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Tea Anonymous 1786

Who likes tea? I'm addicted to unsweetened green tea.

Anonymous 1787

Green tea is amazing!
I read studies that it actually seems to boost something (most likely concentration) which made the participants perform significantly better in IQ tests. Maybe it's just the placebo effect but when I drink a lot of green tea I feel way more effective in most tasks and it doesn't make my heart race.
However, a colleague at work told me I should take care because green tea often contained pesticides? I'm not sure about that though. He was a dude that liked to talk a lot of stuff…

I also enjoy white tea and in summer I used to make strawberry iced tea for refreshing.

Anonymous 1788

Over the last week I started to enjoy tea, the thing is I don't know much about them so I just buy tea bags. My favorite so far is the Twinings mango and strawberry tea. They say loose leaf tea is much better tho so I'm willing to try, is it worth it? Any tips?

Anonymous 1789


I'm more of a black tea gal myself, specifically earl grey. I wish I could drink more loose leaf tea but I'm in desperate need of a teapot.

What are your guys favorite brands? I've been loving some of the tea from Flying Bird Botanicals which I magically stumbled upon at a spa and I really want to try more of the flavors. Ancient Sunrise is my favorite but I also like Cloud Mountain, Cedarwood Chai, and Irish Breakfast. I wanted to like the taste of Dream Catcher better but rose, chamomile, and lavender doesn't taste good to me however if you're stressed, it does wonders in calming you down so I recommend that for you anxious anons!

>However, a colleague at work told me I should take care because green tea often contained pesticides

I would take what he said with a grain of salt. Pesticides and bacteria are in many types of tea leaves/bags. It depends on what kind of pesticides and what brand you've bought. Pesticide doesn't automatically mean bad just like bacteria doesn't necessarily mean bad. Staying away from cheap Chinese brands would be your best bet and keeping in mind that you get what you pay for.

Anonymous 1790

Mint tea and herbal teas such as chamomile and jasmine are my favorites, but I also appreciate green tea. Ito-en is my favorite brand for green tea, especially the roasted green tea lol. When I lived in Japan and China I drank a lot of milk tea too. I really miss milk tea (HK style and Japanese royal milk tea). I've made my own HK style, but it's a hassle to make rather than buy.

Anonymous 1791


I buy my favorite green tea wholesale from a Japanese deli I like to eat at, so I don't know where to get it otherwise and it's driving me nuts.

Here's my favorite tea that's easily accessible. I buy it on Amazon and it has a really nice hint of matcha.

Anonymous 1792

I drink a shitton of tea and herbal stuff. Anything goes for me, but right now I'm kinda craving pear+melissa combo.

protip: nettle + horsetail is good for hair

You can switch it up, some bagged, some loose leaf.

I think the best brand I've tried so far is Hyleys, it's some Russian imported Ceylon stuff but I can't really find it anymore. Comes in fucking beautiful tins and smells nice but I'm not really a connoisseur.

Anonymous 1793

Is there some kind of tea that is super sweet and fruity flavourful, without needing sugar?

I tried lots of tea already, both the cheap bagged stuff and the good kind from actual tea stores.
It all tastes like flavourless or bitter water to me :(
Tried it for years now but they usually just smell good, without taste.

Anonymous 1794

Does anyone else like mugi cha (roast barley tea)? It was an acquired taste but then I was hooked. It's like the best roasty flavor of coffee without the bitterness. Plus it's super good at getting rid of UTIs!

Anonymous 1795


Peppermint and licorice is delicious and sweet without sugar

Anonymous 1796


Thanks anon, but I'm looking for more fruity stuff.
Also licorice is something I can only stomach once in a while (even though I am really curious how such a combination tastes like!).

Anonymous 1797

celestial seasonin…

Celestial Seasonings has a ton! I highly recommend them. The teas have strong fruit flavor and taste great without sugar!

Anonymous 1798

I tried CS before, I love their honey chamomile tea

Anonymous 1799

It's called caffeine.

Anonymous 1800

I drink green tea while I am working out (because of the caffeine). The instant powder one from Japan.

