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Dental Health General Anonymous 1336

How's your oral hygiene girls?
Are you brushing 2-3 times per day?
Did you remember to floss?
How long has it been since your last dental checkup?

Anonymous 1337

My oral hygiene is so-so. It used to be pretty bad (skipping days up to a week because bad feels) which went on for long enough to get cavities. I'm really afraid of yellow teeth though, so I try to hit 2 times a day, occasionally using mouthwash.


I always thought this was an American meme.

>last checkup

Probably over 2 years ago

Anonymous 1338

>I always thought this was an American meme

When you brush your teeth you're actually only cleaning about 70% of the total surface area. If you don't floss then all the sugar and the bacteria from your diet basically sits in-between all your teeth, turns acidic and basically starts eating away little holes in the enamel, which grow and grow until you end up with a cavity. Mouthwash won't clean out the area either, which is why you're supposed to floss at least once a day.

Anonymous 1339

This is the truth. I brush daily and my teeth seem fine to the average observer, but I didn't floss regularly for like a decade, and my dentist told me that the enamel where my teeth meet was already way too thin for someone my age. I only floss 3 times a week now (I'm lazy), but it's completely stopped the erosion from progressing.

Only tip I can give for people who hate flossing is to buy some cheapo floss picks instead of a spool of floss. Picks are much less awkward to use.

Anonymous 1340

I was born with a small mouth (?) and messed up jaw. To this day I don't fully understand how someone is born with a mouth too small especially since my bottom jaw is over-sized, anyways I would need to get surgery where they literally cut up my jaw and make me brand new I guess.

This really affects my dental hygiene and self-esteem. The dentist always complains about the size of my mouth and they've blamed a botched root canal on the fact that I couldn't keep my mouth open wide enough.

But the thing is, most of my dental problems are caused by the size of my mouth in the first place. My molars and wisdom teeth can't even grow in, whereas the rest of my teeth are overcrowded and impacting each other to the point of cavities all over (apparently when teeth impact each other = cavities). Hence why one of my teeth required a root canal by the age of 20.

All I ever wanted growing up was braces for nice straight teeth but I was told by my parents I couldn't get them because they weren't necessary. Now i'm scared I'll be bucktooth, with an overbite, rotten teeth etc for the rest of my life. I spent all my insurance this year on the root canal that failed and now I don't have any more money for the other cavities until next year, by which time things could get worse. The dentist basically wants to rip out every tooth that manages to grow in for fear it will continue the cycle, which would be fine if it wasn't already obvious i'm going to lose the only back teeth I already have.

I really want to get invisalign or veneers or anything that will help me live a happy life with new teeth. My family, boyfriend etc try to convince me that my front teeth don't look obnoxious or crooked, but it doesn't matter my overall mouth is a mess and it's the only "cosmetic surgery" i'm really, really desperate for.

Anonymous 1341

I've been depressed for a while and for a while brushing my teeth at night was the only form of hygiene I regularly practiced. Then, through a combination of factors even that started going down the drain and to be honest it was really gross. I didn't keep track of it but if I had to guess, I was probably brushing even less than once a week.

Three months ago I hit a "rock bottom" kind of low where everything had stopped functioning and I came across a subreddit called The X Effect. I've been doing X Effect cards (basically tracking whether you did a habit or not every day for 7 weeks at a time) and in three months I went from completely nocturnal and no hygiene habits at all, to naturally getting sleepy before midnight and brushing my teeth before bed every night. I started new cards this week so now I'm brushing my teeth after breakfast and brushing and flossing before bed every night.

It's dumb, but to me it's the first step in building up other hygiene habits, which is the first step in getting a regular job and fixing my relationships. I'm really excited and optimistic about how this experiment has been going, and even feel way less depressed recently. Maybe that's just a temporary side effect, but I'm enjoying it anyways.

Anonymous 1342

I brush twice a day. I rarely floss. I have my first dental check up in six years in about two weeks? Really not looking forward to it.

