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Ideal Body Type thread? Anonymous 1672

What's your ideal body type, anons?

Are you into being thin, or curvy, or maybe fit? Were you born a cone shape but long to be a pear? Or maybe you're a banana but would rather be an hourglass?

I'd like to hear your opinions and what you're doing to get there!

Anonymous 1673


I'm a fucking rectangle/banana/column and I loathe it. No tits, no ass, no hips, no waist. Literally the worst.

I've accepted the fact that I can't change my anatomy and it really does suck, especially when I want to wear cute dresses and they just hang off weirdly etc.

I've started going to the gym like a year ago, gained some weight and now I've got nice defined legs, big plump ass and look really thin from the side. So take that anatomy!

Anonymous 1674


I like my body. I can appreciate other bodies (except fatties, but I won't make fun of them or comment on their weight or anything), but my ideal body is an idealized version of mine, precisely because it could be me one day, if that makes any sense.
I'm a pear that looks like a banana, but isn't (narrow hips and small chest, thighs are the widest part of my body, shoulders wider than average so they balance out the thighs). Thankfully my waist is a bit pinched in but I'm a former skinnyfattie so it wasn't as visible before.
I have a similar body to pic related, and I've been told I would've made a good ballerina but I'm a sperg with the grace of a narwhal and don't like walking around with a cane in my 30s because my knees are busted like my aunt does.
I did figure skating for a while and now I do pilates and swim. It's going well, my stomach is getting flatter and flatter and my arms look nice.

Anonymous 1675


I have an fit hourglass body shape, with the "perfect" hip to waist ratio, which seems to be "ideal" but it's a fucking pain in the ass to dress if you like being comfortable.
Baggy shirt? Congrats you look fatter than you are! Loose dress? You look pregnant!

I also happen to have corgi legs, so it's even worse. My body type is very similar to Keira knightley's, but i have a bit of a smaller waist and bigger hips and thighs since i work out a lot. I really wish i had longer legs, then i would be completly comfortable in my body but it's not like i can lenghten them so i gotta deal. I also hate wearing heels and prefer sneakers and stuff like that which is difficult to pull of with short legs.

I like any body type that is not fat, but i particularly find fit/lean (not overly muscle-y) women to be incredible attractive. I also really like long legs, maybe because i'm salty i don't have them.

Anonymous 1676

Just a start _043a…

I know it doesn't mean much, but I've always loved banana shapes! My sister is a banana (surprise! she also hates her shape), but she looks so good in everything, and she looks very fit even when she isn't working out or doing anything. One of the issues is that we're black, so we're expected to be stupidly curvy and we just aren't, so we have a really bad complex about it lol. But I've always seen bananas as super classy and look good in most things.

I'm an inverse triangle, but I really wish I was a pear. I could start as a linebacker for the Falcons, my shoulders are so broad, and my tits are unnecessarily large, too. I was planning on a reduction, but I looked at a bunch of after photos and they always look even more broad once their breasts are reduced! At least a flat chest can get implants. I can't really shave off my shoulders.

I lift so I can at least have a semblance of ass, but at the end of the day, my hips are straight up and down and it doesn't look all that cute to me. I've gotten better with it in the last few years, but I still keep an "ass fund" in case I decide I want to get butt/hip implants.

I want to be shaped like the wakfu women :( I want to be Evangelyne.

Anonymous 1677

Samefag, but I also need to come to terms with and get over the fact that a large portion of my ass/hip insecurity comes from my culture's obsession with it. I remember being in middle school and seeing my shape develop and looking at others and being unsatisfied because I knew that wasn't the shape that was "sexy" or valued. I guess that's a work in progress, but I don't see myself getting over it any time soon.

Anonymous 1678

That's gorgeous. I'm glad your body goals are going well! I want to get to the point where, mentally, that's what I'm strive for, as well (instead of idolizing other body types I know I can't have). Seeing your waist reveal itself as you loss fat is the most motivating thing in the world. Is swimming good for building muscle, or is it mostly cardio?

I know your feel about the shirt and dresses thing. I cannot wear an empire waist dress without looking extremely pregnant. And the only good thing about my body type (having a relatively flat stomach with ease) is completely erased with big tshirts. I immediately gain 20 lbs.

Sneakers look really nice in short legs, I think. It makes you look more athletic (if you enjoy that?), so don't take it too hard, anon!

I'm attracted to smaller chested women, and I can't tell if it's because I don't have that, or if I'm genuinely attracted to them. Attraction is strange.

Anonymous 1679


I'm a rectangle, skinny af with long limbs, and overall I like my body but I feel a lot of pressure from outside sources to change it. It's super in to be thicc rn and I'm probably the exact opposite of that. I like how that body type looks, but it's not for me and I don't have the hips to ever be that. I don't have much in way of an ass, either. My boobs are decent, I think, small but cute. I would like to get a slightly perkier butt, though.

The perks are that I find that most things tend to fit me, save for bodycon dresses, which I don't like anyway.

Anonymous 1680

I'm shorter and skinnier than average (actually slightly underweight I think) and while I have relatively large hips, I'm flat-chested, I feel like it would have been better if I were completely flat (more convenient) or if I had bigger breasts (more options for clothes). I don't mind have my body, although I wish I were taller, but the reason why I'm short is because my pituitary gland is all fucked up and I had to get some treatment to grow up like a normal person. So I'm at least grateful I'm not a literal dwarf. As long as I'm healthy I don't care.

I don't like how people tend to assume I'm a teenager and talk to me they way they would to a high-schooler when I'm about to be 23 though.

Anonymous 1681


I'm jelly of tiny girl bodies. I call it sorority girl bodies? It's the super petite, naturally small body types.

I'm fit/averagemode and while I can lose weight and be visibly thinner, my natural frame is pretty wide (reverse triangle and thick thighs from longtime sports) so I will never be a tiny girl that guys can easily pick up and envelop.

Anonymous 1682


Same, anon. Are you tall too? I feel like short girls (sometimes average girls too) can still look cute/petite/tiny without actually being thin/even having wider frames, simply by standing next to other people. And they pull off the oversized look so well, when it makes me look heavier and sloppy. They also can get away with wearing heels more, which I'm jealous of as well.
It makes me feel very masculine when I have to look down at other girls to talk to them and being eye-level with guys. :/

Anonymous 1683

>I'm fit/averagemode and while I can lose weight and be visibly thinner, my natural frame is pretty wide (reverse triangle and thick thighs from longtime sports) so I will never be a tiny girl that guys can easily pick up and envelop.

Holy shit, anon, are you me? I have a large frame as well, and it makes me so self conscious. I look skelemodo at a higher weight than I'd like, and I still look big compared to smaller framed women. It fucking sucks.

Anonymous 1684


I'm a pear and have mixed feelings about it. Pic related is pretty much me.

I'm blessed with a perfectly flat stomach, thin arms and calves, small feet, and I'm short. Depending on how I dress, I can look skinny (in a skirt that flares out at the waist to hide my hips and thighs) or thicc (if I stuff my boobs hardcore to balance out my thighs).

Cons: I look super awkward in anything form-fitting, since all my fat is stored in my thighs. It looks bizarre. Like you built a skinny person in The Sims and then went crazy on the thigh dial. I haven't worn pants in years because they make me look like a tiny disproportional person. They make my torso look really, really long and my legs really short. I can wear an XS for my upper body, but everything that touches my thighs has to be at least M-L. But I also have weird legs so that means I wear tights, pantyhose or leggings every. single. day. Whenever a "practical" event is coming up, like hiking or urban exploration, at least one person pulls me aside to remind me to wear something "sensible" like they expect me to turn up in an ankle-length fishtail skirt and five inch heels. I've never not worn something sensible to these things unless I was roped along spontaneously and there was no time to change. I'm just not always prepared for adventure.
Plus, nothing makes up for having an ugly face :')

Anonymous 1685

I like my body. I'm blessed with having almost no body image issues at all.
I'm petite but I have quite wide hips. My butt is nicely shaped, however it could be muuuuch better if I worked out so I want to try getting into it eventually to be extra sexy for my bf. I used to dislike my violin hips but when I wear clothes nobody cares and my boyfriend says he likes my body so I don't worry about it.
I'd like to be fitter but I'm a lazy fuck and since I'm naturally quite thin I don't have too much incentive to start.

