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Lifting Anonymous 13775

Anyone here lifts weights? I'd love to have a lifting buddy

Anonymous 13776

how much can you lift doing dumbell bicep curls?

they're so hard, i can't lift more than 10lbs

Anonymous 13777

I haven't done it in awhile I mostly do barbell work with my biceps but I do 26lbs, it does take time to get to a point of doing higher weight with them so don't beat yourself up about it!

Anonymous 13778



Anonymous 13788

dang! you can lift 26 with one hand! that's crazy!
how much can you squat and benchpress?

Anonymous 13789

how many reps do you do?

Anonymous 13794

10 each hand

My squat is awful but my Max is 60kgs bench is 60kgs and deadlift is 110kgs ( I love deadlifts the most)

Anonymous 13795


I can barely lift my twenty pound dog but I've always wanted to try a lifting regimen. Too bad most of the guides online are for men

Anonymous 13796

wow your deadlifts are insane, you must have crazy strong abs, can you do pull ups? they're so hard! i can't do evenone, i'm trying to do negatives and assisted ones with a resistance band, but the progress is super slow

Anonymous 13797

i knew a girl who could do 4 sets of 20 reps at 20 lbs with dumbells

Anonymous 13798

>curling 26 with sets of 10

your biceps must be huge! how long have you been training?

Anonymous 13799

Haha thank you! I don't feel like im big at all, I've been on 2 cycles so that's why I've been able to lift heaps. I'm also studying to be a pt so if anyone's interested in adding me on discord to get some advice im more than happy to

Anonymous 13800

I've been training for 2 years but the first year was kinda shitty and didn't do all of the main compounds

Anonymous 13802

di dyou notice moids being jealous or insecure about your strenght?

Anonymous 13804

At the gym I get weird looks from guys because I lift more/equal ammounts than some of them. I don't look typically femmine either or wear the booty bitch influencer fit at the gym. I literally just wear cut off's and men's shorts.

Anonymous 13805

did you practice any sports before? were you an athletic person before lifitng?

Anonymous 13806

I've done swimming since I was 6 until I was 12 so I've always had a big back and broad shoulders then I stopped, I was inactive as a teen. Then at 19 I started lifting

Anonymous 13807


why moids always act weird when women are stronger than them?

Anonymous 13808

Because they want women to be weak and submissive, so when a woman isn't they freak out because their masculinity is threatened. I haven't gotten cat calls or advances since I've started lifting and gotten more "bulky" lol I remember when I first started working out there was a creepy guy watching me at night and I just gave him the death stare, he left.

Anonymous 13809

They are used to abusing girls and women so when there is a woman they cant abuse they feel out of their element

Anonymous 13810

wres cry.webm


that reminds me of this vid

Anonymous 13816

Because there's maybe a one in a hundred million chance of it actually happening. Rare events get attention.

Anonymous 13817

it's not that rare, any woman who lifts or practice a contact sport is far stronger than the average male, who is sedentary and incredible out of shape

Anonymous 13819

Because society has groomed women to be weak and submissive, even women who lift only do leg exercises because they fear they'll look manly (strong) and not be attractive to men because majority of men are preditory and want women that are weak and not assertive.

Anonymous 13821


I wish i was lying too, but the majority of time I go to the gym it's always leg workouts. And on the internet it's always focusing on glues, i take sarms and anavar and i dont even look like im juicy (yet)

Anonymous 13822

nah that was before, with fitness instagram influences in the normie side and chun li and mikasa in the weeb side, now girls are hitting the gym as hard as guys, and in a lot of cases even harder, it's not rare to see a gym with more girls than guys

Anonymous 13823

Incorrect, an average man is roughly 40% stronger than an average woman of equal body weight. When you add in that women are on average smaller than men, the difference widens. A woman has to exercise extensively to match a man who's larger than she is and all he does is not let himself get out of shape. The lightest Olympic men's weightlifting class, is the same body weight as the highest women's weightlifting class, and the male records ARE HIGHER.