Plus is 26 too old to ask for a sticker off the dentist because like…. I feel I'd enjoy it a lot more if I get a cute sticker ~__~

Anonymous 1343

I'd start flossing regularly before your appointment because your dentist will be able to tell if you've not done it for a while, and likely they'll probably refer you for a scale and polish appointment to remove any built up calculus.

>plus is 26 too old to ask for a sticker off the dentist because like…. I feel I'd enjoy it a lot more if I get a cute sticker ~__~

That is so cute, and no, you're never too old for stickers lol

Anonymous 1344

I had FESS and septoplasty so I had to breathe through my mouth for 2 weeks, couldn't eat solid food or open my mouth enough to brush my teeth. After the recovery period was over I noticed the gums on my bottom front teeth had receded and now I have a gap between 2 bottom front teeth with what looks to be the beginnings of a cavity, as well as several other smaller cavities elsewhere, and one of my teeth is so trashed that I'll have to have it taken out.

I'm really sad about it, my enamel quality is crap to begin with but the doctor told me to eat ice cream to stop the swelling so I did and now I have cavities and tooth decay.

Anonymous 1345

Ah, when I had my septolasty I went out and bought mouth lubricating/moisturising mouthwash and coated my tomgue in vaseline each night to cope with the mouth breathing symptom.
Have you scheduled an appointment with your dentist yet to have then assess and rectify any damage? If not try to get one booked soon otherwise the problem will just grow worse everyday.

Anonymous 1346

I'm having a wisdom tooth out on Friday and I'm worried about the anaesthetic.
Specifically what if I wake up in the middle of it, and how fucked up will I be after?

Anonymous 1347

I went under full anesthesia a few weeks ago. You will fall asleep within less than a minute and they'll monitor you as long as you're under to administer more if needed. It's a totally routine procedure and you'll have nothing to worry about <3 I was barely aware anything had happened when I woke up.

Anonymous 1348

>specifically what if I wake up in the middle of it
Unless your wisdom tooth is impacted to such a degree that you're undergoing minor surgery to remove part of your jaw to free the tooth, you'll be instead undergoing intravenous sedation using either diazepam, methohexital or midazolam. This is administered via an IV to the back of your hand or your arm, and you won't actually be asleep during the procedure.

What IV sedation does is put you into a kind of semi-concious waking sleep (also known as twilight sleep), and whilst you are technically conscious and totally switched on, what the drug does is put your mind and body into a deep state of relaxation and consequently your brain will lose its ability to store memory. During the procedure your brain will be experiencing everything in realtime as normal, but because it can't store any of those experiences as memories it'll be like it never happened at all. The reason dentists use IV sedation for wisdom tooth extractions is because whilst you're in this state you're still able to respond to verbal requests and commands i.e. "open your mouth wider", "turn to the side please", and obviously you can't do this when you're fully asleep. If you want to know what you're going to be like during your extraction, well you're just going to be lying in the chair like a happy little goldfish. The lights will be on but nobody will be home. You won't remember anything.

The drug is actually being consistently administered all the way throughout the procedure and only stops working when the supply is cut off, so the only chance you have of 'waking up' in the middle of it is if the technician walks over and manually turns it off. You really don't have to worry about this being a possibility at all.

>and how fucked up will I be after?

You'll be fine. You might have a bit of pain in your jaw afterwards and you'll probably have some gauze in your mouth, but coming round from the sedation will be just like waking up from a very comfortable sleep. You'll be put into a side room to slowly recover because you'll still be a little bit dopey from the drugs, a nurse will come through and chart you/take your blood pressure every 5 mins for 20-30 mins, and then you're free to go.

Anonymous 1349


This is exactly how it was for me when I got my wisdom teeth out but I want to add that I actually DID "wake up" once during the procedure. I don't know how or why, because like they said it shouldn't really be possible but somehow I managed to store a brief memory of the procedure.

I remember being aware of where I was sitting and a light on my face, being slightly aware of a drilling sound in the distance, maybe I felt something on my face but I can't remember.

Either way, the point is I was not in pain or freaked out, probably thanks to the drugs I was given. So, even though it's really unlikely that you'll wake up, even if you do it probably won't be bad or scary, just maybe a little disorienting.