Anonymous 1686

This is my body type. I'm short, and always considered it kinda average looking, but thanks anon. I appreciate knowing that there are anons who like this look.

Anonymous 1687

I like my height and my build. I'm a short hourglass with large breasts, small waist, and wide hips. The only thing I'd like to do is lose more weight so my body can become perfect tbh.
My general aesthetic is petite, strong, but also curvy and womanly too.

It helps that I'm more muscular than your average girl my height and weight, mainly because of my ethnicity, my genetics, and the fact I'm way more active.

The only thing that sucks is that I get left out from petite girl discussions. For some reason people always think (thin-to-average weight) petite women are flat chested and small assed. It's very annoying.

Anonymous 1688

I mean, you pretty much have the perfect figure, I think you can stand to not be involved petite girl discussions.

Anonymous 1689

I'm pretty rectangular and flat but I'm ok with it, just happy I'm not a fatty.

Anonymous 1690

Pear here, I'm shaped pretty much like the wafka's girl you posted. I personally love my body type but I constantly get berated by other women about my smaller breasts. I'm a 32C and I always have friends or acquaintances talk about how 'perfect' my body is other than the lack of breasts. It is a pain. That said it's easy enough to stuff, but I totally hate the ridiculous notion that my body is 'incomplete'

Anonymous 1691

Since when is 32C considered lack of breasts? lol And your friends and acquaintances sound like creeps.

Anonymous 1692

>posted a full body shot of me on instagram yesterday, had never done that before ever
>look back at it today
>notice my legs look weirdly thin
I've never seen them this thin when looking in the mirror and it feels weird. I don't know if it's just the picture or if I have a warped vision of my own body. Not displeased but confused as hell.

Anonymous 1693

I have had this happen too. There are some small factors that might be at play, like having different posture when you look in the mirror versus when you pose, but also cameras lenses (including the default ones on phones) can also make you look wider or thinner. I do think there is also a mental component for me though.

Anonymous 1694


I don't even know mang. I have days where I want to be a lithe, vulnerable waif, an insatiably T H I C C succubus, or a glistening, muscular she-beef.

Anybody else ktf?

Anonymous 1695

Absolutely. I've been struggling with this for years now and sadly I can't have all of it.

But I decided to go for "thick"-ish, after that I can slim down if I want to.

The worst/or funnies (imo) part is that I'm column shaped (so no small waist), I gain like a pear but I don't have wide hips lol

Anonymous 1696

Most of them are female so…

In any case I feel like they're pretty small but I also know my friends are likely just used to the push-up hourglass style girls. Pears get a bad rap generally.

Anonymous 1697

Yes! It's ridiculous because I will see someone with a thick body and think "I want to look like that", and the next week will see someone with a very thin body and think the same thing. It's like a never-ending pendulum.

Anonymous 1698

Eugh yeah I totally feel you. Like I know I'm on the smaller size of clothing and definitely fall into the thin category, but because of my broad frame I always look so much heavier/bigger than my female counterparts. I have a friend who is my height and weighs like 20lbs more than me but because she has a tiny frame and it goes to her ass/thighs she looks so much tinier and in photos she looks like a waif and I look like I've been bulking.

I've thought about corset training to bring down my measurements a bit, but it's so pricey and isn't guaranteed to work/you have to keep up with it for years.

Anonymous 1699


Goal body is kinda like this.

Nice toned tummy and but big butt/boobs.

Anonymous 1700


I have an hourglass shape with a defined waist/big boobs which I like, however I have some loose skin which sucks. My ideal body type would basically be a better version of my own, I also wish I was a little bit shorter too as being tall I feel I can't wear heels as much and don't feel "cute" at times.

Anonymous 1701

My thighs (and butt, but to a lesser degree) is super thicc, and when I gain weight, all the fat tends to be stored in that area. It sucks though, because my waist is quite wide, and I look ridiculous. I have no idea what shape I am - definitely not a pear because my shoulders are quite wide too. It's weird.

Anonymous 1702


Pic related is my goal for 2018. I'm a pear who's naturally both large-boned chubby and my goal is to lose some weight so as to make my big bones not make me look like a hambeast, but since i think bodies with a little more "meat" are ideal, i do not have any intentions of getting too thin.

Anonymous 1703

That's a rly rly rly cute body type, Anon. Good luck, you can do it!

Anonymous 1704

I'm super tall and built large, as an adult I'm finally starting to accept I'll never be ~smol~. I'm ridiculously top heavy (E cups are the worst, people see me as walking tits) with huge thighs and no butt.

I'm working on building muscle right now so I can take advantage of my size rather than despising it. I don't want bodybuilder frame; I'd have to do an insane amount of cutting for that to ever happen. But defined abs and biceps would be so nice!

Anonymous 1705


>tfw you start losing weight only to find out that you have no hips and no waist
just fuck me up famalam.
in an ideal world, i really wish i had a cute, slender petite body like iiniku ushijima.
why must the world me so cruel.

Anonymous 1706

*be, fug

Anonymous 1707

There's always hope anon
You can gain muscle and slightly change your body shape

Anonymous 1708


You can look like a powerful Amazon warrior, with the right training! Also it helps to learn how to dress your body.

I'm short, with narrow violin hips, skinny limbs and neck, and the stockiest thighs and torso known to man + a small chest. I call it the "athletic male hobbit body". I used to hate it because it's decidedly unsexy and unfeminine, but I've since learned how to dress myself better and it makes a world of difference. The key was embracing my features instead of trying to 'feminise' them. Sure I dress a bit masculine now, but it looks a lot better than ill-fitting dresses made for tall, well-endowed ladies.

Anonymous 1709

I have a big butt but no hips. It's tragic. I just wish I had more of a balance. I look great in some clothes from the front but my ass just makes everything tent-y from the side. Then if I look ok from the side it looks weird in the front.

Anonymous 1710

Are you black by any chance?

Anonymous 1711

me curtain.png

I think I've found that my ideal body is however I am. I'm not super insecure about my weight or height anymore, though I'm pretty pleased when I can gain a few pounds.

For other girls, I like dating shorter, chubby types.
>opposites attract

Anonymous 1712


Similar goals are to Lights, I used to be fit and in shape then gained close to 100 pounds during college. I love her body shape.

Anonymous 1713


What happened?

Anonymous 1714

I wish I could be like this. Not fat lol but like enjoy whatever body I have, enjoy being fat enough to be like LOOK AT MY BELLY! and eat whatever food I want, maybe find a boyfriend with a feeder fetish kek. Unfortunately I'm unhappy with my body and yoyo diet. I couldn't even imagine showing my body to he opposite sex no no no no

Anonymous 1715

Same t b h.

I should be happy of the body I have but I just fucking hate it.

Anonymous 1716

She is really hot

Anonymous 1717

I have a weird body shape. My abdominal muscles are thick and my whole body (including my facial features) is just kind of fleshy. I don't like being more wider built than other girls but what can I do? My calves and thighs are pretty nice and muscular I guess.

I wish my torso was narrower and more of a delicate and angular look. You know?