Anonymous 13824

>because majority of men are preditory and want women that are weak and not assertive
Not even remotely true. You'd be happier if you stopped assuming every guy was like your exes.

Anonymous 13825

That's not as much about dislike of/fear of becoming too masculine looking, and has FAR more to do with how overvalued butt size has become.

Anonymous 13826

none of that disprove my point,your argument only proves that a guy unfit guy is stronger thanan unifit girl and a fit guy is stronger thana fit girl
my point is that if a girl lifts she will be stronger than a guy who don't lift so considering a lot of girls are lifitng or doing some contact sport and a lots of guys are doing nothing playing videogames, the idea that is "RARE" to find a girl who's stronger than the average guy is ridiculous
also you talk like a mra trying to validate your point with random data without proper contextualization

Anonymous 13828

>your argument only proves that a guy unfit guy is stronger thanan unifit girl and a fit guy is stronger thana fit girl
No, my argument is that a girl HAS to be considerably fit to hope to match an unfit guy, or be substantially larger than he is naturally. I have seen girls that go to the gym regularly and have pretty nice definition be completely unable to keep up with men who generally don't work out. Also, you say I use "random data" when the data I mentioned is literally Olympic weight lifting records that can be viewed by anyone.

>Long Qingquan

>competed in Rio in 2016
>56kg body weight, lightest male world record holder in the event
>snatch/clean&jerk total 307kg, all time men's world record for his class

>Chen Xiexia

>competed in Beijing in 2008
>49kg body weight, heaviest female world record holder in the event
>snatch/clean&jerk total 212kg, all time women's world record for her class, which is the heaviest weight class in the women's event.

It's not even close. Sure Long is 15 pounds heavier, but his record is over TWO HUNDRED POUNDS greater than hers. That's not men being a little stronger due to greater mass, that is almost the same mass and his record blows hers out of the water completely.

Anonymous 13829

it is random data because it's not applied correctly, my point was that a woman who lift can be stronger than the average moid, while your point is that unfit guy>unfit girl/fit guy>fit girl

the fact that a male elite powerlifter is stronger than a female powerlifter don't prove my point wrong, since i'm not saying female elite powerlifter are stronger than male elite powerlifter
my point is that a girl who can squat 160lbs or deadlift 280lbs, which isn't rare at all, will be stronger than the average guy, since the average guy can't do those lifts

Anonymous 13834


you can see at 23:00 an average girl beating an average guy 3 times in a row in armwrestling

and here a trained woman against a trained guy

and here a female armwrestling championagainst a bunch of guys who lift

so even when guys have 40% more uppe rbody strenght, technique and training can let you bypass genetical advantages

Anonymous 13835


>sees cool thread
>sees bickering over dumb shit like I'm on a co-ed place like Reddit

Anonymous 13843


>I've been on 2 cycles so that's why I've been able to lift heaps

>60kg bench, 60kg squat, 110 kg deadlift

2 Cycles and 110kg deadlift??! WOW

Anonymous 13844

Is ass focus a third world thing? It seems so to me.

Anonymous 13855

> my point was that a woman who lift can be stronger than the average moid
No, your original claim was any woman who works out will be stronger than the average man. That is blatantly untrue, just working out isn't enough, the woman would need to gain a lot of muscle, assuming she's close in size to the man in question to begin with.

Anonymous 13876

No, it's an "MTV decided this was a beauty standard they wanted to push" thing. The emphasis on butt size coincided with Kim Kardashian's sudden celebrity, and now everything is butts. 99% of tiktok "challenges" are just new ways to shake your butt at the camera.

Anonymous 13877

If using reasoned arguments, factual examples, and accepting reality for what it is is arguing like an mra, maybe you should argue like an mra as well.