Anonymous 1350

Oh yeah, I should add, I'm >>1348 and on my 4th round of IV sedation (I've had it 6 times, dental phobia) I also realised that part of the procedure had managed to slip past the drugs and into my memories, but it was about 7 seconds of recollection and extremely hazy, like I wasn't too sure if I dreamed it or not.
I'm not a dental technician but if I had to offer some kind of explanation it'd probably be physiological interference. Temporarily increased heart rate, blood pressure, bleeding etc. are factors that could cause the drugs to weaken momentarily.

Anonymous 1351


The hardest part about brushing your teeth before bed is the commitment to being done with dinner/dessert. It's one of my biggest fears to get hungry again just after brushing my teeth.

Anonymous 1352

Wow, that sounds scary.
I had all 4 taken out at once with local anaesthesia only, skipped out of the dentist's office not 5 minutes later.
Even if you wake up, you probably won't feel anything! I was awake through the whole thing and it was just like any other dentist's appointment.

Anonymous 1353

omg anon


Anonymous 1354

I agree, but at the same time I'm trying to loose weight so it's a good way force myself to not eat dessert.

>I always thought this was an American meme.
It seriously makes a huge difference when you start doing it. I brushed twice a day and used mouthwash every night but could still see a big difference when I added in flossing.

Anonymous 1355

This thread motivated me to brush my teeth really fucking well this morning.

Anonymous 1356

I had one wisdom tooth remove and I did ok but the soreness made me wabt to die. I wasn't put under for the one and had some minor swelling. It was causing problems so had to go right then.

Then I got the rest removed a few months later. They were impacted really bad and basically growing downwards for some reason. I went to sleep during surgery and they woke me up every now and then to make sure it was ok to keep going. I didn't feel a thing but after I was released from the dentist's office all the pain hit at once. I still couldn't talk from surgery and I had started crying it hurt so bad so I had to get my parents to call the dentist's office and get then to up the pain medication dosage.

After that I was basically a zombie for a week and had horrible swelling lol. My sister however had no issues whatsoever when hers were removed. Everyone recovers differently. You'll likely have some swelling which is normal. Take the antibiotics if they give you any to keep away potential infections. The pain meds they gave me I couldn't operate any machinery becuase it made me so sleepy and loopy so yeah be aware if they give you any pain meds.

Good luck anon and have some nice soft foods ready.

Anonymous 1357

>>1343 I've started flossing, mouth bled a lot lol. Thanks for the help though, I'm expecting a scale and polish will be booked but ATM I'm just flossing like mad haha

Anonymous 1358

I only just started flossing this past week and my gums have already stopped bleeding so much. It's kind of exciting to see progress so quickly.

Anonymous 1359


I've had shitty dental hygiene for years. I was really depressed and suicidal so I didn't give a shit about teeth. Who cares if you're dead, right?

Well… it came back to bite me in the ass a few years later after I got mentally a bit better. I've got 6 filling and my gums seem to be receding. Eating anything too sweet or cold really hurts, too.

I've been brushing and flossing for a few months regularly now and it really helped, especially with gums. I use something similar like pic related, I find brushes to be easier to use than floss. The only con is that I can't get them between all of my teeth since they're a bit crooked.

Anonymous 1360

>the only con is that I can't get them between all of my teeth since they're a bit crooked
That's actually completely normal Anon and nothing to be concerned about. I'm the same and my dentist just instructed me to use the pink 0.4mm interdental brush in the gaps it can fit, and tape floss in the gaps it can't.

Anonymous 1361

I'm glad you're getting better.
Thank you a lot for showing me that subreddit. I also want to change my life for the better as I'm currently trying to get out of the hole that a depression is, and I think that X factor thing is a good thing in order to make me more disciplined. Thank you.

Anonymous 1362

interspace main pi…

If anybody ever has any problems with brushing round the back of their molars properly I seriously cannot reccomend an interspace brush any harder.
My dentist gave one to me last month and it has been absolutely magical. After brushing most of my teeth would feel smooth and shiny, but I could always feel that my molars were rough with plague around the backs and sides and I could never quite clean them properly with a regular brush. This has been a total game changer.

