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I hate acne Anonymous 16743

Anyone here knows good homemade remedies or mixtures for acne? I have it similar to picrel but a hundred times worse, it looks disgusting and it itches. I wash my face everyday with soap but it doesn't get better, i want it gone. Pls help.

Anonymous 16746

Get oratane/accutane stat. Any decent dermatologist will give it to you if your acne is that severe. I used to get it bad, like one new cystic one every week. I tried everything too - sleeping on towels, cleaning my face twice a day with cleanser, acne face washes, rectanyl and differin, even antibiotics. Sometimes it's just severe genetics.

And do it quickly, the more and longer you have it, the higher your chances of scars.

Anonymous 16747

Thank you! I'll try it out. I'll 100% have scars though because i have it since a long time already, it just got worse this year.

Anonymous 16763

I had really bad cystic acne starting early 20s, and differin saved my life. it's available OTC now. I just use a gentle cleanser to remove makeup, or just water if my skin is clean. then put on a very thin layer of differin at night.

after pairing that with a good moisturizer and some low level peels (the ordinary has a good one that's red, it's only like $10) for a few years, i have perfect skin with no pitted scars. be patient with yourself, everyone's skin is different. you may have to try multiple things before you find what works. do not go straight to accutane without seeing if less harmful medications will work. i think my cystic acne was due to stopping birth control, so if you're not opposed to a very low hormone BC that might help as well. but again try OTC differin, see a dermatologist, and eliminate all of the easier options before you go for the nuclear one.

Anonymous 16773


Anonymous 16775

Just 3 weeks ago I had the same acne as picrel. I had them extracted at a clinic and started with BHA, it's only 9 dollars. Right now I have a couple of pimples but they're basically gone. My face doesnt itch anymore. I waited for 2 months before doing anything so I have a few scars unfortunately. Good luck.

Anonymous 16786

Does that work if you only get really bad butt and back acne?

Anonymous 16787

cut out overly processed dairy and sugar, keep a simple skincare routine (I suggest washing/moisturizing with duck fat or tallow since it’s so close to our natural oils) if the issue is hormonal take dim!

Anonymous 16791

>cut out overly processed dairy and sugar,
This…. a lot of skin issues (not all) can be resolved by clearing up your diet.. but most people don't wanna do this and would rather spend money.

Anonymous 16802

The best clear skin/acne advice I ever got given is to change your pillow cases every 2 days, 3 max.

Haven't had any face skin problems in over 10 years with this. Used to use this one specific bar of soap from this one company's soap line that doubled as an exfoliator. A slight change in diet + adding a workout regimen fixed things in a more permanent way for me.

Anonymous 16811

Ah, if only
Recently I have decided to cut added sugar, pastry - and dairy I don’t eat already, and a couple weeks later my skin became much worse

Anonymous 16813

Acne sufferer here. The only "cure" is Accutane, and even people who've completed a round of Accutane can start breaking out again soon after. Shit sucks.
Meme advice

Anonymous 16814


>just wash your face
>just change your pillowcases
>just stop eating dairy/sugar/etc

Anonymous 16817

It's not that simple for some people, specifically Americans, overly processed sugar and dairy is sometimes the only thing available, especially in environments like schools, hospitals, and at certain jobs and it's even more hellish if you live with other people and you don't have a lot of money so you just eat whatever's available because food is expensive right now and now that food is even less filling than it's ever been before meal prepped chicken broccoli and rice dishes will still make you feel like you escaped from concentration camp. It's unfair that the expectation is that Americans just need to feel endless hunger and be only able to eat a handful of things at the grocery store than America needing to fix their food problem.

Anonymous 16819

>meme advice
Scientific studies have shown that sugar (amongst other foods) can cause acne. There's a reason why acne is a pre-dominantely Western problem, because of our diets. Tribes with very traditional diets of fish and vegetables don't suffer from acne. You're just too addicted to your sugar and would rather slap on 10 products every night than eating clean.

Anonymous 16820


You're right diet can improve acne, but the idea that acne is only caused by diet and people in cultures where they're forced to eat healthy don't have acne is bullshit. Anyone who's ever been to rural parts of Asia, Africa or South America knows this. The thing is, for documentaries or pictures and such they usually don't get that much of a close up to their skin or they simply chose the more photogenic tribal people to document. I would even argue that some tribal people even have worse acne than Americans due to lack of medical care for hormonal problems, lack of clean water and stress from lifestyle

As for older pictures, photoshop existed back then too, it just wasn't as intense as it was today. Even grandma's will straight up admit they had acne in their pictures that was edited out

Anonymous 16821

I tried spirolactone and it worked like a charm and wasn't as intense of side effects as accutane you just can't have lots of potassium

Anonymous 16822


use THIS specific soap. it will be gone in a week. i swear by it.

also, start taking vitamin c supplements + apply sunscreen (preferable with niacinamide in it)

Anonymous 16882

Honestly go to a derm or get curology or something like that. Most over the counter stuff isn't very good at helping acne. Only going to a dorm helped.

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