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Eye makeup thread Anonymous 1440

Share some of your favorite types of eye makeup. Mine is pic related.

Anonymous 1441


I usually try to do something like a smokey eye but it can be hard to pull off because my eyes are hooded.

I also really like red eyeshadow and cat eyes, no matter how common it is now, I think it looks great.

Anonymous 1442


Anonymous 1443


Anonymous 1444

red eyeshadow.jpg

Shit are you me? I LOVE red eyeshadow and cat eye. It flatters my look soo much haha

Anonymous 1445

i wish winged eyeliner would go away because i cant do it for shit. reee

Anonymous 1446


I love soft eye makeup with pink or neutral eyeshadow, tiny bit of mascara, curled lashes, and a little bit of light brown eyeliner to make the eyes pop!

Anonymous 1447

that's the classy way to do makeup. same here

Anonymous 1448


So pretty. I dream of doing my makeup this way but I feel like it only works if your skin is perfect and you're already really pretty and freshfaced.

Anonymous 1449


Anonymous 1450


Anonymous 1451


I dislike the lips on this but the eyes are pretty.

Anonymous 1452


Anonymous 1453


Anonymous 1454

I love this look. The image reminds me of something from a Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, or Pucci campaign. Very cute and feminine.

Anonymous 1455

What colors would look good on someone with pale skin and big, brown eyes?

Whenever I watch a YouTube video it says to go with purples, blues and turquoise colors, etc. Those are not bad, and quite pretty, but I'd like something more, ummm … toned down, but that would still make my eye color pop. I'm very fair so purple and the other colors people recommend always look dramatic for my everyday life.

I have to wear a full face constantly and need to look "chic" if possible.

Anonymous 1456

Idk, but how about nudes?

Anonymous 1457

I think nudes is the way to go, thank you. I just wanted to try to add some color to make the brown pop, but there's probably no color I can add that will do that except for the ones i am trying to avoid.

Anonymous 1458

If you want to add color, but not have it look overdone, try matte eyeshadows. I have green eyes, so it's recommended that I use purple shades too. Matte eyeshadows look a lot more natural. :)

Anonymous 1459


You can look for nudes with a purple-y undertone. Pic is a swatch comparison of Naked Basics 1 and 2, and you can see the top row has purple undertones versus the bottom row is more true bowns.

Anonymous 1460

Thank you so much!!

Anonymous 1461

Oops, i was so excited i forgot to sage. Sorry.

Anonymous 1462


Anonymous 1463


Anonymous 1464


I'm kind of into the bleached brow look but it's pretty hard to pull off

Anonymous 1465


Anonymous 1466


Anonymous 1467


Anonymous 1468

This made my day.

Anonymous 1469


Seconding this! It was so hilarious and cute. The MUA's comment on youtube made it even nicer too

Anonymous 1470


Wish I could pull this one off

Anonymous 1471

Why not? It doesn't look too crazy, I am sure you could wear this on the right occasion

Anonymous 1472

I'm not that good with makeup (yet), so it's very much possible for it to look like I have some sort of eye infection instead of makeup lol

Anonymous 1473


Anonymous 1474


Anonymous 1475


Anonymous 1476


Anonymous 1477


Anonymous 1478


Anonymous 1479


Anonymous 1480


Anonymous 1481


>"I'm from France"
>"Ohhhh… I like bread!"

Oh my goodness too cute!

Anonymous 1482


>those eyes
I used to be obsessed with Jessica Stam as a teenager.

Anonymous 1483

Aha, good taste Anon, she's indeed a babe.

Anonymous 1484


Anonymous 1485


I spent some time on Pinterest today looking at eye makeup. I really like these simple looks.

Anonymous 1486


Anonymous 3549


Anonymous 3563

Does anyone have some good recommendations for a colorful eyeshadow palette? I have enough neutrals as it is and I'd like to experiment with color more. I threw away my first BH cosmetics palette because it was 6-7 years old, and I'm hoping I can find a palette or two that focuses mostly on saturated colors and/or pastels. I have so far thought of the NYX palette, but I'm really hoping to find a palette that has more pastels in it.

Anonymous 4715

Idk if this is the right thread to ask but i have super pale skin so im afraid to put eyeshadow on because alot of times for example with brown colors it just looks like im tired or as if i have a bruise. What are good eyeshadow colors for really pale skin and blue eyes?

Anonymous 4717

I don't know a thing about makeup so keep that in mind but I think pink/red but very unsaturated would look nice
like in >>1485

Anonymous 4724

Have you tried pastel pink?

Whatever you do , DO NOT buy the UD Full Spectrum Palette. More than half of the colors sucked (as in, they had a lot of fallout/ they weren't good on the eye). Ive heard the Morphe 34B is good but they discontinued to release the new one with that guy (can't remember his name but just came out two weeks ago).
I don't know many with just pastels tho, except the NYX one and the Viseart one

Anonymous 4726

I think white/silver eyeshadow looks nice with some mascara.

Anonymous 4730


i just bought my first non-drugstore eyeshadow pallet. it just came out so there are no reviews yet but oh well? I'm trying to be a girl?

Anonymous 4731

>I'm trying to be a girl?
Troon detected.

Anonymous 4733

Thank you for the advice everyone i think i will try pastel pink and silver!

Anonymous 4737


naw, just a plain jane

Anonymous 4823


I love the dots. They're odd enough to appeal to my surrealist side but subtle enough to wear in public.

Anonymous 4824


Anonymous 4825


Anonymous 4828


Oh, I love these!

Anonymous 4859


Anonymous 6350


Anonymous 6351


Anonymous 6352


Anonymous 6353


Anonymous 6354


Anonymous 6355


Anonymous 6356


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