Anonymous 1363

Anyone here does oil pulling?
I want to try with coconut oil because I'd love me some super white teeth but I'm not sure it actually works.

Anonymous 1364

Welp, you convinced me. I've been super consistent with brushing and using mouthwash this week and yesterday I bought some floss. Thanks girls<3

I don't believe in the whole "it pulls out the toxins from your mouth" thing, but at the same time I'm hopeful. I bought coconut oil for skincare reasons, only to find out it breaks me out, so I might as well give a go at oil pulling. Be careful not to clog your drains!

Anonymous 1365

Weird question but how long does everyone spend doing their dental routine in the morning and night or whatever? The list of stuff I'm meant to do and use is getting longer the more this thread goes on haha O_o

Anonymous 1366

Hey friends I'm >>1346, thank you for all your replies, it was completely fine!
The anaesthesiologist was super nice, and was telling me that if you stress too much then you'll have a bad reaction, saying you should have a calm mind and a relaxed setting, basically talking about having a bad trip without referring explicitly to psychedelics (because doctor). So I said 'I should just relax and enjoy the trip?' and he smiled and said 'Yes exactly!'. As soon as I had that frame of reference I wasn't worried at all.
I fell asleep very quickly, had a vague dream about some people working, and woke up extremely refreshed from my chemically enhanced power nap. Walked home.

Anonymous 1367

3-5 mins brushing.
1-2 mins interspace brushing.
2-3 mins flossing.

I've never used mouthwash because apparently it's actually more harmful than beneficial. Anyway I so this all whilst watching YouTube videos usually so it never takes too long.

Anonymous 1368

I'm so glad it went okay for you.
I probably don't need to say this because you've probably already been advised, but for the next week or so do not do anything that's going to create suction within your mouth (straws etc.) and with liquid food and water try to drop it into your mouth instead of sucking it in. The absolute last thing you want to develop is dry socket from disturbing the extraction site.

Anonymous 1369

1 min brushing my teeth because I'm bad
30 seconds gurgling water
2-3 mins flossing

In the morning I do the same but skip flossing. It's not a big deal, really.

Anonymous 1370

They haven't told me about dry socket, I think because there's a stitch in there that's holding my gum together? It was growing sideways and they had to cut and drill it out, and then close the gum over the top, so there isn't really a socket or a clot to disturb. I've been given a course of antibiotics too. I will be careful and keep an eye out for it specifically though, thanks anon!

Anonymous 1371

Oh if the extraction site has been stitched it should be okay then.

Anonymous 1372


So I started flossing every day two weeks ago. Last night I noticed that I was actually enjoying flossing. Like, it actually felt nice to floss and whenever I got a chunk of something from between my teeth it felt very satisfying. I believe that soon if I even consider skipping to floss I will just keep thinking about all the food that's been left between my teeth and I'll feel too gross.

Anonymous 1373

this is the most relatable shit

Anonymous 1374

>I believe that soon if I even consider skipping to floss I will just keep thinking about all the food that's been left between my teeth and I'll feel too gross
That's pretty much what got me into the habit. It helps if you actually catch a sniff of the floss after you're done as well because it smells absolutely RANK, then just imagine whatever made that smell being left in between your teeth all day and night. Blech.

Anonymous 1375

>>1342 here

The dentist went REALLY well. I have no cavities and the dentist was really kind and sweet. I have an appointment on Tuesday for a clean and I've already made my next appointment for January. It feels really nice to be taking these steps to look after myself.

>totally was too anxious to ask for a sticker in the end though, boo!

Anonymous 1376

Congratulations anon! I really need to see a dentist too but I'm holding off until I finish my flossing x effect card.

Anonymous 1377

I have a small mouth and finally got sick of using large unwieldy adult sized brushes, and my teeth are SO much cleaner now i'm using a tiny soft brush. I don't think it's just because my technique is better, the soft bristles mean I don't shy away from my gums and they get in all the crevices.
I kept the big one for brushing my tongue, though.

actually does anyone else brush their mouth? like inside of cheeks, hard/soft palate? not scrubbing, just enough to take off any layer of plaque, like cleaning your tongue.

