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Anonymous 1770

ITT share your favorite beauty products for hair/makeup/treatments for skin etc
maybe some tips and tricks too.
I'm interested to hear yours.

Anonymous 1771


I tried that Miss Manga Mascara, and I tell you it is really the best Mascara I have ever tried out.
I originally bought it because it's called Miss Manga and the comercial had kawaii Pandabears, but I would have never expected that it really makes gigantic lashes with using just a very little bit of the mascara.
10/10 would reccomend to everyone

Anonymous 1772


I have the driest skin known to mankind, does anyone have a secret weapon for moisture? I use everything from prescription meds to coconut oil.

I tried pic related, but it made my skin feel tight and even burned a little.

Anonymous 1773


>>Any recommendations for acne clearing products that aren't harsh on skin like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide? ?

I've tried tea tree oil, african black soap, and sulfur, but none work that great.

I'd say that benzoyl peroxide and sulfur work better out of the 4 though. I don't mind asian, american, european etc suggestions.

>>Thanks in advance anons!

Anonymous 1774

Cerave is my holy grail, tbh. I get the big tub and use it. Anyone who's ever used it (I share via taking some on my hand and letting them take it off) asks me for more at another date and note how moisturizing it is.

Anonymous 1775


This stuff. Every night if I remember to. Out of any product I've tried in the last 5+ years, this has made the most difference in my skin's texture and appearance. I wash it off in the morning and use Cetaphil face+body lotion during the day.

I should mention that I don't suffer from acne. My skin is either dry or an oil slick and I have more trouble with bumps and redness than anything.

Anonymous 1776


i picked this product up in japan and i use it every day, i love it so much. i heard girls referring to it as 'boyfriends house powder', and basically it's a really finely milled powder that can be used without any makeup to make your skin look smooth and poreless, or it can be used to set your makeup to make it look more natural. it's a cool product and the packaging is super cute!! if you happen to come across it i recommend giving it a try

Anonymous 1777


This retina I bought from amazon is clearing up my face well. I used to have problems with acne but now it's hardly noticeable. It's still fading btw

Anonymous 1778

Oh and this is a matter of a month by the way. It may take longer if the acne is more severe

Anonymous 1779


Don't know if that's the right thread for that ot if I should create another one but I have a question. Which BB cream or foundation would you recommend for someone who has olive skin? All the ones I tried either made my skin grey so I would look even more sick than usual, or I would look orange like I had a horrible fake tan. I just want to hide a bunch of small acne scars and dilated pores.

To stay on topic, I barely use makeup but I'm trying to make an effort so the habit will stick. I've been given a l'oréal mascara some years ago and it was shit, it would smudge very fast for no reason. I bought pic related because it was cheaper than the l'oréal one and I've been told Tony Moly was a good brand, and I like it a lot more.

Anonymous 1780


I'm actually surprised lol Maybe I'll give it a try next time I have to buy mascara. Then again, Loreal likes to do that thing where they often change formulas and stuff get out of stock really fast

Tbh we do need a makeup (advice) thread. Sorry that I can't really help you with that, my best advice would be to ask someone that works in the store or go to an actual cosmetician for advice.

I've been using Alverde products for a few moths now and I really like them. They're affordable, natural, vegan and work really well for my skin.
I still get a bit of acne, especially on my forehead but it's not that bad, especially compared to how bad my breakouts were, I literally had small wounds on my face. Ew.

But I have to ask, is there anything I can do about discoloration? It's not THAT visible but it really bothers me that I have that dark ring around my mouth. :/
Would concentrated vitamin C help? Saw it in the store a few days ago but I don't really know.

Anonymous 1781

My problem with BB creams and foundations is that even when I tried some of them in stores thanks to recommendations by the saleswomen, it looks great with the light within the store but it looks bad when I go outside and see my face with natural light. That was the case in MAC and Sephora, at least.

Anyway, I'll create a thread for makeup advice so I won't derail this one.

Anonymous 1782


I've had noticeable acne, scarring, and textured skin my entire life (I'm in my mid 20s) and I picked up some Drunk Elephant products about a month and a half ago and the change in my skin is amazing. They're a bit pricey, but I buy the smaller sizes from Sephora. I was actually able to do a no-foundation look the other day without wanting to cry.

Pic related is what I use, minus the Peekee bar.

Anonymous 1783

Thanks anon! I spoke with a dermatologist and he just told me to use benzoyl peroxide washes, which seems pretty damaging ugh. Will definitely give this a try!

Anonymous 1784

i used the hera UV mist cushion cover in rose vanilla #17 and it was great.

link to their page here, but I can link you to a site selling it if you need. http://www.hera.com/kr/en/product/make-up/uv_mist_cushion_cover_c17.html

Anonymous 1785


pic related is the best thing i've ever bought. it's a 3 in 1 morning face mask, you only leave it on for a minute or two and it uses high concentrations to cleanse, tone and prime your face then you're ready to go. while it doesn't replace normal masks, it's much quicker than washing your face if you're lazy in the morning.

Anonymous 3440


Kat Von Ds lip gloss collection would stay on your lips if you were being waterboarded. It's really good and she has lots of colours.

Anonymous 3441


Kat's foundation is super thick and stays on all day. You can add oil to lessen the consistency or keep it thick if you can blemishes

Anonymous 3442


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