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Anonymous 15017

How can I lose weight without physical activity? I hate sports and gyms and also a vegetarian. Is there hope for me(can do hard diets) or should I just start puking my guts off

Anonymous 15018

start by tracking your eating in myfitnesspal. then look at where most of your calories are going and see if there are some easy places to save calories, such as quitting alcohol or fizzy drinks

then look at everything else you normally eat and see if you can save calories there too, such as using less oil, or having a smaller portion of pizza with a salad, instead of just pizza

don't follow some random diet someone made as it won't have the foods you like so you will be more likely to fail. you will also gain the weight back when you go off of it

instead you have to learn to slowly change all your habits

Anonymous 15024

Losing weight is literally just calories in, calories out.

Anonymous 15026

A 16:8 fast is pretty easy once you get used to it.

Anonymous 15027

Do you drink soda? I have lost 4 kg stopping drinking full sugar soda. If you don't well as previous posters said start counting your calories and develop self-control so you won't go over your limit.
You should still do some light workouts though.

Anonymous 15028

No it’s not and I wish this dumb simplistic view would go away. You also need to consider whether your meals will prevent cravings and leave you full

Anonymous 15029

Nope, all you need to consider is how many calories are in what you’re eating, fatass.

Anonymous 15030

nta, you're not wrong per say but anon also isn't wrong that ultimately it comes down to how many calories you shove down your throat vs how many you burn. Even if you have cravings (often confused with thirst cues anyway) or your meal didn't fill you up, eating (more) is still a choice as brute as it sounds.

Anonymous 15032

…So, in other words you need to consider whether or not you'll overeat, therefore leading to taking in more calories in than you can burn out through a resting state?

Anonymous 15035

no, that's not what I mean

Anonymous 15036

on paper, it's calories in vs calories out for sure but in reality there are other factors

if it was that simple, no one would be overweight ever

according to CICO you could just eat a cup and half of pure sugar each day and lose weight. does really think that is going to work? people aren't robots

Anonymous 15037

Well if a person asks purely about how to lose weight, not about how to also keep your body fit and healthy then it's fair to say it's CICO. Op already said they hate workin out so it fits well if all she needs is to lose weight and it doesn't matter how fit/healthy she looks/feels. Just syain.

Anonymous 15047

It IS that simple. You can eat pure junk food and lose weight as long as you aren’t eating too many calories. The reason why people are overweight is because sugar is addictive and food can be used as a coping mechanism.

Anonymous 15048

Eh, I still think it's a bad way of framing it.
Why? People put the emphasis on eating less instead of eating the right things and good, tasty recipes. People aren't going to be doing good if they intake certain things (even if it's not laden with sugars) and are effectively setting themselves up to fail; some foods in particular even make the body feel hungrier than others per-calorie as well because the context of calories isn't created all equal. It's like that study about how prisoners given a tiny bit of fruit or something like that actually went nuts from hunger and stole packs of gum to eat while…idk, the no-food control group or something fared way better (and let me note that there's a point in fasting where a person ceases feeling hungry and feels pretty good). Who do you think was starving the most in this situation?
Most people that do the "oh, calories in and out is all that matters" and eats junk food are usually setting themselves up to fail on a physiological level.

Look. I was born fat. I stayed fat until college when I first became independent. What helped was intermittent fasting and avoiding certain refined foods. I also avoid snacking altogether because it trains ghrelin to spike during different periods where it shouldn't otherwise.

Before then I tried the "just eat less" method and I tanked hard. That's pretty much it.

Anonymous 15049

You would definitely lose weight if you only ate half a cup of sugar everyday. In fact, you can eat a Big Mac every day and still lose weight if you burn more calories than you eat.
CICO explains all weight variations, the thing is that you have to consider protein, sugar, vitamins, minerals, ions, etc for overall health. Eating only crap in small quantities isn't viable for a long time.

Anonymous 15053

Puking is unnecessary if you don’t eat to begin with.