Anonymous 1378

Update: the stitch popped when i smiled because they stitched the inside of my cheek to my gum, and even though it's mostly healed i had symptoms that sound a lot like dry socket. I'm going to the dentist next month (long wait times..).
The pain in my jaw stopped when I started using mild peroxide mouthwash multiple times a day, so I think it will be ok till then. Doesn't smell great though. Also drinking lots of mugi cha for antimocrobial benefits.

Anonymous 1379

Ah yeah, if the pain stopped after cleansing it then that does sound a lot like dry socket. Fortunately that's something that will resolve in time on its own. In the meantime try avoid chewing on the affected side of your mouth, avoid sucking (straws), slurping, or anything that might create pressure in your mouth. If the pain gets too bad you can book an emergency appointment with your dentist and have them fill the cavity with packing which will seal the exposed area against air, moisture and solids.

Anonymous 1380

Can you describe what it was like with local anesthesia? Were any of your teeth impacted? I'm due for wisdom extraction in like two weeks and have the choice between that and IV sedation. Sedation sounds freaky and I'm also morbidly curious to experience the whole thing. I've never had any kind of surgery before, so I really do not know what to expect.

Anonymous 1381

i have a metal brace behind my upper four front teeth and it's so difficult to clean! my dentist can clean in between the gaps there by forcing one of those little brushes through but it's impossible for me to do it myself

i've just been brushing behind there with my toothbrush but i don't think thats enough to keep it clean, sometimes food gets stuck in the gaps too.. any suggestions?

Anonymous 1382


>>1381 tepe interdental pick!!!

You can get them super cheap online and in most drug stores etc! My dentist recommended them to me because I have an awkward part to clean like you haha. They're super flexible unlike the brush type thingys

Anonymous 1383

i had an underbite because i used to suck my thumb until i was 9 years old so my face was pretty fucked up, thankfully my mom was desperate to get my bite fixed and we found a great orthodontist that by the time i turned 12 got it fixed without surgery.

my oral hygiene has been awful because i was depressed for long time but now i'm getting good at it i think! reading this thread reminded me to floss ty!!

Anonymous 1384

I don't know if you've ever had a root canal, but I've had multiple (really bad enamel quality, get cavities in days) and it feels more or less like when they put that weird clamp on your tooth to mould the filling. There's pressure but it's not painful or anything, obviously, you won't feel a thing. It starts to hurt several hours after the surgery and you will bleed for a while but it's manageable with ibuprofen.

Anonymous 1385

Congratulations! I'm in the same boat. I've been so good though that I think I'm even going to make a dentist appointment soon.

Anonymous 1386

i dont brush my teeth at all. theyre a little yellow because i consume too much coffee but otherwise great dental health. no odour either. i just have really good genes i guess.

Anonymous 1387

Is this a cry for help Anon?

Anonymous 1388

>>1386 r u ok?

Seriously though, it's not your teeth colour that's the issue. It's your gums. You need to start brushing and flossing. Please.

Anonymous 1389

no and my gums are fine. i have regular dentist appointments as a part of general checkups every 3 months. i'm sure they would have told me something other than "everything looks good" if my teeth were deteriorating.

Anonymous 1390


Uh girl, it's not the enamel you should be concerned about, it's the dentin core.
Your enamel is actually porous and filled with billions of microscopic holes that allow air, water and bacteria to pass through. If you don't brush your teeth regularly you're allowing that acidic bacteria to compromise the dentin and slowly eat away at it. If not treated the dentin will inevitably collapse inwards, and when that happens the entire affected tooth/teeth just crumble. The structure of your teeth isn't just one solid block of enamel you know.

Anonymous 1391

Oh and friendly reminder, your dentist can't examine the state/condition of your dentin visually, so any damage that's occurring you're not going to discover until it's far too late. When your teeth inevitably start becoming sensitive to hot/cold liquids and air, well, good luck I guess.

Anonymous 1392

Nayrt but my dentist take X-ray imaging at all my checkups? This seems to be standard procedure for all my family members as well so I imagine that applies to everyone?

