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Are there others who completely don't wear make up? Anonymous 14558

I've never wore make up, and I don't think of putting it on in the near future. I don't have skin problems and I like my skin, also I don't see things that need to be changed on my face.
All the women my age I know wear make up.
Anyone in CC that does the same?

Anonymous 14559

I don't wear make-up. I used to as a teenager but it just seemed like a cope to me at the time. Sometimes I'll wear powder if I have a breakout. Betty from Madmen looks SO much better without makeup. I find her downright hot without makeup. With makeup she's just whatever.

Anonymous 14562

I never really wore makeup except when I was like 13 and wanted to try glittery lipstick. Besides not having any reason to use it it feels gross just thinking about putting it on my acne ridden skin and having to wash it off at the end of day and spending time on applying it

Anonymous 14564

I've never been super into makeup but sometimes I'll wear a little mascara and a nude lipstick because I like the look.

Anonymous 14565

I don't, but I've tried it a handful of times before. A few months ago I bought a tube of mascara just to try something new but I only used it like 3 times before it expired lol. Recently I got a tinted moisturizer and tinted lip balm to try out of curiosity because those are things I use anyway, dunno if I'll stick with them or go back to regular products
I'm generally pretty happy with my appearance and I'm just sensitive to the feeling of having stuff on my face I guess. I still like hair and clothing, so it's really just makeup that I don't care for

Anonymous 14567

Don't bother with it. It is bad for your skin; I know so many girls who, after wearing layers of make-up every day for so long now look much worse. Work on improving yourself, not painting over who you are.

Anonymous 14568

i havent worn makeup for like 2 years as i don't see any benefit. although i just bought the benefit lip and cheek tint because my ed makes me look decrepit and i wanted to bring some life into my face. i dont even go out though/have any people to impress so it was ultimately a pointless purchase lol

Anonymous 14574

I have mild acne but choose to cover it with hydrocolloids (the fun shaped ones) instead of makeup. Most days I'm natural but sometimes wear only eyeliner to make my eyes look even more tired and sad than usual.
Using makeup to look worse is the only way to use it.

Anonymous 14575

I don't wear make-up on a daily basis. It would take me too much time and effort to apply. Also, I'd probably feel anxious over it and have to look into a mirror every hour to check if my make-up is smudged or not.

Anonymous 14576

you're not alone. the only time i really wore makeup was for a choir performance in grade school. i tried to put on some the other day and while i think i looked nice, it just felt like a hassle since i'm so used to cleansing and putting on lotion, using an eyelash curler and then going on about my day. my mom wants me to start wearing makeup now since i'm a young woman but i feel like i'll only really just do it for a special occasions and some days at work because of the profession. i don't want to start disliking my appearance without makeup even though i prefer a "natural" makeup look. i swore to myself if i ever did start wearing makeup, i wouldn't wear foundation. i don't really have that many skin problems besides dots of acne scars, tiny bumps and rosacea on my cheeks and i don't want to amplify them since i have sensitive skin

Anonymous 14578

I just do skincare, and occasionally mascara + lip gloss when i'm tryina be pretty. Skincare gives you a natural glow instead of putting a layer of paint on your entire face

Anonymous 14579

No, I don't wear makeup. That includes stuff like tints, mascara, eye liner, lipgloss, the powdery stuff, and whatever else, I just don't wear it. The feeling of makeup is so alien and gross. For several years in a row I got makeup as a gift for Christmas and my birthday (femcel moment) but I never asked for it or used it, and usually just gave it to my friends or sisters who did use makeup. I know that it probably has cost me boyfriends or whatever, but it's just one of those things where it's just too retarded, sensory hell, and expensive to do, like shaving. I know I sound super nlog right now but it's just the way it is, I didn't ask to be born autistic…

Anonymous 14580


I don't but I wouldn't say by choice. At this point I'm so old I feel like a giant sperg even thinking about asking my sisters or mom for help. Like, what is the point of wearing make up? What am I trying to accomplish? I get super basic things like "cover blemishes", but then there's shit like contouring and shit and my brain just fries.

Againn what is the goal of make-up that alters the face? What am I trying to do?

