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Dry Eye Disease Anonymous 17592

Any other anons suffering from this? I am on prescription eye drops and even they don't help. My eyes are always red. I think Accutane caused this.

Anonymous 17593

Omg yes someone with the same problem as me.
I got my dry eyes from genetics plus birth control pill. The pill dries everything in your body out. Wake up with cotton dry eyes every morning and squirt expensive eye drops on my eyes every time. It’s costing me a fortune on top of birth control pills too.
Doesn’t help that my eyes are always on a computer screen kek

Anonymous 17594

Hi fellow sufferer! I'm actually on bc for acne (Accutane didn't work lol!). I didn't know it could worsen dry eye. But it's the only thing that helps my acne. Have you tried prescription eye drops like Restasis? That helped me for a little.

Anonymous 17597

Hi again suffering nona. Bc affects the tear ducts. You should look it up! It’s fascinating. My eye doctor also said to put a hot damp cloth on your eyelids and rest it there for five minutes morning and night. I am of course too lazy to do this. I will check out those eye drops! I just go for preservative free eye drops you can get at the pharmacy counter without a prescription. You should also wash your eyelids with gentle baby shampoo to rub out the accumulated dried oils or something. I haven’t done that either because I am lazy kek
Let me know if any of these tips worked for you and i will get my lazy butt to do them too. Technically you’re supposed to buy like a special eye mask that you microwave. Wish I was on my PC to post an image but I will return to this thread next time !

Anonymous 17656

hi nona. im diagnosed with meibomian gland disease (chronic dry eye, eye produces low quality oils). taking oral contraception exacerbated it greatly. switched to a different form of bc and i am fine most days. still get dry eye from time to time if i stare at computer too long, diet is poor, poor sleep. hot towels on the eyes in the shower, exfoliating around eye area with wash cloth, and eating fish seem to help me. eye doctor told me to wash my eyes twice a day with baby soap but it made it worse. oh also be conscious of your blinking from time to time. blink harder for a minute or so to make sure your eyes are distributing its natural oils.

good luck nona. i was living with chronic MGB for a year and a half and it greatly reduced my quality of life. feel for u

Anonymous 17849

How many fish oil pills do you take in a day to help your dry eyes?

Anonymous 17850

Hot towels on the eye in shower? Do you wet with hot water before taking a shower and standing there for how many minutes?

Anonymous 17852

Guys just cut some onions and your eyes will start tearing up. Quick and easy fix.

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