Anonymous 1718

Saaame. I always have a profound admiration with anyone who's just okay with themselves. Like, "how the fuck do you do it?" Lemme cop some of that confidence lol.

Anonymous 1719


Just be urself fam

Anonymous 1720

>that filename

Anonymous 1721


Something like this is my ideal.

I don't even know what my body type is tbh. I just want to be loooooong and lean. I'm attempting to lose the weight I've gained in the last two years so hopefully I can get closer to this. Yoga will probably help stretch me out too.

Anonymous 1722

Seeing this makes me happy bc this is quite close to my body type, though my boobs are slightly smaller. My ideal is thin and petite though, I think.

Anonymous 1723

how can I figure out my body type?

I am around 4'9'' but I have pretty broad shoulders. I have an A cup normally (I am breastfeeding rn and have a C cup because of it) and my hips are slightly smaller than my shoulders. My legs are very curvy and my butt has a bit of curve as well compared to my mosquito tits.

I kind of feel like a failed petite woman because the majority of women my height are all super slim up and down compared to me where I have the shoulders of a line backer and calves of an amazonian warrior.

Anonymous 1724


You measure yourself to find out and look at some charts. From what you said it sounds like you could be an inverted triangle or banana?

Anonymous 1725

I'm the same anon, I would be an hourglass if only my hips were bigger. I'm frustrated because I wish there was a workout that only targeted my hips (I'm scared of toning my butt fat, I want it to stay lol).

I don't know about the person you were replying to, but I'm white and have the same issue.

Anonymous 1726


Samefag, here.

I wish there was surgery to reduce shoulder width. I will measure mine again, but I hate being an inverted triangle with average perky breasts, a small defined waist, okay hips, a nice, rounded butt, and then the goddamn shoulders ruin my body image. I'm sure if I didn't have them I'd still hate my body, but christ. I have so much envy when I see girls that are of average weight but they still look curvy because they at least have hips. If I gained weight, I'm scared it will go to my stomach.

Anonymous 1727

I feel you on that one.
I even considered waist training to "fix" the problem but I don't trust it. It would probably have to be a steel bone corset to actually work.

Anonymous 1728

My ideal body shape is whatever I see when I look in the mirror. I used to wish to be skinnier or more petite or taller but honestly, I don't think a different body would suit me any better or make me happier.
Obviously my body is not perfect. My shoulders are kind of broad, I'm short but don't have a petite frame, my boobs are tiny and my waist could be smaller but I've learned to be okay with myself.
I don't want to go on unnecessary diets just to change my body since I'm not overweight and don't have super unhealthy eating habits anyway. I work out regularly but it's not very appearance oriented, I just want to be stronger and better at the sports I love to do and if I become better looking in the process, that's just a nice plus.

Anonymous 1729

Please teach us anon how you have gotten to that point…

Anonymous 1730

I actually have no idea because when I was younger I fiercely hated my body and did everything I could to change it.
I guess a big part of it was moving 7 hours away from my hometown and starting a new chapter of my life. Living alone has given me time to come to terms with who I am and how I look like. I've also learned to genuinely love sports and got into a sport where everyone's bodies are appreciated amd theres no need to fit into a certain mold of being super fit or thin or anything like that.

Anonymous 1731

I want a really small frame. Right now I'm basically there (31-22.5-33) but my ribcage is huge. I've been doing lots of leg/glute workouts to balance out how it looks.

I got this way through not eating over 1000 kcal a day. You really don't need any extra. I was able to keep up with my studies and extracurriculars at the same time.

Anonymous 1732

>my ribcage is huge

Unless you're like 4'11"-5'3" that really doesn't compute. That's a tiny measurement Anon.

Anonymous 1733

I'm 5'2", so it does look rather disgusting

Anonymous 1734

>I got this way through not eating over 1000 kcal a day. You really don't need any extra. I was able to keep up with my studies and extracurriculars at the same time.

is this bait

Anonymous 1735


I actually know what she means as I have a waist measurement of 23 and am 5'4'' but my ribcage is larger though my waist is small. although the fact they're restricting calories makes it seem like something is amiss with that anon.

Anonymous 1736

Can you guys possibly post an example pic? I'm curious to know what this looks like.

Anonymous 1737

Now I'm curious too.

Are you guys talking about something similar to a inverted triangle? Large ribcage, small waist and narrow hips?

At least that's the idea I get since >>1731 said they train their legs.

Anonymous 1738



This is the original anon. here is a pic from a while back (so I am a bit smaller now). you can see how large my ribcage is

Anonymous 1739

My waist-to-hip ratio is really good, but my chest is like a barrel. also please excuse the lower-belly pudge in >>1738 lol, I hadn't even thought of working out at that point. but yeah it is a very unfortunate body type. does anyone have experience using waist trainers to compress their ribcage a bit?

Anonymous 1740

This looks normal to me, I don't see a large ribcage at all. I'm hesitant to compliment you since this almost seems like fishing, but you look genetically blessed.

Anonymous 1741

Yeah, looks normal to me too, atleast from the side angle posted. And naturally if you have your arms raised like that it'll make you look wider but you can barely notice it here.

Anonymous 1742

Your body is my goals ❤️

Anonymous 1743

What is your body type? From the front?
Because I look the same from the side but rather wide from the front lol. And no, your chest isn't that big, it's average.

And that pudge is also normal. I think people keep forgetting that we humans store our organs there.


Anonymous 1744

idk if i were you i'd be more worried about the lack of ass

Anonymous 1745


This model is sucking her waist in, but it looks like this (I think this is what the anon who posted a photo meant)

Anonymous 1746


Anonymous 1747

download (1).jpg

An example of where the ribs don't jut out:

I know it's in a corset, but still.

Anonymous 1748

Thanks for the compliment I guess. Maybe it wasn't a good photo in terms of illustrating what I was talking about.

From the front I actually look more "normal". From the side is where I see how big my ribcage is

lol I know, I've since started working out beyond cardio a whole lot more.

yes, this is exactly what I mean!

Anonymous 1749


You look normal though, anon? Your ribcage doesn't seem large at all, the girl on the right >>1746 has a big ribcage.

Do you have BDD?

Anonymous 1750

Her ass looks good to me, considering her proportions. I have literally no ass, so… t r i g g e r e d.

Anonymous 1751


maybe i just posted a bad picture? I haven't been diagnosed with BDD. here is another one that I think shows it better.

Anonymous 1752

Get therapy because you have an ideal body.

Anonymous 1753

Just stop, anon. Nobody agrees that you have the massive ribcage you think you have.

Anonymous 1754


You look gross but not because of your rib cage lol

Anonymous 1755

you can see it near the top of the image, its almost like having a hunchback. regardless I will stop posting since people appear to be upset

what else looks gross?

Anonymous 1756

I'm the anon who posted the example pics and you in no way have big ribs. It looks like you have practically none.

Anonymous 1757



I actually do have jutting out ribs as you can see here. I don't work out at all, so yeah, I hate my waist and although it looks huge it's somehow 23 inches? I want to work it out so it can get nice and slim. I wish my ass was bigger, but I'm scared that if I work it out that it'll shrink when it gets toned. My boobs are around 33-34 inches and I hate them so much for being so small. Any other critiques are welcome. I have big ugly shoulders so any help on getting my hips to be bigger is appreciated, too.
(sorry, i had to get out all my problems with my body out at once)

Anonymous 1758

>I'm scared that if I work it out that it'll shrink
It won't if you build up muscle.

>getting my hips to be bigger

That one's hard and can't really be done

Not going to say you need a therapist, but you should accept yourself as you are. You anatomy is the way it is, nothing can change that.

And raising your arms makes your ribs stick out, yeah. You look normal, chill.

