumb stigma of having such a rank disease that makes me feel like crud.
Have you been tested? I hope you're alright. It's very unlikely because it doesn't survive outside of the human body, but that would be awful if it had somehow gotten transmitted to you.

Anonymous 3545

Oh okay. That's better than cheating, at least you don't have to deal with that trauma too. Good luck!

Anonymous 3550

Does the pill grow your titties? I want to be a comfy C cup without pads. I've never taken the pill before too so does it require a prescription?

Anonymous 3551

A common side effect is general weight gain, some of which might be distributed to breasts.
Depends on where you are, for the most part yes, but if you have access to a reproductive services clinic like Planned Parenthood, a nurse practitioner can write that prescription for you. (They also help you with finances if you don't have insurance)

Anonymous 3552

Out of nowhere, my vagina is expelling large amount of hot liquid. I usually have a lot of discharge, but it doesn't come out all at once like it is now. It stains my paints and is getting kind of embarrassing. Of course, go to your gynecologist, etc. but does anyone have an idea what could be causing this? It's difficult to find concrete information on this online. It isn't pee because I'm feeling my vagina push it out.

Anonymous 3564

How's the liquid like? Does it have any color/smell?

Anonymous 3610

This always happens to me.
Sorry for the late response, it smells like usual discharge. I've always had thick, white discharge since I was a child.

Anonymous 3615

I get a really heavy period and horrible cramps that make me sick, so my GP has put me on desogesterel, a form of contraception, and mefenamic acid, to make it lighter. The mefenamic acid works great so far, it makes it a ton lighter, but doesn't do anything for the pain. I'm wondering if I have a twisted ovary or endometriosis? How would I go about getting this looked at?

Anonymous 3621

Sorry, anon. No idea ): has it stopped? The same happened to me a long time ago but it went away by itself. No weird colour, smell, anything

Anonymous 3638


some people like hairy kitties, anyway.

Anonymous 3639

I get this, too. it's annoying but pretty common

Anonymous 3843

my breasts hurt a lot before my period. my period tracking app says i wont get my period until next month but they are so sore. people tell me that is not normal because your breasts only hurt a couple days before the period. is that true

Anonymous 3857

Have they made you drink a painful amount of water and get covered in jelly? By which I mean ultrasound. It's a bitch to get done not-pregnant because you need your bladder to push everything into view, but that's their first check for cysts or other abnormalities.

It can just be your hormone make up, anything people get as a couple days can be a whole week build up for others. In theory the hormones that trigger each stage of your cycle should trickle on through like a sand timer, setting off mechanisms bit by bit, but some people's bodies are like a truck backing up and dumping its load over the middle of the street.

Anonymous 4342

Sorry to necrobump but i was just wondering if any of you guys have experienced a burning pain in your vagina during and after putting anything inside. I don't have any other symptoms and i've had this for as long as i've been exploring the inside of my vag (i'm a really late bloomer in that sense).
The thing is, i was diagnosed with vaginismus a couple years ago. But i think that might not be it. Because i can put my finger inside just fine and be relaxed, the thing is that it just burns, especially when taking it out and after taking it out. And the supposed vaginismus hasn't gotten any better despite me treating my anxiety and all.
I also have pcos, idk if it could be something about my hormones, the pill, or the products i use that are making it burn.
I will go to the gyno anyway, but she always dismisses it as vaginismus, and i kind of disagree, so i was wondering if any of you have had a similar experience.
I'm clean of std, my vulva is fine and doesn't hurt at all, i have very light clear discharge, and i don't feel any pain or burning sensation when peeing, it's only the inside of my vagina that burns when touched.

Anonymous 4413

I wanted to read more about copper IUDs and now I'm more on the fence about it than ever before. I didn't realize just how painful they were. Can't do hormonal because muh unstable emotions. I just want something that I can control, doesn't fuck with my hormones and can be easily reversed. But instead I get a million and one birth control pills.

Anonymous 4479


Okay, so I've always been underweight my whole life (BMI always within the 17s). However, February of this year, I think I reached a bmi of 18 or something and that freaked me out and I started restricting calories. Since April I've been in the 15s and 16s and within the past few months, I've noticed I have a really bad odor. I feel like I can't sweat at all from being anxious or nervous because otherwise it'll leave this lingering scent on me. Although I'm still getting my periods, I guess I'm wondering if my change in scent is hormone related. This is really upsetting for me because I used to always smell good even if I sweated a lot. People often complimented me on my scent before and now I feel disgusting and like I'd have to shower 3 times a day if I really wanted to rid myself of my BO. I'm always closing my arms in fear of my scent hitting someone. I feel so gross. Does it seem likely that my change in scent is hormone related? I have wondered if it's stress related, but I mean, I've been extremely stressed out before.

Anonymous 4493

Update:today after I took a shower, my underarms still reek. I'm so lost as to what I should do. At least showering woukd halt the smell for an hour or two, but now it does nothing.

Anonymous 4494

You should probably see a doctor about this, it might be a symptom of something more serious but if it isn't I'm sure a doctor can help you, I'm sure there are products/medicine that can help you

Anonymous 4504

I'm wondering if perhaps your underarm pores might be clogged. Super gross but I had pores that were clogged, squeezed at the pores and some gross smelling gunk came out. Switch to crystal deodorant for a few weeks, it effectively prevents odor by acting as an antibacterial while not clogging pores with aluminum salts. Use BHA on your pores to encourage cell turnover. Hopefully you get out all the gunk trapped beneath the surface.

Anonymous 4550

I think I have a UTI or yeast infection but I'm not sure.
I just feel swollen and tingly down there and kind of…aroused? It's like I have something stuck inside me. I used to get this as a kid, but it was more a feeling of having to pee all the time (and maybe some arousal but as a child I couldn't place it). My mom used to make me drink cranberry juice to get rid of it (which usually worked in a week) so that's what I'm doing now.

Is it something else entirely? Does anyone know?

Anonymous 4551

Are you peeing non stop?

Anonymous 4552

Yes, but I drink a lot of liquids anyway so there's always a lot of peeing.

Anonymous 4554

Okay, basically confirmed to be that now since the juice lessened to my symptoms to almost nothing. Glad it's not a weird mystery disorder lmao.
Might call the doctor tomorrow if things stay the same or get worse.

Anonymous 4555

I'm glad you are ok. Do you know maybe why cranberry juice helps?

Anonymous 4556

Apparently it's an anti-inflammatory that also makes your urine very acidic, which helps dislodge bacteria from the urethra/bladder.
My immune system is vicious, so hopefully I can wash it out like this without resorting to antibiotics.

Anonymous 4557

thanks, that's pretty neat

Anonymous 4560



This is my second month on birth control. I'm supposed to take the pill for 21 days, then stop for 7 days when I'm supposed to get my period. I took my pill every single day at the right time.

