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Anonymous 13374

Anyone here used henna hair dye before? (Even better if you've used the brand in pic, I have a box of it I'm wanting to try.)

Looking for any tips- I have been bleaching and toning my hair a natural coppery red for a while, and did my roots about a month ago and hated the result (even though I used the same products as always, it went funky this time). I have heard that using henna too soon after dyeing with chemical dyes can do crazy shit to your hair, so I have been waiting. Now I have like 1cm of dark brown roots after a month of waiting, do you think this is a long enough wait to do the henna now?

Also, I have heard you need to leave it on for hours- I only ever tried henna once before years ago and it literally did nothing at all to my hair after letting it sit for 2 hours.

Anonymous 13381

It should be safe to use it, but depends on how healthy your hair is right now. To be honest, I used this brand before on my bleached hair and it did almost nothing.

Anonymous 13392

My hair's bounced back since I did my roots, pretty healthy and shiny and all that crap. Did you use it right after bleaching your hair or after a while?
My mom swears by henna and it always works perfectly on her- the last time I did it using her henna recipe was when it didn't do anything, though I suspect back then I had dyed it too soon after.

How long did you leave it on, do you think? I've read some women say you gotta leave it on for like 6 hours.

Anonymous 13394

There's loooots of reliable information on henna on longhaircommunity forum (most of them won't use chemical dye on their hair so henna it is). I recommend checking their threads out and asking about it there if you can't find an answer in an old thread.

Anonymous 13406

thank you for the recommendation, I will check it out!

Anonymous 13416

what color do you want to get as a result? considering that you have naturally dark hair, if its dark red then go for it. if its medium/light red then dont even try. plus henna is so fucking annoying to get rid of, so if you are prone to experiments with your hair its not for you. also its too bothersome to apply, everything just gets so messy after it - your skin, hair with henna particles, bath where you rinse your hair, dyes are just more comfortable to apply. and finally henna is so fucking outdated as a hair dyeing method - my mother and her friend, who are both hairdressers, made fun of me when they found out i've been using it, because they thought only senile ladies are using it nowadays.

Anonymous 13665

I once had colored my hair with henna (darkish brownish red? if I recall correctly?) and then A YEAR LATER, went to a hairdresser with an old old picture of me with red hair. She told me that I could get the red shade, and it would be like $80, so I agree, she gets to work, and leaves some bleach or something on my head and it starts to burn my scalp like a bitch. This was the first time I've gone to a professional, I dyed my hair with the henna at home because it was easy and had forgotten about it by the time I went to this appointment.
My hair turns very orange and burnt to a crisp. She says she can't do anything with it at this point. I cry, have her wash out the bleach, and I want to refuse to pay because she butchered my hair (This was a long time ago, I was like 15) but she says she'll get the cops so I say I'll pay for the hour she worked and the cost of the bleach but not the dye because she said that she couldn't dye it after the bleach. I did this just to avoid the cops because I was worried about that. I didn't fucking tip her because fuck that.
Then I went home, dyed it with some other red dye from a drug store, did a deep conditioner/mask on it, and it was still very fried. (I hope this story is somehow helpful to you but idk if it is.)

Just as a heads up, Henna does not like any other type of dye or procedure done on the hair it's on.

Anonymous 13666

don't mind me derailing but is henna good if you have virgin hair and want to dye it darker for a few months/weeks? is there any alternatives?

I have mousy brown hair that turns blond and shimmery in the sun but looks basic, ashy, and bleh mostly and blends into my tanned skin and hazel eyes and I realize that maybe darker hair would really make my eyes pop. I really want to experiment.

Anonymous 13673

No, henna is permanent and you won't be able to chemically bleach or dye it again (you can dye the new growth of course)

Anonymous 13674

Does that mean there are improved methods of non-chemical dying that's natural and non-damaging nowadays? That's the only way I could see henna being outdated.

Anonymous 13675

Henna isn't a chemical?

Anonymous 13676

Henna is plant-derived, it's considered a natural/non-chemical hair dye as opposed to box dye which is chemical dye.

Anonymous 13727

Hmm, posting this here bc I don't want to make a similar thread
So if I wanted to dye my hair for a few weeks, what other treatments are there?
I have very muddy dark yellow, muted hair and want to go to a more rich dark brown.

I actually have tried googling this before and getting confused as so many products act like you have to bleach and have nonvirgin hair for everything to deposit right. I.e., there's shampoos and glosses that look promising.

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