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Rate Menstruation Products. Anonymous 14073

What is your list to the most usefull to worst menstruation products?
Mine is:
>№1 Sanitary Pads.
>№2 Tampons.
>№3 Menstrual Cup.
>№4 Reusable Sanitary Pads Made Out Of Cloth.

Anonymous 14074

I've personally never used anything but disposable pads but I'm curious, what was so bad about the reusable ones?
Also interested to know if anyone here has experiences with period panties (reusable underwear that absorbs blood)

Anonymous 14075

They are uncomfortable for me, can't change them whenever you want and no matter how I putted it or fastened it, it was always getting out of place.
Never had this experience with ordinary ones.

Still I know the damage it does to the enviroment, so I'm using biodegradable ones whenever I can.

Also a lot of admiration to the women who use cloth ones to help the enviroment.

Anonymous 14076

They are all terrible. So it taking pills to stop periods.

Fwiw I use cup but only so I don’t have to remember to buy anything.

Anonymous 14077


Has anyone used menstrual sponges before?
Pad are great as long as I can change them. If I wear it too long it feels super gross and lead to a rash.
Tampons are fine. Not great, they can be uncomfortable if they are the cheap ones. They don't stay in as well now that I am older (after kids mostly).
I likes the cups, but they can be super inconvenient if my flow is heavy and I want to empty it in public. Sanitizing it can be gross, like I don't want to use my pot I cook food in. Maybe go to a thrift store for a pot just for that, but then I have to store the pot, too.
Homemade ones can be uncomfortable since they don't absorb fast and it stays wet. They have to be changed often and I don't want to carry them around with me if I am out and about.
I haven't tried the period underwear, yet. I would love someone to share their experience.

Anonymous 14079

This looks like a way better alternative to tampons and menstrual cups.

Anonymous 14083

I'm also curious about period panties, but I don't know how many I need. Is 3 enough? Assuming i'll be home when I change so i'll be able to wash right after changing and hang it out immediately to dry.

Anonymous 14103

i've been using a menstrual cup and some reusable sanitary pads made out of cloth for some years now
feels good to know i haven't made any trash for so long and this works very well for me and doesn't bother me in any way
(i did have to get used to the cup and i did leak in the beginning because i didn't know how to insert it properly but figured it out eventually)

i wear my cup everyday of my period and only use the pads on the first two days (and nights) when my bleeding is the heaviest and i will leak because of that (but the leakage is very small). if my period is not so heavy anymore, i will only wear the pad

before my cup and reusable pads, i would always use tampons but i read that they absorb way too much of the good vaginal juices and that's unhealthy, so i wouldn't recommend a (sea) sponge or whatever they make to absorb your period, even when it's good for the environment

Anonymous 14113

cups are awful. I can't figure out how to get mine to not leak, they're expensive as fuck, I could've bought 1,5-2 years worth of tampons for the price of one cup and they're so inconvenient when you're in a public bathroom withourt sink in your stall, I always struggle to get it to open up and theg're slow to change on top of that. Sorry environment but I'll stick to tampons, they're convenient and easy and quick to change. I don't know why women have to be pestered about using tampons or pads for our natural bodily function anyway, pester people about their extreme and unssercary (I can't spell) consumerist habits before getting to tampons and pads.

Anonymous 14165

Does anyone else have an aversion to having things up and inside them?
I tried tampons ONCE and that was all it took. I also tried a cup, and I just hated it.
I only use pads for this reason.

Anonymous 14168

Yeah I feel the same. Plus the area gets really sensitive and tender when I'm on my period so it rapidly feels sore if any pressure is applied
I only use pads but I really hate how much trash they make, like even with envirofagging aside I just don't like producing bins of gross junk that I have to throw out, and having to buy more all the time. My flow is heavy so I go through a lot of pads every month. I want to try period panties eventually.

Anonymous 14186

agreed, theyre so uncomfy trying to get in and take out, if i havent clipped my nails that week theres no fucking way.
i have a really light flow, so it might be different but i tend to wear it throughout the day and keep a pad with me just in case im away from home for a long time, because truthfully its so gross even trying to wash it in the public restrooms.

>I always struggle to get it to open up

they have different cups that have a pulley device to break the seal, but for me i just try to put my finger against it and press near the top, then i pinch the bottom and pull so so gently lol

Anonymous 14188

>01. Freebleeding (unironically, but I also have an incredibly light flow so I know this isn't an option for most people)
>02. Tampons (if it's day 1 of my period and I'm leaving the house)
>03. Pads (don't use them because they're uncomfy)

Haven't tried anything else.

Anonymous 14200


Anonymous 14210

For me, it's this:
1. Reusable cloth pads
2. disposable pads
3. tampons
4. menstrual cup
I hate having anything inside, and I especially hated the cup. I prefer cloth pads to help the environment + save lots of money. They also feel better against my skin.