It's day 3 and I haven't gotten my period yet. I read online that's normal and relatively common and that I should only freak out next month if I don't get my period again. I'm so broke I can't even afford to get a pregnancy test right now, so I need to wait to see what will happen next month and then finally make an effort to get a pregnancy test. My partner agrees with me that we should keep the baby if I ever got pregnant, and we will, but our circumstances are complicated right now, so of course I'm freaking out.

Whenever I go to the bathroom I check my panties hoping to see blood. Anyone here with a similar experience? I've heard it's normal to get blood only on day 4,5,6 and even on the last day. Or not at all and only in the following month.

Help me pls, I'm freaking out pls.

Anonymous 4563

I usually only get my period at the end of the 7 placebo days. Usually on day 4

Anonymous 4566

ty anon, i got it earlier today (day 4 too)!

Anonymous 4599

Ugh I think my recent depressive episode has messed with my period starting. I've had weird very light, but red bleeding twice now this month and I wonder if it's from that? I'm usually very regular. I should be right about to get my period…I hope it happens normally. Ugh.

Anonymous 4612

Sex is really painful and I don't seem to have a sex drive anymore.

My boyfriend and i have been together for over two years and within the past year, we were not able to live together since my mother got sick and i had to move in with her.

I dont know if it is stress from working too much, going through a master's degree, and taking care of her but I dont want my relationship to sufferr.

I feel really bad about it. I recently got a hotel room with him for his birthday and had a lot of sex but it hurt to the point where I had to stop him a couple of times.

I have never had pain like this. Does anyone have experience with a situation similar? Is it stress? Do i have something wrong down there?

Anonymous 4613

I could be endometriosis, anon.

Were you aroused enough?

Anonymous 4614

It could be many things, but if you're on your period that's pretty normal as far as I know. Some women say they feel a bit sore down there, I think it could apply to the clitoris area as well. Does that happen every time or just the last few times you had a period?

Anonymous 4678

So on the outside side of one of my labia minora, there's a tiny bump. It's mostly ignorable, but it feels sort of big and uncomfortably itchy when I touched it. It's been noticeable for a couple days, and I have no idea what it is. Googling nothing is ever specific enough for me to figure out what it might be, or the details are different from what I have. I think I might have felt a bump there before sometimes, or even all the time?, but not as noticeable or itchy. I've never had any kind of sexual contact with another person but I'm scared I somehow got an STD from sitting on a public toilet or something.

Anonymous 4680

Taking a look at the bump it seems to be white, if that matters

Anonymous 4687

daily reminder that you are sinning every time you menstruate. repent before its too late.

Anonymous 4688

Only after burning in the flames of hell can we be cleansed of our earthly sins
Satan is my bread and sin is my butter

Anonymous 4690


>Satan is my bread and sin is my butter
truly, words to live by.

Anonymous 4692

It might be Bartholin's cyst. It might go away on it's own, if it looks close to breaking through the skin you could lance and squeeze it. If it gets really big or comes back frequently go to the doctor. I highly doubt you have an STD.

Anonymous 4703

>comes back frequently
What if it does?

Anonymous 4711

my hairs on my face are growing dark suddenly and I'm in my 20s. the fuck. How do you know if your voice is deepening in the early stages? I'm so scared.

Anonymous 4793

I (probably) have endometriosis, and because I have strong/whatever hormones my gyno decided to put me on dienogest instead of a stronger form of pills. Has anyone else here tried dienogest? The side-effects scare me..

Anonymous 4856

Uhhh so wtf friends
I was fucked by my bf while I was blackout drunk and now my vagina feels weird to say the least. I don't remember what happened at all, but he says he stopped when "my pussy didn't want dick anymore" whatever that me as.

It's been almost a week since and I have such clumpy discharge that is thin and some of it is sort of brownish, and some of it is yellowish, maybe even greenish. and I know it's not my period. I feel like the opening to my vagina itself looks larger as does one of my labia minora…. I feel like my vagina is messed up and bloated, but is that even possible from one guy fucking it the wrong way? I doubt my bf was that violent. My vagina doesn't hurt, it just feels gross because I'm queefing suddenly and I never used to. Any speculation as to what could be wrong is appreciated.

Anonymous 4857

You may have an infection like bacterial vaginosis? Maybe he ass-to-pussy'd and didn't tell you, or his dick was dirty.
Definitely get your discharge and pee tested asap, anon.

Anonymous 5004

This is really embarrassing, but….. I’m 25 (26 in a few weeks) and I still haven’t had a period. I thought it was super cash money when I was a teen, but now I’m kind of worried that there’s something wrong or mainly, I won’t be able to have kids ever. I just avoided talking about it and not saying anything when I was younger, especially bc I didn’t have anyone around me to teach me or to ask about things like that. So I just put it in the back of my mind, stayed grateful I never had to deal with all the bs once a month like my friends had told me about, and ignored it.

I’m absolutely terrified of gynecologist and would rather be shot than have some person examine me down there, personal choice. So, a couple years ago, I went to one and only agreed to the sonogram, mri, and blood tests. They said they found 30 cysts on each ovary (60 in total) and my hormone vs testosterone was out of wack. I tried googling things, but they all said you had to be hairy or over weight and to just lose weight or take birth control. I didn’t have the “hairy” symptom and I’ve always been around 100lbs. Tried 3 types of birth control but nothing worked. Then I just stopped trying.

The only other thing is that I haven’t had sex with my husband in 3 years due to extreme pain during intercourse. It felt like I was being stabbed. So we had to stop. It wasn’t a huge deal and my husband is awesome for being so understanding.

It’s not like anything (besides the sex thing) is wrong. I just don’t get periods. Ever. And never have. And so I ignored it, until today when I googled it due to worry about having kids, and google was tryin me by throwing around things like “endometrial cancer” and “there is a small chance you can still have kids” and “my cousin had a tumor!!!11” and now I’m freaked out. My grandmother died of ovarian cancer in her late 30s and I was raised in a male arab-muslim household so no one taught me these things, and now I’m clueless as an independent adult and I feel really stupid asking at age 25. I just don’t want this “not having a period” thing to actually be some big life-altering deal, and if anyone has any advice I’d really appreciate it, thanks.


Can I have kids if I never got my period? Will i get some shitty cancer from not having periods?

Anonymous 5005


This thread is extremely transphobic, there is no such thing as the 'female' reproductive system. Women can have both vagina and penises and both and neither.

Anonymous 5006


pretty horrible bait if you ask me

Anyway, anyone skipping their periods with hormonal birth control here? I haven't had a period in like 8 months but I'm getting pretty bad spotting at this point. I was gonna have a period to see if it resolves it, but my gyno said it's better to continue taking the pill and build up the hormone to prevent spotting or something? That's contrary to everything I've read on the internet about spotting.. any opinions or experience?