Anonymous 15056

>instead of eating the right things and good, tasty recipes.
Nta but it's so easy maintaining or gaining while eating healthy. I agree with eating healthy BUT at the core, at the very basis of every weightloss is undeniably CICO. Putting emphasis on eating healthy before eating at a deficit is how people end up eating lots of nuts and avocados or ~6 "small" meals a day~ and then have to ask themselves why they're not losing weight.

Anonymous 15057

I was mostly referring to satiety. CICO often entails literally counting calories which imo isn't very healthy.

Anonymous 15058

also, I wasn't arguing that cico was wrong but more that it's extremely redundant in nature and sometimes ends with the "well people lose weight while eating junk food" thing. that's what I repeatedly have seen in these discussions–maybe to prove a point? idk.

Anonymous 15066

Sure, but if we're being really pedantic, which I see CICO as being, then dehydration is also technically a form of weight loss yet it has nothing to do with calories in/out in any way since water has zero.
Also, if I'm not mistaken, for diabetics it's possible to burn almost no fat despite eating 0 calories, since their bodies will just burn muscle for energy instead, so yes, you could be losing weight, but you'd also be slowly wasting away.

Anonymous 15070

How is the simple phrase "calories in, calories out" pedantic? It's so simple to understand and yet fatasses like to pretend it's complicated. Also, we're talking about the general population, not diabetics. You're like a tranny who brings up intersex people in their arguments.
>then dehydration is also technically a form of weight loss yet it has nothing to do with calories
Literally what… this argument makes no sense.

Anonymous 15071

I studied public health in undergrad, so I have some actual background here.

Really, the biggest driver of weight gain is chronic stress. It makes your body go into energy-conservation mode, and it can make you comfort eat. Diets and all can be good if they cut back on carbs (noodles, rice, bread, sugary foods) and encourage gut bacteria health (yogurt, fresh peas, probiotic supplements [Spring Valley brand is cheap]), but really focus on relaxing, nona. Meditation works, too, actually. Maybe look into that?

Anonymous 15074

(same poster) Also consider sweetening foods with noncaloric alternatives like stevia, or prebiotic sugars like in oligo syrup. Absolutely avoid high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated fats (like margarine or shortening), and vegetable oils (like canola oil, terrible for cellular health – but fattier oils like olive oil are good!). Fats don't make you fat (and fats are necessary for endocrine health), sugars do!

Anonymous 15076

Hmm… you're right, it's not really pedantic. Maybe I was thinking more of something like "reductionist", because I really don't think it's all that simple. Yes, it's calories in calories out at the most basic level, but as another poster pointed out, then nobody would be fat. Or at least it would be super easy to fix the moment that person heard of CICO. Yet there's a whole industry around dieting. Saying there's nothing more to it than CICO isn't good advice because it's ignoring a whole dimension, that being the psychological aspect. For a lot of people I would argue that's the more troublesome one when it comes to weight loss.

>Also, we're talking about the general population, not diabetics.

In that case, sure, but I think it's still relevant to a lot of people trying to lose weight. Like over a third of the US is diabetic or pre-diabetic.

>Literally what… this argument makes no sense.

Weigh yourself, then avoid drinking water for the whole day, then weigh yourself again. You will have lost weight, without changing your calories in/out (assuming you did everything else the same way you do on any normal day). That's being really pedantic though, I know it's not an argument.

Anonymous 15079

great point. that's basically what I try getting across when people insist on focusing on one part of it, mindlessly repeating CICO pretty much helps anyone as that was already assumed, so it comes across as patronizing.

Anonymous 15081

>nobody would be fat
Wrong. People are fat because sugar is addictive and food brings seratonin. I’m slightly overweight and I know CICO is true, I just use food as a coping mechanism and eat too much.
>You will have lost weight
Oh my gooooood. We are talking about losing fat, not water weight. I can’t believe you actually thought this was a good argument.