Anonymous 14582

Back in high school I wore a full face of makeup everyday, falsies, counturing, everything, I loved watching this one youtuber because she wasn't extremely popular and her looks stood out to me at the time
This shit almost gave me body dysmorphia and I'm convinced that majority of women who wear pounds of makeup everyday suffer from it (some openly speak about how they wouldn't be caught dead bare faced in public and still act like makeup has not downsides lmao)
I had to stop wearing it once my acne got really bad from pills I got prescribed and it was a very eye opening experience
My friends would giggle and make snarky comments about my face, people stopped complimenting me, I felt a noticeable change in the way I was treated, I can't pin what it was exactly but it was kind of like they started to take me less seriosuly
Now my acne is gone and I haven't worn makeup for years aside from occassional lipstick when I'm going somewhere fancy and honestly? I can't imagine going back, saved me so much money and time I used to spend in front of the mirror
I sometimes forget that it's not the norm when I'm around women with no makeup kind of makeup
Of course I don't see women who do wear makeup as handmaidens or lesser than me as some people do but I would definitely consider myself makeup critical

Anonymous 14589

i only wear makeup on special occasions (homecoming, prom, weddings) and never at any other time. i dont have the time or skill to put it on, and i just dont care either.

Anonymous 14591

In middle and high school I caked my face in makeup to hide my severe acne. Layers of concealer, foundation, and powder. I woulf not leave the house without it and would even wear it at home alone.
I got into radfeminism a few years ago and I completely quit makeup. I still have acne but I’m not ashamed of it anymore. Women’s natural faces are completely presentable and normal. Blemishes, dark circles, and discoloration are normal.

Anonymous 14593

Same here anon. I feel like there’s no point anymore, since I’d probably end up looking bad due to all the rookie mistakes. Grew up in a small conservative religious town where no locals wore it.

Anonymous 14594

I know I look better with makeup, I just don’t care that much. It’s too annoying to spend time on and a waste of money that doesn’t accomplish anything except feeding the ego for a little bit, until you become dependent on it and feel like a slob the one day you don’t. For occasions, I could see it being exciting and different. Every day? Nah.

Anonymous 14608

i don’t wear makeup, the rare occurrence i did was my sister applying some eyeliner on me for a party when i was like 15. the thought of trying out makeup has peaked my interest somewhat but i don’t want to waste even more money than i already do on products i’m not sure i’m going to use again. i’m a shut-in so applying makeup isn’t a priority for me when I have nothing to show for it

Anonymous 14611

I'm 22 and I've never worn makeup except when my mom insisted that I try it once, she put foundation on my face and I woke up the next day with the biggest pimple ever on my cheek so yeah, no thanks!

Anonymous 14616


No makeup for me! I used to wear it a lot but kind of fizzled out a couple of years ago. I feel so much prettier without it and I love being able to rub at my face without worrying about smearing anything or getting goddamn mascara in my eyes. I use a lot of really nice moisturizers and cleansers (mostly Earth Harbor- that shit is NICE) and I just love it. The best part is just being able to put on my shoes and go places spontaneously without needing to do anything else.

I think wearing makeup when I was younger gave me severe facial dysmorphia if that is even a thing. I would take off my makeup and feel so hideous; it ate at me. I also would wear circle lenses, so like, bedtime would come and I would take out my circle lenses and wipe off my makeup and look at some discolored, pale, beady eyed wendigo in the mirror. It totally fucked me up. I quit washing my face except in the shower every other day to avoid looking at myself underneath it all.

Now I love my face and the freedom I have, plus my husband likes it and is supportive, so I am lucky in that regard I guess. He doesn't even give a fuck if I have inch long armpit hair lol. The only thing I do these days is shave my legs and moisturize militantly. I feel like a pretty cottage witch from times long ago. I take really good care of my hair as well.

I think makeup is part of what ages women so fast- the constant wiping at our faces, manipulating the skin, drying it out, etc.

Anonymous 14618

I think the last time I wore makeup was about 12 years ago, for a job interview. I got the job and nobody ever called me out for not having makeup on ever again. They can't fire me for that so who cares.

I think a lot of people just don't think about your face in close detail. If they're used to seeing you with makeup then you stop, they'll notice a change. If you just don't bother to begin with, people start off just being used to your natural face. They won't find you uglier for it, they just won't think about it at all.

If I ever need to interview for a new job, I think I'll skip the makeup. If I ever plan to be in videos (why? idk) I would probably invest in concealer, foundation, and some subtle brown eyeshadow and lipstick. Nothing more.