Anonymous 5007

This is a weird hill to die on, when there are way more transphobic places on CC.

Sorry OP didn't put DFAB, biosex female, or vagina and/or uterus as the descriptor.

Anonymous 5008


>female reproduction thread
>98% cis female users

extremely transphobic

If that’s extremely transphobic, then real transphobia must be extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely transphobic.

Making a thread, that reflects the interests of the majority of users of a site is not “transphobic”, it’s just being a normal forum.

You know, you could’ve just said “oh, I think transwomen shouldve been included in the write up of the OP” without the nitpicky dramatics?

Anonymous 5009

Don’t take the bait off smeggys fam

Anonymous 5014

I decided to take birth control to stop my menstrual cycle (under the supervision of my gynecologist) and while it works and I don’t have any of the nasty side effects people typically complain about, I’m finding myself crying like a goddamn baby every single day over the smallest things. I can’t decide which is worse, painful periods or being seen as a weak bitch.

Anonymous 5015

I know this post is bait, but the really sad thing is that there are numerous people out there who actually believe this and are trying to enforce it in my country’s law system.

Anonymous 5031


>tfw I have a really itchy, painful, burning vaginal infection and a period at the same time
Comfort me, girls. Also, please tell me your home remedies for vaginal infections. I'm using Canesten cream, but I'm open to advice.

Anonymous 5035

I'm sorry anon, that sounds unfortunate. I don't have any advice, but am here to comfort you.

Anonymous 6269


I've been bleeding since November of last year, it's light but I still have to wear panty liners daily.
I haven't really experienced something like this before, is this something normal or should I be worried?

Anonymous 6270


Thank yooou. My vaginal infection has mostly died down now (thank u Canesten cream) and my period stopped but now it's back lol. My periods are very irregular.

Anonymous 6272

Glad to hear you made it through!!
If she has/had a yeast infection antibiotics make it worse. They even cause yeast infections.

Anonymous 6280

Are you on birth control or have a birth control implant (iud/arm implant..)?

Anonymous 6282

nope, never been on birth control either

Anonymous 6283

are you on any medication at all? any changes recently in doses or anything? you should really see a doctor, it's not normal to be spotting randomly for that long. please rule out growths/hormone imbalances!

Anonymous 6284


I have been on medication for something else unrelated to this but I haven't had any problems with it and have been taking it months before this started

I did check in with a doctor about it but I'll schedule another appointment

Thank you for the info anon!

Anonymous 6308


Do you ever look for the tampon string and you can't find it and it's the end of your period so you're not sure if maybe last time you went to the toilet and took it out you just forgot to insert a new one or is it just me? I feel like an idiot wondering if I should put a new one in or if there's one that I just can't find that I'll just push in deeper omg reeee

Anonymous 6737


Anyone here have/know someone who had NovaSure? I’m considering talking to my OBGYN about it because I a.) get really bad depression during my periods and b.) can’t have kids anyway because the lifelong medications I take cause birth defects.

I’m 26 so I’m worried I’m going to be told I’m too young to decide that don’t want to have kids. One of my close friends is 32 and she’s been refused a hysterectomy for years despite having routinely suffered very debilitating ovarian cysts and has been saying to her doctors over and over she plans to adopt either way. Is there any hope?

Anonymous 6764

I'm in need of a period tracking app, can anyone recommend a good one?

Anonymous 6765

I use Flo

Anonymous 6769

I like Clue

Anonymous 6770

I got Clue, thank you both!

Anonymous 6773

I had sex this weekend and now I'm not sure if I'm just sore or if I'm developing a UTI even though I'm already neurotic about peeing asap after sex. Downing water and zinc and hoping for the best.

Anonymous 6774

Are you feeling burning when you pee? You don’t get that with normal sex.

Anonymous 6775

I assume this was your first time?
>oh boy I got my braces off last weekend and my teeth feel so smooth.

Anonymous 6776

It burns a bit, but I'm also on my period and generally sore from condom chafe.

Not my first, but the first in a long while and I overdid it a bit.

Anonymous 6887

I get too wet. What can I do? It just takes a bit of making out or some touching and my panties are slimy. I hate it because it bothers me to have to wipe/change my panties after just smooching my bf for a minute and I used to get more sensation from sex when there was more friction.

Anonymous 6888

Maybe wear pads?

Anonymous 6889

For dates? That sucks and takes away any spontaneity tbh

Anonymous 6890

Blah, then just try to hitch him. You get him, you get more from wetness. You lose him, you don't have to worry about wetness anymore.

Anonymous 6898


in like… 2009 or 2014 or something a woman finally managed to get some scans done to determine the anatomy of the clitoris. pic related, that's what it actually looks like - most of it is internal and it wraps around your vaginal canal.

posting it here because I want everyone to know about it (and bc it made me really angry to find out how long and difficult it was to actually get imaging done for this)

Anonymous 6900

We still can't even decide if the G-spot exists, so I'm not surprised. Women's anatomy is still a mystery to most because who cares if it's not a penis. Ree

Anonymous 6917

panty liners are muuuuuch thinner than pads, you could try those instead?

Anonymous 7097

Is it normal for part of your breast (not the nipple) to have a different skin pigment? I have a ~3 cm patch of brownish skin. No pain and no lumpiness.

Anonymous 7122

Have you always had it, or did it just appear recently?

Anonymous 7124


Recently, like a few months ago.

Anonymous 7234

Is it normal to get more acne than usual when you first get on the pill (mine is Isibloom)? Will the acne get better or nah?

Also, I've been spotting terrible and I've been on said pill for over a month now. Other weird effects have been that my boobs are definitely larger, does that eventually go away?

Anonymous 7625

i have smegma on only one side of my labia and both are equally sized. should I be worried, or not really? it started occurring after I received some cuts near my vaginal opening from intercourse, and a scratch somewhere on my labia minora.

Anonymous 7877

So my doctor thinks I have herpes and I do, too. They swabbed it and I will get the results Wednesday. Honestly, my outbreak is worse than most of the photos I'm seeing on Google, and the pain is far more excruciating than I thought. I've never had any kind of herpes before (to my knowledge), so this has been a bit of an upheaval for me.

To make matters worse, my boyfriend is denying he is the one who gave it to me because he "doesn't have symptoms" even though it is possible to be completely asymptomatic. When he learned this, then he claimed it must be from a previous partner of mine and only now it is showing up as this outbreak of mine…except that all websites I've seen say that if you do have an outbreak, as I very likely do, that it means you were infected 2-20 days ago, depending on the source, meaning that it could only be him I got it from. But still, he denies this. It hurts, especially since before I thought it was herpes and just thought it was some cysts that formed out of cuts I received from rough sex with him that he was all "I'm sorry for how your genitals are, I feel guilty", etc. but now that it is an sti, no, it couldn't be him.