Anonymous 1759


Can you guys post frontal pics because all these side angles don't show anything. I'm just seeing thin girls angling for more noticeable ribcages and seems creepily heading towards anachat tbh.

Here is a girl with an actual wide rib cage that sticks out. You see how even though she loses weight above her waist there is a noticeable width change? That's a broad/wide ribcage.

Anonymous 1760


Being anorexic wouldn't make my body any more attractive. It's very asymmetrical.
Here is a front view (better viewed in another tab):

Anonymous 1761

I finally found the damn article I wanted to post
There you go anon, since you're so worried: http://allhandsonfitness.blogspot.hr/2015/07/check-your-ribs-4-exercises-to-fix-your.html

Anonymous 1762

>>1760 I had to really be picky here but I think I know what you mean, like a barrel-type thing?

Tbh you look fine and it is super nitpicky. You have good posture it seems too. I've recently started corsetting for my ribs, you could do that too?

Anonymous 1763

I have a rectangle shape, but I can't ever decide if I actually like my size or not. I know the "in" thing is wide hips and a big ass, but I have neither of those. Sometimes I remember that I'm fortunate enough not to be fat, but other times I'm envious of thicc girls. I'm underweight now, but my boyfriend tries to encourage me to go to the gym and eat a lot of protein so I can gain. But then again, he likes my size either way. I just can't win.

Anonymous 1764


I really, really like being muscular and want to be more. I love the way it looks and feels to be genuinely fucking stronk as well as looking fit. My ideal would be to have more muscle fullness and lower body fat but still enough bodyfat to keep my boobs and look natty.

Sarah Russert is pretty much my ideal for myself, she's just a lot shorter than me. I also love the way Julia Vins and Stephanie Davis look, but I can't see myself being able to become as huge as Julia or have the proportions and low bf of Stephanie, so Sarah is more of what I like to think is a reasonable goal.

Anonymous 1765

Saaame, I just wish it was easier for women to gain muscle mass. :(

Anonymous 1766

i hate that women will sabotage their own strength out of fear of being 'bulky' when it's hard af to be bulky when you try.

making major strength gains isn't too hard though!

Anonymous 1767

I eat relatively healthy, don't eat processed foods, small portions, but I can't seem to get past being a pudgy skinnyfat. Do you guys think a ketogenic diet might work for me? I just want a leaner and firmer body with minimal flab. I'm going to look into possibly integrating some sort of exercise but I find it much easier for me to focus on my diet.

Anonymous 1768

I think exercising is a better thing to start with. If you barely have muscle under the fat then you can keep losing and still look skinnyfat if that makes sense. If you get a base going you can have the same amount of bodyfat and still look leaner

Anonymous 1769

If you want to go from skinnyfat to lean/a built you're going to have to bring in exercise. It doesn't have to be like crazy but a couple of days of cardio and maybe one or two types of sports should tone you right up!

Basically the rule of thumb is eating healthy keeps the pounds away but exercise is what tones you up.

Anonymous 3961

something like this is my ideal. she looks so healthy

Anonymous 3968

I want to be stick-thin with long limbs. Unfortunately I'm short (5'2") so I have to just settle for being stick-thin.

Anonymous 4004

I'm 5'4'', have broad shoulders, am currently in the mid 90s, my lowest weight was 90 lbs, and I hate to tell you, but getting thin only makes you look more broad shoulders. I lose weight in my boobs and legs first and my face last, I fucking hate it. If only I didn't have these damned, cursed shoulders, I'd be an hourglass. If I were taller, I might look elegant. But no, I'm average height, "thin", and I don't even look that thin, more like average weight. Fuck my life.

Anonymous 4007


I am 5'05" and 110 pounds.
i am build like a skinny dwarf, short legs, straight body and small breasts.
As many i hate my body. I would love to have a hourglass figure. They are so beautiful and feminine.

I find very muscular or obese people unattractive, or people who do surgery to look different.

I am very against beauty surgery.
I think we need to learn that we are different and accept it.
Even when i am struggling like hell. But i hope one day i find my body okay.

Anonymous 4008

I think all body types can be nice, I couldn't choose any over another because to me it's like comparing apples and oranges.
As for my own body - I would not like to have a different body type because it would not be me, it would not suit my personality. But of course there are a few details I would change about my body - I would like a smaller waist or bigger hips (so that there's like a nice indent to my waist lol idk how to describe it. It's a little too straight right now) and I would like my upper arms to be a bit thinner.

I agree with you about beauty surgery. I think it's really creepy that people would cut out parts of their body or insert strange objects under their skin in order to look different and (for many) to conform to society's ideas of how someone should look…

Anonymous 4009

I'm a pear from the waist down (I have broad shoulders, so not a true pear) with short legs and hip dips. I used to hate my body in the early 2000s and it's still far from society's ideal now due to my flat chest and proportions.
In recent years I've come to terms with it though, and my ideal is just to become muscular. Not cut and shredded, but sturdy looking.

Anonymous 4351

I already got my ideal body type, but my legs are too short and I have a lot of scars in my body.

Anonymous 4376

I'm a pearshape and I used to hate it when I was a kid. I was overweight and people would call me fat (one time a man yelled insults at me from a truck) because you couldn't see my body shape. Then I lost weight and people would think I was older and see me as a sex object.
I always wanted to be skinny, I have never been skinny but I am getting there. I no longer care how men look at me, it's my body, it belongs to me, I shouldn't have to worry about people saying things to me. My dad told me when I was younger that I should not be ashamed of how I dress, he told me older men should be ashamed of looking at teenage girls.
I still don't like my body, not all of it, I still want to be skinny, but I am thankful I have a good hip-to-waist ratio, and I don't mind having A cups or being tall. It's the way I am. I also like having small shoulders. I am not perfect but I'm not aiming to be perfect, I want to like myself.

Anonymous 4501


I just want to look like Jazzma

Anonymous 4549

Based dad!

Anonymous 4767


Don't worry. Being thin will always be in fashion and a beauty standard. This thicc trend is just fat girls capitalising on dumb rap trends.

Anonymous 4882


Pretty much a leaner version of the golden era Hollywood/pinup girl body. I’m already blessed with an hourglass figure and big boobs, just need to work on getting a toned stomach/bigger butt

Anonymous 8300

I'm honestly not sure what my body type is…I've obsessed over it for so long that I'm just completely dysphoric and unable to see how I really look, but to me I'm hideous. I have a hormonal disorder that the doctors can't seem to figure out, causing hair in certain unwanted places (under chin, on stomach) that I'm currently treating with medication but it's taking forever to go away. I have a wide ribcage, long torso, shorter legs. I'm 5'8-5'10 and I feel I have no hips or barely any shape to my body, like there's slight curve but nothing crazy. I think I have some sort of tuberous breast issue because my breats are a bit odd…small, more top heavy with no underboob and larger areolae (I'm VERY insecure about this). I have been overweight most of my life and I kinda lost it and became anorexic dropping 60 pounds in like 3 months. continued trying to lose weight with diet and exercise but just plateued and mainly lost my ass more than anything which was like my only good attribute. Now I'm desperately trying to eat a certain diet and do specific workouts to lose weight and build my butt back up. It' super frustrating to have such a strict diet and exercise regimine and be so blinded by your own hatred for yourself and immediately expecting to see the worst when you look in the mirror and never seeing what you actually look like. It feels like I can't and wont ever be truly beautiful because my body meets nowhere near the beauty standards of today. Basiclly just trying to get thin enough and save enough money for some surgery!

Anonymous 8305


>Being thin will always be in fashion and a beauty standard. This thicc trend is just fat girls capitalising on dumb rap trends
Much of history disagrees.