Anonymous 14620

I've stopped wearing foundation and concealer which was a big accomplisment for me because I struggle with acne (no my skin didn't improve whatsoever when I stopped wearing it and it's been a year and a half). I know I look uglier without foundation but at least I'm not obsessed with checking my make-up every break anymore. When I stopped wearing foundation I realized that the stress of wearing foundation is more severe than the stress of showing my ugly skin. I don't think I could ever give up on mascara and eyebrowpencil though, my eyebrows and eyelashes are just invisible without it. I'm kinda jelly of all of you who have clear skin and dark hair cuz you won't look like death like I do without make-up.

Anonymous 14917

I wear 0 makeup on a day-to-day basis. I wear makeup for special occasions only.

Anonymous 14980

good for you, not to sound sarcastic, i wear makeup but sometimes i wish i never started

Anonymous 15000

i only wear a traslucent powder to control the oliness but aside from lipbalm i don't usually wear make up, maybe i do 1/2 times a year but after that nothing…
lmao that i get asked all the time if i'm wearing something because even if i have some rednesss and few blemishes i have features that make it look like i do

Anonymous 15010

I used to use bb cream to even out my skin tone most days. Since Covid, I've stopped doing that. Now that I think about it, I've thought I'd aged a lot in the last 2 years, but I think stopping wearing anything on my face has exacerbated that feeling. I still use concealer to cover up acne spots sometimes, but that's it (pretty sure I don't use it right because I never really learned how to use makeup correctly). I know I look better with a little bit of tinted moisturizer, but it's become more of a principle of mine to not wear any. I don't think you should feel taken aback at the sight of your bare face. Plus, I think getting my eyebrows to a shape that complements my face goes a long way.

Anonymous 15089

I've always felt ashamed because I never learnt how to use make up. Some girls in college offered to show me, but they bunked so much I could never get hold of them out of class. I grew up in an area where even though make up was banned in high school every girl was wearing it and would treat you differently if you didn't. I was made to feel ugly most of the time (even in grade school I'd get told to sit out of performances or play boy roles because I wasn't cute enough), and I really believed that my face wasn't salvageable. At college I didn't feel so bad about the state of my face but about being unskilled and unknowledgable, so I was afraid to try. Some years later I hurt my arms and now I don't have the dexterity for it anyway, I can't even use a toothbrush on a daily basis and have to use an electric one to make up for it. Still I feel like some kind of kid or idiot for not knowing what things are for or how they're used, and it was very intimidating trying to find a job and being told I should be wearing make up or else I wasn't "making an effort".

The pandemic has changed things though. I don't know when it started, but at some point I started seeing myself in the mirror and thinking "oh my skin looks good today", or "I like how my eyes/hair look(s)". All these years of seeing my face and thinking that's not who I feel like as a person and this is objectively ugly, and just a couple in total isolation from any women my age or below and suddenly I feel good about my natural face. Also I had some hospital appointments and the staff kept getting confused and checking my DOB over and over, each time they mistook me for someone half my age! It felt flattering instead of insulting? Should I be flattered? Am I dressing badly? Gosh. It's bizarre and I worry this new sense of pride'll come crashing down once I'm back to being in public more, but for now it's neat thinking about how much was just other people. I never got to feel good about myself as a teen or kid and I'm so ready to mentally accept becoming that weird middle age woman wearing whatever the fuck that nobody questions because people that age just do that. Please anxiety let me be the strange lumpy woman in oversized sun glasses buying a single bag of pears.

Anonymous 15114

I feel you, I was also offered by classmates when I was younger to show me how t do makeup. I hope you get better with your self-esteem, the impossible beauty standarts are crushing many such as you.

Anonymous 15116


I quit doing make-up after becoming severely depressed. I barely can get out of bed in the morning, so getting up even earlier just to apply some skin-destroying shit was out of the question. Then I got into radical feminism and realised that make-up can be really damaging to a my self image, because it's addicting to feel prettier. But is it really being pretty if it's just expensive product? I don't shame women who do wear make-up though, I understand that it can be just a hobby.

Anonymous 15117

>But is it really being pretty if it's just expensive product?
Yes, it is. The question is not whether make-up does it's intended job or not, of course it does, else women wouldn't do it. The question is why feeling prettier feels better.

Anonymous 15118

I wore it for a while and noticed people (mainly boys/men) treat you nicer when I did. I liked that part, but I don't wear it at all anymore, I don't like how it feels on my skin and I don't like taking the time to apply it.