Anonymous 7880

I'm so sorry to hear that anon. Maybe once you get the results ask your doctor what timeframe he thinks that the infection may have occurred.

And let your bf known that he's an asshole and that the diagnosis by the doctor is absolute: that he was in fact with no doubt the one who infected you.

Unrelated but a couple years ago my mom had an outbreak of herpes (not the genital type) and she was being careless around me despite my concern, treating me like I was some type of ocd germophobe.

Well she caused me a serious adult chicken pox outbreak (I had never had chicken pox before). She refused to believe that she was the one who infected me until I took her to both the doctor that was treating her for her herpes, and to the doctor that was treating me for chicken pox, and had them BOTH explain it to her face.

Anonymous 8090

Anyone here deal with vaginismus? With treatment, has it ever fully gone away for you?

Anonymous 8093

Thank you anon, all of this is really helpful.

Anonymous 8095

>isn’t so rough as he isn’t trying to get his half missing penis off
This is so true. I am so sad that my bf is circumcised.

Anonymous 8369

Another outbreak. At least this one won't be as bad as the first one. I fucking hate this, I tried to do everything right such as using lube, etcetera, but it happened anyway. Not to mention my boyfriend still doesn't believe he gave it to me though he tested positive for herpes type 1.

Anonymous 8370

I hate to say it because I feel bad for men who have been subjected to circumcision but this is really true. There were other factors at play but I was really surprised at how much better sex was with my uncut bf vs my cut ex because he didn't need to be as rough and he also didn't need to fuck me so long I would get sore and exhausted just to cum. With my ex there were times I couldn't have sex 2 days in a row because my vagina was so sore from him pounding me for 25-30 mins, and we used lube although sometimes he didn't care enough to reapply. I don't care what anyone says (and I've had cut dudes argue with me about this), circumcision definitely causes difference in sensation for a lot of guys.

Anonymous 9671


Does anyone have any experience with Nexplanon/birth control implants? I'm at the end of my rope.

I've been bleeding pretty much since I had it implanted in February, with a few weeks off here and there. My gyno prescribed the Provera pill, and it seemed to stop the bleeding for about a week after I finished it. Then I had a "normal" period for another week, stopped bleeding for a week, and now I'm bleeding again.

I'm so sick of this.

Anonymous 9678

That was a risky move, did you obgyn not tell you the risks or side effects of using it?
Is it possible to take it out instead?

Anonymous 9681

My GYN told me that abnormal bleeding in the first three months was normal and expected, and irregular periods could persist through the whole first year. But this is more than just an "irregular" period; I've spent more time bleeding than not in the past eight months.

I forgot to mention that before she prescribed Provera, she had me taking 800 mg of ibuprofen 3–4x/day for a week. Obviously that didn't work either, and I've probably destroyed my liver in the process.

I had an appointment with her scheduled for November but got it bumped up to this Wednesday. I think I'm just going to ask her to take it out and have my boyfriend wear condoms for a while until I figure out something else.


Anonymous 9686

i hope this post is ok here. i have estrogen deficiency meaning i never went through puberty - i'm short, no period, no pubic or pit hair, no breast development. the guy i lost my virginity to said i looked like a toddler. (i fucking hope he dies btw.)

i'm starting estrogen replacement this week which means i'll be having my first period ever in the next 3-4 weeks. can any of u give, especially those with heavy flows and severe cramping, give me a no fuzz idea of what to expect? and how to tread shitty period symptoms?

Anonymous 9687

samefag but for context i'm 27

Anonymous 9688

Im 20 and my right ovary has started hurting during my period for the past month or two but only during my period. The pain isn't that bad but it's a little sharp and it's definitely my ovary since the pain is concentrated in such a small area. Am I dying?

Anonymous 9692

Oh no anon. How bad is the scar? Is it from the insertion or removal?

I have a tiny dot where they inserted it that I can only see in certain light if I'm looking for it, but I fully expected a scar on removal since they have to cut you open and fish it out. (Gagging.)

Do you know what kind of pill they gave you? That is, whether it was a combined pill or the minipill?

How long did it take you to feel better or for things to go back to normal after you had it removed?

Anonymous 9742

I'm on the copper IUD like this anon. Same thing, it hurt really bad and actually my first few months of periods were worse than ever before…then suddenly it got better and I had way less pain than before and I've had it for almost 5 years now, no issues. Bf said the wire poked him and he didn't like it at first. I was just kinda like '…okay so you wanna use condoms or deal with it?" but he said it stopped being an issue after the first couple times.

Anonymous 9832


Anyone else struggles to masturbate the week before their period?
Even if I do want some sexytimes for myself, my body becomes uncapable of feeling horny. I can reach an orgasm by stroking my clit in the usual way, but the resulting climax is tiny, forced and unsatisfying.
Pretty sure it's caused by some hormonal weirdness going on, but dunno how common it is and what to do about it.

Anonymous 10148

Is there any method of BC that will not cause weight gain? I'm on the combination pill and I've steadily gained 15 pounds over the course of a year and a half despite not eating much more than I initially did. I get it's covid-19 season so I haven't been working out as much, but still, it makes me hate myself so much. Or maybe I do just need to suck it up and try restricting again. It's hard because I'm a recovering anorexic.

Anonymous 10151

Female condom

Unfortunately of bc methods suck.

Anonymous 11677


how should i stimulate my clitoris when its super sensitive? Indirect stuff isnt rlly enough but when i try to directly touch my clit or right around it it hurts. Im tired of trying to reach orgasm by vaginal stimulation alone helpp

Anonymous 11678

To avoid going into /nsfw/ territory, try doing it through underwear

Anonymous 11686

I had the same problem.

Is it only your clit or is your internal g spot painful too? If not, about 2 inches deep is a bumpier area in your vagina. You should be able to orgasm here instead. A gspot massager is even better, they're curved upwards to help reach the area. I got one that doesnt have a rabbit attachment for completely avoid the pain of clitoral stimulation

Anonymous 11697

ill look into that, where did u get urs??

Anonymous 12692

This is a stupid question but are there any drugs I could reasonably get that mimic anesthesia? My IUD insertion was awful and I fully believe we should get anesthesia for it. But of course they won't offer it. I got mine done a year ago so I still have time to figure it out but I know I'll want to keep getting it until I get my tubes tied or whatever.
I just can't face another installation without anesthesia though so I was wondering if there's anything typically recommended for this. If I don't find anything I'll just get smashed and try my best to hide it.

Anonymous 12694

along with kegels, do I get tighter with increased fitness/muscle mass as well? any tips on exercises to focus on?