Anonymous 15082

>sugar is addictive and food brings seratonin.
That's… going beyond CICO and into other factors, though, isn't it? Which is my whole point, that there are other factors that are more important than CICO.

>I can’t believe you actually thought this was a good argument.

lol I can't believe it either, I don't know why I ever wrote that. That was really silly of me.

Anonymous 15085


anon im sorry for my harsh posts. i am taking out my dissatisfaction with life on an internet stranger. sorry

Anonymous 15086

It's okay! I didn't find your posts to be harsh. And I myself was being pedantic because I'm not exactly in a great place in life either, haha. Taking out your frustration is what the Internet is best suited for anyways.

Anonymous 15677


I had a lot of success by cutting out small things like soda, eating out, or higher calorie alcohols. It would have been ideal to cut out alcohol altogether, but I couldn't deal with the insomnia that came with it. Dry, sparkling wines, pinot grigios, and skinny bitches were just fine with me. As for eating out, a lot of places have a la carte options that let me order with more control over what I was getting. Two small items that satisfied me for $8 turned out to be far better than the $10 economy meal that made me feel disgusted and bulimic.

For home food, I would eat a lot of peacans, avocados, and learned to make Indian food. An avocado may be expensive, but, like, one could feed me for a day. I shopped at Ingles for the longest time specifically for the olive bar.

I'd also do the odd fast. One or two would just be small, 500 calories a day fasts, and I would do a 48 to 72 hour one every month or so. It wasn't physically hard, but I found out just how much eating and drinking was an ingrained habit. It would nag at me mentally even if I was fine.

I didn't like most exercises either, but I did find I liked swimming. Maybe you can find something. Jogging and lifting weights repetitively just sucks. My sister got a lot out of yoga. I got a bit jealous seeing her doing some Bruce Lee finger pushup bullshit.

Good luck, OP

Anonymous 15682


Eat more healthy and walk more in your city. Why take the bus if you can walk? Walking does not feel as exhausting as straight up sports but it's enough to actually make a difference. Walk home, walk to work. If you have friends irl absolutely spend all days walking together in the city. Unless you live in a car dependant city you should ABSOLUTELY give walking a go. Walking is so fucking based and lots of people forget that!!! i LOVE walking

Anonymous 15683

just black coffee

Anonymous 15827


Anonymous 15828

Don't eat sugar & if you crave it eat fruit. Most importantly eat less. I accidentally lost 2kg recently because I'm too lazy to cook myself dinner.

Anonymous 15829

Myfitnesspal. Cut out proccessed food if you can. Laern to cook if you don't know how. Try to eat protein-rich foods like beans, chickpeas, tofu, etc. Don't dribk calories. Take a multivitamin to male sure you're getting the nutrients you need.

Anonymous 15939

Honestly if you haven't already, cutting out sugary snacks, drinks and desert and alcohol is probably the easiest. You should start losing weight as long as you don't start compensating for what you cut out elsewhere.

Anonymous 15968

take the following every single day in a shot: black pepper (1/10 tsps), cayenne pepper (1/20 tsps), ginger (1/20 tsps), and turmeric (1/2 tsps). Use whatever kind of liquid you want but make it in shot form because you want to down it fast. Follow it up with plenty of water or you will literally feel the burn. This concoction WILL increase your metabolism and reduce inflammation which helps to speed weight loss (you can buy these as supplements if you can't bare the taste but you'll be spending a lot more money)

Drink 3-4 cups of green tea a day, or 2 cups of light roast coffee. Obviously no sugar is best but don't make things impossible for yourself, if you can't drink them unsweetened just add a little. Avoid adding milk though. This is also going to increase your metabolism and decrease inflammation.

Drink 3/4 of a gallon of water a day. If you consume a ton of sugar or salt, you might need more.

If you do these three things consistently, you will notice at least a small difference without any further effort. If you exercise and/or diet as well, you will lose weight faster

Go to scholar.google and you will find tons of articles supporting all of this. New prescription weight loss medications are being developed from both cayenne pepper and green tea

Anonymous 16862

Literally just do intermittent fasting.