I have two fave ones:
Japanese kombucha (kelp tea, so delish its like soup), and hibiscus tea (with sugar because its a bit too tart without)

Anonymous 1801

Going to try this brand out!

I actually tried this recently and I like it a lot. I think I had some a long time ago but that particular brand was bland, it didn't have the nice toasty/roasted flavor of the one I tried recently. Do you have a suggestions for dried tea brands? The one I tried was bottled so I don't plan to buying it regularly.

Anonymous 1802


What's your favorite brand of matcha? Looking for something easily available in the US? I've been buying Matcha Love but it's kinda pricey and I'm not sure if there's something better out there in terms of taste, too. I can check out my local market but that's probably a last resort.

Also best ways to put milk in tea? (inb4 gross) I really like latte stuff, should I just get a frother or something?

Anonymous 1803

Chamomile tea with a bit of honey. Best thing ever.

Anonymous 1804

tea has been the only thing to get rid of my perma-brainfog. I have tried working out, meds, sleeping well, eating right, and even meditation. I don't know what's wrong with me but loose leaf green teas always help me out.

Anonymous 1805


I recently began drinking spearmint tea on recommendation after following a recommendation (apparently it's good for acne/skin general), and whilst it's too soon to give comment on any results, it is absolutely delicious!
I also bought this little walrus tea strainer since spearmint is only available in loose leaf. Seeing him chilling out in my mug is so cute.

Anonymous 1806

That is adorable, Anon.

Anonymous 1807


You can get a sloth too :D

Anonymous 1808


I for one like this robot.

Anonymous 1809

Does anyone else drink Yerba Mate? So much better than coffee and surprisingly relaxing for the amount of caffeine (there's other stimulants that bind so you don't get the jitters) and there's a significant amount of antioxidants, even more so than regular green tea.

I've enjoyed drinking it in the mornings but only recently found out it's sold as energy drinks in some health food stores and even the Vega Sports main ingredient for athletes prior to work outs. Overall seems like a very healthy alternative to other performance enhancers.

Have you tried David's Tea? They're opening all over the US and have an online store as well. They have several different grades and flavors of matcha.

My favorite tea at the moment is definitely The Buzz from David's Tea, which is precisely a yerba mate/matcha mix with ginger and ginseng. It's a godsend.

Anonymous 1810


Anonymous 1811

Okay manatee then you pedantic ho >:l

Anonymous 1812



I am addicted to matcha and matcha flavored stuff, and I buy mine from China. It's cheaper and although not as good as japanese or premium matcha, it's pretty damn good since they do care about their tea/matcha. You can check aliexpress. I bought about 450g last year I think and it's still going strong. Just oxidated a bit and therefore lost a bit of color, but still tasting good.

Anonymous 1813

>trusting any kind of food import from china which has no proper regulation/testing for safety

please don't anon, china is known for selling toxic powders that mimic different foods/flavors

Anonymous 1814

I've never tried matcha but I've heard it's supposed to be smoother and sweeter than regular green tea.
Is this true? What does it taste like?

Anonymous 1815


Now that you mentioned it, I am kinda wary lol I remember watching a documentary (after I've bought it) about the toxic shit in China powders and stuff, but I never connected the dots because I thought it would be different with tea, since China have a tradition with tea and it's cheaper there already anyway. I wonder if they allow that kinda stuff to sell online? Many people were sending good reviews, though. Of course I didn't buy dirty cheap: like, it was cheaper than here but not like 2 dollars either lol but I will look more into it, anon, thanks for your concern, really!

Smoother, I guess, because depending on how much water you add, it's creamier. The ideal is to have a milky consistency. But sweeter? Hell nah. It's very bitter, unless you add a sweetener of some kind. It tastes like a super duper strong/condensed green tea, because it's basically what it is lol I guess premium matcha is a little less bitter than the regular one, but it is still bitter. However, at least for me, it doesn't leave the same after taste that regular green tea does, maybe that's why people consider it to be sweeter?

I hope I made any sense lmao

Anonymous 1816

>you pedantic ho >:l
you people fucking kill me

Anonymous 1817

I always thought kombucha was literally kombu tea but people keep telling me that's not what it is so what the fuck is it? Are there different kinds of kombucha?