Anonymous 12708

I've never experienced big menstrual clots before… they were usually mucous and very thin and red like I would imagine a uterus layer to be.
But now I went to the bathroom and i passed a clot with the color, thickness and texture of chicken skin (w/o the bumps). I tried to rip it and it didn't rip it was so thick omg (I washed my hands after)
I felt so grossed out what the hell was that it was so thick like real outside skin

Anonymous 12755

I feel really disconnected from my body, I just started going back to the gym and I think I want to go off of my birth control to see how I feel physically without it but I've been on hormonal birth control since I was like 14 (I'm now in my late 20s).
I hear so many stories about how people lose weight and feel less sad when they get off the pill. Does anyone have experience with going off of it after essentially growing up on it?

Anonymous 12877


okay, i actually have something i need a little help with here. any advice would be wonderful, really, because im a little scared here.

so, in late july of this year i got the nexplanon implant to help with my heavy periods, i got it done in a sexual clinic near me and everything seemed fine until my period came a little late.

i was just sitting on the toilet about a week ago, three days into my period and i pulled out my tampon and had a decidual cast attatched to it. i heard this happens when you have progesterone-based birth control done, but thats not the issue.

my period is still going and i dont know when its going to end, its been a week and a half of spotting enough that i need to keep my tampon in all times, do i go to the doctor this week or is this normal? help please lol

Anonymous 13482

idk where else to post this but

>spend half an hour painstakingly painting nails with my favorite polish combo

>can feel my period coming

Anonymous 14350

I got my covid vaccine and now I'm having my first period since then (on schedule) and it's brownish. I also had a contraception mishap with my bf but should be fine according to a fertility window calculator. I'm spooked

Anonymous 14351

The covid vaccines have been screwing up a lot of women's periods but there hasn't been any proper studies on it (because nothing is ever separately safety checked for women).


I would take a test just be safe.

Anonymous 14352

I go to swimming classes since a few months ago and IDK how safe it is to wear a tampon while swimming (it's only because of this that I've been wearing tampons for the first time ever).
The other day I skipped a lesson because it was the second day of my period, which for me usually means the most abundant flow. I was scared that a small tampon (which is the only kind I have rn) wouldn't be enough.

Anonymous 14353

have a practice run in the bath and see if they work

Anonymous 14354

I don't have a bath though. Only shower.
I guess I'll have to buy big tampons again, would that make a difference?

Anonymous 14369

I have a doctor phobia (not looking for advice, it's bad, I know) and ended up with a yeast infection a couple months ago. Successfully cured it! Holistic methods might not all be shams. Here is how I did it over the course of 2 weeks:

-I took 2 hair skin and nails vitamins a day
-I drank a mug half filled with kefir (kind of yogurt) and half filled with straight cranberry juice every morning
-drank a glass of Good Belly probiotic juice every evening
-wore loose cotton boxers and changed them twice a day
-kept an air conditioner pointed at me to keep sweating down

It actually worked- I had never gotten a yeast infection before so it took a couple of days of suffering to even figure out what was wrong, or I would have been able to clear it up faster. I had mild discharge (no smell) and the main issue was incessant itching around my vaginal opening.

I suffer from extreme paranoia/anxiety over medical issues, especially about my privates, so being able to fix this without going to the doctor (I probably wouldn't have no matter how bad it got anyway) was monumental. I hope this helps someone. You can also get yeast infection medication prescribed online, you just have an IM chat with a doctor- I just didn't want to go the medicine route until I was sure the holistic approach wouldn't work.

Anonymous 14373

I got a pfizer booster today because I'm visiting family over new years. My period is supposed to come within this week, and I have a fibroid so it's already pretty heavy normally. Pray for me.

Anonymous 14489

I'm going to start tracking my period and cycle in general (discharge, pain). I saw a lot of guides online mention charting when I have sex, however these articles are aimed at women trying to get pregnant. What would be some other reason I should consider tracking that? i'm monogamous and such

Anonymous 15133


Anyone else fall for the feminine wash meme and end up getting acne on their labia or is it just me??? Plenty of people told me it wasn't worth it but I didn't listen because my cookie started smelling a lot stronger than it used to, and I wanted something to clean it with that promised to be gentle.

I know I'd have an std because I've been tested for all of them. I don't want to see a gyno until I find one that won't shill birth control to me while insinuating I'm a whore.

Anonymous 15138

could it be a yeast infection? are you wearing synthetic material underwear?

Anonymous 15139

Are you on antibiotics? Got BV from them as a teen.

Anonymous 15146

i'm on no medications. i wear cotton underwear. and the problem doesn't seem to be either of those.

Anonymous 15154


Not being rude but does it smell kinda fishy? Bacterial Vaginosis (kinda the opposite of a yeast infection) happens to anyone, is easily treatable by reducing vagina pH - in my country the product is balance activ bv gel, sold over the counter

Anonymous 15156

don't know who needs to hear this but never, ever use feminine wash unless it's literally something prescribed by your doctor/pharmacist for a specific problem. water is enough for the inner folds. plain soap is enough for the mound. if you're worried about an abnormal smell (not the warm, rich smell it should normally have) loop back around to point one: consult a doctor.

Anonymous 15157

sa and regarding the 'normal' vagina smell, obviously that scent shouldn't… radiate. if it's gotten to that point it just means you need to shower more. stay clean, girlies. that scent should between you and yourself.

Anonymous 15313

Does anyone have experience with contact dermatitis on their vulva? I know it’s not a yeast infection or BV. The itching is driving me insane and I haven’t been comfortable for MONTHS. I’m trying to cut out any possible irritants. I’ve tried steroid creams but I feel very hesitant about that in such a sensitive area.. & that only seemed to mask the issue as it came back whenever I stopped using it for 2 weeks as directed by my doctor. Also I found my labia feels so dry after using the cream and that in of its self has been very uncomfortable so I refuse to use it again. I’m seriously so miserable over this

Anonymous 15314

maybe avoid using anything but water and plain soap there?

Anonymous 15323

Do you try using sensitive skin clothing detergent? It helps me a lot. I made the mistake of buying the wrong detergent last week and oh my God did I regret it.

Anonymous 15350

So ladies, I got my fourth booster recently and have noticed…My period hasnt come up yet and I dont want to see my doctor about this with her thinking im some conspiracy nut..but im getting really really anxious about this sisters. Has anyone had any similar experiences? should i suck it up and go see her or just wait?!

Anonymous 15375

There's no conspiracy it is a known symptom and a pretty frequent one, just look at some of the posts below >>14351
My periods, who were extremely regular before, have been all over the place since I got my second shot last summer. Always late or early, sometimes stopping sooner than expected then coming back a few days later… needless to say I feel like a teenager again. I hope it will come back to normal as it's really scaring me and doctors don't take it seriously

Anonymous 15376

I avoided the shot (you guys can judge me it's fine I judge myself all the time) but as far as I know it should go away eventually.

