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Thin/Fine Hair Anonymous 1430

I have super thin/fine hair. It's not sparse or falling out, it's just that the individual hairs are very thin.
I used to bleach it and heat style it every day, and that destoyed it. After a pixie cut I'm growing it out.
It's length currently is between my shoulders and bra strap, and I also have short bangs (that I also plan to grow out). I've had layers cut in, but the way the hairdresser cut it is waaaay too harsh and kinda… dated looking?
I am thinking about getting the long bob basic bitch special (pic related) , but I really want long hair…
How can I cut it as it grows out in order for it to look thicker?

Also general thin hair care discussion

Anonymous 1431


Hey anon,

I have a large amount of thin hairs so know what you are talking about. My hair is "thick", but the strands themselves are very thin.

It's totally possible to bleach and heat style thin-stranded hairs though. I do it A LOT! I've found that I need to bleach/highlight my own hair though. Salons always over-process my hair, and it's pretty easy to diy anyway. It only takes one shitty hairstylist to completely fry your hair, so yeah, I just do it at home now. If you want, you can also use olaplex. I use it, but don't really notice any difference tbh. For heat styling, I use protectant sprays as well as high-quality shampoos and conditioner. I still get split ends, but bought professional scissors to trim my own hair.

I've had the same exact issue with haircuts, where it looks really dated (like pic related). shudder

I like the hair in your pic, but if you want long hair, then layers cut with a razor are really the way to go. I think it's called feathering, and will help create volume while smoothing hair and making it more manageable.

Anonymous 1432

I wanted to add that as far as your haircut looking dated, I've found you just have to learn to style it properly. Some people are blessed with naturally modern looking hair, but the rest of us have to take to blowdrying/straightening/curling etc.

Anonymous 1433

I have extremely thin hair and not much of it. Currently have the haircut shown in the op picture, but my hair is so light is defies all gravity and sticks out horizontally in places.

Anonymous 1434


Currently growing out a buzzcut, and I'm currently rocking a beanie because my hair just wont do anything I want it to do.

I like that haircut tho, and when my hair gets long enough I'll probably get that done. Also, need to learn how to style my hair.

Anonymous 1435

Has anyone tried to add volume to their hair at the roots and succeeded?

The only thing that seems to work in my case is blow drying it upside down, but even then it just goes back to the old flat look.

I had the same haircut for more than 10 years now, and can't really do anything with it because it exposes my giant forehead or makes me look like I have bald spots if I try anything more complicated


Anonymous 1436

I add dry shampoo sometimes which helps a little.

Anonymous 1437


From what I've learned from having naturally fine hair it's that anything that removes too much of it (layers) and anything that weighs it down (length) are your natural enemy. I think you're bang on with the lob idea OP, I have one myself atm and it's very nice. Low maintenance, but very chic.

Anonymous 1438

Seconding your complaint. I have a root lift spray which doesn't do much. The one thing that worked was hair wax (Lucido-L from Japan). I haven't bought it since I moved back to the USA but will buy some when/before I move again.

Anonymous 1439

as >>1437 said too many layers can be bad and if you grow it long it is going to look a lil flat and sad, the best i managed with hair that reached the bottom of my rib cage and not having it just a boring flat mess was some light root teasing and having it try and frame my face with some shorter bits round there. i currently have what is growing out a lot of bleach damage and a previous scene hair cut with layers so lots of short bits in random places basically that is about collarbone length that looks way better whenever i shape it round my face

i've had some success with some cheapy Batiste 'plumping powder' applied at the root, if you don't mind the damage you can always back comb as well. as >>1436 said dry shampoo can also work but i did find the plumping powder better. you can also play around to find the right product to keep volume in when added, i use a hairspray that's supposed to keep perms in place sometimes that's fab and also doesn't seem to get absorbed by my hair too quick.

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