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Whats your budget on hb Anonymous 16024

I don't buy any makeup except for lipsticks because oh yes pretty colours love it. Lipsticks last long even though I use them almost everyday. I have about 4 I think and it's been more than one year or two that I didn't buy any.

I don't spend a lot on haircare because I use what I have in my kitchen to wash and do masks. I think it's been more than one year. I only bought recently two products to try because it's made for curls. Cost me about 40 euros but I don't mind since I didn't buy any hair product for a while and it is quality stuff.

I don't buy much skincare products either, now good soap is enough for me. Recently I used pH neutral stuff I buy at the pharmacy. Costs less than 10 euros for 2 soaps if I remember correctly. But i swap a lot because I like to try soaps. I avoid conventional ones so I either buy stuff at the pharmacy or at bio shops.

As for health well I'm really inconsistent with the way I nourish myself so… It's either I spend way too much on junkfood or nothing at all or I'm being a good girl who buys nice meat and a bit of vegetables and fruits. I avoid fish now because it's so overpriced for its worth now with all the pollution. Too bad cause I do love the taste
I don't spend money on meds I don't live in US
Im taking better care of my illness tho. (It's not mental)

So in one year I usually don't even spend 100 euros in Health and beauty.

Anonymous 16026

you don't wear sunscreen? you should start if not.

Anonymous 16027

health: my medicine is about €260 a year currently sigh

mascara: €6 about 3-4 times a year
brow pomenade: €25 but it lasts like 2 years
sunscreen: I haven't been sticking to one brand
shampoo: €12 for a bar that lasts me a year easily, no conditioner

so a little over 300 both combined. No I don't use skincare, don't come for me, moisturizer does nothing.

Anonymous 16028

No I don't. Most sunscreen have bullshit ingredients. I don't expose much to the sun anyway and I've never got sunburnt even when I did by going to the beach or going hiking. I prefer to use oils for my skin, forgot that part because I sometimes forget to do it.

Anonymous 16029

Nice tbh, it's not over the top. Too bad you pay so much for your meds, I'm so glad I don't have to because it would cost me a fortune

Anonymous 16032

shampoo. soap.

Anonymous 16035

I buy everything at the drugstore now. My eyeliner is the most expensive at $16. I also use mascara which I think is around $10 and face sunscreen that was around $7-8, I think. I've never paid attention to how long these last… My facial cleanser and toner are like $6-7 each and my make-up remover is just the drugstore brand lol.

My body soap is about $6 for a huge thing, and I think my shampoo and conditioner were also around $6 each for pretty big containers.

Anonymous 16059

Nice! Is your skin okay with those ?

Anonymous 16064

Im thinking on buying a few hair products. I wash my hair with what I have in the kitchen as I said but I've tried a few products for curly hair recently and it was not as bad as I thought (good quality stuff obv but since it's still industrial stuff I was worried) so I'm following a lot of pretty gals with nice curls who don't use random shampoos they find while buying groceries so I kinda trust them and I'll choose stuff from what they use. But it certainly will increase my budget.

Anonymous 16072

You just reminded me.

Yesterday I bought dollar store eyeliner for the first time and it was sticky and hard to remove if you made a mistake.

So at least a few bucks per item. Usually I just get shit from Walmart. I don’t need to go to Sephora or anything. It’s $16 for a tiny little beauty blender there. No amount of fancy merchandising is going to convince me that’s worth it.

Anonymous 16074


Hair: head and shoulders 2 in 1
Face wash: head and shoulders 2 in 1
Body wash: head and shoulders 2 in 1
Moisturiser: free
2nd hand giant tub of vaseline, ok for face also. Or the coconut oil i cook with, good for hair
Gym: free
i lift my shopping bags on the way home, my job involves heavy lifting, and i walk along the cliffs for hours at the weekend. Or swimming in the ocean

Anonymous 16100

I'm 32 and I have some texture but nothing horrible. I've actually had my skin complented several times lately. I don't have any deep lines, crow's feet, 11s, etc. I'm really worried about developing forehead wrinkles so this time inatead of buying the regular gokujyun moisturizer I bought the anti-aging one that is about $10.

I'm lucky that I rarely get acne and when I do it's hormonal acne on my chin that gets hidden by my mask lol.

Anonymous 16104

Nta but hormonal acne is a woman thing.. because you know.. we have hormones.. it's not exlusive to girls/women in their teens either, it can happen during a woman's menstruation at any point in their life and pregnancy can cause it too. It's why girls/women are often recommended to go on the pill to deal with acne (stupid imo but does happen a lot)

Anonymous 16131


Adding to my previous post: About 3-4 months ago I stopped washing my facd in the morning and I haven't noticed any changes in my skin. My face wash and moisturizer now last twice as long.

However, I apply deodorant after my shower at night and in the morning so I go through it quite quickly. I live in Japan and deodorant comes in small sizes and is way mord expensive than in the US.

Anonymous 16142

Does anyone know a solution for bad skin texture? I have a lot of big pores, some look like actual holes in my face. And I hate it. The cleaner I keep my pores, the bigger they look because they’re empty and more obvious. Is it possible to do an at home deep skin peel? I don’t have enough money to do a clinic one. Ive heard okay things about glycolic acid but I don’t think most at home acids are powerful enough to completely peel that top layer of skin off.

