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any women that dress without showing/barely showing skin? Anonymous 14677

hello! thirdworldsis here! I am short (5'2/1.56) I tend to love all things usually considered 'feminine' when it came to dressing (crop tops, short dresses and skirts, high heel boots, fishnets, see through shirts over tanktops, etc), however, I'm interested in changing my style into something that covers me up much more (not because I think what I previously wore was wrong, but becuase I've been harassed in public and I'd rather avoid that as much as possible.) I always liked to be stylish and creating outfits, I know I can still be stylish and have a non-boring style with this clothing shift, but I'm so unfamiliarized w it that I don't know where to start, I also want to still express the feminine aspect through clothes that aren't generally female only ones (unlike skirts, dresses, crop tops, higheel boots, etc). Help? recommend me yt channels or any resources to get inspiration, or tell me about your personal style choices

Anonymous 14678

By default women "cover up their skin" aka not wearing fishnets and see through skirts. How difficult is it to understand that women dress like normal people and not hyper feminine objects on display?

I don't believe that women and girls can ever afford to be oblivious to sexual attention from men. Not only is it evident everywhere in the media but it is experienced first hand starting very young. You weren't socialized as a woman/girl. You're a troon.

Anonymous 14679

concluding that someone is a troon because of wearing fishnets or see through shirts with a tank top underneath is so off on your part, why come to the thread if you're not going to be of any help?

Anonymous 14680

I'm not gonna help you dress like a zoomer girl. You're just a dumbass. Only trannies and strippers wear fishnets btw

Anonymous 14681

fuck off tradthot. Fishnets have been a staple of alternative styles, from way before zoomer zoomers were even born. Gothic women aren't strippers or trannies.

Also undermining the harassment OP went through is so classy of you, handmaiden. Fuck off from this board.

Anonymous 14687

Try looking up whatever style you like then add comfy at the end. I looked up “alt comfy” and got a lot of looks inspired by the bad guy Billie Eilish era.
Alternatively add Muslim/hijabi to whatever style you’re after you’ll find a ton of YouTubers

Anonymous 14688

This is so obviously a male

Anonymous 14689

>>14688 Honestly seconded. Yall sound sus over there.
Being serious, if you're really a girl, you can experiment with amekaji and normcore without the flashy neon colours and opt for a soft refined look with soft fabric there's no reason to be frilly to look so called feminine or delicate, just look at the picture you posted over there. It's stylish nowadays and you can't go wrong with it

Anonymous 14690

Okay so since no1 else is helping lete pitch in a bit. If you wanna express your femme side but not get as much creeper attention try looking in stores that are more casual or skater. Maybe some nice slacks. Chinos are kinda comfy and stylish with the right look. You can go for jeans that hug the hips, maybe flare a bit at the bottom, are tight on the whole leg, or even a straight cut if you're not super curvy. There are plenty of tops that go well with jeans. A nice fitting long\short sleeve is always classic.

For example you can go retro with high waisted jeans, tucked in graphic tee with high top shoes for a 90's kind of look. Still show your feminine side but hide the skin and cleavage. The plus side of this kinda look is keeping a sweater tied around your waist can also be used to cover up more of your curves if you ever feel lacking self confidence or that people or staring. The idea here is to show off just a little of your shape without going too tight.

That's just 1 of many ways to go though so don't get too focused on it. That's just my style more or less and might not suit your tastes as much. I hope it helps a little.

Anonymous 14691

Hey OP

Skinny jeans, cute hoodie, maybe a beanie if it's cold. Cute shoes.
Or even just wearing shorts that come to your knees and a cute top that's not low-cut.

Just dress comfortably you're over thinking this lol

Anonymous 14692

you might like streetwear op, it's unisex (well, anything is if people stop being pussies about it). Streetwear when pulled off right can look really classy. It's based on individualism, rather than focusing solely on current fashion trends. Check out channels by Karin destilo, Gleaux Fits and Trevor Kowalski, that's where I started from. You can never go wrong with a nice pair of jeans, fitting top, and some fresh kicks. Pro tip (for all styles), always try to layer your fits. Make sure that your clothes "fit" your figure, not too baggy or too tight. I went the baggy route before from top to toe and it does NOT look appealing. If you want to wear something baggy make sure to layer it with something fitting. eg. baggy cargos/chinos with a fitting shirt/tank top

Anonymous 14710

Just look around you? Most women don't go around wearing skimpy outfits on a daily basis anon.

