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does anyone here know how to make cheap meals that are healthy Anonymous 18045

i am broke and only have 400 bucks in my name so i am wondering if anyone here knows how to cook cheap meals for weightloss

Anonymous 18046


Staples like rice and pasta create a lot of meals for what they cost. Control your portions and drink lots of water. Steamed veggies are probably the best way to prepare them. The way I do it is 1/4 of the plate proteins (salmon, chicken, etc), 1/4 starch (pasta, potatoes, bread, etc), and 1/2 vegetables.

Anonymous 18047


1g protein per Kilogram of bodyweight not POUNDS!

Anonymous 18048

Cheapest pasta you can buy and/or cheapest rice you can buy. Get a few cheap spices snd/or canned tomatoes. Beans are cheap and a complete protein. Count calories/protein.

Anonymous 18049

Also frozen white fish (like tilapia) and frozen vegetables. Canned tuna can be cheap too but try to limit it to a few times a week to avoid mercury poisoning. If you drink coffee switch to instant coffee (just think of it as something different than coffee and it's ok).

Anonymous 18054



This is a thread that taught me how to cook. Hope it helps you as well nona.


Anonymous 18105

Healthy food is cheap to make and if you know what you're doing, you can make it taste good too.
If you have a target nearby, they have packs of six large chicken breast for under 3 dollars per pound. I like to trim them up and bread them in panko mixed with ground pepper, oregano, rosemary, and paprika. Then, you just fry them in peanut or corn oil. Super cheap to make, tasty and very healthy.

Anonymous 18126

Oats, rice, bananas, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and beans/lentils are cheap and healthy. Don't be afraid to season your food if you don't like things bland. Spices are proven to help slightly with weight loss.

Anonymous 18524

Learn to cook if you don't know how to, you'll save a lot of money. Also if you're really broke you might want to start dumpster diving, there's a lot of ressources about it on the internet.
Some healthy vegan recipes: https://based.cooking/tags/fasting/
Lainchan's dumpster diving thread: https://lainchan.org/%CE%94/res/9620.html

Anonymous 18700

For weight loss? Soups. Pasta, potatoes, carrots, chicken in bulk are cheap. Seasonings/broth you can pick and choose.

Anonymous 19256

Sauerkraut is really cheap, and also very filling. You could try look up recipes for that. I myself really like caramelised sauerkraut with chicken (I buy legs because those are cheapest, cheaper than filets or drumsticks)

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