Anonymous 15122

been trying to go without make-up but it's hard when I have 30-40 cysts on my face (I've been on tretinoin for months and wash my face). I desperately want to just want to be all-natural but it's so hard when I look like a plague victim.

Anonymous 15131

I used to never leave the house without a full face, despite my skin never being bad. I think my sister, who suffered from severe acne, kind of pushed her anxieties onto me. She used to say things like “Are you not going to put a face on?” where we were heading out.

Reading the tumblr screencap where someone asks why don’t men look weird without make-up and reading the reply that it’s because we aren’t trained by society to think that. Also the quote that pretty isn’t a tax that you pay to exist.

Now I only wear make-up if dressing up. I already have a bf, I don’t care if other people don’t think I’m cute. I see make-up the same as high heels. It’s something for photoshoots, not for everyday.

I agree that wearing make-up messes up your skin and I suspect it’s why I have enlarged pores. It can give you a mindset that if you don’t take care of your skin it’s ok as you can cover up the redness with make-up.

Anonymous 15134

makeup made me feel uglier. I was just never good at it, I guess. but I'm happy I have that problem because it probably saved me from a lot of insecurity regarding needing a "full face".
I wear a lip stain or a lip gloss every day though. sometimes I'll use mascara but it doesn't do that much for me.
I love doing my halloween makeup every year, but that's because it's a costume and not about looking pretty.

Anonymous 15135

I've tried makeup a few times when I was in elementary school because my mom gave it to me, but of course, it looked bad. I bought makeup for the first time a year ago from Daiso and Walmart and the Walmart stuff just irritated my skin.. I'd love to learn how to do it but I feel it always looks bad on me, and I'm scared of irritation.

Anonymous 15182

Yeah I've never worn makeup. I'm just completely average looking and I'm ok with that. My facial skin is soft and smooth and nobody's ever pointed out I'm not wearing makeup. In fact I've often been complimented I look younger than I am. I didn't grow up around other girls so I was just never encouraged or taught how to use makeup. Also I've heard a lot of things about how unhealthy it is thats scares me away from it like clogs pores, damages skin, etc. Plus just seems like a lot of extra cost and effort I don't want to deal with. I use a couple of mild products to clean my face regularly and that's it really. I guess I'm also lucky I don't have any bad skin problem, at worst I might get a small acne flare up around my period but there's cleansers that can heal that up pretty quickly.

Anonymous 15274

Oh I do this too! I've tried to put on a full face of makeup but my skin hated it. I'm also just really lazy and also terrible at doing makeup lol

Anonymous 15407


I used to wear make-up, but now I won't even wear it for special occassions. Struggled a lot with acne a few years ago, but I found that healthier lifestyle >>> any amount of shitty make-up/skin products. XYs preying on our insecurity deserve nothing

Anonymous 15410

i just moisturize my face everyday and exfoliate it every few weeks, but no makeup. i use lip gloss which i don't know if it counts as makeup, and sometimes mascara. it doesn't do much, though …

Anonymous 16139

Pic related should be the kid and the boot meme
If makeup made you unhappy and kept using youre the only one to blame, even more so if other women using it triggers you, you have issues to resolve
I stopped using it years ago because it affected how I saw myself in the mirror and felt disassociated to my peers, but everyone else can use it and it’s fine for me

Anonymous 16156

i wonder if anyone can relate to this feeling i have
since people around me irl rarely wear makeup on a daily, i'm very used to makeup free faces. and whenever someone irl wears (a little or too much) makeup, i will notice it and it will, like, kind of 'bother' me (not in a hateful way btw, i just wish they would embrace their natural look) because i do not prefer that personally. but the opposite happens when i scroll through social media. i'm so used to seeing people with (heavy) makeup on social media that i only notice it when they are not wearing makeup, and in a weird way that 'bothers' me, as it is not 'normal'. but makeup free faces don't bother me at all irl, i actually prefer them!
i hope i explained clearly lol

Anonymous 16159

I think that’s just autism, small things bother us a lot

Anonymous 16288

i wear mascara and a lip stain if im going to a concert or special event but i actively avoid makeup for two main reasons

first, that i have no idea how to use it.

second, i have this weird complex about not knowing what parts of me are authentic and what parts ive stolen from others or made up for myself for others. like i think i developed a lot of my mannerisms and personality to appeal to others and i dont wanna lose my face to them too

Anonymous 16290

I have never used makeup and most likely will never do, but it does make me feel even more insecure. I look like a baby compared to my peers because I don't wear any (I guess my round-ish face helps to that too), and most people don't take me seriously because it.