Anonymous 13891

no, my original argument was in response to >>13816
my original argument is that is not that rare to see women working out hard, and since women wokring out hard will be stronger than males who don't work out, the idea of a woman being stronger than a man isn't rare, is not common, but is not rare
>factual examples
lol no, your examples where how male powerlifters are stronger than female powerlifters, whil i was saying that a woman who lift will be stronger than a man who is sedentary and don't lift, there's nothing factual or reasoned in your post

Anonymous 13892

Has anyone eased back into lifting after an injury?
I just work out at home using low weights and high reps, but built up decent strength and size.
But I've been out for the count for almost two months due to what seems like a pulled lat from not warming up. When I recover, I aim to incorporate other exercise first to warm my muscles up, specifically yoga and cycling.

But how long will it take to get started again? Also want to go to the gym and lift bigger someday, but tbh I'm kind of terrified now.

Anonymous 13899

>your examples where how male powerlifters are stronger than female powerlifters
Because it's a level playing field, that uses the most stringent and exact record keeping on the planet for human athletics. Two people, a man and a woman, who were as close in body mass as you could ask for in a real scenario, competed in the same event, and she lost, massively. Gender disparity equated to a 69% difference in strength.

>i was saying that a woman who lift will be stronger than a man who is sedentary and don't lift

She can potentially do so, but she would need to put on a LOT of muscle, or be significantly larger than the man she's trying to beat.

>the idea of a woman being stronger than a man isn't rare, is not common, but is not rare

It is extremely rare.

Anonymous 13900

Anonymous 13907

>Because it's a level playing field, that uses the most stringent and exact record keeping on the planet for human athletics. Two people, a man and a woman, who were as close in body mass as you could ask for in a real scenario, competed in the same event, and she lost, massively. Gender disparity equated to a 69% difference in strength.
still don't prove that an unfit guy>fit girl, with is part of my point, i repeat, i never said that fit guy>fit girl, so you'r enot proving me wrong with that data
>She can potentially do so, but she would need to put on a LOT of muscle, or be significantly larger than the man she's trying to beat.
yes and? a lot of people put a lot of effort on different things, and a lot of girls are putting a lot of effort on the gym, lifting heavy shit, as you can see on a lot of post on here, on tiktok, on instagram, on every gym in the country,a nd a lot of guys are siting all day playing videogames leting their muscles rot
>It is extremely rare.
you still fail to demostrate that

see this vid, specially 7:20

Anonymous 13987


moids going crazy when they see women stronge rthan them is so funny


this is one of the most brutal and cringe moggs i've ever seen in my life

Anonymous 14035

>getting so thoroughly BTFO your coach has to drag your ass back to the matt and physically force you to shake hands with your opponent.

Anonymous 14036

girl power.webm

love vids like this tbh

Anonymous 14037

It totally is 3rd world standards being imported and shilled to the first world.

there's a pic from some porn site that's posted on 4moids all the time that breaks down the butts vs boobs preference by country and it's basically 3rd world + burgerland = butts; first world + a couple of outliers = boobs.

Is basically correct, though it's not just MTV pushing butt-centric beauty standards.

Anonymous 14047

wrestler girl pus…

here's another one

Anonymous 14049

Incredibly BASED

Thank you nona!

Anonymous 14050


I want this to be a weightlifting thread because it's hard for me to find specifically women only imageboards that are interested in this.
Here are a list of questions because i want this thread to keep on going and not get derailed :(

>Any female influencers that you follow online that does lifting?

>Favorite and least favorite exercises?
>What's your workout routine?
>Do you usually like to go alone or bring someone with you to the gym?
>How did you get into lifting? How did it change your life?
>Do you try to promote lifting to people around you?
>Do you wear gloves while lifting?
>Any tips for people who are interested in starting?
>Is there any inspo you have?
>Personal pet peeves or things you like doing?
>Any good news or things you're proud of

Anonymous 14059

can you do pull ups? they're so hard! i can't do even one

Anonymous 14060

NAYRT but I can't either. I'm overweight with no upper body strength, so that's part of it, but even when I wasn't so heavy I couldn't do it. Based off what others have said to me it's some parts body weight and some parts upper body strength; you need to ultimately be able to have the upper body strength to pull yourself up. Even if you're 100 lbs you won't do it (or do many at all) with no strength vs some 230 lb dude that's pure muscle and he bangs out a few pullups no problem.