Anonymous 1818

konbucha is konbu tea, it's just made by steeping konbu kelp. koMbucha is a fermented tea drink that's become a health nut meme food.

Anonymous 1819

The "matcha" you're getting from China is not real matcha, and instead powdered green tea. Powdered green tea exists in chinese, japanese and korean cultures but isn't the same as matcha, which refers to a specific grade of tea (tencha) which is grown only for matcha production. If you just like ground green tea buy the korean brands which are much cheaper and a lot of them FDA approved.

Anonymous 1820

matcha is richer and less vegetal but also has a sharper flavor than other green teas. i'd say it has a sweet taste, but it's stronger tasting all around than other tea so a lot of people may tihnk it's bitter. it's really good with milk but usually needs sweetener because the sugar in the milk makes it taste bitter comparatively, and it's nice for baking as well.

Anonymous 1821

So I guess my question still stands, where to buy real matcha? Anyone have any brands or links?

Anonymous 1822



I guess I kinda knew that (some japanese packages say stuff like "It has matcha inside!", talking about the real deal), but I think most people aren't looking for 100% genuine matcha, and just use matcha as a general term, because I guess most people (me included) wants matcha latte and cakes, not the traditional Sadou matcha, which I think is all fair and stuff, so I just say matcha. Like, even in Japan they call it 'matcha-flavored thing', even if it's not using real matcha, like softcream and other street foods.

But thank you for your advice on buying Korean matcha! I'll see if they ship it to my country.

I am so craving some matcha ice cream now.

Anonymous 1823

Anonymous 1824

Shit, that'll teach me to be less lax about my nasal consonants thanks fan

Anonymous 1825


Has anyone tried this tea brand before? They seem kinda gimmicky but some of the blends/ingredients are quit tempting. Wish they were sold loose without the sachets though.


Anonymous 1826

I wish I could get into tea. Herbal tea just tastes like boiled grass to me and fruit teas are really sour. The closest I've come to liking a tea was this one I had at my bf's house that had a kind of liquoricey aftertaste (I can't remember what it was, potentially chai?).

Anonymous 1827

Have you tried actual tea? I dislike herbal infusions (fruit too) but I love green tea.

Anonymous 1828

Yeah I've had a couple of types of green tea. The only thing that tastes okay to me is black tea because I grew up drinking it.

Anonymous 1829

I've only started drinking tea this year despite my entire family and all of my friends constantly drinking it (UK Miner here)

I only drink fruit teas though, and they have to room temperature or slightly warmer, or just cold. I find it impossible to enjoy hot tea like everyone else. It makes my mouth feel numb.

My favourite is liqourice and peppermint! Although I will confess, when I first had it I loved it so much I had several cups. I soon quickly found out that liqourice is actually laxative. Fail.

Anonymous 1830

holy fuck, 80 dollars for a 6 pack? are they jewish? the cussing on the package is really lame and offputting and reminds me of material commercialized bullshit which i wouldnt want to think of when im consuming tea, something that's supposed to be natural and grounding.

that price is fucking hilarious.

>herbal tea just tastes like boiled grass to me
this is sad. i wonder how true this is for many people especially americans who are used to processed bullshit and copious amounts of sugar and salt.

Anonymous 1831

The individual tins of Snarky Tea are $13 for 15 sachets. Yikes. Even Republic of Tea will sell 36 sachets for that same price.

Also, "Natural and artificial flavors" in the ingredients? No thanks.

Anonymous 1832

I tried turmeric tea yesterday. It is supposed to be very healthy, but disgusting. Has anyone else tried any bizarre teas like this?

Anonymous 1833

I've tried rose hip tea since i heard it was good source of vitamin C and good for your skin, however, it was super acidic and sour. I was able to drink it once i added honey in it.
I've also tried marshmallow tea since its good for your throat and i liked it alot, not too strong flavor, but it soothed my throat when my allergies were getting really bad.

Both the rosehip and marshmallow were from the brand "buddha tea." Their herbal tea selection is nice, but since they use eco-friendly(?) bags, the string gets detached really easily and it was p annoying.

