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narrow hips Anonymous 14131

is it possible to stop being a hiplet? and before you screech at me about bone structure, i'm not talking about that.
there must be something that can improve the appearance of narrow hips. how far can muscles be built in that area? how narrow can i make my waist in order to exaggerate my hips? and how do i do these things?

Anonymous 14132

hip pads are the most effective thing.

Anonymous 14133

honestly anon not trying to devalue your wishes but I'm here to tell you now that being fixated on what you can't really naturally have is a huuuuge downward spiral. at the very least avoid images/pictures of girls with curvy hips because you will internalize it as the standard.
also hip pads can help if you're desperate. There's also a lot of muscle-building you can do on your upper booty thighs. It's just really annoying to do.

Anonymous 14134

Tbh wearing clothes that flatter your bodyshape is probably easiest.

Anonymous 14159


but i want

Anonymous 14160

If you want to make your waist smaller to make yourself look curvier, you can try modern corseting. It has a bad rep because of people who go overboard (and there's some history involving men who slandered it because they didn't like women making a business out of it) but it can be done relatively safely if you are smart and patient. Make sure you do some research and get a real corset and not some $30 thing off of Amazon, those are ineffective at best and dangerous at worst. And definitely be realistic and cautious, don't push yourself too hard.
Also try skirts and dresses that flare out at the waist, they're good with implying that your hips are wider underneath and exaggerating curviness

Anonymous 14161

You can definitely do exercises to make your hips appesr fuller. Do squats!

Anonymous 14162

do you think that overbust or underbust corsets work better?

Anonymous 14163

I think it's best to start out with underbust since they'll be less finicky with fit and they're generally less expensive. If your focus is on enhancing hips I don't think there's a big difference anyway.
Plus I think it's worth sorting out bra fitting if you were interested in enhancing the bust. If anyone is interested I can try to look in archives for this thread with some information about that

Anonymous 14171

Not OP but I also have narrow hips and appreciate the info. Underbust corsets look a bit less daunting to wear regularly so it's good to hear that they're equally effective at the hips/waist area. At first I didn't believe that they did anything, but after reading a bit, they might be helpful for me bc I'm at a healthy weight and regularly exercise (weight/muscle isn't the issue) but I still have the rectangle genes.

Anonymous 14176

i feel your pain OP. except for the reverse. i have big hips and no chest but would rather have a big chest and narrow hips. i'd do anything for bigger boobs. mine are a bland 34 B cup. i want massive L cups. i dont feel feminine enough with my flat chest.
at least you can do exercises to build up the hip muscles. the only option for me is breast implants which i will get once i save up enoug money. you could also get really fat and inject the fat from your stomach into your butt/hip/thigh area

Anonymous 14177

34B is a common mis-size, you might be at least a bit bigger than you think if that's any consolation. Some women experience something where they wear bras that don't support them well so their breast tissue is shifted into the armpit area or drooping down instead of being brought forward, making them look flatter/fatter, and report "tissue migration" once they get an improved bra as it settles into a more forward-facing shape.
Also for some people just being more uplifted makes a big visual difference. I look small with no bra or with a wrong-size bra, but above-average with a bra. My bras are unlined (i.e., thin mesh with no padding), so it's just the tissue being arranged in a more flattering shape.
I recommend for everyone to try this https://abrathatfits.org/calculator.php
And here's a thread with some basic info https://archive.4plebs.org/adv/thread/25231648/#q25232507

Anonymous 14180

so i did your calculator and im 32DD/DDD. ive never heard of that size before. is that big? why do i feel like i have small boobs still? my breasts don’t have nice cleavage where you can see the two breasts join together. i have a very flat space between the two and they’re far apart. my under boob is full and i have flat upper halves. maybe that’s why i feel so flat chested :(
here’s my measurements/ Idk maybe I calculated it wrong
1: 31 inches (loose underbust)
2: 30.5 inches (semi tight underbust)
3: 29 inches (tight as possible underbist)
4: 35.5 inches (fullest part of bust, loose)
5: 37 inches (bent over at 90 degrees)
6: 34.5 inches (lying down)