Anonymous 8320

im inverted triangle. i hate it and wish i was almost any shape other than it, but i mostly just wish i had hips. i always waited growing up, sort of excitedly that i would finally look more 'feminine', and as i aged i realised that i was never going to get them. now i still have small hips and wide shoulders and it makes me embarrassed of how masculine and stumpy i look, because i'm quite short too

Anonymous 8322


muscular women isn't what the general population finds attractive and i don't even know if this is acheivable for women without roids but to me this is the ideal body type.

Anonymous 8323

I follow her, too. She's gorgeous. I can't believe she is pregnant now. I don't know if she's my ideal, but her body type is certainly interesting.

Anonymous 8324

She looks like she’s on something, her muscles are too round looking.

Anonymous 8327

Thank you! I’ve been searching for her name, but I only had one image that didn’t produce good results when reverse image searched. She’s so pretty. I wonder what it feels like to have that kind of muscle…. or to cuddle with her haha

Anonymous 8343

there's certainly no way this is natural, but for people like her it's less about fitness and more about shaping their own body into a work of art.

Anonymous 8351

These women weren't depicted as being thicc with wide hips/small waist/flat stomach/no rolls. Completely different imo



What do you mean "they weren't depicted as being thicc". We see significant curves.


Some might say that women who think like you just can't grow nice round sexy butt so they try to make themselves feel better.
Also as a person who majored in World History and IR, I'm telling you that being thin wasn't always a beauty standard. In Ancient and Medieval times across the world it pretty much always was considered sickly and a sign of poverty. Plus, we saw beauty standards change again and again so I don't know what you are talking about.


I don't quite understand why you guys try to make life harder for yourself by buying into beauty standards and revolving your life around achieving an "ideal body type" which doesn't exist. Do you WANT to suffer of body dysphoria because society tells you that you should or otherwise you wouldn't be accepted as human beings? Fuck em then, no?

Anonymous 8495

What an absolute waste of a pretty face.

Anonymous 8499

She's saying "flat stomach". She means like the weird photoshop instagram "thicc" look with ballooned thighs and ass and a teeny waist, not just curvy/natural women.

Anonymous 8500

Ok anachan.

Anonymous 8510


My ideal body type. I'm the complete opposite of it.

As a teenager, I was okay with my body but I've become aware since then that my shape is not grown-up and feminine enough for an adult woman.

I feel like a failure of a woman because femininity means to have soft, round curves with ample hips. The only feminine thing about me are my cushy thighs and even they are too small. But If I gained weight, I'd just look like a chubby blob due to my short height and fat distribution and not a nice curvy lady.

I think I'd be okay with my body if I was either obviously pear-shaped (because bigger hips and butt = feminine) by nature or significantly taller to counter the perception that people with my body type look like underdeveloped teenagers.

Anonymous 8511

Anyone else have the same body type as tuna-chan? Like big, not fat, just male-shaped.

If so how do you cope? because i feel like shit every day when looking at the mirror… I hate how manly i look, i feel like a giantess next to normal girls

Anonymous 8512

Are you talking about that cosplayer with pink ribbons wrapped around her body?

Anonymous 8513

You’re not a failure of a woman because of your natural body type. A woman is a woman whether she’s stick thin, a curvy hourglass, or even an apple or whatever other shape she was born into.

I understand though. I used to want to be like the big, curvy girls that were in my classes in high school. This was before thicc was a thing, too. There is something about that body type that just seems “womanly.” Maybe it comes from the image of a motherly woman? idk

Anonymous 8514


How do you define womanly?

Anonymous 8518

If you're normal weight or thinner, are you sure you're not misperceiving yourself? For some reason when I look in the mirror I just look huge despite being size s/xs, I just can't comprehend how my massive ribcage and wide shoulders could look slender or feminine. But when I see photos taken from further away my body seems totally different. When we see ourselves in a mirror I think our mental interpretation of our proportions can be a bit inaccurate because the mirror is so close to us, and it's easy to focus on the largest parts and how huge they seem instead of the full picture.

Anonymous 8520

tbh I don’t really have a definition. It’s such a broad concept.

Anonymous 8529

I'm sure i'm not because in the mirror, i seem normal, but in pictures i do look like a man. I stick out like a sore thumb in group photos because every girl is less large/have narrower shoulders and upper body, even the ones much fatter than me. It sucks and i feel like hiding myself and never leaving the house.

Anonymous 8541

I'm not the one with the history degree here, but surely the reason for thinness being associated with the poor, and bigger woman being glorified, was because of the inaccessibility of food for those with less money? Even if you are poor nowadays, you can afford to be obese. Thinness is now associated with an abstinence from the convenience of food, which can seem desirable as it is increasingly becoming a rarer sight to see.

Anonymous 8585

Daily reminder that you can comfortably ignore what body type scrotes are into, since most of them will be into a wide variety and not be as picky as you think.

Anonymous 8586

Pretty much this, imo as far as being seen attractive to women or men the best thing you can do is be the most put together version of yourself

Anonymous 8587

What's the point of scrotes being into your body type if you yourself don't like your own body type? If every time you look into the mirror you wished you looked different for your own satisfaction?

Anonymous 8588



That body type is gross and borderline obese. Stop obsessing over an unhealthy lifestyle.

This is what men mean by curvy. Hopelesssofrantic is there epitome of modern beauty standards. Don't cope by saying that noble women were preferred in the past the rich will always be seen as more desirable than the poor and thus the traits they display will be seen as desirable we don't live in the 15th century anymore.

Anonymous 8589

Thank you anon. As I always say: men are stupid and will fuck anything.
Attention, validation, and preferential treatment are the only reasons I can see. All of these reasons are dumb because of my above statement but I can see how these little quality of life things would cause another women who believes she doesn’t have much else going for her to seek male approval.

Anonymous 8592

Are the two women in >>8510 borderline obese, too? I genuinely find body types like those attractive and want to look like that.

Anonymous 8593

Ignore here anon. Ana-chan is doing a cope. As long as your doctor says you’re healthy and that’s what you want, go for it.

Anonymous 8599


Gym bunny but quarantined for 4 months

Anonymous 8601

It's not just about having some excess fat but having a robust and healthy body in general. That was the beauty standard.

>Pêro Vaz de Caminha (c. 1450 – 15 December 1500; Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈpeɾu ˈva(ɪ)ʒ ðɨ kɐˈmiɲɐ], Brazilian Portuguese: [ˈpeɾu ˈva(j)z dʒi kɐˈmĩɲɐ]; also spelled Pedro Vaz de Caminha) was a Portuguese knight that accompanied Pedro Álvares Cabral to India in 1500 as a secretary to the royal factory. Caminha wrote the detailed official report of the April 1500 discovery of Brazil by Cabral's fleet (Carta de Pêro Vaz de Caminha, dated 1 May, 1500). He died in a riot in Calicut, India, at the end of that year.
>In his letter to Manuel I of Portugal, Pêro Vaz de Caminha gives what is considered by many today as being one of the most accurate accounts of what Brazil used to look like in 1500.

>They are brown skinned, of a quite reddish complexion, with handsome faces and noses, nicely shaped. They go about naked, without any type of covering. They do not bother to cover their bodies, and show their private parts as readily as they show their faces. In this matter they are of great innocence.

>they are well groomed and very clean. And in that aspect, I am convinced they are like birds, or mountain animals, to whom the air gives better feathers and hair than those of their domesticated counterparts, because their bodies are as clean and as plump and as beautiful as could be!
>They only eat this yam (referring to manioc, then unknown to the Europeans), which is very plentiful here, and those seeds and fruits that the earth and the trees give of themselves. Nevertheless, they are sturdier, and sleeker than we are despite all the wheat and legumes we eat.