Anyone know how to make the super duper sweet iced milk tea that's often used in boba drinks? i think it's a hong kong style, but adding condensed milk in anyol' black tea doesn't really taste the same. (i want to be able to make a huge batch so i don't have to dish out $4 every time i want a sugary drink)

Anonymous 1834


I had the same reaction to rose hip tea. Just so sour, and I try to avoid adding much sugar or honey to my tea. I'll have to check out Buddha Teas for some of their other ones.

I know some Asian Grocery stores will sell milk tea mix, or tea bags for milk tea (pic related), so maybe that would work better?

Anonymous 1835

hmm maybe I can try using a mix, but i do prefer to actually brew the tea myself, since those instant tea powders usually don't taste that great.

Anonymous 1836


Someone suggested me this one but I haven't tried it yet. I hope it's good as I heard, I really wanna give it a try.

Also, there's not many things good in life as some delicious milky lady grey tea <3

Anonymous 2450


Necro'ing this thread because I started drinking tea a bit more regularly after a friend of mine suggested me drinking blackberry leaves' tea for my white hairs and hair loss. I guess it kinda worked on the white hairs, but not so much on my hair loss, unfortunately. I like to mix it with a bit of green tea for an additional boost, as well, and well, I like green tea.

I went looking for more functional teas, any recommendations? Has anyone tried Pu ehr tea? And Borduck tea for acne? I actually love burdock on it's own, but never had it as tea.

Thanks in advance.

I just got the Manatea as well! I really can't wait for it to arrive, I really dislike straining my tea manually lol

Anonymous 2451


I picked up a "dieter's tea" from walmart and looked up what's in it that they would market it as a diet drink, and it contains a strong laxative called senna. I'll keep it around for days when I have hard poops I guess.

Anonymous 2453


Oh, anon, you naive summer child lmao (I mean this in the best of ways)
I know it's too late now since you already know, but yeah, these "diet" teas are all laxatives. That's why when you see someone advertising them on instagram it's always shady. Be careful with that, btw. Laxatives are not good for your body (been there done that)

Anonymous 2455

Anon I don't know if you're still around but if you are and happen to see this, have you had any results?

I recently started drinking 1 cup of spearmint a day because I read it's good for hormonal acne (which I have a terrible case of.) I'll probably continue to drink it anyway because like you said, it's delicious. But I'd love to know if this has actually worked for anybody.

Anonymous 2457


I am the same anon as >>2450 and on my research I never saw anything about spearmint tea for acne, just burdock root tea, but I really don't know cause I haven't tried any.


Anonymous 2460

I want to get into tea drinking again because of the good benefits. Any suggestions? What's your favorite?

Anonymous 2461



Although I've been drinking hot green tea lately out of convinience, sugar free iced peach flavored green tea (that was a mouthful!) will always be my favorite ever. Green tea will always be good for you in general, and I really like the fruitiness of the peach. (Funny thing is that I don't even like peaches)

Anonymous 2467


Kusmi's St. Petesburg is my favourite. I'm kinda sad since my tin is almost empty and I won't be able to buy more any time soon since I'm living in the middle of nowhere.
Any of you has any tips for drinking jasmine tea? I've tried to enjoy it but the flavour generally is too strong for me.

Anonymous 2469

Is anyone into rooibos tea? I’ve read about its health benefits and I feel curious about the flavor as well. Any good (not extremely pricey) brand you gals recommend?

Anonymous 2473


Tastes awesome, it's not actually "tea" if you want to be pedantic but an herbal infusion like chamomile tea, peppermint tea etc. I haven't tried green rooibos but red rooibos is great. I'm not a tea expert or know where to get the best quality stuff and just get tea from local brick and mortar stores but get it loose leaf if you can. Sometimes the stock is old in stores but they still use better parts of the plant for loose leaf than for bagged tea. Sometimes in tea stores they put dried fruits, crystallized sugar, and other flavors into the tea to mask the fact that the stock is old or low quality so that's something to consider if you're really concerned about quality. (I like flavored teas though, so that doesn't really bother me.) Look for whole leaves with few stems. If the leaves are crumbled, it'll make the tea taste more dusty. Bagged teas are usually full of dust.