Anonymous 16291

I don't wear make up. Normal make up looks very awkward on me and it is very hard to find products that don't irritate my eyes.

Anonymous 16603

ive never been deep into makeup at all but wore foundation, concealer, blush, mascara etc. i havent worn any for almost 5 months and the only time i get "insecure" about it is when i think of an hypothetical scenario where i have to meet a man i like. same thing with shaving even though this thread isnt about that.

Anonymous 16640

i wear medicated lipbalm in the winter and i covered a zit with concealer for my driver license photo but besides that i never wear makeup at all

Anonymous 16665

I stopped wearing makeup entirely and just reserve it for special occasions like going to weddings. Used to wear it constantly since I worked in a makeup store but that just made me kinda dislike it since it felt like something fun turned into a job. After I quit, I stopped giving a shit about makeup and skincare and my skin improved so much. Beauty industry is such a fucking scam to make money off of women's insecurities

Anonymous 16670

I don’t wear makeup but may consider it for my wedding photos and wedding day. My only concern is that I’m not used to wearing stuff on my face and may fidget throughout my wedding day and smudge my makeup. Seems stressful. Might just go plain face on my wedding tbh

Anonymous 16671

Have a few days where you wear makeup before you decide if you want it or not.

I’d recommend learning to do basic makeup yourself if you decide to wear it as you can end up not looking like “you” if someone you don’t know does it. Plus unless you pay $$$$$ in a big city, most local muas are terrible and can’t foundation match very dark or very pale and have questionable hygiene practices.

Anonymous 16673

I never wore makeup all throughout my teen years. I decided to try to get into the "no-makeup" makeup look but I just hated spending the money and having to spend time to look marginally better. Now I just have a BB cream I wear sometimes because my face gets severely red easily… but even that I don't bother with than much.
Seeing other women talk about how they need to look "presentable" to go outside, which means putting on makeup, turned me off from continuing trying it honestly. I don't want to risk developing the mindset that I can't be seen without it.

Anonymous 16755

I started wearing this shit to work and I hate it. Concealer makes my skin worse, hate the feeling of tinted moisturizer on my face, mascara is a bitch to wash off. But such is life when makeup is part of the feminine uniform.
For a long time I thought I was bad at being a woman because I never wore makeup. Doesn’t it seem like a rite of passage? Now I just consider myself as someone who expresses her feminimity in other ways.

Anonymous 16768

I used to wear it for photos when i had a social life, otherwise it looks ridiculous in real life and feels uncomfortable. i didn’t grow up wearing it so my makeup wearing phase didn’t last very long. I prefer a bare face nowadays tho i like to sculpt my face with a contour palette once a while because its satisfying and fascinating to me to change my bone structure lol. The way the cheekbone pops, weirds me out each time.

Anonymous 16769

I used to wear makeup a lot and liked ugly caked on black eyeliner and lots of sparkly shit, but thats when I was a teen, now I really am just over it and realize its a waste of money. Beauty companies invent unnatural makeup looks so you consume their product and perpetuate unnatural looks. It's a scam. Occasionally I wear it but only on very special occasions.

Anonymous 16844

Yeah I don’t want to look like an Instagram influencer on my wedding day with big bee sting lips and shiny contours that are so obvious on the photo. I want natural.
Idk I might just get some light eyeliner, not too dramatic falsies, mascara, blush and lipstick. I don’t have any blemishes on my face anymore. Just dark circles so maybe concealer too.
Only problem is idk how to apply all this stuff properly and ensure it won’t melt off my face throughout the day which is why I may consider hiring a makeup artist
I’d like to look pretty on my wedding day and go for a vintage 50s glam vibe
Ik my fiancé doesn’t care how I look. He’ll love me even if I show up in a burlap sack

Anonymous 16847

I don't but I really wanna try, if just for myself

Anonymous 16921

I wore eyeliner and mascara in high school, but have never worn anything else. Now I wear nothing, ever.

Can't stand how it feels, hate wasting money on garbage you just wash off your face every day, can't stand wasting time on something that's going to make me hate my natural appearance even more whenever it's not on. Can't stand playing my part in the never ending grind to be pretty, which will never end, not even when I'm 80, and which will cause other girls and women to believe they also need to 'get prettier' to keep up with everyone else.

Anonymous 16926

I don't wear make up, and I'm okay with it. I think I look worse with it on. I find applying it and then removing it a waste of my time.

