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Face masks Anonymous 16386

Does anybody else love wearing surgical masks? Even tho where I live we don’t need to where them for Covid that much anymore I still want to keep wearing them. I know people will judge me but I just like how it covers my face makes me more invisible

Anonymous 16387


Hard to say. On one hand, I like wearing them at work because of resting bitch face syndrome and don't want other people to think I'm being rude intentionally. On the other hand, it's uncomfortable not to be able to look at other people's facial expressions. Ideally, I'd be the only one wearing masks but that's obviously not feasible.

Anonymous 16388

Yes. I like wearing them and noticed people treat me way better because they can’t see how ugly I am. I also hate breathing in other peoples disgusting breath, so they help avoid that too, and I hate the idea of being watched or recorded by cameras in public too, so covering my face feels nice. I have a bunch of cute pink ones and I feel they help effortlessly brighten up my outfits and mood too.

Anonymous 16390

I like it makes me feel anonymous in public and helps cut down allergies.

Anonymous 16485


Are you still wearing them?
It's getting cold here, I'm putting it back on.

Anonymous 16486

Yes. My nose gets really cold easily and masks are a lifesaver.

Anonymous 16489

Yes. It puts some distance between the strangers and I. As a plus I look way more intimidating with the mask, because I have the neanderthal brow and intense eyes.

Anonymous 16514

I’m never losing the mask! I pretty much wear it anytime I’m indoors in public, or even outdoors if it’s very crowded. I’m a barista and I feel like all food service people should be wearing them when they’re preparing or handling others’ foods.

Anonymous 16558

>I just like how it covers my face makes me more invisible
yes, same. the mask makes me feel more safe and confident around people. it also keeps me warm in winter and i don't need to inhale other peoples breath

Anonymous 16559

Yes. I wish it were socially acceptable to wear a balaclava 24/7.
>inb4 convert to islam

Anonymous 16561

i actually really don't like them, but i will wear them when i have to at work or if there is an outbreak in town. i used to prefer them because of what other anons itt mentioned, but they also make me break out really badly around my mouth and i get soo hot under my mask while i'm at work, and it genuinely gets hard to breathe sometimes. when i do wear masks, i prefer double layered cotton masks. the medical ones break me out/make me sweat like crazy.

Anonymous 16562

Yep, same. Actually I was never been covid vaxxed (feel free to roast me, I just had a near-death experience with another vaccine and had to be hospitalized for many days) but I've basically been wearing a mask nonstop outside for the past 2 years now. It has made me feel so much more comfortable. Before I was having so many more panic attacks + people have completely stopped insulting the way I look.

Anonymous 16564

Have you tried KF94s? They are the only masks that don't give me breakouts. They sit away from the face other than at the very edges.

The point of herd immunity is to protect the handful of people who can't get vaccinated, and if you had an adverse reaction to a previous vaccine, I understand hesitancy to getting this one, and if everyone else did their part, it would essentially cover you.

If it was an allergy, I'd check to see if any of the options currently made don't have that ingredient. My cousin is allergy to PEG, so she couldn't get any of the mRNA vaccines, but she could get a different one.

Anonymous 16565


I'm trying to make it 3 years with zero covid infection. Who else dogded it?

Anonymous 16566

I never got covid either but love wearing them, I haven't been sick in 3 years.

Anonymous 16567

You probably caught it but we’re just asymptomatic. It’s actually quite common.

Anonymous 16568

I never got it but I also never get within 6 ft of people.

Anonymous 16571

I also haven't gotten it.

Anonymous 16575

how can u tell if u got it but didnt have any symptoms. does ur brain physically change structure even if u did catch it
ive been going to airports a lot traveling between places so i prob got it

Anonymous 16578


Any anons have recs for lipsticks that don't rub off when you wear a mask?

Anonymous 16579

There is an antibody test that tells you if you had it.

Anonymous 16581

why the fuck would you wear lipstick under a mask

do something more productive with your time than worry about this

Anonymous 16584

I work as an extra and we are made to wear masks on set, but we still have to have our makeup perfect for filming. I'm not fucking stupid and I don't think masks are necessary anymore.

Anonymous 16585


Get KF94 masks. Most of them are in a "boat" shape where they sit away from your face.

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