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Bangs too short Anonymous 13076

I went to a hair stylist who fucked up my bangs. They're too short and now my hair looks pretty much like a bowl cut. It's like a half inch above my eyebrows.

How long until they will be just below my eyebrows? How much of my bangs will grow per week?

Anonymous 13077

Hair grows about half an inch per month. You'll be good in 4-5 weeks.

Anonymous 13079

How do hair stylists fuck up bangs so often? Anyway to answer your question, a few weeks or a month and a half max.

Anonymous 13080

I don't know why but every hairstylist just seems to love cutting off as much as possible? I've been cutting my hair myself for years now because it's cheaper and they mess it up every time I go.
I imagine it's tough if you don't already have bangs, but if you do then it's not too difficult to do a small trim. Just start slow, snip less than you think you need to since you can always do more if it isn't enough but you can't take back a cut. Get good hair-cutting shears and reserve them for hair only.

Anonymous 13081

If hair grows half an inch per month why the fuck my hair is still pretty much at the same length it was 1.5 years ago. Bullshit

Anonymous 13082

Heat styling, hair breakage, split ends, poor diet, stress, etc. There are lots of reasons your hair is stuck at one length.

Anonymous 13083

I use a hair dryer like once a month, don't use any heat styling besides that.
Hair breakage may be possible, but how can every single hair break off before it gets noticeably longer
I eat eggs oranges lots of protein, unless energy drinks and chocolate unknowingly impact your hair growth I don't think this is it

Anonymous 13084

Some people's hair is more brittle and can break more easily. Do you condition or use hair masks ever?

Anonymous 13085

Maybe you live in a place with a lot of environmental damage? Heavy smog or hard water for example.

Anonymous 13086

>ask for thin eyebrow-level bangs
>show pictures
>get thick blunt SJW bangs
every time.

Anonymous 13089

I thought they were called TERF bangs or farquaad bangs and the SJWs prefer blue undercuts lol.

Anonymous 13090

Smog is not unheard of and neither is hard water but it wouldn't only be me with that problem, I see ppl with long hair almost everyday? My hair was growing just fine when I got a haircut, stable, noticeable growth and thats considering my diet was even worse back then
I use conditioner every time I wash my hair, though there was like a period when I didn't use any, but I have been using conditioner for at least 9 months now

Anonymous 13091

>my hair is still pretty much at the same length it was 1.5 years ago
What the fuck that's impossible, how can your hair not grow, or barely grow, in a year and a half?

Anonymous 13095

Ehh I'm kind of retarded, it did grow but if your hair grows half an inch per month there would be a bigger difference… it just looks like it grew 1 inch max. I wish I had a picture comparison, but it used to be somewhere at my boob length and now it's barely past my boobs. So yeah, I don't fucking know.

Anonymous 13098

I've been cutting my bangs myself for years, i don't let any stylist touch them for this exact reason

Anonymous 13123

Everyone's hair has a limit of how long it will grow. Think about how your eyebrows only get so long, same as arm or leg hair. Head hair is the same. This might be as long as yours gets.

Anonymous 13126


I wonder what the average terminal length is, I tried looking it up but there is no good estimate since very few actually attempt to reach it. Also I'm very inclined to say that many people who think they reached terminal could actually go farther if they changed something, like giving up heat tools and chemical dyes, or avoiding certain hairstyles that cause tension and breakage.
On an unrelated note, I'm just 2 inches away from my goal length with no signs that growth is stopping, which is pretty exciting

Anonymous 13127

I'd say my terminal length is around hip length. I had my first haircut in over a year in June and cut 13 inches off of that, to about armpit length, just for a change and that it'd be nice to have shorter hair in the summer. Planning on growing it out to mid-back length and maintaining there. Anything longer is too difficult to handle, imo.

Anonymous 13129

I reached classic length a few years ago. Back then I was straightening my hair once a week and not taking care of it at all, but it was still growing. Sometimes I regret cutting it because it would have been funny to see it reach my thighs or knees but the hair started to wash me out and look ridiculous. All that to say - don't worry OP, your bangs will grow out in no time.

Anonymous 13332

Yeah i know that, that's what I'm afraid happened, but we'll see

Anonymous 13336

I didn't even know that head hair had a terminal length.

Anonymous 13360

More people need to talk about terminal hair length, it’s all in the genetics. As soon as I accepted that my hair isn’t going to grow to my tailbone and that it’s stuck at collarbone length, I was able to just take care of it better and now it’s thicker/fuller.

Anonymous 13649

I just checked my hair and actually it grew a few inches so I'm retarded but - it grew in a v-shaped form so I'm thinking it's just me treating my hair like shit, so even tho it still grows, it thins out and breaks in some parts (I also keep it in a somewhat tight ponytail most of the time and comb it pretty roughly).

Anonymous 13667

is it silly to grow it out to bra strap length if you have very fine hair? it's very lovely hair but it's just trailer-trash thin. and I realize that I look like shit with shorter hair and that a more witchy long-haired aesthetic would suit me.

Anonymous 14491

mine grew in a week or two

Anonymous 14505

Is your hair fine that your actual hairs are extra thin or fine that you don't have a lot of hair overall? My actual hairs are thin/fine but I have a lot of hair and long hair looks good on me.

Anonymous 14519



It will probably take about 4ish weeks. I find myself having to trim mine about every 2-3 weeks.

I hate it so much! Sadly tho I have to admit they do a better job than I can. I tried it myself for the first time last year and ended up with the He-Man bangs…

Pic related was the goal but turns out I should be banned from scissors.

Anonymous 14533

image (7).jpeg

i have no fucking clue, but i just cut my own bangs at this point. every time i get them professionally cut, i look like spock.

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