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if body image issues are such a big problem, why are there so many ugly people? Anonymous 14016

hear me out.
i can understand body image issues being a big deal among younger women. but it seems like once you leave your 20's they dissipate. i work at a grocery store and watch people come and go all day, and the vast majority of them seem to make little to no attempt at grooming themselves. a lot of them come in pajamas or just weird as fuck last minute clothing choices, most are fat and look like they haven't been to the gym in 25 years, most make no attempt at doing anything with their hair (including brushing it), and some smell like shit.
the easy answer is "poverty" but these people walk around with their well groomed teenage daughters that they're obviously providing for.
maybe it's because i have bdd but i have no clue how a majority of the population can stand living like this and then have the audacity to say, "beauty standards are so high and i'm so insecure!"
do women just stop feeling ugly after a certain age, or do they just live with it and stop trying?

Anonymous 14017

it's as you said. I stopped caring after 21

Anonymous 14018

I don't know what to answer you, I find it funny too. I'm in France and beauty standards for women can be quite high too, but I never see someone running around in pajamas or something. Only low tier men walk around looking like slobs.

eatmyfuckingboot 14019

i think a lot of older women struggle with feeling ugly

Anonymous 14020

>most make no attempt at doing anything with their hair (including brushing it)

This may sound weird, but why would you brush your hair anyway? It never did anything for me, even when I had long hair. It doesn't make it shinier or straighter, it doesn't "massage your scalp" as some like to claim. Genuinely asking here, what's the point of brushing your hair.

Anonymous 14021

Where the fuck do you live that people do their grocery shopping in pajamas, what the fuck?

Anonymous 14022

To brush out the knots and tangles, keep it from tangling (further) and make it neat and presentable. If your bedhair looks the same as your brushed hair you've got magic silk strands.

Anonymous 14023

Well it sorta does now because it's short, but back when I had hair that went down to my belly button, I never once brushed and it was fine. Maybe it has to do with me having ultra thin hair (seriously, it was fucking annoying).

Anonymous 14028

Ive done it. Im in the US. I just feel like there’s no point in trying. I don’t care about looking attractive to anyone in the grocery store

Anonymous 14029

Story short: I used to be a try hard. It sucked and was demoralizing. I also have a morbidly obese friend who is 10x more attractive than me. So. Yeaaaah.

I still workout and take care of my hair and skin. I also dress in what I like.
But it always blew up in my face when I doll myself up, feel confident, and then realized the truth (or was insulted as being ugly or a "tranny"). Felt wrong and forced.
It just felt better to not care or put in that much effort. I also want to look ok at my worst.

As for ugly people with potential…I mean, that's the nature of issues with oneself. Not everyone overcorrects to oblivion. Some find it hopeless. It's like how not everyone with body issues becomes anorexic.

And of course past a certain age it doesn't matter what you do. Stacies report hitting around 30 and (whether or not they got fat) being treated much worse.
A lot of people end up dropping the ball. It's bad when it entails losing one's health but otherwise I can't really blame someone for not wanting to wear makeup and etc. anymore.

Anonymous 14534

it's totally normal to look like an escaped mental patient when grocery shopping in the US

Anonymous 14535

Walking around the grocery store in my PJs after dark for junk food has become a hobby of mine

Anonymous 14536


Oldfag here, at the ripe ol age of 30+ I can safely say I just don't care as much. I still take care of myself and don't always look like a bag of smashed asshole. Honestly tho my outward appearance has taken a backseat to more important things in my life. Like not spending extra time on a lot on picking a super nice outfit or going all out with my hair.

Anonymous 14537

I have had two jobs at grocery stores, one at an upscale one and the other at Aldi which is known for being cheap. The difference in women's effort in their appearance was night and day (and even moids' tbf)

Anonymous 14538

Lack of energy. Women are basically slaves to their families and jobs. Plus society is telling them they are ugly no matter what they do.

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