>Walking among them there were three or four women, young and gentle, with their hair very black and very long, loose to their backs; their private parts, so prominent and so neat, and so clean of their hairs that they did not get ashamed when we looked at them.

>One of those young women had the whole body painted from bottom to top with that tincture, and she was so well-shaped and so rounded, and her private parts so graceful that many women of our land, if they had seen her features, would feel embarrassed for not having theirs look like hers.

Anonymous 8604



Anonymous 8607

>many women of our land, if they had seen her features, would feel embarrassed for not having theirs look like hers.

So even back then, men were like this. Comparing foreign women to their own country's women and deeming the latter not good enough.

Anonymous 8609

It's funny because they made them that way, and then they don't want them anymore.

Anonymous 8655

/Soc is a cesspool of the worst people you can find. Degenerate scum that'll fuck anything isn't very compelling of a argument. I'm pretty sure they have a thin girl thread as well.

Anonymous 8659


Anonymous 8672

>firm buttocks
T-Those butts count as firm?

Anonymous 8673

Eh, this one looks similar to my body (as do a few in >>8643 ) and I wouldn't consider myself skinny or petite. Even if that body type isn't obese or overweight (neither am I), the ones especially under Roman/Greek definitely look more sturdy than what I picture as a thin girl.

idk man I just know Venus de Milo would be called a mannish fridge and torn apart on lolcow.

Anonymous 8680

Beauty standards and fashion aren't really something people have control over. Actually historically I think men align their beauty standards much more closely to what women want than the other way around for the same reason men initiate to this day.

Also, I think you're reading too into it. He said it to emphasise their beauty by comparing to his peerage: aristocratic women who certainly would've been more feminine compared to brown huntergatherers working and out in the sun for their whole lives. He was being generous to emphasise the natural/strong beauty point. Doubtful that anyone actually considered them equal in unroughened feminine beauty.

Anonymous 8681

I'm short with an hourglass figure (small waist, huge breasts and fleshy thighs) and i really don't like it.My upper body (other than breasts) is relatively thin but it's like all of the fat is stored in my legs and it gives me a very awkward shape.It's definitely more tolerable now that I'm no longer overweight but it still sucks.My "ideal" body type is waifish/androgynous with little curves, but i don't think that's anatomically possible for me.For now I'm just dieting to be thinner, and I might look into breast reduction in the future.

Anonymous 8683

Ok retard keep making a fool of yourself on every thread it's kinda entertaining to watch

Anonymous 8685

Our minds are in sync <3

Anonymous 8686

>Actually historically I think men align their beauty standards much more closely to what women want than the other way around for the same reason men initiate to this day
The only reason I'm going to call this out is because I've never even seen records of what women wanted historically, maybe isolated examples from individual women, but not any big beauty ideal stuff written or sourced by women. If you have them please post them because I think that would be interesting! But I think a lot of them would have just been what the upper class men at the time were, kind of like how celebrities can set trends today.

Anonymous 8690


I want to be a big elegant lady, like Vanessa Redgrave.

Anonymous 8693


yess anon

Anonymous 8888

I’m a rectangle I have abs but I’m also extremely skinny and have no curves whatsoever T-T my body just goes flat down honestly! It’s fucking annoying too cause my rib cage is pretty wide and I’m very concious of it :(

Anonymous 8889

Do you ever fill out when you gain weight?

Anonymous 8890


Anonymous 8899


Abs look great on women. Your post is blessed with quads of truth.

Anonymous 8900

>tfw this could be my body with a good cut
Mmmm you're inspiring me to stick with it, anon. Bless.

Anonymous 8911

It's not like you should induce muscular atrophy, so that doors feel like they're made out of steel when you push them. Just stick with the muscle and try to layer it with some fat.

Anonymous 8927


Anonymous 8990


>could be my body with a good cut
just remember to bulk afterwards strong women are sexy.


I’m 12 185 pounds and I have a wide rib cage now I don’t look fat but my wife rib cage makes me look fat how can I look better with a wide rib cage or make it smaller if possible?

Anonymous 9146

work your shoulders, hips, and legs to create an hourglass silhouette. That's all I can think of.

Anonymous 9147


I look similar to this, a bit broader shoulders, a little more of a curve at the waist and less fat on the stomach showing more abs, and with more fat at the very top of the thighs. I don't like having broad shoulders and wish my hips were wider. It is nearly impossible to find dresses that fit in my hips. I guess I'd be considered athletic and I have long legs but I don't feel very feminine sometimes. I got breast implants to feel more feminine but sometimes they just feel odd. I have body image issues but at this point in my life I'm just trying to dress to flatter myself (dresses that flare out at the waist are a must), and work on staying fit since it seems to come fairly easily to me.

Anonymous 9148

I’m jealous. Are you a Stacy? Do men hit on you a lot?

I’m built like a Samsung smart fridge

Anonymous 9149

images - 2020-08-3…

kek me too

pic related is sort of how i look like. no flare up dresses or workouts are going to fix this body because im just built like a large square.

Anonymous 9150

I am told I am more attractive than I believe myself to be fairly often, but I am also a literal diagnosed autist lol so I can't even tell. I don't think it's even possible to be a Stacy with autism, is it? I just want a bf to love ;_; who isn't completely turned off by how awkward I am.

Anonymous 9151

You can be a Stacy with Autism, everyone confuses diagnosed autism with being quirky anyway

Anonymous 9155

Just find a shortwaisted man. Hoist him up, and his survival instincts will tell him to do exactly as you say. Life finds a way.

Anonymous 9157


men don't know what curvy means, but i think bones jutting out would generally indicate otherwise

yeah if you're cute autism truly can be your superpower…men have somehow responded well to my bluntness and aspergian unashamedness and thus i've found a nice bf

Anonymous 9166


Not when you're a fridge.

Anonymous 9178

Doesn't seem very fridge-like, to me. At least you have a visible waistline.

Anonymous 9579

Who is this? I think this is my ideal body shape. Need to lose a lot of weight tho

Anonymous 9605


Curvy is the best when the fat goes to the right places. When your shape always stays an hourglass you have to be extremely obese to become unattractive.

Anonymous 9606

Based, as long as most of the fat is on the right places a small tummy is A-ok.

Of course, a flat belly with huge breasts is the best of both worlds, but that only exist in anime and porn, and having a little bit more of fat is a lot better and feminine than being too slender.

Anonymous 9607



Anonymous 9618

Not gonna deny, lately I've been obsessing over huge boobs to a point that I forgot about how beautiful a healthy belly also is.

I always despised fat people but right now I guess that I would choose to be fatter as long as my boobs were also that big… And no, I'm not a teenage, I'm almost 30 now actually.

Anonymous 9629


I think slender can look feminine if you're also on the taller side. It fits the whole tall and graceful image.

Anonymous 9637

yeah it looks good when you're like 36-25-39 curvy, not 50-38-40
nothing it attractive about ugly saggers on a refrigerator

Anonymous 9638

My current body type consists of broad shoulders and broad hips my boobs and butt are not big, but I would say proportionate. I also have a bit of belly, but I am keeping it so I can grow muscle on top of that! I am currently working out do I can go bear mode while being cute and strong

Anonymous 9639


Anonymous 9640

I don't see what's healthy about clogged arteries, seek health and stop getting off to women who hurt their health and claiming it's hot and healthy. Some of you are just as bad as scrots when it comes to fetishing things that are detrimental to women's health

Anonymous 9641

Just read my post again, we're literally saying the same thing.

Anonymous 9680

I want to feel good about my body, I want to be fit and I have had issues in the past, that never happens again.
I hope everyone in this thread succeeds in obtaining their body goal.

