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Little dark spots on skin. Anonymous 14167

Little dark spots started to appear on my skin, what can I do to stop them? They weren't here before.

Anonymous 14169


those are called freckles and they form in reaction to solar radiation if you don't like them then use sunscreen and if you're genuinely concerned for health reasons see a dermatologist

Anonymous 14181

same. i havent even left my house since covid started, ever. so it cant be the sun. some type of black "mole" thing keeps growing on my cupids bow and i always scratch them off until recently i tried to scratch this specific one off like 3 times already and it keeps growing back. IDK what to do

Anonymous 14187

Sunscreen is useless and doesn't protect you from skin cancer at all.

Anonymous 14191

whew lad

Anonymous 14193

Isn't that just a flat mole? They appear with age, most of the time it's completely random and genetic. I still get new ones sometimes and I literally do not go out in the sun ever.

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