Anonymous 14183

Contrary to popular belief I'd say those sizes usually lean small but not flat, so unless you think you're literally board flat or rather large, I think you shouldn't be too far off as a starting point. Sometimes people have personal comfort preferences for a size up or down, but you should at least have the right ballpark.
I know a lot of media says DDs and DDDs are huge, but it's a huge misconception perpetuated by an scummy industry and porn/sexualization. The thread I posted talks about it a bit, where women that should be in stuff like GG get put in DDs so it skews people's perception, and actual DDs are put in like B.
This is a website where you can look at non-sexual images of women in different sizes, and also read reviews on specific bras to learn its properties https://www.bratabase.com/browse/by-photo/32:5/
Re: cleavage, if you wear a fitting bra you USUALLY shouldn't have a clean sharp line of cleavage. A lot of advertising pushes the idea that it's sexy to have it but it's just sugarcoating the fact that they're putting people in the wrong size, as aforementioned. That's just one way they try to manipulate women to buy their stuff even though it sucks.
In this blog post you can see that even though this woman has large breasts, she doesn't have the line when wearing a regular fitting bra and only gets varying degrees of it with specific bras that were intentionally designed for cleavage or by wearing stuff that's technically too small. Nothing should be spilling out of the cups in any direction, they should be big enough to mostly encapsulate the breast, not just laying on top of them. https://obsessedwithbreasts.wordpress.com/2012/12/05/cleavage-concerns/
Also your shape sounds a lot like mine so I get what you mean! The terminology that that calculator uses is "wide set" and "full on bottom." Like I said, for me I look pretty small when I don't wear a bra but it makes a good difference when I do wear one. The breast tissue is still there, it's just not up and forwards so you don't notice it until you bring it together that way. My size isn't the same as yours but it's a sister size which means the same volume, just a different band.
A tip that's good for everyone is that when you put on a bra, you should do something called "scoop and swoop" to make sure you're wearing it properly. If you look it up you can probably get a better visual than by me trying to describe in text. Basically a lot of women don't put all their tissue in the cup and they're mashing some tissue towards the sides, which can lead to discomfort or an unflattering shape. Sometimes you don't notice a bra is too small until you do this. I think that's why a lot of bra stores don't teach you this… It masks when a bra doesn't fit. Here's a blog post that explains in more detail with example images: http://brasandbodyimage.com/2012/09/05/putting-your-bra-on-properly/

Anonymous 14184

i have a couple different corsets, mostly for fashion but partially for waist training. there are different shapes for whatever works best for your body type, my favorite is a waspy because its really short, i dont feel so constricted by it. you could get a fancy steel bone corset you can also wear for outfits, and they last a long time if taken care of. or you could just get those waist training under wear, as long as its pretty snug around your waist it should do the job

Anonymous 14185

forgot to mention but obviously pls use sense and caution waist training, dont go too tight at first or too long, work your way up to your goal through short sessions, if you get dizzy you gotta loosen it or you could pass out or die lol

Anonymous 14290

before during afte…

>is it possible to stop being a hiplet?
unless you give birth or work out every day for over a year, no

pic related shows hips get a bit wider after birth
i've seen some fitness ladies whose before/afters show a bit more definition in their hips, but they are gymrats who are dedicated to that lifestyle

Anonymous 14296

i am a gym rat luckily, but nothing seems to help very much

Anonymous 14631

That looks like a perspective trick.

Anonymous 14632

i haven't stopped, just posting to say that i compensate by wearing dresses when i want to look nice and otherwise jeans and baggy shirts or sweaters to hide my flat ass/hips

someday i will have to dress like a grown ass woman and all of that will come crashing down

Anonymous 14637

So she originally had no hips and no cheat?

Anonymous 14643

It is 100% a trick of the lens.
First pic the lens is lined up with her head making her hips seem narrow since they are further away. In the last pic the lens is lined up Closer to her hips. Phone cameras tend to have a small fisheye effect making her hips seem wider since they are closer to the lens.

Anonymous 14645


I actually saw a pic of this guy on /fit/ complaining about having wide hips for a guy. Its interesting how both sexes have similar/opposite problems. It's like 2 sides of the same coin.

Anonymous 14646

Tiny ween lol

Anonymous 14647

If I were him I’d be more worried about my baby hands.

Anonymous 14648

How do men get this "real-life JoJo"-like body shape?

Anonymous 14655

a lot of chest and lats focused workouts, push ups, pull ups and bench press

Anonymous 14656

Also, sucking your gut in realllly hard

Anonymous 14660

T. Seething hiplet

Anonymous 14662

Sorry about you not having hips. You can always try those hip pads tho!

Anonymous 14665

Men create their own insecurities, i have never seen a woman talk about rambone length or fucking hip width only men shaming other man, his hips look fine, his future daughters will just have better hip genes and thus he should be happy.

Anonymous 14666

*ramus bone

Anonymous 14668

No keep rambone, I like that one.
Like a spoof of Rambo.

Anonymous 14669

>i have never seen a woman talk about…fucking hip width

Um sorry do you know what thread ur in? Did you not read what the OP of this thread wrote? Lol

Anonymous 14670

I am talking about male hip width. Ofc i'm not saying kleinfelter dudes with literal wider hips than 90% of women look great or whatever, but i have never seen a woman complain about a man having a slightly wider hip than his stomach.

Anonymous 14675

Oh I see my bad. Very true. My ex had a similar shape and it was nice cause I had something to grab onto while pegging him.

Anonymous 14676

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