All you do is you limit the time you eat to a specific window of time.

I don't eat until 2pm and stop by around 8pm. Obviously you can't just stuff your face during this time, just eat lunch and dinner like normal. Because you're eating less, your stomach shrinks, meaning you'll feel full by eating less.

I've done this for the past year and I've lost about a pound a week. You eventually plateau for a while, but if you commit, it's absolutely worth it.

Although I run on my elliptical every other day, so I am getting some exercise, so your mileage may vary.

The key is just to be patient.

Anonymous 16863

Cut out sugars. If you don’t consider walking as a part of sports and gym, I suggest just walking more. Doesn’t have to be intense just try walking to your destination if possible or go on a simple stroll after dinner. That’s what I did

Anonymous 16873

intermittent fasting and not eating junk food or drinking sugary drinks.
i'm guessing you eat a shitload of carbs from dawn to dusk and drink diet soda or something.

Anonymous 16887

Why do you keep bringing this drug up?

Anonymous 16888

Anon check into rehab

Anonymous 17779

I ended up getting into an underweight state _easily_ by replacing most meals with brewed coffee with a dash of heavy whipping cream instead of creamer – between the fat in the cream, and the appetite suppressant of caffeine, I got by on just a single "real meal" per week, usually lunch with co-workers, for over 6 months.

Anonymous 17780

>>17779 (Me)
*now that I think about it, I guess the reason this coffee plan worked for me was it "tricked" me into IF…

Anonymous 17784


I needed to lose a few kilos and replacing meals with coffee worked for me too

Anonymous 17785

How much whipped cream did you put in? I wanna lsoe weight for my wedding in two months

Anonymous 17789

Honestly, it's just to taste! I tell myself it's about 1 tablespoon per mug, but it's probably closer to 2. (But then I usually have 6 mugs a day or so.)

But make sure you're using whipping cream (high-fat milk) and not "whipped cream" (usually a sweetened dessert topping), if you're trying to use it as an intermittent fasting adjunct – it's a lot easier to do IF if you're getting a lot of fat

Anonymous 17808

I still like my keto adjacent diet of mainly green vegetables, mushrooms, and meat. I throw in some sugar free mistakes at the end of my night too like sugar free ice cream bars and candy. last year, I lost 20 lbs in about 6 months then gained it back by being a fatass. Now, its been a month and I went from 163 to 155 but that includes the 5lbs of water weight so I lost 3lbs. I might be able to lose 2lbs a week if I try harder but i'm very close to a healthy weight so it's harder to lose.

Anonymous 17817

Keto is easymode weightloss

Anonymous 17819

I don't know about that. I have some unprocessed soy milk and it says 3,3g protein per 100ml on the carton.

Anonymous 17820


Based alpro

Anonymous 17845

there are low physical activities you can do like going for walks, standing instead of sitting while doing tasks, moving legs up and down while sitting on the couch watching tv…

Anonymous 17846

this is what i (try to) do and i've been on the same healthy weight for many years now without sports
only drink water (with lemon juice), no alcohol ever, no sodas
limit the amount of sweets or switch sweets with healthy snacks like carrots, cucumber, fruits, nuts…
intermittend fasting 16:8
no 'healthy' cereals, muesli, granola etc for breakfast (i know they look cute on every 'that girl' insta but do you bloodsugarlevel a favor and avoid them)
no processed foods ofcourse (vegan stuff in stores can be highly processed, so i don't recommend vegan food but if you want to be vegan, please cook from scratch)
no seed oils
i do go for walks from time to time cause i like that
good luck nona

Anonymous 18086

Just eat beans, buckwheat,oats they have so much fiber I'm full for hours I've losses 5 kilos just doing this

Anonymous 18092

are you fucking stupid?

120 calories, 12g of protein. also why are you measuring it by ml and not calories? are carnists really this smoothbrained?

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