Anonymous 9980


I have the same body type as Billie Eilish, but my breasts are bigger. I look like a ham and, despite me knowing how to dress myself, it's difficult to find flattering tops. Sites like Bravissimo also cost an arm and a leg, it's a constant struggle.

I personally love women with broad shoulders and prominent collarbones, and I really envy petite girls. I wish I had a smaller frame. But then again, I think it's normal to want what you personally don't have.

Anonymous 9981

She looks good, what are you on about

Anonymous 9985

>I have the same body type as Billie Eilish, but my breasts are bigger.

I'm not commenting on Billie herself, and I'm not sure what was unclear about my post.

Anonymous 10003

you said you look like a ham and anon is telling you that you don't look like a ham if you look like eilish.

Anonymous 10230

Curvy all the way. I couldn't care less about some folds if that that means more curves. Of course, having little belly fat with large breasts is even better, but if I had to choose I's rather be thicker with curves than extra slim.

Anonymous 10238

Thanks to my new best buddy Mr lockdown I gained a bit of weight, I also worked out more. He tells me that my curvy shape improved and I look better than before. I dunno girls, inner conflict here.

Anonymous 10239

i wish i was skinnier. im 5'7" and 165 lbs. i used to be 175 and dropped down to 145 but im depressed and gaining the weight back. i like my height and breast size, i like my hips, im just so chubby. im about a B or a C cup depending on the bra.

Anonymous 11028

What body type would you say Florence Pugh has? Mine is a lot like hers.

Anonymous 11030


i just want the kpop/north east asian ideal

Anonymous 11031

Its not the ribcage, its your garbage posture as your lack of ab muscles causes your pelvis to tilt towards your toes. This flares your ribs out beyond your squishy bits as your upper back is relatively upright but your lower back curves away from it. Do glute and ab excercises.

Anonymous 11055

How is she so good at drawing bodies yet so bad at drawing faces

Anonymous 11056

Because she has some nuance concerning how bodies work, but she draws stylized faces.

Anonymous 11062


I would do anything to look like this.

except diet or exercise ;)

Anonymous 11063


or this :(

Anonymous 11064

I wish I had biceps like hers.
tfw noodle arms that make everyone think you're 12 and pathetic.

Anonymous 11067


Right now I am 44-34-44 and 5’9, which is an hourglass figure. I want to be around 42-32-42 or 40-30-40. Mostly because I want a smaller dress size because my breasts are so unwieldily that it’s annoying.

Anonymous 11068

Being overweight all my life, my ideal would actually be thin with no curves. I'm tired of struggling with clothes and my overall image.

I am not sure if I am a fat rectangle or fat apple in terms of body type. I took my measurements and a website calculated I was a rectangle. I have thick thighs, a small ass, no defined waist and large breasts. Just a terrible body type.



I wanted to know what body shape I have…

Anonymous 11074

>redmi note 8
patrician's choice, you can turn off that watermark if you want.
Slim hourglass, maybe the shoulders are a tiny bit too wide and some people would call it a triangle figure but you look rly good anon!

Anonymous 11075

I meant inverted triangle

Anonymous 11076

Your body type is hot, mama.

Anonymous 11077

These body type things confuse me, I can never figure out which one I am.


Ah… I get it now. Tbh I was confused between hourglass and Inverted triangle as well.



I think I'm an inverted triangle just like you said. I do think my waist is a little bit wide tho.

Anonymous 11080

Which is more important to determine your body type, breast measurements or shoulder measurements? I have a small chest so they are not similar, but every body type description I find treats them as interchangeable.


Well breast, waist and hip measurements all contribute towards determining your body type.

Anonymous 11082

I guess I'm somewhere between a pear and a rectangle. I'm okay with my bodyshape except I wish my stomach was flatter.

Anonymous 11136

i'm chubby and honestly pretty ok with my body, i just wish my ass was a bit rounder
only thing i hate is that i'm covered in hair and scars

Anonymous 11250

I'm an hourglass and I have extremely large breasts (L cup). I still wish I was curvier thanks to the fucked up body issues I've been carrying with me for years now.

Anonymous 11251

my sister in arms… i am the flattest, least curvy woman i know but i still wish my breasts were smaller.

Anonymous 11257

You are.. hot

Anonymous 11391

I'm thin and wish I was fit and slightly muscular looking.

Anonymous 11407


i wish i looked like picrel :/ im 40kg but i have kind of a wide waist which in my opinion makes me look gargantuan if i had the money i would definitely get my ribs removed
also i have no idea how to make my stomach that flat it blows my mind how people look like that irl ( ive seen some ) :(

Anonymous 11410

I'm really skinny, sometimes boney like her when I don't eat enough, and I'm pretty sure she's sucking in her stomach in this picture. Being too skinny can actually make your belly bulge out slightly. The hips are probably edited to look rounder as well, because being boney will make them look pointier.
The only way I've ever been able to get a flat stomach is by working out my abs, since the muscles in your torso look pretty flat and can hide the natural roundness of your stomach. The only way to get hips like hers (in my experience at least) is to work out the side-booty muscles. Do exercises such as fire-hydrants daily, it helps get those round hip muscles.

Anonymous 11433

according to the body type calculator i have an hourglass shape. i really wish my hips were wider but not too wide. just wide enough for a thigh gap, which will probably come as soon as i lose some thigh fat anyways. i wish my upper body was smaller, i've been working out but i really don't know if it's helping but hopefully……………………….

Anonymous 11434

forgot to say measurements,,, 35-25-36 and 5'7, that could be off bc i only really use cm 90-64-92

Anonymous 11435

why did you make yourself a namefag

Anonymous 11448

I want to have abs but not stupid muscly. Kinda that anime tomboy look I guess. I'm working out real hard to get there but food is too tasty.

Anonymous 11452

Hi anons, I just wanted to say that gaining weight can truly help your problems. I've posted in this thread before and I hated my huge shoulders and now I have hips because I gained weight in my mid 20s. Now my measurements are 36-25-37 at 118-120 lbs at 5'4'' whereas I used to be like 34.5-23.5-34.5 at 100lbs and it's amazing how all the fat went to my breasts, hips, and ass. My waist is a little bigger, but it still appears flat relatively because I work it out so much and have abs whereas I used not to.

Anonymous 11453

Forgot to add, now my hips visually look as wide as my shoulders. So, point is, gaining can be a huge help especially if it's a blend of fat and muscle.

Anonymous 11535


Anonymous 11536

Inverted triangle tranners.

Anonymous 11537

love yourself lmfao isn’t this a fucking tranoid?

Anonymous 11587


I want to look like this but I'm too short

Anonymous 11661

You probably wouldnt like your body if you did indeed look like that. Fat people only look good in pictures that are posed and touched up. Same as those with plastic surgery and 5 kilos of makeup.

Anonymous 11687

Your waist looks fine to me. People have a weird idea of what a normal waist looks like because the standard now is to have that weird wisdom tooth shape

Anonymous 11688

It's her height that I want. I want to be tall enough that people know I'm tall from pictures

Anonymous 11694

>>11685 not at all

Anonymous 11700

you're holding your stomach in

Anonymous 11702

Idk what you looked like before, so it's hard to say what the results are. Working out is good for your health and your body does look pretty nice, though. Keep it up, anon!

Anonymous 11704

That’s a shit ton of photoshop

Anonymous 11705

the angle of whatever you're wearing as bottoms is misleading and makes you look thinner than you actually are.

Anonymous 11709

you have a really nice figure, idk why ppl are saying you're sucking in or angles, you just have a slim stomach and a nice frame, the working out looks good on you. no shame in saying so.


that photoshopped comment was to another post, not yours

Anonymous 11712

What workouts do you do?

Anonymous 11725

I do pilates and Chloe Ting challenges about 3 days in a week. And as for the rest of 4 days, I walk 10000 steps in the morning.

