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nexplanon / progestin and hormonal birth control side effects Anonymous 17835

>had nexplanon in for 2.5 years
>for the first few months, made me bleed more frequently
>also reduced my sex drive to nearly nothing, not ideal when trying to have sex
>6 months later, period just disappears completely
>get it taken out cuz no longer sexually active and worried about hormones and lack of period
>period comes back immediately, heavy as hell
>now horny all the time

i fucking hate this shit i can deal with the bleeding but i hate thinking about seggs all the time so much its unbearable and i feel like a moid. jerking off is ok i guess but i miss having no sex drive so much because it gave me a clear head. i'm thinking about getting the nexplanon put back in. but i'm not sure if it's justifiable just so i can delete my period and horniness again. i should probably talk to a womens healthcare provider but i'm poor and lazy. i was prescribed estrogen/progestin birth control pills at 14 because of heavy periods, but it didn't do much for me (probably because i sucked at taking them). i wonder if i have a hormone imbalance or something.

i'd like to know if other nonas have had similar experiences with hormonal birth controls, and what side effects they've experienced from hormonal birth control.

Anonymous 17836

You really should see a doctor who specializes in women's health, your hormones must be in a mess. Well I guess low sex drive can be "good" because it makes the moids have very little power over us (but that's just my guess). Hormonal birth control sucks, I took it for a short time and it was poison for me, I had a lot of anxiety

Anonymous 17837

thank you nona you're probably right. yes, i PERSONALLY prefer having low sex drive for a variety of reasons, mainly i don't like having urges that are hard to control. and yeah, i've heard of so many women whose moods and health are made so much worse by introducing hormones to their system. but the progesterone from nexplanon actually seemed to improve my health and mood a bit; for example, i noticed less acne while on it, but that may have been from no period. do you remember what birth control you were on?

Anonymous 17839

I took estrogen/progesterone birth control pills for less than a year and had no physical changes, but the emotional ones were horrible. I would like to use the copper IUD as it is effective and hormone free but many women complain of increased flow on periods and I hate bleeding too much.

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