Anonymous 1393

Oh yeah they'd be able to verify the condition of your dentin via x-ray, but I only ever got x-rayed when I was experiencing problems in the first place.
I've no idea whether it's standard to recieve one every checkup, but I want to say no obviously because of the radiation dose, even if it is one of the lowest. I could be wrong.

Anonymous 1394

Different anon here, when I went to the dentist they'd do it every time.

Speaking of dentists my x effect teeth brushing card is almost done, so I should start looking into making a long overdue dentist appointment. Any tips on finding a good dentist?

Anonymous 1395

Had my wisdom teeth out earlier than planned because I started developing pericoronitis (gum infection). I went with local, it wasn't bad! Just a little freaky at times, but I think it was a good experience.

It's been a couple days and the only thing that bugs me is feeling the clots sometimes is so fucking gross. I get to start the regular liquids today and I'm pretty happy to eat real soup and not just broth.

Just because they look good doesn't mean they are good though. For years my dentist just thought my lower wisdom teeth were just coming in, and would be out eventually and "everything looks good". The reality was they were impacted and stuck under my gums and became little bacteria containment zones. What's your diet like? It is hard to judge whether you're full of shit or not if we don't know what you put in your mouth.

Anonymous 1396

Brushing twice a day, flossing as often as I can remember haha
I have retainer I wear at night, so I clean it with Retainer Brite tablets 2-3 times a week. Last saw my orthodontist a few weeks ago.

Anonymous 1397

I know this is an old post but when I go to the dentists they take x-rays once a year and then more if they suspect any issues arising but personally I've never had that many x-rays except for when my wisdom teeth were impacted and growing funny.

Anonymous 2671


Bump bump, have you brushed your teeth today ?

Anonymous 2695

Screen Shot 2017-1…

I feel really shitty (and gross) because I take seriously good care of my teeth. I've always had to, because my bottom four teeth have always had thin gum tissue apparently. When I was about 11-16 I had all kinds of orthodontic work that exacerbated the problem, so when I got my braces taken off I eventually had to get a gum graft. Everything was good for about five or six years, and now the same gums around the same teeth are starting to recede again. I seriously don't get what I'm doing wrong. I don't smoke, I floss, I brush twice a day, I even use a water pick occasionally that was recommended to me by my dentist back before my gum graft. I feel like I do everything "right" but they are still getting all fucked up again. It really worries me what could happen to them if I don't do something. I don't even know if you can get a second graft in the same spot, and even if I did, would they just relapse again five years later? Am I seriously going to have to do this shit every couple of years forever?

My dad also has severly receded gums and has since he was in his 20s. But he smoked and even did chewing tobacco so I feel like it's not surprising in his case. But it makes me wonder if maybe this issue could be genetic? None of my dentists/orthodontists/periodontists have ever mentioned that, but I feel like it could be a possibility. I know it isn't because I neglect my teeth.

The thing that pisses me off the MOST is that back when I had braces, we decided to remove them early because my ortho was so concerned about my receeding gums. So my teeth have never been as straight as they could have been had I continued treatment, and now I'm at the point where I would like to look into getting Invisalign or clear braces and finally get my teeth as nice looking as possible. But my gums are bad again now, so it's like I'm back at square one and any progress I made has been useless. I have a feeling that I'll have to get a graft again before I can even think about braces or anything like that. I'm 23 and I just want to have nice teeth, and I hate it because I feel like I should have had this all out of the way by now. Like this is what your teen years are for. I don't want to be 25 and in braces.

Anyway sorry for the huge rant about disgusting gums, it's just something that I worry about constantly. I fear that I will eventually lose bone and then my actual teeth if I don't figure out what to do. I'd like to avoid getting another graft, because it's so expensive and such a horrific healing experience, but I want to keep my teeth obviously. I just have severe anxiety when it comes to any kind of dental or orthodontic work. I'm such a massive pussy when it comes to any kind of teeth/gum/jaw pain and I don't know why. It's a serious fear of mine. Just…fuck this. I wish I had nice perfect teeth and didn't have to worry about this.

