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is there a way to fade/possibly get rid of self harm scars? Anonymous 16358

i know with time it’ll go away, but it takes years for it to actually fade. I’m just sick of looking at it, it’s an ugly reminder and I’m sick of people staring at my legs whenever I wear shorts/skirts/dresses of any kind.

is there anything like a lotion or a supplement I could use for collagen or a retinol I could apply so my skin could heal from the trauma?
i love wearing dresses and skirts and having them really makes me dislike wearing them and putting makeup on my legs is impractical since my thigh would still be bumpy and foundation wouldn’t match the rest of my legs.

Anonymous 16362


You could try bio oil. It's meant for treating scars and stretch marks.

Anonymous 16363

keep them out of the sun, and if youre going out wear sunscreen over them. of course it depends what stage of healing. if they're white you just have to wait it out or get scar removal surgery, but if its only been a couple weeks/months you still have the chance to use silicone pressure pads, bio-oil, and scar cream.

Anonymous 16364

Thank you sweet nonas, i will definitely look into these tips :D

Anonymous 16366

Main thing I see come up is silicone patches and gels. This seems most mainstream treatment. It just moisturizes it so it can flatten I believe. There are things that may actually break down the structure of scars fibrin such as serapeptase (seratiopeptidase is longer name) or natokinase. I am not sure if they would work better topical or oral or in combination of oral and topical. I'm unsure if those alone would work since I've had old scars open up before so may need something to heal faster so maybe also use aloe gel extract. I have not had opportunity to try myself. Ask a doctor or pharmacist if you take meds though because these all potentially thin the blood so can interact with other meds that also do this.

Anonymous 16369


Hide it with leg tats and claim the scars are previous tattoo removals

Anonymous 16371

if you want a more immediate solution, you could try laser therapy.
make sure to reach out to a good professional for that though, or it could turn out to be expensive and useless.
creams are more risk free and im sure they help but it's something more long term.
i cant stress enough to inform yourself a lot on the risks, costs and if this treatment option works for your own scars though.

Anonymous 16393

for laser scar removal, fractional lasers work best, FRAXEL is most popular and pretty strong but really expensive

Anonymous 16394


mederma extra strength worked well for me. it was on large burns. not sure if this helps.

Anonymous 16425

Massage, preferably with an oil good for the skin like E or coconut. I hear some people just rub their scars when theyre watching tv or doing something else, becomes kind of habit and soon in a few weeks they start to flatten and fade. Massage breaks down the scar tissue in your skin.

In my experience, they fade in 2 years. They weren't super deep, they hit the dermis, nearly fat but didnt require stitches. Everyone's skin is different though and dark skinned/asians tend to scar worse than whites I've heard, idk I am white.

Avoid picking at scabs for anything healing. I found if you don't pick then they scar very minimally.

Anonymous 16463

This worked wonders for mine. Applied religiously every night, exfoliated a couple times a week, and kept out of the sun, and after a year they're virtually non existent. It seems like
a long time but the wait helped me refrain from making new scars since I didn't want to ruin my hard earned progress.

Do consider that mine were superficial and none of them got seriously infected.

Anonymous 16587


I went to a top plastic surgeon and here is how he told me to heal the wounds so I wouldn't have scars. This method also improves old scars, regardless of age.

You need silicone sheets like pic rel. Leave on 24/7 until the scars are improved or not visible. This can take months or years so be patient. The plasters can be washed and reused.

When you change the plasters, rub hard with vaseline to break up scar tissue and keep the scar moist. If the wound is still bloody, don't rub and avoid things like stretching that could split it open.

You can use surgical tape to hold the silicone plasters in place (wet it a bit and it sticks better) but be careful that the edges of the tape can leave indents on the scar so either make the plaster smaller than the tape or only tape the edges not touching the scar.

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