You might want to go to an preferably female endocrinologist or gynecologist - with a referral from your doc - and check into it sooner than later if you are really unsettled. Maaaaaybe don't put emphasis on the shot because I feel like it might make some doctors stone wall you.

Anonymous 15383

I like being on my period. I feel like myself, living in my body, in tune with the world around me and enduring my misery even when my cramps are bad. Maybe I'm a masochist. But it makes me feel stronger, like I can achieve anything. If I can handle the cramps, then I can handle anything.

Anonymous 15385

Kek, look up eustress, anon.

Anonymous 15513

Last night I accidentally scratched my clitoris/ the side of my inner labia a little bit while masturbating, because I had a jagged edge on a nail and didn't realize. I wasn't worried at first but since I woke up it kind of stings now and is fairly sensitive and painful. It'll be okay in a few days right?

Anonymous 15516

on the accuracy of those underpants image, is the vagina actually open in the body like that, or would the walls be pressed together?

Anonymous 15518

It should be fine anon, just keep the area clean and avoid touching it unnecessarily for a few days.

Anonymous 15519

Not sure about the entire wall, but the wall near the entrance at least presses together when you're not aroused or when you're anxious/tense.

Anonymous 15522

My fucking ovaries don't work
It's been over 100 days since my last period

Anonymous 15523

>a few days
Some prices are not worth paying.

Anonymous 15531

recently my cycles have started being more common… went from the standard monthly to about 20 days for the past couple of periods, so idk. it's stressing me out

Anonymous 15958

maybe not the right thread to ask this in, but what's up with the stereotype that women are afraid of blood? girls and women see blood multiple times per day for 2~7 days out of the month. where does the stereotype of women fainting when they see it come from? did rich women used to get their servants to change their rag for them, or what?

Anonymous 15964

Seeing your own blood that you know didn't come from an injury and seeing somebody else's blood maybe in a traumatic situation are totally different.

Anonymous 16044

tranny and if not that's even worse

Anonymous 16656


Reposting this just in case I could get replies:
>used to be moderately horny as soon as puberty started
>would get wet when horny
>never had sex because of crazy religious upbringing
>lives abroad in 2020 because of shitty timing
>got very sick for three months, it was very likely covid but I couldn't get diagnosed with anything because of hospitals being crowded with people who were even more sick
>went back home to live with my family until I get a job and my own place
>didn't have a lock on my door until months after that so no intimacy whatsoever
>as soon as I recovered fully from whatever I had I can't get horny at all
>learned right before that that men can get ED from covid, no idea if it's temporary or if women can be affected, too scared to google it
>still a virgin
>no idea if there could be a medical reason for this, or just because I'm always tired, the few times I went to see a gynecologist after that was because I suspected I had breast cancer but it's a harmless tumor I'll get removed soon
>don't know how to ask the gynecologist if I go once more to get more info because she's respectful and open-minded (I think?) but she was completely shocked I'm still a virgin at 28 and I'm bad with explaining this kind of things specifically
What should I do? Do you think I could be "cured" from actually having sex with a man? Do you think I should give up on masturbating or doing anything at all forever? Should I see my gynecologist for that or would that be a waste of time because there's no proper exams to check what's going on? Could all of this be caused by me using my laptop like pic rel very often?

Anonymous 16657

Just get a goddamn vibe
With a moid if he doesnt love you, you are just gonna realize how badly they understand women bodies.

Anonymous 16658

>Just get a goddamn vibe
That wouldn't work. I'm wondering if I should fuck a guy specifically because I'd need to be in the mood and actually look at someone I'd be attracted to instead of just trying to fantasize about, idk, something and find no release for the 100000th time.

Anonymous 16659

you wont get in the mood without loving, its very hard but whatever try tinder idk

Anonymous 16684

Anyone else have bad mood swings with combined oral contraceptive pills? I was taking ethinyl estradiol + cyproterone acetate for PCOS and felt batshit insane and suicidal all the time I was on it. I switched over to a different brand with drospirenone instead and I feel normal?

Anonymous 16723

I'm going to stop my BC pills in the next few days after a year and a half of taking them and I am really excited to get back to my normal cycle. I am worried about the adverse side affects of stopping though i.e. acne, mood swings, fatigue, ect. Do anyone have any tips? Or do I just need to ride it out and hope for the best.

Anonymous 16801

oowwnnn it hurts even though i took painkillers… i hope i'll manage to stay focused in class tonight

Anonymous 16803


How do I make my period stop without damaging my fertility for later in life and taking BC? I can't stand it, yesterday I laid in bed practically all day because my stomach hurt so bad but it was also radiating to my back and hips.

Anonymous 17539

one of my boobs is bigger than the other and is like getting worse when my period is coming on, it really hurts leading up on the few days before it hits. Like they both usually hurt but this one is super painful, especially if I bump it on something.
I used to keep my phone in my bra as an 18-25 year old if I went out clubbing and didn't want my purse stolen. I'm talking the motorola razr-early iphone days. did I nuke my tit?
I got it ultrasounded like two years ago and there was nothing but I'm mega paranoid now. any nonas had a similar issue with just one? it's NOTICIBLY bigger and I might have to start buying two different bras, cutting them in half and sewing them together it swells out of my normal bras it's very obvious if I wear something tight (like my work uniform shirt is elastane and cotton so it accentuates it)
I grew up/still wear huge oversize shirts to hide my chest and now I feel like there's a literal gaze-target on my chest. I hate it.
troons saying "haha boobies go bounce" makes me want to alog so incredibly hard it's an effort not to seethe.

Anonymous 17540

I had this same issue and wearing minimizing/smoothing bras helped me, such as a sports bra. If they're still too big you can always wear an insert in the smaller one, but most people don't notice

Anonymous 17541


I'll try that ty cutie. it's gotten to the point where it hurts to move my arm/touch it whatsoever it's awful. appreciate the protip my love

Anonymous 17543

guys why do i sometimes get discharge that has the look and the feel of egg whites. super clumpy and i feel my underwear getting soaked while i walk or sit down or anything it's awful honestly, is there anything wrong with my vagina or is this normal… it only happens a couple of weeks (?) but when it does it lasts for days

Anonymous 17545

Will alcohol worsen my cramps at all, or will I be okay if I stay sufficiently hydrated? I've always just stayed sober over my period for fear that it will, but I'd hate to miss out over the next few days. Thanks

Anonymous 17547

Is it like cottage cheese? It could be a yeast infection flaring up every once in awhile

Anonymous 17548

the "egg white" consistency hilariously happens when you're ovulating (I've found anyway). it definitely thickens up.
if not what >>17547 says. if there isn't a smell it's probably fine.