Anonymous 11754


I'm basic af, I just want to look like a VS model: tall, slender, curvy, fit– all at the same time

Anonymous 11759


Shiho Yoshimura, very average proportions(as in no curves that really stand out) but well-toned and visibly fit.

Anonymous 11760

nice shapes, good proportions. clean up the diet and start lifting. Don't just do it for the results; do it to build character. You won't regret it.
looks a bit uncanny tbh. Photoshop may be a possibility. In any case I would also suggest that she includes more protein in her diet and also start lifting.
you can't change your basic philology but you can eat clean and lift weights which is what those models do. They are slim because they eat clean and stay active but still have shape because of the muscle. It's also better to fill out your frame with some muscle rather than fat because the shape created by actual muscle is much tighter and free from irregularities in appearance.

Anonymous 11761


Anonymous 11765

Same, she was my weight loss goal since we have the same proportions+height. Feels good to be pretty close right now!

Anonymous 11771


unironically, yuzuru hanyu. unfortunately i'm short with a curvy figure (pretty sure i'm between pear or hourglass) that looks like >>1702 with smaller boobs and a fat stomach. i have lots of weight to lose. i want small boobs, a thin shape with lean muscle- i want to be strong.

Anonymous 11772

>a thin shape with lean muscle- i want to be strong.
YES! I relate to that very much anon! He's so pretty.

Anonymous 11773

attractive figure for sure

Anonymous 11774


if we're veering into male territory, this is my ideal. i would give anything to be a skinny tall scrote that could dress in anything and make it look decent

Anonymous 11780


congrats anon. she's my fitness goal.

Anonymous 11785

god he's perfect

Anonymous 11850

This is mental illness luv. Get some help pls.

Anonymous 11851

Had to check what the picture was out of curiosity. The girl in picrel is either really sick with anorexia or has shooped herself to larp as an anachan. The body dysmorphia radiating off that image is fucking oof

Anonymous 12022

Im surprised at how many of you girls actually want to be overweight. Pretty much all "curvy" girls you posted were obese.

Anonymous 12029

I look like that and i dont have an ED. I dont get why this is a problem and these arent
I mean the skinny girl is as skinny as the fat girls are fat.

Anonymous 12320

>Bone status: rattled

Anonymous 12321


>if you dont look like you escaped Birkenau you must be fat

Anonymous 12322

No. If you have an excess amout of fat, you're fat. Also its much healthier to be really skinny than fat (not talking about severe malnourishment, something like this >>11407 ). Its also much easier to get to a healthy weight and your insulin tolerance isnt messed up. Also no sugar addiction.

Anonymous 12323

the mattress on the floor especially with that grody carpet really triggers me

Anonymous 12324

that image is of a severely malnourished woman you are mentally ill wtf??? she's a fucking skeleton

Anonymous 12325

Jesus fucking christ. This is not that extreme. People like her have no health problems because of their weight. Her only problem is that if she gets sick she will lose weight and then it will be a problem. Why doesnt anyone think that about fat people. Not talking about landwhales, just regular fat thats still very unhealthy.

Anonymous 12326

Interesting. I remember when I was dating a guy who liked chubby girls I'd purposely gain weight, probably the worst mistake of my life. I started having heart issues and couldn't do any of my favorite hobbies and on top of that I was a dance teacher at the time which completely flopped since even being at the higher end of a healthy BMI was already taking a toll on me. I couldn't imagine how lazy and boring one must be to somehow sit around all day and end up several pounds overweight nevermind literal deathfats. Some people are naturally skinny but the girl on the pic most likely warped her waist a bit and is doing a pose that would show her ribs

Anonymous 12327

Those are meth addicts with implants luv

Anonymous 12328


Was reminded of this classic

Anonymous 12330


I dont think they are making implants this saggy yet

Anonymous 12331

Screenshot (1261).…

the body type of my crush :3

Anonymous 12332


im picrel. fml i hate my saggy tits so much. They're exceptionally droopy, like a rubber glove, hung up and filled with a small amount of water that just hangs at the bottom.my large nipples take up a full 1/3rd of my damn lil saggy tit fml

Anonymous 12333

samefag but to balance the negativity of that post ill add that i do like my bum and shoulders a lot

Anonymous 12334

if it makes you feel better, my 40 year old mom has saggy tits just like that and she still gets laid (found herpes meds in the cabinet and condoms in her purse)

Anonymous 12335

Hard to tell in a bra. Proportions are wayyy off though. No one has a waist smaller than the length of their head with like 5% body fat and then boobs also the size of their head. It's photoshopped at the very least

Anonymous 12336

Thanks non love you, you snooper

Anonymous 12338

I request a fake tits Becky vs saggy Stacy image

Anonymous 12339


Implants can sag or hang low, even that low. Bottom left part of her boob looks a bit lumpy which is sus. She could be very much so natural but it's not a body type to strive for since most women could only ever get that way if they starved and got massive breast implants. Not saying she did or does that of course but promoting this body type as ideal could send the wrong message to girls

Anonymous 12346

Its not photoshopped. Just posed as fuck. Its not that hard to look unrealistic while posing.

Anonymous 12347

What pose exactly makes your boobs larger than your head and your waist almost the size of your neck all while standing frontal straight up and down

Anonymous 12348

big boobs look strange on her. a lot of people get over the muscle implants as well, increasing the likelihood of sagging.

Anonymous 12350

Kylie Jenner.jpg

I hate how her lips look irl. I wish she could've realized her natural lips suited her much better, but being under a spotlight at such a young age, I can understand why she got fillers and other work done.

Anonymous 12354

Who is this?reverse image results tell me nothing

Anonymous 12355


Anonymous 12357

The pink butterfly pose. What a retarded question.

Anonymous 12358

Kylies boobs got bigger and saggier after her pregnancy. Also she might have had a fat transfer and not implants.

Anonymous 12363

Hmm results tell me og pic was warped at the very least, a lot of these pics do look like implants however which ofc nothing is wrong if she did or didn't. Most models have them anyway

Anonymous 12370

Let's not act like overweight women are less vilified irl than skinny women are lol

Anonymous 12372

Nor is the entirety of this post >>12369

Because when we get down to brass tax, this poster >>11407 wanting to look like the image in it is not "being skinny" its a desire to be extremely skinny and thus literal mental illness. Defend it all you want, but you should really seek health. You will not look more beautiful by starving yourself to death.

Anonymous 12375

There's no denying some women can be skinny and underweight without starving or anything, but the reality for most women is that they would have to keep a constant calorie deficiency in order to maintain this body type

Anonymous 12379

Curves look best at a healthy BMI with a good amount of fat and muscle, overweight curves tend to be gross and misshapen, once a woman gets to a certain weight and stays that way for a while her breasts, stomach, butt, etc will be almost permanently misshapen which is why so many ex obese women need to go get breast lifts and tummy tucks and stuff

I think people should strive to be healthy, but people should also stay in their lane. That 5'0 90 lb girls will never be able to healthily obtain the body of Christina Hendricks without surgery and overweight girls will most likely never be able to look like curvy and fit lingerie models

Anonymous 12384

feels very kat dennings

Anonymous 12389

I'd just like to look like an actual woman but I'm tiny ass hell and look like a 12-year-old. I hate it, I'm under 5 feet tall, I have no tits, no ass, no hips, no thighs. No curves, I'm just a stick.

Anonymous 12396

I wouldn't mind smaller boobs that hers (still would be bigger than mine) if it meant having similar proportions.

Anonymous 12534

I want to look like I’m literally extremely malnourished. That sounds so weird but I’ve been so obsessed with being skinny for so long and it’s ruining my life.

Anonymous 12542

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