Anonymous 14063


This girl got buff just from pole dancing and doing sports as a kid

I don't have a pole but I want to have her physique (including the hair), but I also lack energy and motivation to do any exercises. I don't have the equipment either. I know that before even starting to lift I should probably figure out my mental health first and fix my diet probably.

I do some exercise though, I jump and run almost daily, i also do some squats, but so far there's barely any result.

Anonymous 14066

the more you exercise, I think the more it will increase your energy. if you aren't already, pay attention to the foods you take in as well - you don't need to eat like a health nut, but if you eat more of certain food groups and less of others, I think you will also find your energy levels increase.

try some at-home pilates or yoga - that got me more comfortable with exercising more often before I started attending a gym. also remember that results take time, but you need to be consistent. if you're truly serious about it, it's worth the effort to join some fitness pages or groups online and put more research into it, or seeing a personal trainer if you can afford that. like I said, consistency is key but it's all a process - you even say part of the reason this chick got buff is that she'd been doing sports since she was a kid - she didn't get this physique overnight. she's been working for it for years.

Anonymous 14067

Tbf she doesn't seem to have that much muscle mass, definitely achievable with bodyweight exercises like pole dancing. The key to her physique is very low bodyfat, so diet is more important.

Anonymous 14068

Compared to who?

Anonymous 14072

to the average woman who lifts even a little? watch the gymnasts in the olympics and compare. this girl doesn't much muscle development, you can see it especially in the small biceps and lack of chest muscles. She is fit and has low bodyfat, so if anon wants to achieve that look, she has to watch her diet first and foremost. Lifting won't really help.

Anonymous 14092

a lot of powerlifter girls have a body like that tho
if you don't focus on hypertrophy you can lift a lot and not develop big muscles

Anonymous 14093

I’m almost able to do pull ups, but right now I definitely can’t. Don’t worry about not being able to do pull ups because most people can’t. Doing bench press would be enough if you’re interested in working on your upper body.

Anonymous 14094

are push ups a good replacement for bench presses?
i don't have access to a gym right now

Anonymous 14098


>to the average woman who lifts even a little?
Does the average woman interested in lifting lift her own body weight?

She can lift herself off of the ground and stay like that for ~20 seconds, it's not about muscle mass or size it's about strength which is far more valuable. Also weird to compare a pole dancer to women who lift, it's like comparing powerlifter to a swimmer

I don't want to be bigger, I want to be stronger, more fit and improve self-discipline

Anonymous 14099

>join some fitness pages or groups online and put more research into it

I'm not sure where to find those groups, my best bet is reddit because whatever social network is most popular in my country doesn't rely on providing information

Also I would like to exercise with little/no equipment involved, I don't have the money or the room fr that

Anonymous 14100

Ok, but that is completely irrelevant to the topic, which was achieving her aesthetics. You won't get them while lifting and not calorie restricting, that't all. But feel free to try.

Anonymous 14104

Push ups are a good alternative. Doing bench presses are usually if you want to be bigger and stronger, push ups can be for endurance in the long run.

Anonymous 14105

push ups don't make you stronger?
because when i'm doing diamnod push ups my triceps burn like the seventh circle of hell

Anonymous 14108

Anything makes you stronger if your muscles take a higher workload than they normally would. If you are just starting, push-ups might help make you stronger but at some point they won't, and it will be more about endurance like anon said.
To get stronger you need to keep increasing the load.

Anonymous 14117

question, is there a such thing as "types?" Honestly I have a very big frame. I have never been seen as a female by guys (even have been mistaken as being male by other girls even when I had long hair).
It's a point of insecurity for me.

