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Tips for quitting BC pill Anonymous 14245

Hey miners, my husband's vasectomy is going to be scheduled soon, so that means I can finally stop taking the demonpills (a.k.a. Lutera) and I am wondering if anyone can share their experience coming off of them? (BC in general if not specifically Lutera)

I have been taking them for about 4 years. I know they make me gain weight. (I used to top out at 120lbs, but now I cannot get myself under 140 with regular exercise/dieting) They also destroyed my sex drive. Though they got rid of my back/chest acne so I am not looking forward to its resurgence.

I have read horror stories about women becoming suicidal for a year after going off the pill, or turning into someone they don't recognize because the pills altered their hormone balance for so long. Anyone have some wisdom/experience/warning/tips for me?

Anonymous 14247

poor bastard

Anonymous 14248

it's a lot less invasive than people think it is.

Anonymous 14253

How is he a “poor bastard” if he’s doing it by choice?

Anonymous 14256

>poor bastard
funny how there's no empathy when it's millions of women suffering from BC side-effects but the second it's a man doing birth control on his body, something no man ever is pressured or even just expected into doing unlike women and therefore must be a 100% voluntary choice, he's a poor bastard.

Anonymous 14259

men are privileged.

a while back I saw a man sperg out and send threats to a woman who posted something about men needing to wear more condoms. Before the threats, he said "women never take accountability for ANYTHING, this is more proof why I hate women so much!!"

and then, inevitably, said "this is exactly why I don't use condoms, women don't DESERVE it!"

fun fact: the entire post was full of women who had massive complications from various forms of birth control they tried, including a few women that almost died. massive amounts tried several methods.
a few women that experience constant pain. i.e., from IUDs. hormone issues.

this guy's entire existence was "condom or no condom." He gave 0 indication of at all registering these women existing or complications from BC. He was entirely incapable of actually seeing an experience outside of his own–it will never to him that most women put forth way more reproductive responsibility and effort than the average sex-having male.

If women behaved sexually like men, there'd be several times more unwanted pregnancies and massive amounts more STDs. Fact.

Anonymous 14282

I have to assume the "poor bastard" comment is a moid post- no women in her right mind would feel sorry for a man choosing to have the procedure done.

I am OP and my husband has been begging me to help him set up this appt for years now because he doesn't feel comfortable with me taking BC for this long. I've never made a big deal about it but he read some articles about how harmful the effects can be and he said that he wants to get it done so I can be healthier. We've been together 10 years and have been set on a childfree lifestyle the entire time, still going steady.

We're legit going to a surgeon who performs the procedure in 15 minutes. They put some numbing gel on the balls. They poke microscopic hooks in (no incision) and pluck the tubes out. Cut them, cauterize then, tuck them back into the pinholes. Takes about 2 days to stop mild soreness. 2 sperm samples are analyzed about 2 months apart. Ta da.

The only complication that may arise is a type of prolonged soreness they usually have to treat with some anti-inflammatory meds, and this happens to 1% of people who have this procedure. I believe the chances are even lower with the non-incision method.

so, >>14247 you have no idea what you are talking about.

And also, thanks for making this thread about men when I was asking about women's experiences coming off of birth control. You failed the Bechdel test.

Anonymous 14286

i quit taking the pill cold turkey because i got fed up with the side effects
for me going off the pill made me suddenly unattracted to my boyfriend
like he smelled sexy before but when i went off the pill he smelled horrible to me and i lost interest in him
i also got more annoyed by him so we fought more and eventually we broke up

i did some digging and found a study saying that shows how we interpret the smell of men is impacted by if you're on hormonal birth control
like the type of man whose "scent" we're attracted to differs
apparently it's a common phenomenon that women lose interest in their husband after going off the pill bc they were on the pill the entire relationship with their man
honestly horrifying, idk if i'd have believed that unless i experienced it myself
pls be mindful of this if you start having issues with your husband

other side effects of going off birth control for me were lowered weight, less cellulite, less depressed/emotional breakdowns, and less body pain

Anonymous 14287

It’s wild that women are expected to fuck up their hormones so much just so they can sex, which statistically they won’t even orgasm from most of the time.

Anonymous 14294

Thank you for sharing your experience.
I was with my husband for about 4 years before I started being on the pill (the timeline isn't super clear, I honestly can't remember exactly when I started taking them.) - I definitely think that the pill lowered my sex drive considerably, though I have no idea whether that is a permanent change.

It's weird to talk about but you brought it up lol- I certainly loved the way my husband smelled before I started the pill, and I didn't notice any change when I started it. I appreciate the info. My husband and I are joined at the hip, though, with or without the pill, so I think it would really be shocking if that happened.

I suffer from horrible breakdowns/frustration issues during PMS time, and I am almost positive it's my BC doing it. So definitely hoping that'll get better.

I am hoping that there won't be some huge shift at all- my husband is my best friend and he's stuck through me having a crappy sex drive for years now, so I suspect it won't be too bad. I guess if I remember to I will dig this post back up again when I quit em and update.

Anonymous 14303

hi nona i mostly went on the pill for chest and back acne and it came back tenfold when i went off it a couple of months ago. i would recommend starting an acne regime asap to be prepared… womanhood is hell

Anonymous 14314

Ugh, good to know- I have heard that sometimes it's the first couple months that are the worst. Did you see the issue drop off a bit after that period?

I didn't go on the pill specifically for skin issues, but I did have pretty moderate but annoying chest/back acne beforehand that totally went away with the pill.

If you have any tips for combatting body acne in particular I would love to hear em.

Anonymous 14339

you're welcome
>I definitely think that the pill lowered my sex drive considerably
then I think it will come back after you go back on it and you have that to look forward to <3

actually I had some body acne after I went off now that I think about it, and benzoyl peroxide wash did the trick
Panoxyl is too harsh to use on the face IMO, but good for the body
CeraVe's benzoyl peroxide was was good for my face, didn't dry it out or irritate it

Anonymous 14371

i wish i could help out more, i have practically resigned to the fact i will always have breakouts because personally my acne is hormonal. it makes a huge difference in my life self esteem wise to be on the pill but i feel like it will never be worth it considering i haven't even been sexually active in almost three years. typically benzoyl treatments like >>14339 said. carbs and refined sugars are notoriously inflammatory, drink water, get a good nights rest. i am sure you have heard it all before! godspeed

Anonymous 14376

I suffered from terrible migraines when I was on a low estrogen pill. I ended up getting the Nexplanon implant when I was 17 and I'm on my second one. I no longer have periods but I get phantom cramps from time to time. Honestly best decision I ever made

Anonymous 14401

>I no longer have periods
Wow, you're lucky. It made me bleed continuously for weeks until I just took it out. Sucks about the cramps though.

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