Anonymous 14226

I only use pads- I don't want to use anything I gotta put inside myself.

I will probably switch to reusable ones once I have access to my own washing machine (have to use the landlord's)

However, I definitely recommend switching to cotton ones if you use Always or some other plasticky brand. I made the switch recently, and I have noticed that I no longer get that terrible achey soreness I used to on the outside of my hoohah. I read some thread on Tumblr a long while back about girls saying that they stopped having that bruised-like pain after switching from the usual plastic/scented pads to cotton ones, and that has also been my experience. I used the Cora brand, the overnight ones since I don't like to fuck around with leakage.

Who knows what kinda weird shit they put into menstrual products? I think using an all-natural alternative is probably better in the long run.

Anonymous 14233

I've tried period underwear and I disliked it, it has diaper-type energy, kind of like a wet pad but worse. I have a light flow so it may be v different for you
do you designate particular pairs or do all your unmentionables have stains. I am considering this

Anonymous 14235

It depends on my flow. I have an extremely heavy flow so I have to change it up through the week. on heavy days i wear a menstrual cup + a pad and on light days i just use the cup alone. at night sometimes I just free bleed with 2 thick towels underneath me. kinda gross.

1. menstrual cup
2. organic pads
3. free bleeding

tampons and chemical ridden pads are of the devil. i always get a weird rash if i use the wrong pads.

Anonymous 14236

also, the only problem i had with menstrual cups is that i swear they've stretched me out a little. everyone told me that's not how vaginas work but the cup slips in so easy now it's a little scary. anyone else have that happen? should i be doing more kegels?

Anonymous 14240

I think it's more likely the sillicone just became less stiff after a couple of uses + you're more practiced now and that's why it goes in easier.

Anonymous 14244

Dang that looks really nice. As much as I hate cups, I would like an hybrid between a cup and a sponge just so the sponge would be easier to remove. Also I was thinking but wouldn't the sponge soak too much moisture from the vagina?

Anonymous 14246

they only work for about an hour and then you start leaking blood

their only real use is having sex on your period

Anonymous 14284


pic related is my #1 and only product i use
i developed an allergic reaction to plastic pads and these are the only ones that don't itch

i'm too scared to stick a cup up my vagina
i've used tampons twice and i got toxic shock syndrome
birth control pills gave me joint pain

i'll probably just use pads for life
sort of interested in getting reuseable pads, esp for my light days, but scared abt the maintenance

Anonymous 14285

> i've used tampons twice and i got toxic shock syndrome
I’ve never tried tampons in my life because of hearing about TS. I remember I told a doctor that and she acted like it was ridiculous but why risk something that can kill suddenly if you don’t need to? Even if the risks are small.

Anonymous 14383


Took the plunge and got my first cup today.
Here's hoping it fits me nicely and that I get the hang of it quick

Anonymous 14400

It takes a few times to get it right so I recommend trying it at home first. You have to learn how to scrunch it up to get inside and then to know when it opens up and forms a seal. I cut the stems off of both of mine as they irritated me so you might need to do that too.

Basically don't give up if it seems like it's not working.

Anonymous 14409

Thanks anon, will do

Anonymous 14442


normal pads are expensive and some have been found to have cancerous materials so I've been thinking about making my own (also been dealing with enviromental guilt)
but wtf am I gonna do with them when I need to change my pad in public ew
when I try to research them I rarely find any useful info because it's usually from people trying to advertise their etsy business or something

Anonymous 14443

>№1 Mirena IUD.
>№2 Panty Liners (not the thick pads) for the two mild periods I have while the IUD is fading.
>№3 Tampons for the one real period I have before the IUD is changed every 5 years.

don't really like anything else. I bleed an enormous amount when off hormonal b/c so the diva cup was a real joke.

Anonymous 14464

I have designated underwear in case I leak, but even when freebleeding, I don't generally stain my underwear. I pee often enough that I end up wiping anyway any bit of blood that has come out. But as I said, my flow is super light.

Anonymous 14480

You use a wetbag essentially. Something waterproof to hold a used pad in until you can take it home. I take my used ones and soak them in oxyclean.
T. Make my own reusable pads

Anonymous 14925

I love a menstrual cup. I used one for YEARS before they were "mainstream" so my only option in-store was the Diva Cup. I was on the implant and bled for 3-4 months at a time once so it was easy maintenance for me. Wash in the sink in the morning, in the shower in the evening. This also allowed me to make sure that I was bleeding a healthy amount because you cannot see how much you bleed into a pad or tampon.

I'm currently pissed right now because I bought a new menstrual cup before I gave birth, buying the bigger size, then had an emergency c-section and it's entirely too big. So I just wear my period underwear and change it as often as you would a pad, and wear my menstrual cup when I swim. It's larger size works better for that but is not comfortable for day-to-day use. I bought the saalt cup because I heard it was the most comfortable. I might write an email because I'm too broke to buy another one.

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