Anonymous 16936

I stopped, but maybe I'll get myself a lipstick again.

Anonymous 16937

most women look much prettier without makeup but it may be due to the trend of wearing so much nowadays. i hate it, makeup on the skin like foundations look and feel dirty to me. i hate the idea of faking your appearance as well.

Anonymous 16982

I couldn't imagine going out without makeup in my early teens, the indoors me was a hideous troll I couldn't reveal to anyone. But I wasn't good with makeup so it making me look slightly less bad was 100% my imagination.

I was 20 when I finally looked up how it was actually meant to be done. I tried to imitate IG Stacies and kpop girls but I looked like a clown. Everything I did was wrong so I thought I'd either learn to do it properly or drop it. Dropped it and haven't used makeup for 8 years now.

It was and still is unbelievable to me that Stacies aren't necessarily born with superior facial structures, they're so beautiful because of face paint. In some ways that makes me feel worse since now it's clear I've chosen to be ugly. I'm no longer 13 thoughever so I don't mind being ugly, I think there's more grace in just accepting my face with its flaws. If Stacy judges me then I'm glad she gets to feel pretty in comparison, she probably needs it.

Anonymous 17514

I never wore make up except concealer and foundation because i have acne scars which I used to be super insecure about. But now I don't care anymore if people are bothered by my scars it's their problem not mine. It feels good not wearing make up. I hate that sticky feeling it gives you, I hate that I had to dedicate time in my morning routine to applying it even if I never wore much it was still annoying. It feels so freeing not to wear it

Anonymous 17515

>Stacies aren't necessarily born with superior facial structures, they're so beautiful because of face paint
Disagree. A true Stacy has good facial structure AND looks good without makeup.

Anonymous 17614

I'm not sure if this is tge right tgread to share this but, a few days ago I found this amazing foundation that makes your skin look beautiful. I debated buying it even tgough I haven't worn foundation in years. I thought about it for a while and then was just like… Why do I need to look perfect ever day? My skin isn't spotless but it's nice. It's enough. I'm happy how I am. And I didn't buy it. Not sure if that was a cope or a win against consumerism and the beauty industry in general.

Anonymous 17627

I don't wear any makeup at all. I did on occasion back when I was a high schooler, but only whenever I felt like doing it. Then COVID happened and I stopped wearing makeup because there was little reason to when I am wearing a mask. Now I simply don't wear it at all, but I still think it is fun to apply makeup

Anonymous 18239

Any girls here that are in late 20s or older can tell about how not wearing makeup affected them? Does your skin look better compared to other women your age? Do you look more youthful?

Anonymous 18256

The most makeup I ever wear is lipgloss/lipstick, a tinge of creme blush, and clear mascara. It's all about the skin care and eating healthy for me. When you remove sugar from your diet, and start eating healthier it does major improvements on your skin. My only problem is that I am quite addicted to drinking milk and eating red meat so pimples will always be a problem.

Anonymous 18257

I'm 26 and have never worn makeup in my life. I do look much better than my 25 yo cousins' who love face paint, but it could be the combination of genetics and diet. I've always had clear, pimple-free skin.

Anonymous 18258

Lmao no, if anything I look older

Anonymous 18259

I'm in my thirties and never used make up. I often get comments from coworkers, acquaintances etc. that I look much younger than my age. I also don't eat fast food or other ready to eat meals. I think I have a pretty good diet, always eat veggies and I make all of my meals from scratch.

Anonymous 18260

I used to be just like this in high school but changed in college. I get asked if I'm sick if I don't wear makeup.

Anonymous 18261

Why do you get asked that?

Anonymous 18263

>I also don't eat fast food or other ready to eat meals. I think I have a pretty good diet, always eat veggies and I make all of my meals from scratch.
You are my goal . I still eat fast food, but less of it than before. Trying to completely eliminate it from my diet. Also trying to lower my carb consumption but I am addicted to bagels and french bread.
> I often get comments from coworkers, acquaintances etc. that I look much younger than my age.
Lack of makeup will do that for you along with the healthy eating. Do you also have a baby/youthful face. That helps tremendously.

Anonymous 18273

If you're not wearing foundation/concealer/etc your face won't look as good as someone who has applied them well. But your face can still look good. Part of not wearing make up is just accepting that and getting used to what your face looks like naturally. Others will get used to it as well and no make up becones your new "baseline."

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