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Anonymous 13832

Will adderall age me like meth? Since it's an amphetamine.

Anonymous 14080

barbara kroll 3.jp…

very good question I've thought about a lot.

"According to a report on Erowid, an organization that provides non-judgmental information about psychoactive plants and chemicals, amphetamines can cause an increase in oxidative stress in the blood and tissues and, at higher doses and frequencies of use, it can cause premature aging. Stimulants, such as Adderall, can also cause dry skin, which can make your skin appear worn out and aged. Another possible reason your skin is not looking as healthy as before is because Adderall can reduce your appetite, which can lead to not getting enough of the proper nutrients."

horrible drug.

Anonymous 14081

I've been on and off 20mg of adderall and have not noticed any premature aging

Anonymous 14084

not if you make sure to drink enough water and eat enough nutritious food

Anonymous 14095

Same here. I had to quit it tho, since it didn’t help, it just made me angry instead of sad.

Anonymous 14490

i sure hope not, i have adhd and i take it nearly every day

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