And yes I gain weight solely in my belly, back, and arms, so despite my massive frame, I have no boobs, a 1.0 WHR, and no ass. I am 21 BMI right now though plan to lose more.

Is it basically the best thing I can do to get ripped and own it instead of trying to make myself seem smaller and daintier, wearing feminine clothes that cover my body up?

I mean…I noticed a girl that had a body like mine yet was completely ripped being absolutely popular, even guys were crying for her to smash them. That made me really think.

Anonymous 14118

I do calorie restrict

Anonymous 14119

Yes. If you want an unhealthily low bmi just to be somewhat feminine it won't work, If you want to be seen as attractive most people don't find dangerously thin people attractive. Besides that, it's also very unhealthy and will fuck you up, unlike getting buff is.

Anonymous 14124


do you have big muscles? do you want to have them?

Anonymous 14142

I've been trying to grow my muscles recently because I'm trying to attract more women around me. Right now I'm pretty happy with my progress, but they aren't anything noteworthy.

Anonymous 14143

to be fair I look kind of skinnyfat. half of it is literally my body type, people doubt me but I'm a lower body fat than people guess.

but either ways I was looking at myself and realized that I might literally be much hotter with toned muscles. my body wasn't meant to be blobby.

Anonymous 14146

Wasn't there some study and the just attractive BMI for women was like 18 or 19? Feel like I read that somewhere

Anonymous 14147

Lower than that in most studies. Goes to show you should give a crap about what moids find attractive and just do what your body needs.

Anonymous 14149

There also have been recent studies saying kind of the opposite. Also, take into account that most people have skewed views on what bmi/weight is healthy/attractive. Also 19 isn't

Anonymous 14151

core exercises.web…

Anonymous 14152

If my body fat percentage is too high, can I just gain muscle to make up for it without burning fat? I like my figure and I enjoy being soft, so I don't want to look "toned" but just be a little healthier.

Anonymous 14153

i think so, i'm no expert, but i know powerlifter that lift like 350lbs and have barely visible muscles

Anonymous 14157

Yes. Just don't eat at a deficit and you won't get leaner.

Anonymous 14195

hey, anyone who wants a lifting partner feel free to add me at babyshaymin#5954. trying to find a community of s who want to fitnessmaxx

Anonymous 14277

That's a good idea but I am a little bit shy.
I might post a progress pic here from time to time though if I am not the only one.

Anonymous 15625

>Any female influencers that you follow online that does lifting?
not right now
>Favorite and least favorite exercises?
favorite is squat and least favorite is deadlift
>What's your workout routine?
squat 3x5, bicep curls 10x3, deadlift 5x3
>Do you usually like to go alone or bring someone with you to the gym?
bought a squat rack and barbell. its just sitting outside
>How did you get into lifting? How did it change your life?
moid bf influence. I also found that strength conditioning helps prevent osteoporosis which runs in my family. i'm slightly healthier now. my lifts aren't impressive cause i stop exercising when it gets busy at work.
>Do you try to promote lifting to people around you?
>Do you wear gloves while lifting?
$15 womens weightlifting gloves from walmart
>Any tips for people who are interested in starting?
good form is important, I recommend mark rippitoe on youtube. if youre struggling, use a lower weight. Your muscles will be sore the first few weeks, just keep lifting when its manageable then you wont be sore when your body adjusts. dont do bench press my yourself, and don't squat without guardrails incase you fail a set and have to get out from under it.
>Is there any inspo you have?
the delusion of filling out my hip dips and ass and chest
>Personal pet peeves or things you like doing?
working out in the spring, dislike working out in summer
>Any good news or things you're proud of
deadlift went up to 75lbs but my back was rounded, whoops!

Anonymous 15634

>bicep curls 10x3

how much do you lift curling dumbells?

Anonymous 15637

12lbs ;__;

Anonymous 15638

12 lbs is perfectly fine, most of the pro bodybuilders i know don't lift above 20 lbs

Anonymous 15747


What would you recommend for a beginner at home? I don't want to get big just lean and stronger/healthier. Should I just buy light lifts and start from there?