This is the store in the mall where I get loose leaf tea from, but I am not sure how it stacks up against the super high grade high quality stuff since that's something I don't know much about:


Anonymous 2475

Yaay I ordered some loose rooibos leaves and can’t wait to try it!

Your advice is gold. Thank you, anon. I’m a fool for dried fruits in tea and I didn’t know it can be a trick to mask old product. The more you know!

Anonymous 2476

I like dried fruits in tea too, just don't pay an arm and a leg for them. I love all kinds of tea from the better quality stuff to cheap Lipton bags of 100% dust that've been steeped way too long lol.

Anonymous 2497

I've pretty much grown up on fresh brewed green tea, and ever since I've started living down south I've had to buy tea from the korean market down here to avoid the awful sweet tea they serve freaking everywhere around here.

Anonymous 2498

I know right, that stuff is not even tea, it's just sugar water!! It's great you found somewhere you can get real tea from though.

Anonymous 2500

When I first saw someone make that stuff I cringed really hard, no wonder people down here tend to get heavy set.

Anonymous 2507


Are these worth the hype?

Anonymous 2508

Mostly like sugar water than tea. I don't mind it personally, but it's definitely not a quality tea (qualitea?) beverage.

Anonymous 2509

I've tried it, I hated it.

Anonymous 2510

Not if you are a real tea buff. As others said, it's basically sugar water.

Anonymous 2512

Look, it's a lot of tea for cheap. It's whatever and it dries out my mouth. I heard it's also related to kidney stones because of the sugar but I'm not sure.
It's cheap enough for you to buy it and try it, but the people who drink it habitually don't usually have good taste, it's usually a young teen thing to do since they don't have a lot of money and want anything sugary.

Anonymous 2523

Thanks, everyone

Anonymous 2880


I just made the trendy homemade strawberry milk and god. It's good. If anyone is thinking if waiting two days is worth it, I say it is. I'm going to make strawberry iced tea today (I just have a ton of strawberries lol)

Anonymous 2881

>>2880 link me up, Scotty

yes that was a Star Trek joke 1v1 me IRL

Anonymous 2882

Enjoy, anon. Protip: mix them. it doesn't look as beautiful, but still. I thought I wouldn't like it but i was pleasantly surprised.

Anonymous 2883

>>2882 thanks very much <3 and oooh I will, thanks for the heads up

Anonymous 2884

I love it but I'm afraid of the staining associated with it. I use a straw but don't think it really does much lol

favorite warm tea would be oolong, cold would be unsweetened black or green tea.

Anonymous 2886

I hope you'll see this post! Is the jasmine mixed with anything? For my jasmine green tea, I steep it at around 170F and steep it for a minute to a minute and a half. I haven't tried this with pure jasmine tea yet but I'm sure it'd help with the strength of the flavor. Happy steeping anon!

Anonymous 2891



Plain gingerbread cookies go sooo well with tea. And they are so aromatic!

Ichigo daifuku is also great.

And cinammon apple chips!

Anonymous 2901


Best way I make tea is to boil water in a kettle. and then pour into a glass teapot with a tea infuser full of loose leaf teaf, or into a mug with a tea infuser with loose leaf.

But when I am feeling super lazy, I just microwave water and use a teabag.

I have a few nicer decorative tea cups and mugs, and a small tea set (just a pot and 4 matching cups), but since I mostly just drink tea myself, I just use normal mugs.

Anonymous 2903



I looove teaware! Both eastern and western. When I was little I had the cutest china teaware that my grandma gave me - probably nothing fancy, but to my child's eye it was. I would always use it with the utmost care. I wonder where it is, now. ;_;

Anyway, I also really like the kind of chinese cups that has an infuser on it. Pretty nice.

Anonymous 3319


I've had one of these for the past four years, still chugging along okay. Best investment I've ever made, honestly.

I have some fancy teaware too, like four teapots and six cups and saucers, but I don't really use them a whole lot. Mugs keep the tea hotter longer and hold more of it.

Really I just need more friends to throw tea parties with.

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