Anonymous 2696

Hey anon,

I have the same issue :(

Do you mind if I ask how much your gum graft was and the recovery time?

I'm debating seeing if I can get it through the NHS, but I'll only be in the U.K. for 6 more months so not sure if possible.

Anonymous 2697

This thread reminded me to get back on my teeth goals! I was doing so good for a while there, but I got a new job and then I broke up with my boyfriend and things have really gone to shit since then. I'm going to dedicate myself to brushing my teeth every night again and see how it goes.

I've always felt worried and ashamed of my receding gums! Many years ago I was told that it was going to become a problem and was told to start thinking about grafts, but I put it off and never got it done. I always thought it was just because I didn't take good care of my teeth, but then again the dentist never scolded me for it and I feel like dentists take every opportunity to scold us if we're not treating our teeth right. So maybe it is just genetic or something?

Either way I'm going to find a dentist in my area and face the music that I've probably really messed up my mouth from not visiting the dentist and not properly taking care of my teeth all this time. It's one of my new years resolutions. Which means I'll probably get a graft within the next few months too, boo.

Anonymous 2698


I'm in the US and I was 17 at the time so I had my parents insurance…but if I remember correctly it was around 3k-4k. It depends on how severe your case is and how many "teeth" you need to have grafted. Like if you only have one tooth that has gum around it receding, it will probably be much less expensive. I had 4.

As for recovery time, I think it depends. As far as I'm aware there are two kinds of grafts: one where they take the tissue from another area of your mouth, and one where they give you tissue from a donor, which is what I had done. I'm assuming that receiving tissue from a donor is much less painful and has a shorter recovery time, because you don't have another area of your mouth that needs to heal. So if you do go for a graft, I recommend asking about the donor option. Also in my case I had to have a frenectomy, which removes the little piece of tissue that connects your bottom lip to the bottom of your gums (pic related). According to my periodontist who did the surgery, this could be a possible cause of recession depending on where your recession is. It was my bottom four teeth that had the recession, so I ended up having to get that done. That was the worst part of recovery for me, honestly the most painful part of the entire experience was when I had to go get the stitches removed from the frenectomy. It was terrible (but like I mentioned in my first post, I'm also a wimp when it comes to teeth.)

If you don't have to get that done, and you just need the graft, I believe you will get the stitches that dissolve in your mouth (at least I did) so you won't have to worry about that. For me, recovery time overall was about 2ish weeks. They give you meds so pain should be tolerable before the two week mark, but I think it took about 2-3 weeks for me to feel fully comfortable again. You usually go for a second visit after two weeks just so they make sure everything worked out.

But once again keep in mind I had the frenectomy, so my experience is a bit different and I think my recovery time was longer because of that. Also I had the procedure about 5-6 years ago so I may be misremembering a few things.

I really recommend the surgery honestly…as long as it doesn't relapse on you. The five years I had with no gum problems and not worrying about my teeth falling out was so nice and worth it. I honestly don't know what the fuck I did wrong for my gums to start receding again, but before this I was SO happy with the results. It was such a relief. And I know that not everyone has a relapse, a lot of people have no problems after the surgery as long as they take care of their teeth. If your dentist mentions that you might need one I think you should look into it!

Anonymous 2699


>mfw the dentist recommends a sleeping retainer because of teeth grinding.
>mfw it's because I get too angry about everything but try to keep it in and grind my teeth.

My teeth used to be one of my best features but I can't help but be too pissed off about everything lately.

Anonymous 2700


I know a lot of teeth problems have a strong genetic influence, I'm not sure 100% about gums but since your dad has the same problem it sounds like it just might be bad luck, anon, and not that you're doing anything wrong. I would definitely ask your dentist/ortho about it in more detail next time you see them though- why it's happening despite you taking good care of your teeth, why the graft failed, etc.

Anonymous 2704

My teeth are actually okay even though I very rarely brush.

I do however have receded gums, but I think it makes my smile fuller? I really don't like those smiles with a lot of gum, they're horse like and not to my tastes.