Anonymous 15748

push ups
and pull ups if you can do them

there's all kind of tutorials on youtube with a lot of progression, check them out

and for cardio you can do long walks/running/biking

Anonymous 15894


I'd look up r/bodyweightfitness recommended routine (RR). It passed the test of time.
Eventually from there, you might need the added weight, but at the beginning, your body weight is enough.

Anonymous 19159


Really sorry for necro but whar’s the best i could do for my biceps with one 25lb kettlebell? i go to the gym sometimes but when i’m at home i’m stuck with that lone kettlebell since weights are expensive

Anonymous 19161

What are some exercises for building leg muscle fast?

Anonymous 19163

Anonymous 19194

25lbs is a lot of weight for bicep curls, if you can do 3 set of 10 reps with that you'll build great ceps, if 10 reps gets to easy for you, you can do 21's
if 25 is to much weight for one hand, use both hands like this

Anonymous 19201

Occasionally I do, nowadays I use kpop for my exercise needs and I alternate if I get bored. Not looking for results, just want to be healthy

Anonymous 20073


sorry for necro but has anybody experimented with period cycling for lifting?
I used to do it a few years ago and was successful with muscle building but couldnt get lean. Unfortunately i got really sad after a breakup and stopped going to the gym for a while so i lost all my gains. I'm doing it again and am a few months into it. I'm going to the gym 3-4 times per week. I can't do anymore without getting extreme lethargy.

here is what im doing:
follicular phase:
bench 3-5 rep max for 5 sets
chin-up lat pull downs 5-7 rep max for 5 sets
lateral raises 10 reps 4 sets
hanging knee raises (for abs) to failure for 4 sets
30-45 minutes stairmaster

luteal phase:
bench 10 reps 3 sets
chin-up lat pull downs 15 reps 3 sets
~1 hour stairmaster

last time i was lifting i had this issue where my triceps grew faster than everything else and i looked really disporportionate so im trying to focus more on delts and biceps. any thoughts on this program? my main goal is to lose weight since it makes me look taller when im skinny, but i would also like to not look frail and doughy.

Anonymous 20080

i follow a pretty simple monkey brained upper body even day lower body odd day routine, i cannot lift too heavy yet since i started a few months ago but i generally feel much stronger before my period compared to after, so i just adjust my weights and my workout is the same. i swim for cardio so i cannot do that on period and i also prefer not running or doing anything that scrapes my thighs because the pad gets all weird. but going to the gym when im on my period and doing fuckall fun bullshit is freeing

Anonymous 20082

oh swimming is fun! how have your results been? what does you routine look like?

Anonymous 20083


i've only been consistently working out for 4 months, but i had absolutely zero kind of any muscle or strength or consistent eating habit before this, i started at 58kg skinny fat, im 5'6 and did some starvemaxxing to get there, felt terrible and my body did not look like anything i wanted at all, in the last 4 months ive actually gained 5 kgs and am at 63kg rn, but its mindblowing to me how i am the same size and actually look and feel better, i am strictly eating very protein heavy so there is definitely some body recomposition going on, i actually fit into a size smaller jeans even though im heavier, it is mind blowing to me. i noticed my base energy levels also increase at about the 3 month mark, now i can get through my day feeling awake without a coffee, and i guess it's because discipline from working out trickles down to other areas in life, everything feels better since i started exercising everyday.

my routine is pretty simple i tried a bunch of splits but it was too much for my beginner mind so i just stuck to a upper body and lower body one, though nowadays as i'm going up the weights i feel like i should split muscle groups properly, because it all feels like too much in one day, i'll probably start doing that from next month

currently it looks like LOWER BODY 3× 12
Good mornings
dumbell/ Barbell squats
romanian dead lift
B stance RDL
bulgarian split squat
Hip thrust
Reverse lunge
Cable kickback


bicep curl
shoulder press
bent over rows
Lat pull down
Lat pull over
tricep extension
lateral raises
Dumbell bench press

i usually run 10-15mins before these and then i go swimming after the gym, i had always been chubby and unathletic so i never neglect cardio, all of this takes 3-4 hours of my day after uni too so i don't have too much free time to waste online and overthink, definitely has been good for my mental health too

