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Anna Karina.jpg

Anonymous 18031

How to dress like Anna Karina but still look modern and fashionable?

Anonymous 18040

Tops : blouses, shirts with stylish patterns, simple tees, cardigans, turtlenecks

Bottoms : jeans with a nice, flattering cut; skirts just above the knee or knee length, always flattering your waist; wear a belt if necessary

Dresses : V-neck, bardot, collared neckline, bateau neckline, ofc a flattering waist. knee high or above but tbh depends on what youre comfortable with anyway.

Coats : trench-coats, blazers, an oversized sweater

Accessories : hats if they really suit you (people dont really wear them anymore tho and i find them very inconvenient), otherwise headbands are the best and most modern option imo, scarves (for your hair too), gold jewelry, preppy tights and socks

Shoes : flats, babies, loafers, high heel loafers

Patterns/textures/colours/etc: no pattern, checkered, vertical lines, wool, cotton, linen, crêpe, velvet, corduroy, bright red, light blue, white, black, light pink, soft and warm browns, beige

makeup : you can go crazy with eyeliner nowadays so go for it. overall, structured but fun. bright lips or bright eye makeup but not both imo

Anonymous 18101

Thank you, I'll try to find some bardot and bateau neckline dresses next time I'm shopping.

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