Got mine checked earlier this year and was supposed to get an opg but never bothered…

Anonymous 2708


I tried a miswak stick once and it was awful don't do it. I'd rather have my third eye totally calcified shut with lead and fluoride and 100% concentrate illuminati juice than ever put one of these things in my mouth again.

Anonymous 2715

Idk if this belongs here since it is not techincally dental but it's kinda related, but how do you gals deal with tonsil stones? They make my breath smell like ass and my mouth taste like ass too.
I brush, floss and use mouthwash everyday but still get them every now and then, and now i've got a pretty bad case of them.
I've read that salt water helps and am trying that, but is there anything else i could try that has worked for you guys?
I dont think its doctor worthy(especially since my docs waitlist is really long) but they are pretty annoying(and gross) so i want them gone asap.

Anonymous 2746

Oil pulling

Anonymous 2758

I've only ever heard of salt water and manually picking them out.

Anonymous 2759

I used to get tonsil stones real bad. Don’t seem to get any the past 6 months or so. I would use qtips to gently push them out.

Anonymous 2771

When I eat chocolate or a very specific brand of snacks I feel like my teeth are disintegrating right after chewing, it hurts for several minutes after that.

Anonymous 2788

I had a bad case of tonsil stones for awhile too anon. I had no idea why it was for the longest time, but noticed a change in breath, and slight discomfort toward the back of my throat. When I finally fingered out what it was I was sooooo relieved. Now when I get them I manually remove them and end up feeling so much better. After that I usually rinse my mouth with some mouth wash or water just to clean things up a bit.
It's been awhile since I've actually gotten some and I don't really know what I did to limit them. I would say eating healthier maybe, since the tonsils collect stuff like bacteria and build up of stuff (correct me if I'm wrong I'm too busy to actually fact check rn) so I would assume staying away from sugary candies and stuff that dirties your mouth easier would limit your amount of tonsil stones? Also just basic cleaning of the mouth could help too. Highly suggest manually removal too, it feels so much better and gets rid of the issue too.

Anonymous 3792


Bump bump~

Make sure you brush correctly and keep your teeth healthy!

Anonymous 3794

I never brush my teeth at night and sometimes I forget to brush my teeth when I stay home

Why is oral hygiene so hard

Anonymous 3795

Just don't eat sweeteners.

Anonymous 3799


Is anyone paranoid about their breath smelling? I have really good oral hygiene, I brush twice a day, sometimes more, floss, and get cleanings regularly. But that doesn't even feel like enough. I constantly get this bad taste in my mouth, it seems like it starts from my throat so brushing only helps temporarily. I drink water a lot to keep my mouth moisturized and use breath strips and/or gum but it feels like it's just masking it. Anyone else have this problem? I was thinking I might have some weird acid reflux thing but I don't get heartburn regularly.

Anonymous 3800

Haha funny how this gets bumped when I'm in the middle of looking for a dental plan. It's been too long since I've been to a dentist, I need my wisdom teeth pulled and my bf needs a checkup. Adulting is fucking hard. I just found out recently that I got kicked off of my parent's plan (I'm 22) I thought I had until I was 25 but I guess that's just healthcare. Boo now I gotta find my own and idk wtf I'm doing. Send help.

Anonymous 3801

>I need my wisdom teeth pulled
O-ouch. I had mine removed when I was 21 and it hurt so much. The surgery doesn't hurt, of course, I felt awful on the next two or three days.

Anonymous 3802

Just mewl until you have room for it.

Anonymous 3821

>dentist appointment on Monday
>been flossing with dedication for a whole entire week

God I hope it helps, getting them cleaned always sucks because I hate flossing even though I know I have to do it. I always abandon it a week after I go to the dentist. I always brush 2-3 times a day, I've never had any cavities or any serious problems except inflamed gums. Flossing is what helps, but they make flossing fucking hurt and it's a hard cycle to break. I've decided now is the time to really make it a habit, I feel really guilty about it.

Anonymous 3825

It will become a habit after a while, I floss mine everyday and I feel like my mouth is dirty when I skip a day.

Anonymous 3864

A reminder to go brush your teeth right now if you haven't done it yet.

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