Anonymous 20105

Its so easy to lose track of time in the gym i know the feel. have you considered doing supersets? its where you work an unrelated muscle group while recovering from a set of a different muscle group. I don't do it because i get too tired, but ive heard it helps busy people cut back on time spent in the gym

Anonymous 20133

I went to the gym for the first time today. I thought I was somewhat prepared because I had a plan but I just felt silly. My form was probably shit and I barely knew how to do the exercises or use the machines. I couldn’t even do some of the exercises that I wanted to because the machine were taken. I feel a little discouraged but I’m just going to persevere. I’m gonna go again tomorrow and get this right.

Anonymous 20134

>first time
You'll probably be really sore tomorrow, but I just wanted to post to tell you that level of soreness when you start from zero is normal and to not be alarmed. Keep it up!

Anonymous 20136

It's ok, Nona! That's how everyone's experience is when they first start going to the gym.
The more you go, the easier it gets.

I recommend bringing an experienced friend to help you with your form next time. You can also record your sets to see how you can improve your form.

Good luck, Nona! I'm proud of you. :)

Anonymous 20138

>Favorite and least favorite exercises?
I fucking hate lateral raises. I'm able to lify 30-40 pounds while doing any other exercise but as soon as I get to lateral raises, I have to grab some 15s. They always make me feel like I'm a weak ass bitch, but I'll get there one day.

>What's your workout routine?

-60 dumbbell russian twists
-60 alternating Knee tucks
-30 leg raises
-30 crunches
-60 second plank

-cable bent over bar pullovers
-cable chest press
-cable lat pull down
-dumbbell shrugs
-dumbell curls
-dumbbell lateral raise

-dumbbell hip thrusts
-dumbell goblet squat
-dumbell romanian deadlift
-seated dumbbell calf raises
-cable split squats
-cable standing straight leg glute kickbacks

And then I do 30 minutes on the elliptical at the end of my workouts :)

>Do you usually like to go alone or bring someone with you to the gym?

I usually go alone. My roommate will occasionally tagalong since she feels scared to go alone.
There's been times where she's been stalked and harassed by moids from the gym. One of them even
found out where we lived and would knock on door nonstop for several months.

>How did you get into lifting? How did it change your life?

I wanted to lose weight so I could be eligible to sell my eggs. I've lost 15 pounds and I have 10 more to go!
It has limited the amount of free time I have but I don't mind. I've fallen in love with the gym and I've become a much more energized and happier person as a result. Plus, my libido has increased!

>Do you try to promote lifting to people around you?

No. I love lifting but it's not for everyone. I don't wanna be a douche and shove it down other people's throats.

>Do you wear gloves while lifting?

no. My hands have suffered as a result.

>Any tips for people who are interested in starting?

Take in some protein at least 30 minutes after your workout so your body retains your muscles and burns off your fat instead.

>Any good news or things you're proud of

My arms have blown the fuck up. Whenever I pass a mirror, I like to flex them. I feel so proud of them lol.
My ass on the other hand is still flat as a pancake. Even though they're much stronger and resilient compared to my upper body.

Anonymous 20225


Has anybody had any luck growing delts? My triceps grow way faster so it makes my arms look really weird with overdeveloped triceps and underdeveloped delts and biceps. I have cut back on tricep exercises so now the only thing I do that works triceps is bench press. Other than than im focusing on lateral raises and bicep curls to make my arms look more proportionate.

Anonymous 20246

Nonas there is a hot butch girl at my gym what do I was doing free weights next to her for a few sets but I was worried I was creeping her out. I need to buy cute gym clothes instead of wearing these frumpy outfits

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