Anonymous 17556

Alcohol never made my cramps worse. It just nade me care less about tge pain. I say don't worry about it and join in on the festivities.

Anonymous 17560


I have a masturbation addiction. I rub it out so often it hurts sometimes, and it also gets a little harder to cum each time. I wanna stop fapping and get to a point where it's easier to cum (especially if I finally get the opportunity to have sex with someone).

Are there any resources out there that aren't just for men with porn addictions? I literally never watch porn and my pussy is still broken.

Anonymous 17561

I took two pregnancy tests and they both came up negative but I feel like I won’t be able to calm down until my period comes… The odds of getting pregnant from precum and having two false negatives in a row are probably really low but I’m still panicking so much aaaa

Anonymous 17562

I panic about pregnancy even though my nigel and I use condoms. I can't rest until my period comes. It came a day late this month and in that single day I was already looking at my early abortion options so I would have a plan ready immediately

Anonymous 17568

I was this way right after puberty but it went away on its own by the time I was 19-20. now that I'm low-libido I kinda miss it honestly. if you're just young and horny it's not a bad idea to set aside time for it everyday so it doesn't become distracting. make sure the door is locked. sort of an "acceptance" approach. and find gentler ways to do it like water pressure or something, nothing hard or rough.
but if it's a real problem for you for some reason or this has been going on for decades then you might want to ask a professional.

Anonymous 17632

I overcame my masturbation addiction by completely making myself sex repulsed, reading lots of Andrea Dworkin and just generally becoming aware of how badly hypersexuality of our age is impacting everyone. I even had a no fap streak from Nov 27 2021 to Nov 1 2022. Not the healthiest way to do it,but I still made massive progress (I was masturbating every single day since I was 4 and I'm now 19). Oh and lemme tell you,It WILL affect your sex life sadly,even if you stop masturbating. Unless everything is playing out according to your fantasies, you won't be able to enjoy sex. (Honestly tbh unless it's some degenerate unethical fetish thing, you shouldn't settle for less)

Anonymous 17633

Why is my vagina …. pulsing??? Thats the only way I can describe it. I thought I was horny, so I tried to masturbate but I was so dry. But it's like, just randomly pulsing and I have no idea why??

Anonymous 17646

Over the holidays I wasn't using my pills correctly, taking them at the same time everyday. I was in a new timezone and I DID take them everyday, just not at the same time. Some days I'd be 2h early or 5h late. It's the combo pill so technically I should be protected after my extensive googling.
I let my bf coom in me and we had sex 4 times on the last week of active pills.
I usually get my periods every Tuesday and today is Wednesday so I am a little worried…
I share your worries nona. It sucks that only women have to worry about the consequences of sex. It isn't fair. But I like having sex with my bf because it allows us to show our love for each other, hence why I let him coom in me even though there may be a 1-9% failure rate of just using birth control.

Before, when I was a khhv, I never had to worry about this stuff and sometimes I wish I could go back kek.

Anonymous 17655

Okay nevermind I got my period and am happy about it

Anonymous 18025

Help me out ladies.

For some reason I always get these brown stains in my underwear no matter if I take a shower or not (they always appear at the end of the day). It always happens when I'm not ovulating, and when I'm off my period (no bleeding). They smell too. Someone told me it was old blood, but does old blood really last for such a long time? I've also been told that it could be discharge, but is discharge brown and somewhat smelly?

Sorry for being gross, I just seriously need an answer to this.

Anonymous 18027

>brown stains
Yep, that's blood, you're spotting. See a gyno.

Anonymous 18041

Thanks , I really appreciate you answering me. I'll make sure to contact her sometime this week.

Anonymous 18044

we frend, take care

Anonymous 18056

>Does taking motrin increase the length of your period?
It's not supposed to AFAIK.

Anonymous 18103

I've had a lot of discharge lately. Everything points towards it being related to ovulation, but this is more than usual and a different colour than usual. I don't have any itching or discomfort. Should I be worried?

Anonymous 18107

As usual, the answer is: if it lasts, ask a doctor. If it stops, mention it later.

Anonymous 18266


I think I have vaginismus? I am a virgin in my early 20s. Bf couldn't fit inside me and even my own finger hurts to put in. I've always had a lot of sex anxiety and a low libido which could be contributing. I've never orgasmed either and for some reason I feel like I never will. What should I do? Dr's appt?

Anonymous 18267

Try getting off. Even if you don't feel like it, flick your bean with a purpose until you cum. Some people unlock their libido when they start masturbating.

Anonymous 18268

hi! i was in a similar situation. it's actually way more common than you would think. although i see the point and it can be true for some, the whole new "sex shouldn't hurt the first time" rhetoric leaves the lots and lots of women who do experience pain during their first sexual experiences feeling wrong and weird.
what helped me tremendously were vaginal dilators.
by starting with the smallest size and progressing at your pace to the one thats the size of a penis you will eventually desensitize yourself to the pain and anxiety linked to penetration.
if your case is particularly difficult to deal with, you could try the magnetic dilators. they cost more but are more soothing and easier to work with.
some brands come with lube and i would recommend you try it during the sessions, and (eventually) during sex too.
also remember you might not actually have vaginismus, but other factors that make it hard to get penetrated. it can be vaginal infections, or a "strong" hymen, or vulvodynia.
there is treatment options for all of these, i believe dilators help with the latter too. anyways before you get overwhelmed just try this option if you want, i thought i had all of these combined but my problem went away with just that lol

Anonymous 18272

Thank you so much anon. I wish I was taught this in health class or something. I made an appt with a OBGYN so maybe I can get dilators covered by insurance lol. If not I'll just get some online.

Anonymous 18299

I've stopped taking birth control pills after years of use and all of a sudden my libido is back. It's been annoying.

Anonymous 18612


i wanna switch methods of birth control bc im paranoid that the birth control pills is causing me to gain weight despite eating balanced meals and exercising 4x a week.
is copper IUD worth it?

Anonymous 18613

Not worth the horrendous pain that apparently comes with it , get the implant instead?

Anonymous 18624

kinda scared of getting the implant because i heard it causes weight gain

Anonymous 18637

I only take bc to stop my period. Are there any other ways to do it (other than going full ana)?

Anonymous 18641

lol almost lost my eye sight thanks to the pill, thanks gynae for not warning me about shit. literally never had a single gynae or doctor who tried to prescribe me pill mention it but if you have any history of migraine with aura ASK THEM ABOUT THAT, avoid the combined pill or patch if you can cuz they can trigger more. pharmacist told me single pill is way safer but that shit aggravates my period fuckery instead of holding it off so rip me. back to bad period limbo for me now with bonus eye pain and headaches.