>Streetwear when pulled off right can look really classy.

Anonymous 14711

depends on where you live

not op but i live in a very hot and humid climate and almost every young woman is showing a lot of skin outside of like, work.

Anonymous 14713

Op was harassed for being a man who dresses like a prostitute

Anonymous 14714

Try to wear stuff that's fitted without showing skin, avoiding stuff that's super baggy or just not cut right for your shape. Stuff made of jersey or other knit fabrics are good for this. Even if you're just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, it makes a big difference if they're tailored as opposed to just straight and loose. Wear things that have a defined waist or use a belt if it doesn't. Also pay attention to color coordination, if your colors don't work well together or you have too many colors it ends up looking like you threw on a bunch of random garments.
I don't really get your idea of "things considered feminine"? A blouse is a feminine top that isn't revealing, a skirt can be longer, and there are plenty of cute flats. I like stuff that's considered very feminine, like bows and floral patterns, and those have nothing to do with how much skin you show. I do like short dresses because I think long ones don't flatter my height (I am a bit shorter than you) but I always wear some kind of leggings or hosiery underneath, and I get ones where the skirt flares out instead of clinging to my hips.

Anonymous 14718


Dress like pic-related

Anonymous 14719



And this. I have more where this came from if you need.

Anonymous 14720


i think oversized tops with jeans like in the threadpic work well. you can tuck bigger shirts in for a different silhouette, i really like flare jeans too. if you still wanted to wear heels/boots you could pair them with slacks instead
>you’re a troon because you wear clothing i don’t like
have you really never seen another woman wear fishnets before?

Anonymous 14721

nta but tbh it's kinda weird to mention fishnets when talking about "clothing considered feminine". How often do you see women wear fishnets really? May vary per location ig but I personally rarely see it, and if I do it's on an alt girl, not normie women. It for sure isn't a woman's warderobe staple from my pov so the mention of it seems to be a fetishy/porny association to me.

Anonymous 14724

Outside of Gothmo people I haven't really seen fishnets much since like… 2008? I'm sure there are women who wear them but they're usually prostitute types I think.

Still, it isn't really fair to be called a troon just for wearing something like that.


I can clearly see foot skin and that's definitely the worst place to show skin with all the foot fags these days.

Anonymous 14730


I sometimes dress modestly and sometimes not since I'm never harassed either way.
But if you want to feminize loose silhouettes I recommend accents like lace/embroidery, layering skirts, and accessorizing with cute jewelry or feminine hats.

I always go for this pic related sort of thing whenever I want to swim in clothes. The 2000s-2010s weeb in me lives forever. But I've definitely seen alt girls use similar layering and silhouettes, if that's what your style is now.

Anonymous 14963


I would find long sleeved dress either wide or close-fitting. Or you can have a dress with straps and long sleeved t-shirt under. You can also wear semi-turtleneck or turtle neck with trousers. As next step I would buy long coat so nobody would look on my ass. I also like wide shirts, not neccessary oversized but it is also an option. I wouldn't wear just saggy outsized sweatshirts because one would look like 14 yo all the time. It is also nice to cover head with a big hat, barret or scarf. Another thing is a long wide skirt (at least up to the knees) which you can combine with variety of tops - bodies, blouses, t-shirts,…
If you are into metal or punk or so, you can buy heavy boots. Not only they are not very sexy but also if you kick them, you can even break their bones.

Anonymous 14964


Anonymous 14965


Anonymous 14966


Anonymous 14967

And I forget to mention few one that are not only for women - jackets, trousers, gloves, nice sweaters or some modern version of mantelet

Anonymous 14968


Anonymous 14969


Anonymous 18157


Kurta and pants tick the two boxes (not showing skin + feminine).

Anonymous 18158


Anonymous 18159


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