Anonymous 16157

people still using vaseline???
smearing petrolatum (potential carcinogen) and butylated hydroxytoluene (endocrine disruptor) on your skin / face / lips is not skincare !!!

Anonymous 16158

Lmao, you're one of those ~all natural non-toxic~ essential oil people aren't you

Anonymous 16160

Let's see
$400 on vitamins for the year
$600 on anxiety medication per year
Exercise is free, but I bought a yoga mat a few years back for $30 including the bag to keep it in.
$80 per year on fancy toothpaste because I had dental problems that I just finally fixed. Cost me a horrific amount for all the work because I didn't get proper care growing up. At least it's all done now…

$10 every three months for snail face cream
$20 for eye masks in bulk, I don't sleep well right now. The container I have has lasted 6 months so far and is still mostly full.
$90 for face masks per year
$20 per year on salicylic acid
$18+$5 for the same jojoba oil I used on my hair

I spent $80 on makeup last year that's still pretty much full, but I need a new mascara that costs me $12 per tube. I don't really wear much makeup anymore, just mascara, highlighter and lipstick. Maybe blush and powder as well if I'm going to dinner.

I recently spent $50 on shampoo, conditioner and curl cream which will last me at least 6 months, maybe less because my hair is down to my hips now.
Previously I just used jojoba oil I infused with geranium oil ($18 for a year for the oil, the essential oil was $7 but I also use it in a water diffuser) and $70 in shampoo and conditioner that lasted me 2 years (big bottles). I avoid heat because it messes it up too much.

I eat organic and grain free for the most part, which is expensive. Costs me about $200 per month for my food.

I get weird problems that I didn't know were not normal when I eat grains, which sucks because I love bread and used to really enjoy making it myself. I also only have sugar in my morning coffee and avoid it otherwise. I've lost about 30lbs since May so I'm pretty happy about that.

What's wrong with that anon? Essential oils smell nice and making your own beauty products is fun.

Anonymous 16167

i've never used essential oils but yes, natural and non toxic skincare / healthcare is important to me. i don't know why you make it sound like a stupid thing to do

Anonymous 16170

hey! same for me, i stopped washing in the morning, no difference. i had bad acne when i was younger but with time and a few better products it went away. now i get a few pimples once in a while if i have a shitty diet but thats about it.

Anonymous 16171

id say neutral PH soap

Anonymous 16172

the products you use would kill my skin and hair but nice job on budget and especially on your gym routine!

Anonymous 16173

well, damn, that's money

Anonymous 16202


Haha I also forgot the $85 I spend every week for therapy. That's how I ended up spending so much on my health too, before that it was very difficult for me to choose to get things for myself. Now I'm determined to take care of myself properly. Before I would say I didn't need anything because I wanted to save the money I would have spent for my children, but they ended up having a run down mother who couldn't even play with them. At that time I was deeply depressed and struggling with undiagnosed CPTSD. They are also happier since I've been taking more care of myself. So I would say, one shouldn't skimp on their physical or mental health

Anonymous 16312


How much does everyone spend on masks? I buy a 30 pack of pic related for about $6.

Anonymous 16313

i just rinse my face with water and moisturize at night. when i go outside i put on moisturizer with spf in it.
i'm considering getting anti aging things and actually caring about my skincare. what routine would you consider for a newb? i live in a dry climate but have normal skin thanks to birth control (BC really dries me up - dry eyes, dry coochie, turns my normally oily skin normal kek).
i live in canada and retinoids are unfortunately required a prescription :/

Anonymous 16316

I found a really nice set of 5 scented ones in Japan for like 3 bucks.

Anonymous 16319

You still have to wear masks?! I stopped doing it very soon and I just kept the tissue masks I was given on some occasions. Only times I bought masks was only one in the moment because I didn't have any on me and needed one to go to some place. So i probably spent 2€ max en masks. I only wore them if I really had to

Anonymous 16320

I don't know much either tbh, that's why I have a simple and safe routine.

I'd say that since you don't really seem to get pimples and stuff you should just find a neutral pH soap to wash your face and find a good moisturizer with an app that reviews the composition. This way you will avoid bad products without struggle. You just have to scan the barcodes when you shop, or you can directly scroll on the app with filters to find good products then look them up.

So yeah, basically a soap that will not dry your skin and a skin product that will protect your from the cold without injecting your skin with chemicals. I think charcoal products are good but that's a personal choice and you'd still have to find an actual good product. I also like aloe vera and it will protect your from the sun as well. I don't like sunscreens because they usually don't have a very safe composition imo. Good, extra virgin oils are nice as well (I prefer coconut oil, carrot is nice for the sun as well and it gives you a nice tan in summer)

Anonymous 16322

i have no skincare because everything breaks me out and my skin does best if i let it be. i have a lot of makeup that i use for special occasions or costumes/cosplay though. i use cheap hair products but i do oil it religiously and use a mousse.
most of my beauty budget is spent getting my legs waxed tbh.

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