Anonymous 18647

my period is late for about 5 months now, I think 6 even and I'm 18, and no I'm not pregnant. It happened to me before but it was late by 3 months before that, I checked it with my doctor and she just gave me meds that released the period but that's it really. what the fuck do I do, I never heard about anyone in the same situation as me. when I did have my period, it never hurt or anything, this is really worrying me but idk if I should go to my doctor again

Anonymous 18649

>I never heard about anyone in the same situation as me
anon…. it's a condition so common it's got a name… look up amenorrhea.
>what do
stop doing whatever caused your periods to stop. could be extreme stress, weight loss, too much sports, too little vitamin D, extreme sleep deprivation, or an epically shitty diet. could be hormones, in that case ask the gyno to get those checked. also you're 18. some people don't get regular periods until their early twenties.

Anonymous 18650

I heard about people getting late periods by a month at most, not 6 months. I have no idea what caused the period to stop so I think I'll book an appointment to my doc

Anonymous 18651

>not 6 months
I used to "miss" periods by a year (13 months, to be precise) because of weight loss. Before you book the appointment, please examine your lifestyle and think what might be causing this.

Anonymous 18652

>I have no idea
Oh, I was scrolling too fast and must have skipped this part. If you can't tell the cause, going to the doctor is the right choice. Anyway, 6 months is still amenorrhea.

Anonymous 18653

could be my terrible sleeping schedule? together with a terrible diet maybe, lack of exercise too. are there any threads here that can help with those problems?

Anonymous 18654

>sleep schedule
How many hours do you get per night?
>terrible diet
Could you describe it?
>lack of exercise
Nope, that's not the reason. Too much exhausting physical activity famously causes amenorrhea in female athletes, but I've never heard of anyone missing her period because she was being a couch potato.

Anonymous 18655

>How many hours do you get per night?
well, it can be 1 hour and it can also be 10 hours. I usually sleep during the day because most of my friends are active during night-time for me
>Could you describe it?
I don't overeat for the most part, I just have very unbalanced meals, I usually live on cereal, snacks and water. or frozen food. I used to cook for myself but I'm very lazy and unmotivated

Anonymous 18656

Holy shit, anon. How are you still alive? Fix both of those issues, please.

Anonymous 18657


wondering the same thing, no idea how I'm still alive but it has been like that for I think two years now.
I have no ideas how to fix those issues because I practically live like this

Anonymous 18658

>sleeping schedule
Real life is all that matters. If your internet friends are detrimental to your sleeping schedule, you should put your needs first. At your age you need 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night. Unless you want early Alzheimer's, cardiovascular problems, depression, and back shot to all hell from spending that much time in front of the screen, you should sleep more and retire to bed at the same time.
Okay, I see you don't like cooking, so I'm not going to suggest it. Here's what you need to include into your "diet": bananas (at least 1 per day, every day), apples, dairy (!!!!!!), any and all fresh veggies and fruits you can find that don't require cooking (cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, oranges, etc.). If you have enough money, consider buying baby formula. It has a ton of vitamins and will help you recover, although it is rich in calories too, so I would suggest you consume less formula than a baby would.

If you feel like you can't do it on your own, ask for help. Parents, family, real life friends, anyone. You are very young still.

Anonymous 18659

Follow up: forgot to include meat. Make sure you eat meat at least 3 times a week, preferably every day. Anything will do, including those cancer-ulcer-diarrhea-inducing chain store sausages, because they are still better than this thing you've got going on. Also buy canned peas, that's protein.

Anonymous 18673

sad to admit but my online friends are the only people I get to talk with, I'm a shut-in and I have one real life friend and we aren't really meeting up or talking outside of school as I'm graduating in like two weeks.
and in regards to the diet, I'm gonna work out this summer so I think it will be best if I will start the diet once I start working out because I am overweight. but I'll keep all of those in mind, thanks a lot! ^_^

Anonymous 18674

Please buy something healthy the next time you get your groceries. You have to promise me, anon.

Anonymous 18675


next time my mom goes to get groceries I will tag along, thanks a lot nona!

Anonymous 18720

I'm sorry that happened to you. I've never had a visit where I thought the gynae cared about my problems.

Anonymous 18721

Uhhh anyone got tips for getting pregnant ?

Anonymous 18747


Has anyone tried reusable pads? I'd love to switch to reusable products to save on the cost and the constant waste period products generate. I've tried the menstrual cup before but it isn't for me, I'm too sensitive and it hurts me. I've thought of going for a reusable pad + period underwear combo. Do you think it's a good idea? Has anyone had experience with it? How long do these reusable products last in your experience? I'm also curious if it's difficult to clean them.

Anonymous 18748

super funny because just yesterday my mom had an argument with one of her friends about reusable pads lol
her friend uses reusable pads and she said it's comfortable,she said that she brings about 2/3 pads depending on the period itself.
she puts the dirty pads in a little bag and once she gets home she just washes them, she said that it doesn't bother here to wash them but my mom seemed to hate the idea and it spiraled into an argument kek

Anonymous 18749

oh I forgot to add, she said that it's not too difficult to wash them, I think she puts one of those powdered that when you wash it with water it gets off the stains easily. she didn't mention anything about how long it lasts but I assume a while because she has stated that she has been using reusable products for a while now. but overall she said that it's comfortable for her and she suggested everyone to switch to reusable pads

Anonymous 18802

download (3).jpg

Normally a few days before i get my period i tend to have multiple mental breakdowns or so, last time before i got my period i woke up in such a bad mood i nearly tried to kill myself. Is this normal or should i get worried?

Anonymous 18827

it could be PMDD, you should talk about it with a doctor

Anonymous 18878

Why does it feel like there's a hard ball like thing against my vaginal wall after I masturbate many nights in a row? If I stop for a while, it goes away. But it's really annoying and turns me off. It's not painful, but it feels very weird that it's so hard and spherical. I had a thought that it was my spine and it freaked me out. Wtf is it???

Anonymous 18886

Whenever I have my period, like right before and during it, I start having to pee all the time and at night its hard to sleep because every time I pee I'll immediately feel the need to go again, like no matter how much I go my bladder immediately starts refilling and its uncomfortable. Is this normal or something other people have? I've only read about this as a diabetes thing or something but it only happens on my period

Anonymous 18895


Does anyone use Phexxi? My gynecologist prescribed it to me today, I trust her but I don't love the idea of altering my pH. Wondering if anyone has had any particularly good or bad experiences with it or any kind of advice to offer. She also recommended female condoms but I'm absolutely not doing that lol.

Anonymous 18897

I think my bf stretched me out, but everything I’ve read says that’s impossible. Why do I feel so “open” down there?

Anonymous 18898

Do kegels

Anonymous 19036

your bf is gaslighting you

Anonymous 19043

Smells like bait tbh

Anonymous 19088

How normal is it to break out in hives before menstruating? I used to not have this issue it's only recently I noticed that my skin itches and gets red right before my period.

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